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2010.01.19 05:26 drastick Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival


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ok ~~buddy~~ retard

2020.11.27 09:13 FrontpageWatch2020 [#111|+9474|125] Carcals have 10 bones in each ear which allow there ears a huge range of motion [r/interestingasfuck]

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2020.11.27 09:10 ool_11 Перепланировка серия 111 90

Szeptemberben elsőre kb. 16 napig jutottam, most, a második nekirugaszkodáskor az 50. napon járok. Cél a 111 nap.
Ha én el tudtam jutni idáig, nektek is menni fog! Hajrá srácok!

25/F - kb. 10 évig függő.
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2020.11.27 08:07 rtposter 90 111 серия перепланировка

[WTS][WW/SG] Free Shipping WW! ARF Blue Dial Datejust 41 - Modded & Serviced Hello Repfam!
Here’s an ARF Blue Dial Datejust 41 that’s modded.
It comes with a GEN Rolex 3235-111 Datewheel overlay, prof xtal, movement serviced and light refinish of fluted bezel by a local modder.
Comes with aftermarket protective film (similar to RX8) pasted on the clasp!
Price breakdowns of what I paid, converted to USD, and rounded when conversion is needed.
Watch: 580SGD = 446 USD
Complete Movement Overhaul: 250 SGD = 192 USD
GEN 3235-111 Datewheel: 150 Euros = 178 USD
Prof xtal: 168 USD
Align, buff and install crystal: 80 SGD = 61 USD
Light refinish of fluted bezel = FOC by modder
Total I paid: 1,045 USD / 1,360 SGD
ASKING: 850 USD shipping included! Wherever Worldwide. OR 1,000 SGD if you are able to deal locally.
Reason for sale: lesser wrist time and funding for other watches
General condition: Used, 9/10.
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2020.11.27 08:00 Team-Hufflepuff 111 серия 90 перепланировка

Level Four Results Link to puzzle: https://redd.it/k0nz6i/
Link to puzzle feedback form: https://forms.gle/bpy44CMZ2ca3z4wy6
Level Results Speed bonus and Tiebreaker: First - Gryffindor - u/mojo_jojo_rabbit (Solved in 9 hrs, 32 min) - 5 + 4 = 9 points
Second - Slytherin - u/permagrinfalcon (Solved in 17 hrs, 59 min) - 2 + 3 = 5 points
Third - Hufflepuff - u/laughterislouder (Solved in 31 hrs, 21 min) - 0 + 2 = 2 points
Fourth - Ravenclaw - u/the4thbroomstick (Solved in 35 hrs, 53 min) - 0 + 1 = 1 point
Guesses from each house: Gryffindor - 7 Correct, 0 Incorrect
Slytherin - 2 Correct, 1 Incorrect
Hufflepuff - 6 Correct, 1 Incorrect
Ravenclaw - 6 Correct, 1 Incorrect
Hint Bonus: Gryffindor - 0 hints - 40 points
Slytherin - 0 hints - 40 points
Hufflepuff - 1 hint - 38 points
Ravenclaw - 2 hints - 35 points
Current Points for November
Level Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
Puzzle 1 49 41 39 48
Puzzle 2 49 36 41 48
Puzzle 3 46 33 36 42
Puzzle 4 49 40 36 45
Arithmancy Points 193 150 152 183
Solution The answer was: Tiara
Solution: Part One: Once you combine all the numbers on the tickets, they form a book cipher. Looking at them in order of Section, Row, Seat, then the numbers from the barcode - the first three digits refer to the page number, the next two give the line number, the next two give the word number, and the final digit tells you which book to look in. A rail fence pattern reveals the clue “last name of character whose house looks like a giant castle in chess” in order to get the passcode of Lovegood.
Part Two: Looking up stage directions will bring you to a 3x3 grid made up of a combination of upstage, downstage, left, right, and center. Tracking the movements of Harry, Ron and Hermione will bring you to different parts of the stage, and the number included in the description of what they’re doing (or in Ron’s case, the number of words he says) gives the specific letter for each move on the stage. The letters are arranged according to a phone keypad, and the upstage right box is a neutral zone to indicate the end of a word. When you read through the story and generate the letters in the order they appear as written, it gives a jumbled mess. But when you organize each letter based only on the person who was moving (in the order of Harry, Ron, Hermione as they’re first mentioned in the story), it will read “who got drunk from butterbeer”, which gives the passcode of Winky.
Part Three: Searching “musical cipher” will bring you to an image composed of half and quarter notes from this site. The first step of solving this section is to use the image to translate each note to a letter. Then, the time and key signatures help complete the puzzle (you can do this part in either order). The time signature, which changes multiple times throughout the song, hints to the shift needed for a Caesar Cipher, and which specific letters to apply that shift to. For example, the time signature of 3 / 10 meant that every 3rd letter in that section should be shifted +10, while the other letters remained the same. The letters also needed to be run through Vigenere with the key of “CMAJOR”. Once both steps are applied, it gives the phrase “what did Muriel loan to Fleur for the wedding”, leading to the answer of Tiara.
Note: “Arithmancy Points” are not the same as House Points. 500 House Points will be awarded at the end of the month based on the combined total of “Arithmancy Points” earned.
House Points for November
House Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
House Points 142 111 112 135
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2020.11.27 07:38 imEricN Перепланировка 90 серия 111

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2020.11.27 06:19 tiberria Перепланировка серия 111 90

Because the Atlantic Bubble is essentially toast, at least for now, I split out the Atlantic provinces separately for this week.
Active Cases/Million Population (change from last week in brackets)
Ontario – 957 (+18) Quebec - 1403 (-44) Manitoba – 6919 (+950) Saskatchewan – 2864 (+987) Alberta – 3455 (+902) BC – 2063 (+464) Nova Scotia – 123 New Brunswick – 141 Newfoundland and Labrador – 54 Prince Edward Island – 14 Northwest Territories – 0 Yukon – 418 Nunavut - 4173
Canada Overall – 1718 (+233) USA – 15,496 (+1701)

7 Day Average New Cases/Million Population:
Ontario – 743 (+30) Quebec – 1036 (-11) Manitoba – 2196 (+82) Saskatchewan – 1555 (+446) Alberta – 2232 (+661) BC – 1152 (+164) Nova Scotia – 111 New Brunswick – 97 Newfoundland and Labrador – 36 Prince Edward Island – 15 Northwest Territories – 0 Yukon – 371 Nunavut - 2259
Canada Overall – 1072 (+128) USA – 3547 (-42)
Ontario and Quebec seem to be pretty much treading water at this point. This is interesting, because Quebec has been in a fairly aggressive lockdown (more aggressive than we have in HRM at this point) for 2+ months, and Ontario has been ramping restrictions for several weeks. It appears to be holding their COVID cases fairly consistent and avoiding the explosive growth you see in the West, but it does not appear to be driving them down in any way. It will be interesting to see if NS will see the same thing, or will actually see cases go down now. My theory is that the only way to plank cases back down to near 0 is probably to completely lock down, including retail and schools, but with schools open, all the measures will do is keep it from growing, but we will see.
Everything west of Ontario is still growing at an alarming rate week over week, and western provinces are now 2-6 times as bad off as Central Canada. The cases in NS and NB, even with the alarming rise are still about 1/8 of what Ontario is dealing with and 1/20 or less of what the West is dealing with to put it into context.
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2020.11.27 06:13 dailyonlineoffer Перепланировка серия 111 90

Home security camera acts as an extra pair of ears and eyes to safeguard your home and your loved ones. Let us explore today offers on home security cameras.
People around the world strive day and night to ensure that they have a happy and satisfied life and pass it on to their loved ones as well. They work hard to ensure that they have that dream house, the car that they fancied, and everything that would make their beautiful and loving family happy. But the criminals around also eye for the same thing. They are always in a search of an opportunity. To safeguard your property and your loved ones, home security cameras are one of the best options. When people know that you have installed a security camera, then they will think twice before doing anything that is unacceptable.
Home security cameras are not only useful for safeguarding the property or belongings but also for the safety of your children, especially in your absence. This holds true even in case of vulnerable groups like elderly people who in case are staying alone, then a security camera is always a good companion. You can install the security cameras at as many locations as you want around the house so that you can easily monitor the surrounding of your house without physically going outside. These cameras not only record videos, but it also sends alerts as and when required. Below mentioned are some of the best home security cameras available online which will safeguard your home and loved ones-
1. Tp-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi Camera
M.R.P – Rs. 3,299.00, Today Offer – Rs. 2,299.00

· It comes with a feature of Pan and Tilt which allows 360°horizontal range and 114°vertical range.
· With a high definition of 1080p, it captures every minute detail.
· Advanced night view provides a visual distance of up to 30 ft. even at night
· Support Micro SD Card (up to 128 GB) provides for a good storage
· Motion Detection and Notifications: When not at home you can receive a notification in case of any unwanted movements.
· Live View allows you to be there present at the moment although you are not.
· Two-Way Audio allows you to communicate with others with the help of built-in microphone and speaker.
· Sound and Light Alarm system triggers light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.
· Privacy Mode allows you can turn on the privacy mode to shut down the surveillance.
· Sharing of videos is possible on social networking platforms.
2. Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera
Today Offer – Rs. 2,899.00

· AI powered motion detection alert.
· Input Power: 5V
· Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃
· Support Devices: Android 4.4 above or IOS 9.0 above
· Infrared Night Vision
· Talkback Feature allows two-way audio
· It has 360° all round vision for a perfect picture quality.
· 20 megapixels, 1080p HD resolution for a clearer picture
· With low light true colour technology, you can see full colours even without much light in later hours of the day
· Intruder Alert accurately determines and notifies you on your phone
· Up to 64GB SD card storage
· Can be installed upright or inverted.
· You can have multiple views and monitor multiple locations on single screen
3. Qubo by Hero Group
M.R.P – Rs. 4,290.00, Today Offer – Rs. 3,215.00

· 24x7 live remote monitoring with 1080p FHD Camera gives superior colour and high-quality images.
· With weather Resistance IP65, the camera works fine even in extreme weather conditions like rain, dust, snow or sun.
· Advanced AI capabilities smartly detect & notify whenever an unwanted person is detected.
· With built-in alarm system, you can create smart routines as per your requirement for playing automated loud siren.
· Hear and talk back seamlessly through 2 Way Talk powered by Echo Cancellation.
· Infrared Night Vision up to 6 metres
· Privacy is guaranteed with AES 128 Encryption.
· Data Storage is available up to 128GB SD Card Storage support
4. YI 87001 Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System
M.R.P – Rs. 2,999.00, Today Offer – Rs. 1,799.00

· Camera with 720p HD to capture clear images
· 2-way audio (built-in microphone and speaker)
· 111° wide-angle lens, 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor, 4x digital zoom.
· Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
· Supports 4-32GB micro SD cards with FAT32 format (micro SD card not included)
· Real-time streaming to your phone and activity alerts when motion is detected
· Allows defining activity regions, camera sharing, customizing alert schedules and more
· Capture the scene in clarity with the wide-angle lens and zoom capabilities
· Warranty:1 Year
5. Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro {Upgraded} HD Smart Wireless CCTV Security Camera
M.R.P – Rs. 2,999.00, Today Offer – Rs. 1,299.00

· With 360-degree view you can rotate the camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world using mobile application.
· Works on 4G only with minimum 2mbps speed.
· Power adapter input :100-240Vac 50/60Hz 0.3A Max.
· Easy to set-up, DIY installation possible.
· ION: Night vision up to 16-feet
· Comes with two-way communication
· Motion detection feature send alerts whenever any motion is detected.
Not being at home or being away from home will not be that difficult again with these home security cameras. You can always watch your home and your loved ones and experience that feeling of safety and security without any guilt of not being around.
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🔗 Official COVID-19 links: 🦟 NHS COVID-19 info · 🏥 NHS 111 online service · 🗂 Government guidance · 🧍‍♀️ Social distancing info · 🌡️ Guidance for people/households with suspected COVID-19 infection · 🌍 World Health Organisation's page for COVID-19 · 📈 UK Coronavirus Dashboard · 🛑 UK Local Restrictions Map · 🧠 NHS Mental Health Helplines List
🔗 Country COVID-19 variations: England · Scotland · Wales · Northern Ireland
📱 COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps: NHS COVID-19 (England & Wales) · Protect Scotland · StopCOVID NI
📰 Today's Newspapers 📰 Today's Politico Playbook 🌎 International Politics Discussion Thread You can check the COVID-19 restrictions for your postcode on the BBC postcode checker.
If you suspect you have COVID-19:

If you are contacted by a member of the NHS Track and Trace team because you've been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus:
  • Self-isolate for 14 days. If you develop coronavirus symptoms, get a test as above.
Meta notices
  • Please keep most COVID-19 discussion inside of these megathreads. Only make new threads for notable developments, such as new Government advice, or notable political commentary / wider analysis. We are not a coronavirus subreddit. Coronavirus discussion should be focused on the political consequences in the UK. Please don't post about other countries' handling of the virus here.
  • Please do not submit articles to the megathread which clearly stand as their own submission.
  • Reddit is not a source of professional medical advice. Report any obvious misinformation you see. Use the NHS 111 online service when seeking medical advice on COVID-19.
  • The experiment continues: we are running an international politics discussion thread. Non-UK political discussion should be directed to that thread.
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2020.11.27 05:49 jyggen Перепланировка серия 111 90

After pulling my hair while tracking down and solving some edge cases, I finally got an answer that seems and looks reasonable for Day 1 Part 1 of 2018. I submitted it and right away I was met by "incorrect answer". Fine, it's wasn't the first time for this challenge, so back to the drawing board.
After even more debugging and without my code's answer changing even the slightest, I decide to run my input through someone else's solution to see if I'm in the right ballpark at least. It outputs the same answer as my code. Huh, alright. Their code is failing on the same edge case as mine, fair enough - I try another one. The same answer. I try another one, and another one, and another one; the same answer.
After trying over ten different solutions found on GitHub and verifying that they all output the same answer as my own code, I'm really curious what's up with my input. Is the answer stored for it on Advent of Code wrong, or does the input have some extreme edge case that no one else seem to have to handle?
The input is below and the answer that my code, and seemingly everyone else's, outputs is 31677. Does anyone here have a solution that doesn't give this result?

x=504, y=333..358 y=102, x=587..593 x=597, y=1255..1269 y=1452, x=546..567 x=564, y=1285..1295 x=541, y=1391..1402 x=440, y=149..151 y=1339, x=483..490 x=487, y=1125..1137 x=461, y=58..80 x=435, y=620..633 x=422, y=1060..1081 x=536, y=1545..1555 y=1156, x=537..550 x=480, y=1400..1427 y=1473, x=434..455 y=725, x=507..521 x=469, y=326..337 y=863, x=437..444 x=434, y=989..1005 x=467, y=180..189 x=435, y=427..433 y=1112, x=421..446 y=123, x=485..505 x=506, y=381..387 x=474, y=73..77 y=245, x=592..594 x=455, y=836..848 y=1405, x=532..550 x=453, y=261..265 x=562, y=1741..1743 x=507, y=950..959 x=435, y=724..728 y=80, x=461..482 x=520, y=1291..1316 x=486, y=348..360 y=939, x=524..546 x=456, y=534..546 x=572, y=1501..1514 x=528, y=1300..1311 x=462, y=1320..1323 x=546, y=1270..1276 x=564, y=1097..1107 x=493, y=115..118 x=581, y=24..37 x=506, y=1087..1098 x=457, y=474..486 x=496, y=1204..1213 x=495, y=1148..1159 y=654, x=433..451 x=489, y=1166..1178 x=476, y=222..224 y=1137, x=431..457 x=471, y=696..703 x=523, y=1566..1578 x=586, y=1139..1166 x=555, y=998..1008 x=536, y=884..895 x=436, y=301..314 x=583, y=566..585 x=430, y=943..954 y=1469, x=533..551 x=546, y=956..958 y=37, x=581..596 y=1314, x=553..557 x=483, y=1078..1100 x=591, y=764..778 x=549, y=598..626 y=1107, x=533..552 x=455, y=449..471 x=495, y=514..527 y=1168, x=504..508 y=13, x=468..486 x=594, y=235..245 x=460, y=496..507 x=544, y=1479..1491 x=480, y=1295..1301 y=1134, x=563..583 x=561, y=1564..1570 x=443, y=1156..1174 x=493, y=1643..1654 y=703, x=471..474 y=560, x=484..494 x=502, y=479..506 x=439, y=1126..1131 x=464, y=941..951 y=38, x=420..442 y=587, x=467..475 x=589, y=602..628 y=1213, x=478..485 x=562, y=365..385 y=1678, x=522..524 x=507, y=922..927 x=513, y=54..57 y=29, x=558..568 y=433, x=415..435 x=446, y=1456..1466 x=555, y=956..958 x=492, y=692..695 x=432, y=370..374 y=1156, x=487..489 x=432, y=194..214 x=478, y=179..189 y=465, x=466..481 x=470, y=124..126 y=750, x=422..428 x=505, y=49..60 x=519, y=1481..1486 y=401, x=451..469 x=470, y=216..227 x=510, y=54..57 x=478, y=1295..1301 x=449, y=682..693 x=478, y=1203..1213 y=1723, x=535..557 x=522, y=1675..1678 y=506, x=484..502 x=535, y=111..124 y=614, x=447..464 x=543, y=984..993 x=499, y=614..633 y=239, x=493..507 y=1684, x=511..532 x=421, y=1666..1677 y=1458, x=578..583 y=769, x=457..462 x=551, y=1585..1596 y=793, x=499..503 x=508, y=1067..1076 y=1032, x=564..568 y=667, x=434..436 x=567, y=525..534 x=559, y=935..940 x=492, y=432..446 x=525, y=116..121 x=588, y=765..778 x=545, y=525..531 y=1128, x=481..484 x=493, y=170..193 x=442, y=640..650 x=580, y=472..489 x=453, y=450..471 x=553, y=1266..1279 y=1363, x=572..584 x=526, y=1160..1165 y=1570, x=551..561 x=451, y=696..703 x=455, y=1448..1473 x=533, y=575..602 x=550, y=1138..1156 y=1740, x=482..485 x=571, y=632..645 x=542, y=968..978 x=579, y=1713..1739 y=1628, x=434..441 x=508, y=68..80 y=265, x=442..453 x=507, y=1599..1613 y=1076, x=508..528 x=417, y=1032..1039 x=537, y=1334..1336 x=573, y=916..918 x=558, y=1626..1636 x=514, y=1155..1168 x=597, y=649..658 x=494, y=1399..1427 x=476, y=1172..1174 x=482, y=59..80 y=991, x=493..511 y=1584, x=461..466 y=650, x=442..445 x=422, y=356..365 y=1505, x=475..494 x=518, y=687..707 x=596, y=840..851 y=89, x=541..546 y=1491, x=544..559 y=1610, x=421..426 x=577, y=884..889 y=315, x=492..512 y=1058, x=506..516 x=450, y=1265..1279 y=1362, x=543..569 x=550, y=387..395 y=1107, x=558..564 x=526, y=1086..1098 x=582, y=1180..1203 x=485, y=1189..1200 y=674, x=590..595 x=463, y=196..219 x=496, y=686..707 x=502, y=979..988 y=100, x=498..521 x=571, y=916..918 x=481, y=1035..1063 x=466, y=455..465 x=528, y=96..101 y=60, x=505..519 y=1698, x=570..589 x=540, y=507..534 x=474, y=433..446 x=472, y=1021..1030 y=1165, x=523..526 x=489, y=325..337 x=565, y=493..498 x=495, y=1132..1134 x=474, y=762..776 x=541, y=83..89 x=572, y=314..322 y=1571, x=514..520 y=740, x=544..557 x=486, y=10..13 y=672, x=451..478 x=457, y=1122..1137 y=486, x=457..476 x=443, y=231..246 y=610, x=455..457 x=503, y=922..927 x=532, y=1416..1425 x=466, y=1609..1627 y=1767, x=501..578 x=480, y=16..29 x=548, y=981..988 x=472, y=1206..1216 x=420, y=21..38 x=525, y=170..184 y=33, x=450..464 x=479, y=302..314 x=574, y=1405..1417 y=1030, x=449..472 x=568, y=16..29 y=1056, x=437..462 y=497, x=520..527 x=507, y=802..811 x=543, y=668..672 x=441, y=1478..1495 x=590, y=261..272 x=558, y=1181..1203 x=479, y=947..949 y=708, x=463..480 y=958, x=546..555 x=523, y=789..791 x=507, y=825..838 x=442, y=698..712 y=663, x=563..574 y=1576, x=422..443 x=584, y=871..876 y=1008, x=555..557 x=520, y=1569..1571 x=578, y=1476..1484 x=510, y=1019..1045 y=331, x=479..482 x=526, y=620..622 x=492, y=460..462 x=574, y=1208..1214 x=571, y=961..963 y=623, x=595..597 x=592, y=235..245 y=1063, x=474..481 x=569, y=728..729 x=511, y=436..438 y=422, x=420..432 x=560, y=364..385 x=558, y=84..108 x=436, y=535..546 y=349, x=435..462 y=993, x=543..563 y=1469, x=467..494 x=415, y=598..608 x=430, y=1420..1421 x=551, y=644..664 x=557, y=794..806 x=523, y=1160..1165 y=1555, x=516..536 y=1367, x=437..441 y=1336, x=537..547 x=426, y=1604..1610 y=138, x=588..590 x=451, y=388..401 y=103, x=450..464 x=524, y=1542..1550 y=1425, x=512..532 x=456, y=230..246 x=454, y=1422..1430 y=1203, x=558..582 x=458, y=679..690 x=503, y=1518..1541 y=750, x=493..497 y=126, x=460..470 x=524, y=967..978 x=444, y=1637..1645 y=895, x=514..536 x=416, y=245..259 x=574, y=727..729 x=449, y=368..379 x=460, y=942..951 y=871, x=469..473 x=510, y=1183..1194 y=118, x=493..498 x=516, y=666..672 x=544, y=1587..1599 y=1355, x=561..563 x=529, y=32..42 x=493, y=662..665 x=434, y=1449..1473 y=988, x=500..502 y=185, x=552..554 x=557, y=429..441 x=436, y=1246..1263 y=1052, x=592..596 y=143, x=425..439 y=724, x=435..467 x=520, y=1741..1743 x=429, y=1382..1410 y=1376, x=543..545 y=1630, x=573..587 x=537, y=264..266 x=530, y=1542..1550 y=376, x=492..503 x=590, y=668..674 x=434, y=786..798 y=605, x=420..427 x=522, y=1046..1058 y=668, x=464..467 x=567, y=343..357 y=1609, x=492..499 x=455, y=114..129 y=1317, x=542..563 x=447, y=1235..1262 y=1586, x=481..483 x=514, y=884..895 x=462, y=576..590 y=851, x=583..596 y=398, x=458..461 y=585, x=536..546 x=489, y=11..24 y=1090, x=570..582 x=585, y=1713..1739 y=219, x=443..463 x=547, y=1691..1703 x=541, y=1717..1720 x=592, y=1032..1052 x=580, y=979..990 x=568, y=1029..1032 y=1058, x=522..586 x=543, y=1435..1447 y=423, x=457..481 y=840, x=415..441 x=500, y=979..988 x=461, y=1289..1309 x=420, y=595..605 x=494, y=1496..1505 y=695, x=489..492 x=583, y=935..940 x=523, y=576..602 x=533, y=965..974 y=703, x=505..512 x=534, y=1370..1383 x=582, y=639..642 x=452, y=1193..1218 y=42, x=513..529 x=568, y=373..381 x=473, y=863..871 y=1111, x=568..570 x=441, y=1625..1628 x=548, y=901..913 x=553, y=52..76 x=538, y=667..672 y=358, x=497..504 y=1323, x=462..470 x=460, y=699..712 y=848, x=455..458 x=507, y=717..725 x=475, y=1094..1097 x=467, y=577..587 x=546, y=82..89 y=1257, x=484..538 x=549, y=825..836 x=546, y=925..939 x=478, y=924..934 y=961, x=539..561 y=719, x=590..598 y=1410, x=415..429 x=512, y=1415..1425 y=1298, x=553..573 y=108, x=558..580 y=1137, x=487..501 y=1486, x=519..535 x=519, y=1413..1422 x=483, y=1324..1339 x=493, y=963..972 y=227, x=470..581 y=988, x=548..557 y=860, x=437..444 x=536, y=340..365 y=613, x=580..582 x=492, y=1603..1609 x=493, y=1132..1134 y=482, x=420..443 x=444, y=617..630 x=534, y=665..672 y=1208, x=434..441 y=1216, x=472..491 x=578, y=1756..1767 x=483, y=960..968 y=29, x=470..480 x=475, y=962..972 x=518, y=7..20 x=590, y=708..719 x=437, y=1053..1056 x=467, y=479..483 x=512, y=1203..1213 x=426, y=272..288 y=357, x=567..574 x=478, y=659..672 x=489, y=1152..1156 y=602, x=523..533 x=500, y=278..288 y=371, x=546..548 x=456, y=321..323 y=947, x=475..479 y=918, x=571..573 x=573, y=428..441 x=448, y=493..503 x=594, y=368..387 y=568, x=465..490 x=583, y=1125..1134 x=546, y=365..371 x=448, y=59..66 x=565, y=461..463 x=486, y=663..665 y=387, x=489..506 x=464, y=100..103 y=1191, x=499..504 x=550, y=1393..1405 x=570, y=551..560 x=549, y=1717..1720 y=1035, x=553..576 x=520, y=1375..1384 x=453, y=619..633 x=457, y=766..769 x=429, y=1637..1645 x=532, y=1608..1620 x=436, y=1061..1081 x=532, y=1394..1405 x=434, y=1196..1208 y=874, x=507..524 y=852, x=503..505 y=360, x=467..486 y=296, x=569..593 x=566, y=281..295 x=530, y=1001..1011 y=124, x=511..535 x=443, y=1279..1299 y=1233, x=551..567 x=531, y=290..304 x=498, y=115..118 x=418, y=160..176 y=438, x=563..565 y=121, x=525..527 x=569, y=1734..1747 x=517, y=1084..1095 x=492, y=846..856 x=550, y=1608..1620 x=444, y=860..863 y=1309, x=461..489 x=484, y=1112..1128 x=509, y=190..198 x=587, y=1215..1231 x=504, y=741..753 x=593, y=293..296 x=587, y=1623..1630 x=540, y=157..169 x=460, y=679..690 y=323, x=429..456 y=1764, x=465..471 x=465, y=1746..1764 x=467, y=347..360 y=1402, x=537..541 x=474, y=696..703 x=501, y=1125..1137 y=927, x=503..507 x=470, y=944..955 y=879, x=417..437 x=484, y=538..560 x=448, y=1666..1677 x=590, y=133..138 y=1139, x=467..471 y=645, x=562..571 x=579, y=902..924 x=549, y=198..209 x=447, y=279..292 y=462, x=492..518 y=1540, x=434..436 y=1596, x=551..553 y=1346, x=424..436 y=201, x=557..561 x=468, y=11..13 y=1422, x=519..523 x=469, y=921..931 y=1528, x=526..528 x=563, y=1124..1134 x=521, y=386..410 y=856, x=492..516 x=481, y=455..465 x=433, y=643..654 x=443, y=1573..1576 x=548, y=366..371 x=557, y=998..1008 x=561, y=1351..1355 x=422, y=195..214 y=561, x=431..441 x=484, y=1245..1257 x=535, y=1480..1486 y=1236, x=546..573 x=473, y=1660..1667 y=1095, x=517..520 x=595, y=618..623 y=1534, x=456..467 x=450, y=99..103 y=1550, x=524..530 x=557, y=201..204 x=464, y=664..668 y=628, x=574..589 x=505, y=850..852 x=465, y=279..292 x=415, y=838..840 x=434, y=1626..1628 y=1152, x=487..489 x=491, y=786..796 x=470, y=135..147 y=471, x=453..455 y=1636, x=558..560 x=458, y=262..272 x=511, y=787..796 x=582, y=1079..1090 y=129, x=455..476 y=630, x=440..444 x=438, y=1280..1299 x=496, y=805..815 x=433, y=1019..1025 y=1578, x=523..544 x=444, y=1528..1547 x=467, y=893..895 y=729, x=569..574 x=561, y=680..690 y=69, x=535..548 x=437, y=1097..1109 x=537, y=1440..1444 x=432, y=1648..1654 y=376, x=457..460 x=431, y=1123..1137 x=481, y=1113..1128 y=281, x=491..493 x=580, y=83..108 y=1334, x=537..547 y=151, x=420..440 x=424, y=662..672 y=1660, x=473..476 y=1039, x=417..437 y=622, x=504..526 x=545, y=1376..1380 y=949, x=475..479 x=467, y=1138..1139 y=1667, x=473..476 x=441, y=838..840 x=518, y=461..462 x=507, y=864..874 x=475, y=345..355 x=538, y=1246..1257 x=512, y=692..703 y=1489, x=494..508 x=453, y=1334..1343 x=520, y=1578..1587 x=587, y=978..990 y=871, x=567..575 y=1677, x=421..448 x=471, y=493..503 x=577, y=1211..1239 x=467, y=1423..1430 x=469, y=389..401 x=467, y=1445..1469 x=478, y=495..507 x=567, y=1446..1452 x=516, y=1544..1555 x=524, y=1675..1678 y=1613, x=487..507 x=451, y=659..672 x=465, y=921..931 x=477, y=1094..1097 x=575, y=369..387 x=415, y=1157..1174 x=458, y=386..398 y=283, x=491..493 x=468, y=1078..1100 x=436, y=33..35 x=509, y=536..538 x=551, y=672..678 y=165, x=517..526 y=913, x=545..548 x=451, y=1419..1421 x=535, y=1713..1723 x=594, y=1523..1525 y=590, x=435..462 y=1534, x=516..534 y=534, x=540..542 y=189, x=543..561 y=374, x=426..432 y=359, x=539..563 x=497, y=332..358 x=572, y=1336..1363 x=520, y=481..497 x=519, y=831..834 y=626, x=549..562 x=471, y=1747..1764 y=900, x=446..458 y=658, x=587..597 x=462, y=1053..1056 y=954, x=430..436 x=491, y=281..283 x=503, y=1628..1634 x=479, y=858..876 x=571, y=461..463 y=1262, x=439..447 y=1514, x=534..572 y=1311, x=528..530 x=420, y=149..151 x=469, y=863..871 y=1269, x=581..597 x=513, y=804..815 y=1131, x=439..446 x=584, y=1337..1363 x=553, y=1585..1596 y=259, x=416..426 y=1100, x=468..483 x=569, y=293..296 y=955, x=513..516 x=517, y=1070..1072 x=457, y=496..507 x=505, y=692..703 y=1174, x=415..443 y=498, x=561..565 x=475, y=947..949 y=1174, x=476..479 x=439, y=124..143 x=586, y=1589..1596 x=499, y=1603..1609 y=1166, x=586..590 y=1510, x=416..430 y=379, x=449..467 x=551, y=1459..1469 x=558, y=1097..1107 x=440, y=617..630 y=1703, x=523..547 x=545, y=901..913 y=1379, x=475..493 y=1178, x=467..489 x=514, y=1611..1615 x=437, y=1349..1367 x=561, y=551..560 y=1632, x=475..477 y=410, x=521..541 y=387, x=575..594 y=664, x=549..551 y=1554, x=471..484 x=493, y=281..283 x=533, y=1096..1107 y=286, x=454..457 x=445, y=640..650 x=535, y=1440..1444 x=457, y=284..286 x=491, y=1183..1194 y=1213, x=496..512 y=566, x=424..447 x=441, y=561..563 x=518, y=734..737 y=798, x=434..454 y=876, x=578..584 y=608, x=415..435 x=527, y=116..121 x=437, y=1031..1039 y=1426, x=563..587 x=491, y=1205..1216 y=1645, x=429..444 x=489, y=693..695 x=440, y=1456..1466 x=426, y=246..259 y=1620, x=532..550 x=581, y=1256..1269 x=557, y=981..988 x=591, y=480..498 x=529, y=529..556 x=476, y=1660..1667 x=443, y=355..365 y=1547, x=429..444 y=503, x=446..448 y=1305, x=577..590 x=550, y=1628..1642 y=1447, x=526..543 x=562, y=902..924 y=1383, x=534..551 x=447, y=556..566 y=1509, x=555..563 x=548, y=841..862 y=669, x=434..436 x=598, y=1477..1484 y=284, x=454..457 y=1654, x=493..500 y=538, x=498..509 x=492, y=361..376 x=513, y=947..955 x=489, y=1290..1309 x=506, y=1051..1058 y=328, x=479..482 x=554, y=315..322 x=521, y=717..725 x=481, y=411..423 x=475, y=576..587 y=707, x=496..518 x=485, y=1203..1213 x=430, y=1498..1510 y=1720, x=541..549 y=1663, x=524..559 x=531, y=965..974 y=712, x=442..460 y=1218, x=452..455 x=563, y=1307..1317 x=474, y=1035..1063 x=460, y=366..376 x=542, y=747..768 x=515, y=1734..1747 x=598, y=708..719 x=573, y=1225..1236 x=436, y=1536..1540 x=593, y=94..102 y=214, x=422..432 x=466, y=1573..1584 x=570, y=1103..1111 x=553, y=1312..1314 x=445, y=793..795 x=428, y=1247..1263 x=506, y=908..912 x=568, y=748..768 x=524, y=949..959 y=1279, x=450..553 x=528, y=67..80 x=443, y=463..482 y=381, x=568..571 x=495, y=1107..1117 y=446, x=474..492 x=438, y=1479..1495 y=990, x=580..587 y=246, x=443..456 x=563, y=1351..1355 x=552, y=1095..1107 x=504, y=1187..1191 x=454, y=284..286 y=768, x=542..568 x=477, y=345..355 y=1081, x=422..436 x=475, y=1620..1632 y=1634, x=484..503 x=465, y=566..568 x=447, y=600..614 x=445, y=579..584 x=462, y=858..876 x=512, y=297..315 y=184, x=518..525 y=1013, x=548..565 x=544, y=96..101 y=717, x=524..548 x=567, y=1552..1558 y=956, x=546..555 y=1349, x=512..524 x=470, y=1321..1323 y=1339, x=527..554 x=508, y=1160..1168 x=555, y=1505..1509 x=587, y=650..658 x=569, y=1348..1362 y=584, x=443..445 x=450, y=844..870 x=590, y=435..442 x=519, y=1500..1503 x=524, y=528..556 x=475, y=1356..1379 x=464, y=601..614 x=524, y=1653..1663 x=446, y=1126..1131 x=577, y=1302..1305 y=466, x=551..577 x=492, y=297..315 x=491, y=171..193 x=450, y=16..33 x=442, y=22..38 x=507, y=237..239 x=576, y=1024..1035 y=385, x=560..562 x=459, y=157..168 x=590, y=1140..1166 x=552, y=1208..1214 x=517, y=446..455 x=573, y=1287..1298 x=582, y=1212..1239 x=458, y=835..848 y=292, x=447..465 y=1675, x=459..483 y=54, x=510..513 x=464, y=16..33 y=753, x=488..504 x=551, y=1482..1484 y=342, x=450..456 y=337, x=469..489 x=598, y=413..429 x=539, y=1270..1276 x=456, y=339..342 x=483, y=1649..1675 y=193, x=491..493 y=1384, x=505..520 y=931, x=465..469 y=556, x=524..529 x=461, y=1351..1360 x=516, y=846..856 x=591, y=412..429 x=479, y=328..331 x=590, y=1302..1305 x=523, y=1691..1703 x=561, y=179..189 y=703, x=447..451 x=544, y=8..20 y=534, x=567..584 x=552, y=177..185 y=1171, x=422..428 y=1729, x=492..506 y=1599, x=544..560 x=482, y=1729..1740 x=446, y=1087..1112 y=189, x=467..478 x=521, y=90..100 x=574, y=603..628 x=467, y=1166..1178 y=442, x=590..595 y=168, x=459..481 y=546, x=436..456 y=959, x=507..524 x=467, y=1155..1163 y=204, x=557..561 x=491, y=945..955 x=467, y=664..668 x=451, y=1350..1360 x=546, y=1226..1236 x=569, y=1629..1642 x=516, y=1522..1534 x=421, y=1086..1112 x=524, y=925..939 y=33, x=433..436 x=443, y=793..795 x=511, y=110..124 x=459, y=1649..1675 y=690, x=561..579 y=834, x=519..521 y=224, x=476..525 x=442, y=1708..1727 x=527, y=482..497 x=424, y=1328..1346 x=534, y=1521..1534 x=493, y=238..239 x=499, y=1436..1444 x=534, y=1502..1514 x=417, y=878..879 y=1231, x=585..587 x=493, y=981..991 x=528, y=1066..1076 x=479, y=1186..1197 x=541, y=386..410 x=587, y=95..102 x=567, y=1231..1233 y=35, x=433..436 y=57, x=510..513 x=559, y=1479..1491 x=450, y=339..342 y=1558, x=548..567 x=512, y=1330..1349 y=1484, x=578..598 x=441, y=1018..1025 x=441, y=1197..1208 y=403, x=427..439 x=506, y=1723..1729 x=481, y=1562..1586 x=434, y=1536..1540 x=548, y=1552..1558 x=553, y=671..678 x=427, y=595..605 y=1197, x=477..479 x=465, y=493..503 x=485, y=110..123 x=482, y=328..331 x=505, y=109..123 x=583, y=1444..1458 x=514, y=1568..1571 y=503, x=465..471 y=955, x=470..491 y=24, x=489..513 x=580, y=610..613 x=483, y=1563..1586 x=437, y=60..66 y=498, x=583..591 x=532, y=1673..1684 x=551, y=1231..1233 x=561, y=947..961 y=1239, x=577..582 x=566, y=1608..1615 y=101, x=528..544 y=974, x=531..533 x=499, y=1221..1234 x=575, y=858..871 x=544, y=1567..1578 y=778, x=588..591 x=528, y=824..838 x=511, y=982..991 x=583, y=1524..1525 y=1263, x=428..436 x=513, y=1106..1117 y=455, x=517..535 y=1168, x=514..532 x=461, y=1573..1584 y=1194, x=491..510 x=426, y=371..374 x=445, y=1394..1403 x=429, y=720..731 x=581, y=237..250 x=537, y=189..198 y=560, x=561..570 x=476, y=114..129 x=506, y=1201..1210 x=536, y=903..916 x=505, y=802..811 y=1163, x=456..467 x=479, y=1172..1174 y=1351, x=561..563 y=1743, x=520..562 y=672, x=424..442 x=422, y=1166..1171 x=586, y=1045..1058 x=494, y=539..560 y=1005, x=415..434 x=565, y=826..836 x=433, y=33..35 y=690, x=458..460 x=560, y=1626..1636 y=1132, x=493..495 x=537, y=1139..1156 y=811, x=516..526 y=895, x=467..488 x=483, y=1000..1011 x=439, y=1235..1262 x=493, y=908..912 x=427, y=395..403 y=1747, x=515..569 y=963, x=571..598 y=1417, x=574..591 x=536, y=559..585 y=1200, x=465..485 x=536, y=1292..1316 y=264, x=479..537 x=457, y=598..610 x=422, y=1649..1654 y=1045, x=499..510 x=509, y=1579..1587 y=806, x=540..557 x=503, y=361..376 x=597, y=565..585 x=557, y=1312..1314 x=415, y=428..433 x=524, y=714..717 x=521, y=831..834 y=863, x=469..473 x=429, y=321..323 x=415, y=990..1005 x=569, y=1128..1130 x=587, y=809..828 y=862, x=533..548 y=924, x=562..579 x=490, y=1324..1339 x=497, y=738..750 x=554, y=525..531 x=465, y=479..483 x=579, y=808..828 x=415, y=1383..1410 x=546, y=1446..1452 x=439, y=394..403 x=549, y=645..664 x=422, y=843..870 y=1727, x=442..464 y=1029, x=564..568 x=544, y=721..740 x=573, y=1258..1261 x=480, y=699..708 y=489, x=566..580 y=876, x=462..479 x=561, y=492..498 x=533, y=841..862 y=889, x=557..577 y=728, x=435..467 x=528, y=1519..1528 x=513, y=12..24 y=1130, x=569..573 x=566, y=473..489 x=425, y=124..143 y=1430, x=454..467 x=463, y=698..708 x=484, y=1548..1554 x=584, y=526..534 x=467, y=369..379 x=449, y=1021..1030 y=1072, x=513..517 y=642, x=582..594 y=815, x=496..513 y=1525, x=583..594 y=1319, x=435..453 x=554, y=1328..1339 x=464, y=1707..1727 x=562, y=598..626 x=534, y=735..737 x=447, y=696..703 y=1466, x=440..446 y=1109, x=430..437 y=585, x=583..597 x=462, y=767..769 x=578, y=871..876 x=537, y=1391..1402 y=838, x=507..528 y=355, x=475..477 y=1421, x=430..451 x=429, y=1528..1547 x=524, y=1331..1349 x=471, y=1137..1139 y=1097, x=430..437 y=266, x=479..537 x=456, y=1514..1534 y=1484, x=551..553 x=548, y=41..69 x=443, y=579..584 x=596, y=24..37 x=499, y=763..776 x=487, y=1599..1613 y=1097, x=475..477 y=795, x=443..445 x=480, y=279..288 x=447, y=515..527 y=791, x=499..503 y=1482, x=551..553 x=595, y=668..674 x=519, y=49..60 x=568, y=1103..1111 y=672, x=538..543 x=446, y=875..900 x=527, y=1221..1234 y=147, x=470..548 y=76, x=553..581 x=466, y=681..693 y=1214, x=552..574 x=520, y=30..39 x=522, y=30..39 x=484, y=1629..1634 x=422, y=747..750 x=557, y=720..740 x=533, y=1458..1469 y=531, x=545..554 x=494, y=1446..1469 y=1503, x=519..522 x=421, y=1605..1610 x=505, y=1375..1384 y=365, x=422..443 x=546, y=559..585 x=462, y=336..349 x=597, y=619..623 x=551, y=445..466 x=539, y=947..961 y=1739, x=579..585 x=548, y=135..147 x=431, y=561..563 x=554, y=177..185 y=1316, x=520..536 x=424, y=556..566 x=595, y=1588..1596 x=506, y=1517..1541 x=571, y=373..381 x=573, y=1624..1630 y=1295, x=559..564 x=559, y=1652..1663 x=578, y=1444..1458 y=1261, x=559..573 x=548, y=715..717 x=554, y=904..916 x=454, y=787..798 y=672, x=516..534 x=570, y=199..209 y=1270, x=539..546 x=582, y=610..613 x=467, y=724..728 x=516, y=1051..1058 y=1741, x=520..562 x=524, y=904..916 x=477, y=1621..1632 y=463, x=565..571 x=523, y=1413..1422 x=574, y=342..357 y=1587, x=509..520 x=435, y=1316..1319 x=573, y=1128..1130 y=66, x=437..448 x=443, y=196..219 y=438, x=511..537 x=592, y=50..63 x=516, y=947..955 x=587, y=1423..1426 x=548, y=1001..1013 y=1011, x=483..530 x=600, y=238..250 y=1444, x=499..513 x=435, y=576..590 y=1025, x=433..441 y=693, x=449..466 y=796, x=491..511 y=39, x=520..522 x=504, y=1159..1168 y=1299, x=438..443 x=565, y=1000..1013 x=488, y=740..753 x=488, y=892..895 x=467, y=1515..1534 x=563, y=353..359 x=503, y=791..793 x=457, y=1608..1627 x=490, y=566..568 x=512, y=1611..1615 x=465, y=1188..1200 y=176, x=418..442 y=1615, x=556..566 x=437, y=860..863 x=583, y=839..851 x=595, y=434..442 x=526, y=806..811 x=563, y=655..663 x=535, y=42..69 x=432, y=409..422 x=492, y=613..633 y=365, x=508..536 y=77, x=474..476 y=1234, x=499..527 y=288, x=424..426 y=483, x=465..467 x=511, y=1672..1684 x=436, y=1327..1346 x=488, y=721..731 x=567, y=857..871 x=559, y=158..169 x=513, y=1436..1444 y=395, x=550..556 y=20, x=518..544 x=557, y=885..889 x=492, y=1722..1729 x=501, y=1756..1767 y=1360, x=451..461 y=1098, x=506..526 x=563, y=280..295 x=459, y=923..934 y=916, x=478..524 y=1603, x=492..499 x=478, y=1149..1159 x=559, y=1259..1261 x=471, y=1547..1554 y=1380, x=543..545 x=551, y=1369..1383 y=916, x=536..554 x=442, y=160..176 x=537, y=436..438 x=420, y=464..482 x=442, y=663..672 x=428, y=748..750 x=434, y=667..669 y=1210, x=504..506 x=561, y=201..204 x=570, y=1671..1698 y=563, x=431..441 x=493, y=738..750 x=587, y=51..63 x=563, y=1505..1509 x=499, y=1187..1191 x=518, y=169..184 y=1301, x=478..480 x=535, y=445..455 x=508, y=339..365 x=562, y=632..645 x=530, y=1300..1311 y=1134, x=493..495 x=560, y=1588..1599 x=430, y=1097..1109 x=458, y=876..900 x=475, y=1335..1343 y=1403, x=445..462 y=940, x=559..583 x=453, y=1317..1319 x=484, y=479..506 x=585, y=1216..1231 y=80, x=508..528 x=485, y=960..968 x=539, y=352..359 x=428, y=1166..1171 y=527, x=447..495 x=581, y=216..227 y=972, x=475..493 x=435, y=597..608 x=581, y=51..76 y=429, x=591..598 y=441, x=557..573 y=198, x=509..537 x=540, y=795..806 x=525, y=222..224 x=461, y=386..398 y=633, x=435..453 x=476, y=73..77 x=527, y=1327..1339 y=791, x=519..523 x=455, y=1192..1218 x=487, y=1152..1156 x=451, y=642..654 y=314, x=436..479 x=532, y=1155..1168 x=470, y=17..29 x=473, y=1703..1723 x=591, y=1404..1417 x=588, y=134..138 x=564, y=1029..1032 y=507, x=437..457 y=870, x=422..450 x=519, y=789..791 y=507, x=460..478 x=557, y=1714..1723 x=563, y=983..993 x=481, y=158..168 x=503, y=850..852 x=504, y=1201..1210 x=583, y=480..498 x=476, y=474..486 y=665, x=486..493 y=1723, x=467..473 x=520, y=1084..1095 x=577, y=444..466 x=446, y=493..503 y=912, x=493..506 x=457, y=807..828 x=477, y=1186..1197 x=498, y=90..100 y=1117, x=495..513 x=441, y=1350..1367 y=934, x=459..478 x=478, y=905..916 x=499, y=791..793 x=494, y=1483..1489 y=951, x=460..464 x=526, y=1519..1528 y=295, x=563..566 x=563, y=1424..1426 x=437, y=877..879 x=565, y=431..438 y=678, x=551..553 x=579, y=681..690 y=1615, x=512..514 y=250, x=581..600 y=731, x=429..488 y=461, x=565..571 y=63, x=587..592 y=1343, x=453..475 x=500, y=1642..1654 x=559, y=1285..1295 y=968, x=483..485 x=455, y=598..610 y=1495, x=438..441 x=457, y=366..376 x=557, y=291..304 x=508, y=1484..1489 y=633, x=492..499 x=553, y=1023..1035 x=462, y=1394..1403 x=563, y=431..438 x=489, y=382..387 x=553, y=1288..1298 x=522, y=1501..1503 x=493, y=1355..1379 x=524, y=865..874 x=475, y=1496..1505 y=209, x=549..570 x=504, y=620..622 y=272, x=458..590 y=828, x=579..587 x=596, y=1032..1052 y=1627, x=457..466 x=420, y=409..422 x=446, y=806..828 x=422, y=1573..1576 x=457, y=410..423 x=479, y=264..266 x=598, y=962..963 x=594, y=640..642 x=424, y=272..288 x=556, y=1609..1615 x=498, y=535..538 x=437, y=495..507 x=456, y=1154..1163 x=442, y=262..265 y=978, x=524..542 x=485, y=1728..1740 x=570, y=1078..1090 x=513, y=33..42 x=526, y=157..165 y=169, x=540..559 x=436, y=667..669 x=542, y=1308..1317 y=836, x=549..565 x=516, y=805..811 y=1642, x=550..569 x=517, y=158..165 y=828, x=446..457 x=467, y=1704..1723 y=1596, x=586..595 x=574, y=655..663 x=542, y=507..534 y=1427, x=480..494 x=556, y=386..395 x=589, y=1671..1698 x=436, y=942..954 x=416, y=1499..1510 x=558, y=16..29 x=460, y=124..126 y=737, x=518..534 y=304, x=531..557 x=543, y=180..189 x=526, y=1434..1447 y=811, x=505..507 y=776, x=474..499 y=1541, x=503..506 x=543, y=1349..1362 y=1654, x=422..432 x=513, y=1070..1072 y=288, x=480..500 x=551, y=1563..1570 x=543, y=1376..1380 x=499, y=1018..1045 x=547, y=1334..1336 y=1159, x=478..495 y=1276, x=539..546 x=435, y=336..349 y=322, x=554..572 y=1444, x=535..537 x=553, y=1482..1484 
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2020.11.27 05:17 theimmortalfire1 Registration is an absolute nightmare.

I got kicked to the curb because they decided to offer some less Phys02LB classes (because online courses are so hard to manage /s) and I had to waitlist to get back into lab. I couldn't keep my lecture and discussion spot because no lab!!111!, when I get off the waitlist, lecture and discussions are all full!!!!! Thanks UCR!
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