Mom caught naked in shower

2020.10.21 21:30 marcosmou TIFU by breaking my dick

Obligatory this happened 69 days ago.
So a little backstory, one day I (M69) was coming back from work (Iwork as a pornstar and fuck hot chicks with my enourmous dick) into my 3,000,000$ mansion and the floor was wet(with vaginal fluids of my gf )and I trip and fall onto the maid and my penis slips in and we have sex, but my penis is to big for her so I accidentally crushed her organs (oopsies).
Anyway, while i'm hiding the body, but I'm having trouble because her boobs are too big to fit in the wardrobe and while i'm trying to fit them my mom (F69) walks in. It was super awkward but the she saw my penis throbbing through my pants and decided to fuck me. Luckily, she has a very loose pussy so she could handle me, eventually she asks me if I wan't to try anal, im super nervous because at the moment I was still a virgin, but I said "fuck it".
Turns out she is an entitled bitch, and she shat on my dick. As soon as this happened I started sprinting towards the shower to clean myself up, but my gf caught me midway, she had just come home from work, and found me naked with poop and cum all over my dick and balls.
Luckily for me, she discovered she had a poop fetish, and decided to fuck me(also my mom died of cancer so she didn't see us) but her ass was to fat and when she tried to ride me she accidentally broke my dick. Now I need a dick operation, but i'm broke, so I hope you guys can help me out with awards so I can pay for my penis surgery.
TLDR: I broke my dick, need awards to pay for the surgery.
Edit: wow, downvoted allready y'all jealous af
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2020.10.08 02:07 alqassam Mom caught naked in shower

I am an adult in the middle age of 20, and the only child in my family. I live in a community where nudity is something sexualized. I don't know why the urban communities in my country judge child nudity as vulgar. It's very contrast to rural communities where children could play naked when swimming or bathing on the rivers or lakes. This post will be long because I'll tell my experience when I was a kid and my view of raising my own family.
My mom is very strict about nudity even I am inside the house. I remember when I was a 4-year-old, I stripped all my clothes because it was about my shower time. My mom still bathed me at that time, but she was away, and I laid in my bed naked, waiting for my mom to come. When she saw me naked, she was mad and told me not to be naked again. I was confused because there was no one in the house except my mom. I also often wore a tank top during the day because my house was hot during the day, especially in summer. I enjoyed myself to show more skin, especially when I was wearing a tank top and shorts because it helped my body to cool faster, and I was confident with my body. But when I was five years old, my mom started to forbid me to wear tank tops when going outside. She told me that I had to learn to be modest. But I still couldn't understand why even my neighbors were often wearing them during hot days. We didn't visit a neighbor or attending a party.
My mom never allowed me to be shirtless at home. But, my dad often did it, and even he walked around only in his underwear when he went to the bathroom or changing cloth. My mom didn't like my dad walking around only in his undergarment in front of me. She was afraid I'm not comfortable wearing a shirt, especially when I have to stay with my extended family. That's why she made me wear my shirt, although I felt uncomfortable when it was too hot and sweaty. Once I was caught by my mom sleeping shirtless during the night when I was 13 years old. She woke me and nagged why I took off my shirt. I explained to her that I was sweating a lot, even I was sleeping shirtless. Then she made me wore my shirt again, and I found my shirt was wet when I woke up in the morning.
My early puberty time was pretty disastrous. I lost my confidence in my body after it changed a lot, and puberty talk with my parents was something embarrassing. Before I hit puberty, I asked my mom about men f***ing women (I'm not a native speaker, and it's hard to find an appropriate word from my language LMAO). That word was popular among my friends because it was the time when the internet started to grow, and porn sites were easy to access for underage children. I didn't even know about the word "making love" or "having sex" at that time. Thanks to porn, that destroyed my knowledge about sexual organs. Okay, go back to the story. My mom was angry and didn't want me to talk about sex. I was afraid to ask my dad about that because he was temperament. He could yell at me when he's angry. I followed some of my friends to watch porn to explore my curiosity about sex, which was the biggest mistake I ever made.
Things were going weird and uncomfortable when my pubic hair grew, and my voice started to change. It happened when I was 11 years old, and it was earlier than my friends. I was shy, and I felt uncomfortable when changing clothes with my schoolmates. My mom was worried and often asked me if my pubic hair grew, and I lied to her. I don't know when exactly my first wet dream happened, but when I realized it was a wet dream, I found a bloodstain on my underwear. Then, I masturbated myself because of my curiosity, and I found my sperm contained drops of blood. I panicked, but I never told this to my parents. Thankfully, it only happened once, and I don't have a problem with my reproductive organs. Fortunately, I started to be confident again with my body and going through puberty when I was in high school.
So, I don't want to make the same mistake that my parents did to me. Sexual education is being a hot topic in my country, and I start to imagine how to raise my future family, where nudity isn't something sexual, and my children have a good body image and confidence with their bodies. Here are my plans for my children, specifically when they are growing up.

  1. When my children in their 0-5 years old, parents nudity is allowed but only when bathing the kids and in the parent bedroom. I personally never see my parents nude, even I was a toddler. Being nude in front of toddlers is still a controversial thing in my culture. But, I want to tell my children about sexual organs, how boys and girls are different, and privacy about their organs (not showing them to strangers, etc.). I allow them to be nude at home except when a guest is in our home. Parents should teach children how to bath themselves at four years old, and monitor them until five years old (which my parents didn't do to me). What do you think about this?
  2. At 6-12 years old, parents should stop being naked around children. But, I let my children bath together with their siblings as long as they're comfortable. I allow them to be nude except when we're in the living room or eating meals in the dining room. At least, they should wear panties or underwear when they're not in their rooms. Well, I'm afraid this clothing-free behavior will continue when my children have a sleepover in someone's house. Is it enough to tell that not everyone is comfortable with nudity?
  3. At 12-15 years old, different-sex siblings should stop bathing together and seeing their genitals. But, I still let them bathing together with same-sex siblings as long as they feel comfortable. Parents should tell about privacy in their room where children have their freedom and right to only let in someone they want. I read some posts where a teenager starts to be too private and becomes shy with their parents. I don't want it to happen to my children like I was a teenager. I want my children tell anything to parents before anyone else, specifically about their bodies. Right now, I believe nudity as the openness of someone about their body. So, I think it's okay for a teenager to be nude in front of their same-sex parent to show their openness. Well, I think it's okay too to allow my daughters to be topless even they start developing their breasts if they want, and nobody bothers it (as long as they still wear their panties). I don't want to be too conservative or too liberal about this LOL.
  4. When children reach 16 years old, I start to forbid my daughters from being topless and at least wearing shorts and bras. How about my sons? Well, they're still allowed to be nude in their rooms, but they should wear at least a loose boxer (not that tighty whities brief).
I'm open to all of your feedback, and I'll appreciate all of your opinions.
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2020.10.05 11:37 discoskyline In shower mom naked caught

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] enjoy not content whatever they think consist of being the pedo and all that crap because I'm not [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] you hey my name is out looking for a while I thought of how I'd resent and make this video without coming off it's disrespectful or insincere give this video is going to go to some very very dark places like suicide mental illness pedophilia it's just to be an overall very very very dark video so I didn't want to like make fun of it or make light of any of the subject matter so I made sure to write the script for this video as genuine and as fashionable as possible what stop [ __ ] I was impression I've actually never listened to a song actively I didn't even know this was his son so how did I stumble up in a pedophile fart fetish ring that is a question I will forever dodge one nice evening I was walking around on the newest tab on YouTube I would look for hours upon hours to find something of value that I can stuff my goal at full of Cheez Whiz to [Music] and then I found them his name mudbud Jones boy stur [ __ ] outlet static ah who's made such classics as releasing the Anaconda tacos make my penis happy the beer squirts nasty beer fart and my personal favorite take a grocery store followed up by a Sutekh at the grocery store oh and if that's all it was just a weird channel I would probably just laugh and you know some the video to a friend without context and nothing else would come of it but then I realized hey there's some some weird people who really like this [ __ ] like I need to really like it and then I found another channel that's similar to my but Jones room stinks and here's some more titles had the beans dah dah dah lah our beef won't stop [ __ ] I sit on my butt hole smelly pants and clean bottom of my mum of mum Keith changed my pilling happy oh now I think I have to preface this with don't bully these people especially since I think room stinks is actually autistic they aren't doing anything wrong they're just really really [ __ ] weird but it got me interested here's a really really really weird fetish community that I've never heard of before so I fell deeper into the rabbit holes and here's the point where we go from weird people to borderline just awful people [Music] you now here's the moral high standing bit there are children who are making videos of themselves farting and adults are encouraging this in grooming them to make more and I'm conflicted to even show this stuff because I made videos when I was a kid and if I had finally said Freddy's Let's Plays videos to use to expose a pedophile fart fetish ring I would kind of be embarrassed I want to apologize to everyone who wanted one another five nights at Freddy's let's play video which I never delivered on it's been four years but it still haunts me in the first two in the morning thinking about like the five people so here's what I will do I will show comes on these videos of children so that you can see what I mean without actually showing the videos and I've personally reported every channel I've come across and if you want to actively search for this stuff you should do the same because this [ __ ] is just downright awful people are splitting children for sexual game and these kids see these videos do well and get positive reception from these absolute sleaze balls so they centered their content around it it's honestly [ __ ] twisted that opening fart was amazing yeah I feel free be ridic and I just wanted to draw attention to the side of YouTube because it does exist but I personally don't believe I'd be the best of tackling this so I'm gonna leave it in much better hands who aren't [ __ ] [ __ ] do your research if you want either way it's upsetting stuff like this exists and look I know this is probably a lot coming from someone who's wearing a Tupac to Supreme Las Vegas t-shirt um and yeah look I know it's kind of ridiculous but sometimes the the real gangsters need to get involved with this this stuff [ __ ] me [ __ ] my life actually it's actually I didn't plan for this but this actually I think works out better if when I have this [ __ ] shower face Ling does know me Applegate gangster thing going on this is such a [ __ ] bad idea that's just how it be some time law things Scarface I appreciate it I appreciate it to the fullest extent coming from you a gangster of all people it's so crazy yeah like I agree with what you just said we are gangsters and we we we we don't deal with this [ __ ] there was no [ __ ] point to that I I have [ __ ] behind there that is not actually one of these channels I did stumble across Louise farts with me your run-of-the-mill fart fetish channel as I say that casually you know creepy people left and right in the comments I really wasn't blown away by any of the stuff to say the least it's not anything interesting well I mean it is not interesting as you can get with something as weird as this but one chain of comments stuck out and they're already really really really weird questionable comments section a deranged series of incomprehensible words a run-on sentence this comment has now since been deleted and only one remains now but I remember it was a very very very very odd couple of comments talking about how he how he loved this this this person how he loved the fart channel person it was it was [ __ ] weird but I think you get the gist of what I'm trying to say here it was insane man rambling just so piqued my curiosity of course the likely out of his channel having any videos a lot of lone interesting ones that be worth my time to look into would pretty be much none but actually he did have a video and while it was kind of weird I didn't really see it as all that interesting so I watched a couple more and a couple more you know started having discord chats where we sit down for like an hour or so and then watch these videos you know start hanging out with friends with the intent to have a Friday night nappy night made image at its in and a playlist dedicated to my favorite highlights of the channel you know growing over 60 [ __ ] videos two weeks later many nights of me [ __ ] the Rideau in hand sitting at 2:00 a.m. watching a grown-man [ __ ] I get inspired and so here we are and now it is time for me to present to you my Golden Goose please take a look underneath the toenail I shall just have to find nights at freddys videos you [Music] so who is this man this is David nappy YouTube's nappy and yes even his name is schizophrenic John Smith you YouTube Smith he's a 43 year old fart fetish connoisseur and a real kid at heart he lives alone in the beginning house from Resident Evil 7 well kind of because this actual nightmare is not where he sleeps this this [ __ ] is where he sleeps in the gross hoarder shack in the backyard I don't think I can express in the human words how well nappy ish this place is the closest words that come to mind are nightmarish unearthly ghastly [ __ ] spilling leaf right now random ass pineapple cans with cigarette butts in them litter the desolate wasteland that is David's home random lifesaver that's hung up the image of what cat hell is a word that I used to describe like random ass holes in the roof of the house that leads to literally any area in any game or there's a big ass spider enemy random [ __ ] on the stairs the light switches look like diseased house of clothing in the shack and makes it all the more claustrophobic and nappy ish he leaves like a 16 year old boy but he has the heart of a 16 year old girl why were you coming off with all this stuff how did you know I felt sexual toward dogs and I was a kid well you I mean I'll admit Anthony yeah there was not I didn't have any well how do you know me so well is that a sign that one day we will be together how do you know me I'm gonna miss you cute darling dimples I'm gonna miss you Anthony I feel bad that I put you on the spot like that baby I'm sorry I wasn't thinking but now I can lose it and go on as a massacre you could've farted on my penis it would have been so sexy you coulda loved each other we could've God please as a gift I would have been good for you I'd certainly be so blunt Anthony but I can tell you the truth now I'm sorry gonna smell your butt I wish I could sleep with you I wish you with me wholly retire kiss me I love you even though you could be kind of a jerk sometimes I love you made a big mistake baby yeah that was real life this is real to understand David you have to understand his relationship with boys David is gay David likes farts David likes to dress up as a young man and wear the 2001 naked Brothers Band wig I was actually I was wrong the first episode of in The Naked Brothers Band actually aired in 2007 making it impossible for him to obtain a wig in 2001 based off and then they could brothers band this joke was not very thought through David likes Anthony a lot he really really really likes Anthony also known as sports with me my friend Anthony I don't know if I'll ever see him again his channel don't be put off it he has a funny channel it's a you know some of these guys do these weird things it's called farts with me but don't take that personally that's not why I know him I am me I know him because I streamed one time to see what he was about but he stayed in touch took a liking to me in the darling soul had the heart to get a hold of me on Facebook the only reason why I ended it it's because his sister wanted to talk to me guys like 16 oh he's actually 16 huh well they start talking and eventually David ends up buying shitty underwear from Anthony and yes I mean that very literally yes I mean that literally when I say shitty underwear I don't mean bad quality fabric I mean literal [ __ ] and then if he proceeds to unbox said shitty underwear and pants with his [ __ ] mom not a lot of red flags just shut up for you then yes you are a normal human um I don't sure what pants these are oh yeah oh is that one of the shirts I know what that is I son personal you must really love me I think I know it's onesies are I'm not sure what you mean look at that yeah they're gonna I'm not sure that is a shirt or something I'm not sure David grows an obsession with this young man and proceeds to fall in love now the David hole goes deeper David makes friends with a 13 year old kid they talk naturally then David asked this literal child for clothes David gets called out on this for being creepy the 9 to 9 and I argue that it's normal to ask a thirteen-year-old for two their clothes I'm not a predator why would say that here with my mom says I'm not a predator because I wanted stuff because I asked first stuff in his and he automatically thinks I'm a predator dumbass and ends up making a video where he states that he'd never asked this kid for clothes and you know saying that he's straight which is a [ __ ] lie that someone on Facebook was accusing me of wanting clothes from kids and that's not true the heck is wrong with you people out there that's not my life I'm not into that crap not into kids I'm into women hot-looking women you know there are there when they want to be I mean you know when it's necessary I want to get married and I want any kids if she does I'll just file for divorce I'm telling you I'm straight I'm not gay and all this other crap you've heard was just all an act and now I'm not putting people down that are that way there are gay that's their thing fine to each his own but I am straight as an arrow it could've fired on my penis it would have been so sexy you could loved each other oh good for you straight straight is it like how do I notice well I'm not by reaching out to the kid in question which which I did by the way but my cross-referencing this with another video where he in which to ask you his 13 year old boy for his [ __ ] clothes I really sad Macy and to think how cool we were and that my worst fear in the beginning it's all lose them in here [ __ ] good you don't even want to lose me what the hell's going on what is going on with these people what is this spontaneous crap why do they change what makes them change crunky HD hates me I can't take it no more why just because I asked for some of his clothes who's got a instant instantly think I'm a child predator how stupid is that that's not even my intention nothing like that I just like to have things that people that I was cool with adding more fuel to this already pretty bad fire in his playlist he has videos of literal children farting and has left such amazing comments such as how did you have that much gas I love that video he's pretty cool now this is some pretty southern criminais ting stuff but I don't think it's really known the coffin you're a pedophile yes you know even though no sane human being would not do would do this I always said would do this so here's my pinkie promise to you I at the end of this video I will he will both come to an understanding if the guy who asked the 13 year old kid for clothing is actually a pedophile I promise you we'll find out there's a correlation between winning kids pants and fart fetish is there anything there probably [ __ ] not [ __ ] at all I'm sure it's just a coincidence you do your cat's bite before Anthony you know his mind sees you [Music] for as much of erection as I want to give I really just can't like if I already see someone wanting the skull-fuck a puppy I probably wouldn't care because in my mind they would not be used the only thing that matters right now and until I get this stupid [ __ ] video out I won't be able to sleep at night and I won't be able to think about literally anything else except you I'm [ __ ] speaking of skull [ __ ] puppies yes I wrote that down and thought it was a good idea to include in this video observing Navi fans would have noticed the part where he talks about liking dogs I put a lot on you bull why were you coming off with all this stuff how did you know I felt sexual toward dogs when I was a kid well yeah I mean I'll admit Anthony yeah there's no I didn't have a how do you know me so well because yes as a kid he used to smell bugs asses and be into them you know there's a little cat of when I was a kid this calico cat and that's knowing the calico cats but if the cat was laying on the bed and the cat's name was Scarlett and I thought Oh Scarlett Harris but smells no offense Scarlett O'Hara for that famous Scarlett O'Hara she probably offended but Scarlett a Harris butt smells least have this fetish about animals and dogs and what time I got horny for this dog because a friend had a dog that looked a lot like this movie star dog called Mike the dog from back in the 80s and I wanted to smell that dog's butt so bad so his desperate sorry this family friend had this dog with blue eyes that was very similar to Mike the dog furry and bushy fur um I rode all the way over to North Long Beach where I live in oh and I [ __ ] it went to an elementary school and hitting the bushes to smell the dogs but there's a lot of things like this that are just the most unhinged odd things I've ever bared witness to david has fetish for eyes or something I'll get to that later here's this weird habit of making batshit insane videos where he'll threaten to kill people and then he'll apologize in advance for swearing teeth 2 on YouTube look this is one of the weapons that I've had since way back in my day since I was about 13 when I was going through a bunch of [ __ ] [ __ ] when all this goddamn rejection [ __ ] started this could be made real nice resharpen and repainted and made into a new weapon now I [ __ ] you [ __ ] nut excuse my language YouTube so you're probably asking yourself Alec does it get any [ __ ] weird yes it does okay guys let's do a fun quiz here what is the average amount of videos and normal YouTube account has where the main point of the video is just showcasing a random [ __ ] animal partner I'll give you a second I'll give you a second here at Dicker's it's popping up right here see what is take your guest in the comments because David has [ __ ] sick actually it's seven now it used to be six but what boy that was when the time I was actually writing this stupid [ __ ] script um yeah now it's seven yeah only on the Napster's channel could you see a dead duck a squirrel - possum videos in for dead cat videos dope I've always wanted to see a video of a random [ __ ] cat corpse where he he fiddles this process [ __ ] skeleton with the only separation between the disgusting diseased cat and his goddamn hand being the plastic [ __ ] bag David has this weird dead animal thing if you couldn't tell he'll talk about how sorry Phil's for this dead animal but in the next one he'll laugh and ask you to subscribe darling animal looks like it didn't make it I just thought y'all want to see that I feel really bad wonder who he belonged to I don't like seeing anything this past I don't like seeing a carcass the now get out of lick bag when the viewers is here everybody dead Tcat been dead for a while that's nasty wonder what was thinking on the back porch anyway if you like please subscribe this is very inconsistent and I'm pretty sure it's fake sympathy and let's be honest here he can't feel that [ __ ] bad if he's not even willing to throw out the same [ __ ] dead cat from the other video instead picking it up and moving into the back yard for some [ __ ] reason and letting it bask on top of this [ __ ] cage and tells already stomach-churning mummified corpse rots into a gray color nice [ __ ] cool I'm so glad I'm doing this David is an uncaring and borderline abusive [ __ ] insulting random people drowning beetles you all want to see me [Music] [Music] drown the Beatles get off there you can't fight the water can't fight the water look at me drown the Beatle look at me drown the Beatle torture the Beatle is it for events in threatening to commit suicide when his kid friends think he's creepy he's kind of a dick especially in videos like where is the cat where he intensely walks around the house looking for this cat before you know getting distracted by a wrench or some [ __ ] get out you notice I was mom jumps to him wanting to hurt the cat I don't personally think that's normal and this theory only gets strengthened by videos such as I did not kill the cat where I [ __ ] you not he talks about how he didn't kill a cat in that he was just joking to some friends before proceeding to laugh what happened was because I was frustrated because the dog went after the cat that a family friend brought over but didn't hurt the cat but knocked my camera over you know cuz it's on a tripod the cameras alright so I was frustrated within a stroke of a moment I just thought I'd do something stupid it was childish of me but I didn't harm no cat I don't know man it seems like you know I messed up one time I say something stupid now I gotta fix that I didn't honk at passion I didn't please trust me and believe me I know why I'm smiling at this point I knew I was gonna do a video on David but it wasn't very strong he's insane definitely and the videos are even more so but there is really nothing there except hey look at this this crazy [ __ ] isn't that weird so I probably did the most [ __ ] thing I've ever done in my entire life I reached out to David nappy perhaps he wasn't a pedophile actually maybe I was wrong and he's just lonely and mentally ill and not predatory manipulative worried about the watch here is the spiral from professional interview to pure unadulterated insanity welcome to they even have for either of you I'm Alec I'm doing this is a way to make myself a less nervous talking to a literal probably psychopath first thing I noticed was how apprehensive when talking he was he asked if my dad was a cop and if it was a sting just one second now I think this goes without saying but people who believe they are innocent don't have to worry about [ __ ] being a sting operation Wow oh yeah Anthony looks like it's not gonna work out and the one I'm actually interested in that Anthony thing um so is it so that's part of a policeman or you know something like that no I'm not man I I wish I my father was a cop that no no you know he's done so um it's a sorry sting no it's it's not a steamed David one of my first icebreakers were to ask if the fart thing was in fact a fetish she had it is it is David it's a very weird place yeah there's a loose intoxication you know how I almost I stumbled across you when I was finding them these these interesting like like fart videos what can you explain what about that cuz I because I know said it's kind of a thing is that like a fetish or something or what's up of that I'm just questioning um because I've noticed that like um a lot of people you talk to you and I'm just curious really I'm okay with all walks of life you know yeah it's it's all good and ya know yeah it's I'm not saying you are I'm just asking you know what the whole deal with that is cuz I found it interesting no yeah there's just um well I've just noticed that that you make a lot of like flatulence based videos and I was just interested if that's like a thing or something cuz I notice that a lot of people like specially like Anthony yeah yeah okay I got you I was just curious cuz I just see a lot of that yeah yeah yeah this of course is alive just talking some some more I found out that he jerked off to a 15 year old boy farting without the kid know it like hard on Garrett it's a way you touch yourself like oh no so you just like as like as he farted you know you just rub one out real fast and you know you good okay and I'm not and I'm not um doing anything with it but how old was do you think oh okay no yeah no I died no yeah no I I don't get the idea no I don't I don't David okay understand I guess one time she texted me on my phone I never heard what she said I solved the text I said hi this is the mom of the boy that you've been messaging I was looking through my child's phone and saw some things that were disturbing like you know I was asking him about to do the fart thing that's a do not excuse my language YouTube but like that she seems like an unreasonable I'm just doing your John YouTube random but she seems like a nut excuse my language but she seems like a I'm the reason well [ __ ] if you see if you asked me at least you know just you did nothing wrong David you just had a fetish for farts and he just happened to be around it wasn't that he was 15 that made it weird it was just that he was the person around am I right or what you don't need yes you heard that right he self-admitted touching himself to this 15-year old boy who he tell to fart on video chat Sean about the span of like 30 minutes we went from III do I do the first thing just for views - yeah I jerked off once - to - to a 15 year old farting I did that once and all the while he's asking me this person he's talked to for all of 30 minutes if I'm going to get him in trouble I even told them that I was making a video on him I'm not analyzing it well I am analyzing it but it's it's pretty much for my own personal benefit I'm not sending it to police or anything like that I'm just no no I don't think you are dangerous actually well hmm well I don't make you're dangerous but you have made videos like with machetes and stuff and weird like well I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest with you here David I I am I found your channel and I the first thing that popped in my mind is I I wanted to share you with with the other people the other people on the Internet so I I i what they'll deep down on your videos and and as I was writing I was like I need to get in contact with this guy because the assumptions that I were making I couldn't say they were 100 cent guaranteed if that that is your strike well I'm not gonna when I first saw this it I I wasn't quite sure and that's why I came for you is for just to get an answer because I don't know you seem like a very hard to get ahold of person but I was genuinely surprised and you reached out to me so I'm definitely not here to ostracize you and call you a bad person I don't do that but that's consider me have you ever seen raywilliamjohnson consider me raywilliamjohnson do you know what that is oh sorry he's this funny funny funny internet guy he goes he gives shoutouts to people who are who are cool and I found your channel very interesting I clean this if I make a video I would never share that information with like any bad that I think that's that's a little bit personal the next thing I want to ask him was that asking the thirteen-year-old what for clothes was part of the fetish and was for his own sexual game why is so about on the clothes is that part of the fart fetish thing I know I know what you mean Dave so like the whole like clothes stuff is also kind of like part of that because I'm just I'm just asking questions now I'm just kind of curious David I I wouldn't do that to you Wow Alec Wow Alec it looks like you were right all along he actually is a [ __ ] pedophile but when he answered this my phone was dying and honestly I felt content I felt like I I basically got the answer that I wanted I'm all kind of knowing that it couldn't get more answers from him and I can I ask him more questions it was kind of a down time for me to really think to myself what have I actually done I've talked through this creepy [ __ ] and it did yeah now that's seen my face and then guess what happened guess we're having boys and girls guess and then guess what happened now my interest is [ __ ] Pete its Pete [ __ ] [ __ ] okay no I'm living in a fantasy we only we met once I met you once I do your YouTube thing I tell you I do the YouTube thing you tell me you jack off two people learning oh my god oh my god oh my [ __ ] god this is not our real I feel like I'm being baited like a guy is gonna come up behind Dave dude okay it's actually me sargon of akkad I'm just sorry gonna [ __ ] I just are gonna tated you I caught you [ __ ] how do I answer it about [ __ ] do I answer something like that real being real here he [ __ ] is happening [Music] sure I can't even [ __ ] type he's a Dilip at this point I wasn't gonna give this guy really any respect I went in trying to get answers for the truth and now I just want to catfish this crazy person however I did kill two birds with one stone yeah I wish I had the first man to I uh yeah um so I I have something to confess to you David and it's something I've been lying about my ages entire time I've been lying about my age it turns out I'm actually I'm actually 14 I'm gonna be honest here David I feel like I have a connection here with you I want things to still work out with us what do you mean now I am I I you know he really very very hard I I am no why dude what no I'm actually 14 but I hope that doesn't get okay I'm gonna meet I'm actually 13 now why is it going down what what do you mean no no with David no come on Jesus I'm not like that ok ok here give me one second I'll make a bean burrito trust me yeah look I I have like a bean burrito and like a microwave thing it'll only take like a minute I'm mint it'll do the trick my friend trust me I need to make my bean burrito but the short answer yes yes we are still cool David we are still cooler still Gucci but I hope it's it's still ok because I really I I saw that you were like talking about age and stuff and it really worried me and I'm I'm so glad we can continue this on even though I'm I'm like I'm really young you do have what no what's up oh sorry you keep cutting out when you said you said what the new stages in the newspaper oh don't don't worry about that don't worry about that David oh wow look would you look at that I guess everyone calling me a pedophile is wrong and are just misinformed right guys wow that's weird that's really [ __ ] weird that's really weird this is odd and I'm something you keep in mind is that this happened in the span of like under 24 hours like I started talking to him that morning and then I stopped talking to him that night so none of this [ __ ] just built up four days it just happened and and it happened fast I'm reluctant to even call this an interview because I get 2/3 of that interview is just him asking for me to fart and then me holding back mine laughter as I continue to make fart noises with my mouth but remembering cannot break eye contact because he wants me to look him in the eyes okay so what I what so what why is that what you said yet I think or like is that does have something to do with this or like is David okay cool sorry it's our I need to look you in the eyes while do it sorry after you getting this creepy [ __ ] to him that several times that it's okay that I said I was 13 I finally got sick of it said [ __ ] the interview I'm done David I have to I have to admit something what David it turns out that I I've been doing this just to expose you as a pedophile and you fell right into it you are a sick person David you you are a sick person [Music] did he hang up Ali yeah [Music] David is a sick person he'll exploit anyone who shows him any kindness especially thirteen-year-olds and then thread to commit suicide when they don't want to be friends with him anymore but there's been a single person that I've been leaving out for the majority of this video on purpose just to show you how awful David can be to other people this is David's adopted mother she's in her 80s and she can't walk put her in the care of someone like David who doesn't clean in fact she cleans doesn't work and does literally nothing and you now have a recipe for disaster PETA live stream his mom in pain he'd record her [ __ ] as he slowly follows her around dressed in her clothes he'd fight with her he'd be an overall awful person to her boy feels good anyway subscribe me to buy it shut up what what the [ __ ] what a piece of [ __ ] out of you what you [ __ ] do god damn it don't get up anymore but even still his mom would still defend him this is my mom right here you take him her I'm not a pedophile mom no he is not and I would know positively and I would be honest if he has a DA a pedophile where are they getting this idea it's all about Anthony meaning hemorrhage is crying on getting tired of it doesn't scare me one bit well they better start that [ __ ] again or they're dead no I'm not that's not my channel 4 ok they're not gonna [ __ ] you I will not let them touch me and Anthony that's not their business no it isn't any of their business you better watch it I don't play around like that I will go off and kill for the first time well they can't do that [ __ ] I'm not gonna have either mad for years being controlled never had a chance of nothing no it's gonna [ __ ] it up now I'm not putting up with it you know I don't care I don't believe in laws anyways that's why I'm not afraid it's all fake though what is that yeah but just to let you know and form you out there just drop this whole thing and back off and leave me alone ok I'm not gonna play like that no more of that crap don't start you leaving me and Anthony alone David is a [ __ ] leech absolute pimple throw the were the most despicable traits of another human being and think Jesus his mom isn't in his care anymore because living in this absolute trash heap probably took like ten years off her life to summarize David nappy is a forty three-year-old predatory manipulative pedophile who lives off with disability in a scary shack now alone who spends his time starving himself in recording dead cats [Music]
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2020.10.01 02:29 AfraidPainting7271 Caught mom shower naked in

I (F18) think I might have been sexually abused by my brother as a kid but I am very confused. Mostly because we were both very young and I only have a few scattered memories that I’m not sure are real. The rest is just a weird feeling with no evidence to back it.
A little background: (I can’t really remember anything chronologically but i’ll try my best) I was probably 8 and my bother was 11 when my parents got divorced. They fought a lot and we would hide upstairs and comfort each other. We would make up games to distract ourselves (all innocent at first). Through this shared struggle we became very close. I believe it was around that time during the divorce when weird things started happening.
My memories: 1. The one thing I know happened was we would watch porn together. It became a regular thing until we were caught by my mom. I never initiated it, but when he showed me, I didn’t say stop because I could tell he liked it and I wanted to like whatever he liked. In a way I was curious because I had never seen things like that before. I didn’t really understand what I was seeing but it made me feel guilty. 2. He would call me into his room and tell me to pull down my pants so he could feel my butt. I vaguely remember telling him no, and him begging me and saying it would be quick. I only remember letting him do it once. It was just the butt cheeks nothing more, but I still felt very uncomfortable. 3. the tent game- when my parents weren’t home he would set up a tent in his room and we would play a game. Whoever was in the tent had to take off all of their clothes one by one and hand them to the person outside the tent through the flap. Then they would get their clothes handed back and dress again. I didn’t understand the point of the game but he begged me to do it so I did. It was always me undressing in the tent, never him. Though I have no memory of it, I think he was most likely peeking at me through the tent. 4. One day I got out of the shower and was on my way to my room in a towel when I saw him fiddling with something on top of my dresser. Then he left and didn’t see me. I couldn’t see what it was he was fiddling with, since my dresser is super tall, so I thought nothing of it. A few seconds later I heard a clicking noise and there was a flash. I got up on a chair and saw that there was a camera there. I asked him if he set it up and he denied it. 5. This is the foggiest memory so I really have no clue if its real or was a dream. We both got undressed in the tent and lay next to each other naked. He ask me if I knew how to masturbate and told me to touch myself right then. I don’t think he touched me but we both touched ourselves. I said I didn’t like it and wanted to hurry before our parents got back. 6. In years since I’ve had sex dreams with my brother in them. I always feel dirty and ashamed when I wake up.
Current day: We are still very close and I consider him one of my best friends. He hasn’t done anything physically weird since. The only thing is sometimes he gives tmi about his sex life. One time a couple years ago he showed me a dildo he bought online that he was very proud to have hidden in his sock drawer. I was like “dude I did not need to see that.” He often prods me about my sexuality and talks about it with his friends and girlfriend. Even when I told him I don’t like to label myself and I’m not really interested in relationships at the moment. I think he’s used being able to talk to his friends like that so he talks to me like that because we are friends. Whenever the topic of sex comes up I wonder if he even remembers what happened. He never apologized and we have never mentioned it to each other.
The thing is we’ve been though a lot of shit together. Half the stuff I may not have lived through if he weren’t by my side. I do think he is a genuinely kind hearted person with good intentions. Because of this, I feel very guilty for even suspecting him of abuse. To this day I still feel nervous when I am naked and he is in the house. Like he’s going to barge in on me or something, but he never would. I feel nervous wearing a tight top or bathing suit around him as if he is looking at my boobs but he isn’t. I feel so guilty for that too, like Im always making him out to be the bad guy. I don’t want to expose him or him to be punished, I just want to figure it out so I can make peace.
I can’t help but think this is part of the reason I’m very uncomfortable around men, sex and relationships in general. Just men complimenting me or showing vague interest makes me very uncomfortable.
Reasons I give myself its not abuse: 1) he was very young and going through puberty so he couldn’t help his sexual urges and had no other outlet for them. 2) he genuinely may not have understood it was wrong and when he did he stopped 3) he never touched my genitals or made me touch his (that I can remember) 4) He was struggling with our parents divorce and with mental disorders such as depression and adhd. 5) this is not something that hinders my daily life. It just floats up every once and a while.
Sorry thats a lot to unpack but I couldn’t find anything like my situation online. I had to at least try and share because I am sooo confused. Thank you if you read all that.
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I tried to post this on relation ship advice but they kept on deleting it sooo
Ok, so... my grammar is bad so sorry if I make a mistake. This is going to be long btw. Ok, so I think I should start with the backstory. When I was a baby, my mom (42F) left my dad (I don't know him) and moved to New York to live with her new boyfriend. My sister (16F), my dog(now deceased) and I grew up in NY with our stepdad. I never liked him, he was abusive. So in 2013, we left NY to go to TX to my grandma's house.(Because my stepdad cheated on my mom while she was pregnant with twins) and we lived with our Grandma until the twins were born. But we had to leave because my mom and my grandma got into a big fight. It was 2014 and I was 8 at that time. So we moved to my Grandpa's house. It was in KS but I hated it there, he was mean and had terrible OCD.
We couldn't keep our dog, Shiloh, in the house for some reason so my mom kept him locked up in her small Honda. I was mad because it was hot asf and my dog was panting in that car. Anyway, my mom couldn't keep Shiloh because he was aggressive, so we had to say goodbye and she took him to the Humane Shelter. I cried. In 2015, my mom brought an RV and we moved to VA to live with our Aunt(it took 3 days. I was 9 at the time) We are still here in 2020.
Life was fun in 2014, 15 and 16. Until I started growing up. In 2018, my brought home her new boyfriend who we will call Will(I was 12).Will is ex military. He was in the military for 20 years so he has bad PTSD and has to take sleeping pills. Will was nice at first but then he became mean. He would push us out of the way and yell and cuss at us. Every time he looked at us, he would roll his eyes. I hated Will. I would call him out whenever he says something about a chubby person. He would call them a "fat ass bitch" or ''fat ass faggot" and I would tell him to shut up and I would get in trouble by my mom because I'm supposed not to talk to adults like that. He is racist and homophobic and he would call us names. I was getting tired of it, so I started talking back. Which would get me in trouble. I became miserable and depressed so I started to cut. My only escape was swinging. Idk why, but it helps. So I would swing all the time. One day, I was called into my mom's room and she accused me of stealing money(This information is very important. You'll see why later into the story).
Fast forward in July, my mom said I would be going to my Grandpa's house for four months. Ofc, I was excited to finally get away from all the emotional abuse and from my annoying twin sisters. I thought it was a vacation but boy was I wrong. When I arrived in Kansas (at my grandpa's house), He acted nice on the first day, but then that's when things went downhill. Long story short, I was sexually abused. I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom with the door closed and he would watch me shower and dry off. I wasn't allowed to close my bedroom door, so when I changed I had to change while trying to cover myself. He would look at me while I dried off. I had all my electronics taken away, so I couldn't contact anyone.
This went on for 4 months. He verbally, emotionally and sexually abused me. He yelled at me and called me weak. He would insult me almost everyday and then he would switch up and call me his "grandbaby". I wasn't allowed to leave my room, watch TV or read. I was only allowed to do schoolwork. The only time I was allowed outside was if he went to the gym or go repow a car. One time he even asked me if I finger myself and I said no. Then he got mad and asked the question again and I said no again. He also looked through my discord. I was really uncomfortable. I became depressed and suicidal. I tried to commit suicide over 14 times. I became addicted to cutting and he would mock me and say I'm doing it for attention. He made me think what he was doing to me was my fault. One day, I was allowed to leave my room to eat breakfast. I opened a box of cereal and quickly ate it, and then I was sent back to my room. I heard my grandpa calling for me so I went to him. He help up the cereal box I opened earlier. "Malaysia, why is this bag ripped?" he asked me. Mind you, I was scared as fuck cause his voice was so low. I replied back with "I didn't rip it." I knew he did. He ate cereal after me and I SWEAR TO GOD I didn't rip the bag. He also had vertigo, so he would forget stuff. He started screaming at me and accusing me of lying. At this point, I was crying so hard. He sent me back to my room and told me I was going to write "I won't lie to Papa again" 500 fucking times. I felt anger rising and spilling out of me like a fucking volcano. I remember thinking no way in hell am I going to write that for something I didn't do. So I did the first that that popped up in my mind: Run away.
I packed up my shit and ran...well tried to. My legs were stiff from being locked up in that room for months. So long story short, I got fucking caught and he forced me back into the house. Now this is where it gets traumatizing. He dragged me to my room and yelled at me to strip. I pleaded for him to just beat me instead but he wouldn't have it. He yelled at me, saying that if I don't strip he will rip the clothes off of me instead. So I did what he told me to do. I stripped. I know that I'm stupid for listening to him, but I was only 12 and he was a big fucking guy. He worked out ever day. Plus, I didn't want him touching me. After I stripped, he forced me to write I won't lie to grandpa 500 times while naked. It took me 2 days. Worst 2 days of my life. I could feel his eyes on me while I tried to cover my boobs while I wrote that damn sentence. He bragged about it to my family. Anyway, after I was done, I took a shower and went to bed. I also found out that my mom got married to Will during that time. (Hurray-fucking-yay) One day, I was taking a shower and then this random thought came up: My diary. I hurried up and dried off and ran to get my diary.
But he already found it. He was sitting there on the couch with my diary in his hands. I was scared shitless. Now mind you, I wrote my fucking heart out in that diary. My pain. My Abuse. My Anger. My feelings. My thoughts. My memories. And my life. (I also wrote how I had a desire to kill him. Oops.) All of that was exposed to him. And guess what he did? He told everyone. My mom to everyone and it spread like a fucking rumor. I also wrote that I was molested by my mom's friend's son. (He tried to rape me. I was only 8) I never told a single soul until my grandpa read it and told everyone I was lying. So yeah, that sucked. My mom didn't care. She knew I was being sexually abused but didn't say shit and just let him continue. So he yelled at me some more and told me to get back into my room. And the next few weeks I was locked up in a dark room and just cried. I even had to ask to use the bathroom.
Now it was lonely and cold in that room. I swear I started seeing faces in every object. In the covers, the walls, the desk and even the floor. It was like those faces were mocking me. Every time I felt sad, I would see sad faces. Angry, I would see angry faces. Anyway, It was reaching towards November and it was cold asf but he wouldn't turn on the heat. It was so cold that I can see my breath. I thought I was going to die. I would count my breaths and I reached 878. It took me over 5 hours (I was bored, ok) A few weeks passed and he finally sent me home. After I arrived home, my mom never spoke of the abuse, just told everyone I tried to run away. Anyway, fast forward to 20 fucking 20, I'm still traumatized and I get anxiety every time I see my abuser's face. My mom would force me to talk to him. I'm still depressed asf. Recently, I found out that the reason I was sent there was because my mom thought I stole money from her when actually it was my fucking stepdad. And I got fucking blamed for it. She found out it wasn't me but didn't say sorry. So I was abused for NO REASON. I want to call her out, but I am scared. I cannot keep it in any longer.
My mom's RV is way too small for 7 people. There is only one bedroom and my mom and her husband use it. My sister and I sleep on a couch that can be made into a bed and my twin sisters sleep on a small bunk bed. This place is dirty and small. When I clean it, my m*m complains and says its still dirty. Btw, she brought a used 2005 RV so wtf did she expect? Anyway, all my mom does is complain about how miserable I am and how I just sit around and do nothing. Ermm, yeah how tf am I supposed to be happy? She took away my phone so I can't even talk to my online friends(They made me happy and I told them about the abuse and they understood, but she caught me talking to them so she took it away) We are homeschooled(she made me homeschooled in 6th grade) So I have no escape from her. Her two little bad shits cry and yell every time I tell them to do something and hit us. If we tell them to go to bed, they will have a HUGE tantrum and throw things and then I get blamed for it. We always have to do everything for them. Like bathe them, make food for them and put them in bed while my mom just sits and plays that fucking diner dash game on her phone. She doesn't even whoop them.
Anyway, this morning I woke up and checked how much money I have in my account. I was mad when I found out I only had 10 fucking dollars. I had 25 dollars. THIS BITCH TOOK 15 DOLLARS OFF BECAUSE I DIDN'T WAKE UP EARLY ENOUGH. At that point, I was so done so I told her I didn't want an allowance so just keep the money. She got mad and told me I was being ungrateful and to don't ask for anything. So I was like ok whatever. I am so done. She also said I couldn't swing anymore...I love swinging so I was mad at that. I need to report the sexual abuse ASAP before its too late. I heard my stepdad talking about sending the twins to my grandpa's and I was like fuck naw, I need to hurry up and report it. But the thing is...I'm fucking scared and I have no one to help me, but I also want justice and I don't want him to do the stuff that he did to me to my sisters or anybody else. So I made up a plan...its a dumb and dangerous plan but I have to do it. I am going to wait until the whole house leaves and then I am going to cut myself on the wrist and call the police saying that I am going to die and you better pick up my body before my family gets here. Then hopefully they will come and then take my dumbass to the hospital and I tell them everything. Orrrrrr, I can just run away and ask some random person to drive me to the police station so I can report the abuse. My mom might see this and if she does, I am beyond fucked. She is going to beat tf outta me. What should I do? I'm afraid that they are going to say that its not sexual abuse and then they take me back home and I get my ass beat by my stepdad and my mom. I am honestly fucked up from the abuse.
Advice? Btw, I am typing on computer.
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My wife and I had been married for 16 years. During my early career I worked in a role fixing the power generation turbine windmills on and off shore. When I was offshore it tended to be for around 4 to 6 months at a time. I absolutely loved the work. I’d always liked climbing. People thought I was strange for wanting to work in high and dangerous places but the truth is I never felt more peaceful then up at the top of the windmills. The wind rushing through your hair, the world and all its hum drum problems far beneath you. It was liberating. The only issue was being away from Steph. Steph and I had been high school sweethearts. We had gone to different colleges which had put a great strain on our relationship but we made it through and moved in together shortly after college. We’d married a few years later and I’d enjoyed my work, hating only that it took me away from her. As the years went by, when the kids came along, I’d stopped doing such an active job and my formerly wiry frame had suffered for it.
When she was younger Steph was a pharma girl. She was incredible. One of the highest performing reps in the company. She was always smart and motivated but I knew the fact she was the hottest girl in the company didn’t hurt. She was the typical pharma girl. Tall, graceful, beautiful, a body to die for. It sometimes bothered me to think of her having to spend her life flirting with these old perv doctors constantly but I trusted her implicitly and knew it was good for her career. I couldn’t complain about the money either. When we married we had this big, lavish ceremony and her high income allowed for that and for us to move into a beautiful house where we raised our kids.
Steph moved into management and when the kids came along, I stopped working on the windmills and started taking more local high rise jobs, eventually moving up into management myself. I would be lying if I said the change in lifestyle hadn’t affected us physically. By 40, I had put on a significant amount of weight. I had gone from my lean 75kg to a slightly squidgy 95kg. I had gone from being able to bang out 30 pull ups for fun to barely being able to muster 5. Well... I assumed that to be the case but in all honesty I hadn’t seen the inside of a gym for years. The same was true of Steph. Back when she was a field rep she was incredibly fit and healthy. She was active during the day, running from meeting to meeting and topped this up by running for an hour in the evening. When the kids came along and she took her promotion, her lifestyle had become much more sedentary. She was 5’8 but had gone from a skinny 60kg to a soft 80kg. She was still absolutely beautiful with wavy dark brown hair, fair skin and green eyes, permanently sporting that come to bed look, which she normally accentuated by using dark eyeliner and dark red on her full, pouty lips. However, her once tight butt now showed noticeable signs of cellulite; but I loved her dearly and was reminded every time I saw her slightly drooping tummy that she’d given me my two beautiful kids and the great lifestyle we had that I wouldn’t change that for the world. Her boobs had always been big. Even when we were young she had a large, full, double D cup. This looked great on her skinny, runners frame. Her breasts had swollen recently with the extra pounds and the kids and now she was a G cup on her more curvy figure. Always a big boob man, I had zero complains about this development!
At 40, our kids were 13 and 11 and doing great. Steph was doing great at work too. I had been a little lost the last few years but a buddy of mine had rung one day and told me about an opportunity he had to go and run a project setting up a new wind farm. This was a huge gig for me and the project management experience would definitely open doors in the growing renewable energy space. It was an amazing opportunity but it had a major downside. The role was in the UAE and it would last 7 months. Steph and I talked it out one night, at length, making lists of pros and cons. Ultimately, we decided I should go for it. We knew it would be hard being apart for so long but we promised we would FaceTime every night and the kids would speak to me for at least half an hour every single day. I packed my bag, we said a teary farewell and I was off.
I settled into life in Dubai pretty quickly. The work kept me incredibly busy but I made some good new friends and we enjoyed the city, the people, the amazing bars and restaurants. Meanwhile back home Steph and the kids were doing well. Steph had decided she was going to fill some of the free time she had from my absence by getting back in shape. I asked her if she’d taken up running again but she said she’d read lifting weights burns more fat, for longer. She had gotten herself a PT and was working hard with her. She was an ex bikini model called Amy. Steph showed me a picture... I’m a little ashamed to say I thought about her that night in the shower. Jesus, if she could get Steph halfway there I’d be a lucky guy!
The months rolled on and things progressed well on the project. Steph kept me updated on everything that was going on at home and I could see on our FaceTime chats that her body had begun to change. Her face was looking tighter and her clothes started to look a bit baggy on her. It was obviously difficult to tell properly how far she’d come. I was excited to see her though, whatever she looked like. Speaking to your wife and your best friend every day is great but it’s not the same as picking her up and taking her to bed, not the same as making sweet love to her and falling asleep in each others arms; not the same as waking up and seeing her beautiful face each morning. Eventually the day came and she had organised a coming home party. She said the kids would be there but then they were both going off to some friends houses that night. I couldn’t wait to see them but I must say I was quietly pleased they would be out on the Saturday. It was going to be a long flight back to the US from Dubai and a lie in is a difficult thing to achieve with kids on the border of becoming teenagers in the house.
As predicted it was a long flight home but Steph was waiting at the airport with the kids when I walked through the arrivals gate. We all waved like crazy people and ran towards each other. We wrapped up in a big family hug and it felt so good to be back with them. We headed home and all got washed and ready to have the guests back. Steph wore these tight, shiny leather trousers and a loose, electric blue shirt over the top. It was open quite low and showed off her huge boobs, which seemed to have retained their previous enormous size, even though she had clearly lost a huge amount of weight. Open high heel sandals completed the look and what a look it was. She wore her hair up in a loose bun, as was her way, with dark makeup bringing out her vivid green eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her ass. It was like being a teenager again. I was totally infatuated with her. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. A few of my buddies commented on it at the party too. One of them said I bet I though it was like Christmas. I left a soccer mom at home and came back to a supermodel.
It was a great night and I loved catching up with everyone but the jet lag caught up with me and I was struggling toward the end. People picked up on it and started to head out. The kids said their goodbyes and headed off with the respective friends and I collapsed on the sofa. Steph did a bit of tidying up. Pretty soon my eyes closed. I’m not sure how much later it was but Steph gently rocked me awake. “Come on sleepy head”, she said gently to me. I was really struggling to stay awake and my eyes closed again. I then felt this strange sensation. Like movement and weightlessness. I felt this warmth and glimpses of the stunning leather clad ass and some high heels. I opened my eyes for a second and swear I was looking right down the staircase but my eyes closed again and I was out. The next thing I knew I felt kisses on my neck and a soft hand gently caressing my hardening cock. I opened my eyes again but managed to keep them open this time. I was in bed and I was naked. I have no idea how either of those things happened. Steph was kissing me and wearing her favourite pink, silk nightie. - “How did I get here?” - “Mmm you fell asleep... Mmm on the sofa... So I carried you up to bed...” - “How?” - “Gym remember... Your lady’s strong now baby. Now shut up and kiss me.”
I did and the feeling of her soft skin and the silk nightie and her hand on my cock soon had me going, roused from my slumber. The feel of her soft, full lips was such sweet welcome to my lonely mouth. I had missed the feel of her. But even as I enjoyed the taste of her mouth, I noticed the feel of her had changed. I stroked my hands up her thighs as she slid herself down onto my rock hard cock and then ran them round to her ass. Where once my fingers had dented the soft, round mound of her buttocks, now they slid along the hard surface. Her silken skin was suddenly pulled tight over firm muscle. The feeling was one that took me back to the days when we were first together. She rode me as my hands explored her gym hardened physique. At one point I put my hands underneath her arms and tried to roll her over, so I could go on top. She quickly brought her hands up, grabbed my wrists and slammed them down on the bed, over my head. My eyes opened wide in surprise and I caught her eyes. Seeing the wild, predatory lust that filled them was an incredibly erotic experience as my newly hard bodied wife held me down on the bed and slammed her hips down onto my crotch.
Soon the speed grew, as did her grip around my wrists, to the point that it started to hurt. Her breathing became laboured and then she came, her eyes rolled back and her back arched upwards, she quickly leant down and shoved her tongue into my mouth, kissing my passionately as we both completed our orgasms together. She kissed me a few more times before she released me and rolled off me and onto her side. It had been making love, it wasn’t wild, teenage fucking but there was no denying she had taken full control. This was unusual for us. It had always been me that had taken the lead before. The role reversal hadn’t involved latex and whips and chains but something unspoken had passed between us. She had just carried me to bed, dressed in an insanely hot outfit that I’d been salivating over, before stripping me naked and owning me. As she lay on her back after this, it felt natural to cuddle up to her side. I shuffled over and put my head on her shoulder. She guided me to lift myself up and she put her arm underneath, before I settled in against her chest, her arm now encircling me. Being held by her felt wonderful, I’d missed the physical intimacy with my wife so much; she felt great and smelled great and now all of a sudden had this fitness model body which I was cuddling up against. The silk felt so good and I was soon asleep once more.
In the morning I actually woke up first. As tired as I’d been I was also still on a different time zone and I’d always been an early riser anyway. Steph was asleep on her side. I looked over and admired the lines of toned muscle running through her shoulders. I actually shuffled over on the bed and began to kiss her back, causing gentle stirring in her, which turned into moaning. She reached behind her and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to slowly pull me off, while I reached around her side and fondled one of her huge breasts through the silk of her nightie. I worked my way down until I was fingerings her and when her breathing became a bit faster, she guided my dick into her from behind. We started moving together in the old familiar way, but as my hand roamed over her stomach, her arms, her shoulders and her thighs, I was taken aback once more about how firm and toned she was now. Every inch of her seemed to be tighter.
It didn’t take us long to finish together and she rolled around kissed me, before we both got up and jumped in the shower together. We kissed and cuddled and I stroked her firm arse as the water cascaded down our bodies. After we got out of the shower and dried, I walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and lay back on the bed. Steph pulled on this Victoria Secrets bra and panty set that was seriously hot. It was black with little gold bits woven into the fabric. She sat at her dressing table and blow dried her hair. As she did this, I admired the muscles dancing around in her arms while she maneuvered the hairdryer in one hand and her hair in the other. As she finished, she pulled a hair tie open and gathered her beautiful hair into a long pony tail. I finally broke my silence and exclaimed, - “Steph, your arms look amazing.” She spun on her chair with a huge smile on her face. Then lifted herself off the stool, - “Yeah, you think so?” She said as she pulled a double bicep pose. My dick became hard again and formed a tent in the towel and I started lazily stroking it while staring at her. - “I didn’t know you liked strong girls so much!”, she said with a little flirtatious giggle. - “Neither did I but seems I like them a lot!”, I joked back. Steph flexed a few more of her muscles, showing me her thick legs and her abs, before adding: - “So, there’s something I haven’t told you. Amy and I have been adding something to our sessions which I’ve been really enjoying and I think I’m getting pretty good at it!“ - “And...?” - “We’ve been wrestling...” She looked at me quizzically, trying to gauge the look on my face. It was a head tilted smirk, I was curious and she knew it. - “Do you think you’d want to.... You know, give it a go with me?“ - “What? Here?” - “Yeah, actually there isn’t really a space big enough at the gym. So I bought some mats and we’ve been practicing here, pushing the furniture to the side in the living room. So... What about it?” - “Hmm... Do I think having a little grapple with my sexy wife in the living room of our house while we have the place to ourselves.... Fuck yeah..” I said with a huge grin.
Steph literally bounced up and down she was so excited to show me her moves. I pulled on some underwear and together we arranged the furniture in the living room, before grabbing the mats from the garage and putting them down. Steph told me to stay where she was, she had a little surprise that she thought I might get a kick out of. She ran upstairs and came down again a minute later wearing this absolutely tiny, metallic looking, lime green one piece swimsuit. The front plunged, exposing the sides of her huge tits and the top of her stomach, the suit linking up just above her belly button. My jaw dropped. - “I actually bought this for the summer to show off my gym work but I thought you might enjoy getting your ass kicked by me.. Wearing this.” - “I think you have a point.”
We agreed some rules, first to three pins wins, loser is a loser, winner is Champion of the Universe. Usual stupid stuff, then squared up. I went straight for her shoulders with a clumsy grab and she showed me what the training she’d been doing with Amy was all about, swiftly pushing my arms to the side, spinning behind me and gripping me round the middle. Suddenly I was airborne as she suplexed me onto my back. As I rolled back up the right way and made my way up onto my hands and knees I started laughing, - “Did you just... Suplex me?” She burst into laughter and said, - “Yep... Think so.” We collapsed in uncontrollable giggles which lasted a minute or two and then we calmed down.... Stopped... Stared at each other... Smiled... And pounced. We grappled again, locking hands in a classic test of strength, both on our knees. We pushed each other arms around a little but it wasn’t long before she got the upper hand. It was the first time I’d realised not only had Steph become super strong but that she’d actually become stronger than me. It was a strange, sobering and weirdly arousing realisation. As the strength in my arms faded, she threw both of my arms to the side and span round behind me, where she roughly pushed her hands under my armpits and linked them behind my neck. I found myself in a Full Nelson hold, her strong arms totally incapacitating me. I tried to pull to the left and right, forward and back but each time I felt her weight shift and she held me firm.
Eventually, I lifted one of my arms and tapped on her head. She asked me if I was tapping and I managed to wobble my head slightly to indicate I was. She released the hold and I dropped forward, the pain in my back increased momentarily as she released me. Before I knew it, she had scrambled onto my back, lifted my tired and aching arms over her legs and put my into a camel clutch. She pulled my head backwards and I really started to struggle for air, not to mention the pain in my jointed from being so easily and expertly manhandled by my beautiful, busty wife.
She held this hold for another minute or so and began flirtatiously taunting me about how she didn’t think it would be this easy to dominate me. She told me Amy and her had great matches and were becoming quite evenly matched, she should have known I wouldn’t stand a chance. It was incredibly sexy to be taunted by this lithe, strong goddess and my dick pressed against the floor and the fabric of my pants as it got hard.
I thought we were done with the wrestling and she would give me a break when I tapped again on her thigh but instead she lifted my arms over her knees and dropped them heavily on the floor. She scooted across the mat, opened her legs and pulled my body up toward her, flipping me onto my back and clamped her thick, silky thighs around my neck. As I rolled over and the pressure of the floor was released, my rock hard cock sprang up and she said, - “Ohh baby. I didn’t realise you liked this so much. You like your sexy little wife kicking your ass? Want to know something? This is me at about 20%. If I was really going for it like I do in training, I think I’d have put you in the hospital by now. Can you imagine? I’d put on a coat and some heels and leave you in your pants. I’d pick you up and carry you into the hospital and we’d make up some excuse about how your broke some ribs, the whole time we’d both know it was me and I was still wearing this little number under the coat...” As she was taunting me and turning me on with her words, she was alternating before releasing the pressure, short little squeezes to emphasise certain words and a prolonged squeeze at the end which totally cut off my circulation and had me seeing stars. I ran my hands up and down her thick, muscled legs, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin against my fingertips.
When I started turning blue, Steph opened her legs and shifted backwards. I thought my head was going to be allowed to drop to the floor but she grabbed a handful of my hair and stopped it dropping. She rolled around to the side of me, then brought one of her legs out and under her arm, stretching across my chest. She pulled my hair and I raised my head up long enough for her to clamp her thighs back around it. This time she was lying on top of me, facing down. I couldn’t believe the sight of her incredibly tight ass just below my chin. Again she taunted me about how strong she’d become and how much she loved kicking my ass while I struggled to breathe and felt her big hamstrings and her firm ass cheeks. She even began gently stroking my cock and balls, commenting how at least one part of my was hard, compared to the soft and squidgy rest of me. She told me she had some thoughts about how maybe I could be of use to her after all... If I survived her scissors that is.
When she thought I’d had enough, she uncurled her thighs from around my neck and pulled her knees forward, sitting straight on my face, facing my feet with her ankles by my neck and her knees on my chest. The taunting continued about how she didn’t understand how I kept letting myself get into these situations. She stayed there, taking my oxygen away for a minute or two. The whole thing was extremely exciting. Bouncing her beautiful ass up and down a few times, wearing the tiny, shiny swimsuit, she added, - “Then again, maybe your plan was for me to be sitting on your face. I suppose it does open up certain options...”
She lifted herself up and reached her hand down, simultaneously shifting her body backwards and pulling her swimsuit to the side. She pushed her bare, wet, pussy onto my mouth and I realised she was as turned on as I was. Struggling for air, trying to pull in breaths and lick her beautiful lips while she slowly lifted off my face and pressed back down was incredible. She clearly liked it too because after a minute of that she started really grinding down onto me. It was hurting my nose and I could feel my head bouncing off the mat. I started to worry about the pain in my face but it didn’t last long. I felt her shudder with an orgasm, she moaned and pressed down hard on my face one last time.
Following that, she stood up and grabbed one of my hands, pulling me to my feet. Before I knew it she’d squatted down and hauled me up across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She walked in slow circles around the room while my laboured breathing caught up and the redness started to dissipate from my burning cheeks. There was a big mirror on the living room wall and she carried me over to it. She stood there for a second, then to demonstrate her superiority, she started squatting me, slowly and deeply, she got to a 10 count and then said, - “Look at you. Got yourself in another little situation here haven’t ya? I mean, I could slam you backwards, I could slam you forwards, I could flip you the other way round and give you a back breaker... I have so many choices. I think you’ve been a pretty good boy though. You did lick me out real good... Maybe you deserve a little treat. How would you like it if I knocked you out using only my tits?”
I barely had time to register what she’d said before she did in fact slam me backwards onto the mat. While I was seeing stars, she scrambled on top of me and enveloped my head into her glorious cleavage. I didn’t struggle. By this point we both fully understood I didn’t have a chance of moving her, breaking the hold, or really doing anything. So I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of being suffocated by my wife’s perfect rack, wondering if this was going to be a regular occurrence from now on... I had a feeling, with a great sense of excitement, that this was pretty much standard foreplay from now on.
Just before I slipped into unconsciousness, Steph lifted herself off me, her huge breasts finally releasing my face and I sucked in a desperate breath, panting once more and struggling to get my heart rate back to normal. Steph was kneeling beside me, looking at me lustily, clearly turned on by her obvious physical superiority and said, - “I think you’ve had enough for today big boy. There’s going to be plenty of time for me to kick your ass again soon. Now I’m fucking horny... So I’m going to take you upstairs the fuck you until you can’t move anymore.” She reached down and took my head in her hands, gently guiding me to sit myself up. When I was sitting, she leaned down at shoved her tongue in my mouth, pushing my tongue around, dominating our kiss as easily as she had dominated the wrestling. I began gently sucking on her tongue and she moaned.
She brought one leg up, so it was behind my back and slid her arms around me, one behind my back and one under my knees. If I wasn’t already hopelessly aware of how much stronger than me she had become, this final demonstration put all elements of doubt out of my mind as she stood, lifting me into a cradle. I remembered carrying her across the threshold on our wedding night and the total role reversal the years had brought was supremely evident in the image I saw in the big mirror. The fitness model in the green, metallic one piece who looked no more than 30, carrying the chubby, middle aged man who looked 45; not showing any particular signs that my weight bothered her. My beautiful, insanely sexily dressed wife proceeded to carry me across the mats and up the stairs toward our bedroom. When she reached the top of the stairs her muscles had the definition showing in her biceps that showed she was working hard but she wasn’t breathing especially heavily. She carried me down the hallway toward our bedroom. When she reached it, I said, - “Steph?” She stopped, looked at me for a second and then threw me in the air, readjusting her arms higher to where she could hold me more comfortably. My arms encircled her shoulders but I let go with my arm across her front and raised it to her beautiful cheek. I softly ran a finger across her delicate face and then down her neck and over her chest. I ran a line across the top of her massive tits over to the strap of her sexy swimsuit. My eyes had followed my hand, as had hers, but when I grabbed the strap with my fist, holding onto it like a rope, both our eyes left the hand and met each other, then I finally let myself say the thing I’d been wanting to say all afternoon, - “Don’t be gentle.” Her eyes narrowed and a Cheshire cat grin spread across her face. Her eyes left mine and looked straight at the bedroom door. She lifted a foot off the ground and kicked the door open, before carrying me in.
For the next two hours she threw me around the bedroom and fucked me on every surface and in ways I’d never imagined before. I remember when I used to pick her up, carry her across the room and slam her against the wall. It felt so strange to have her do this to me but so sexy too, my large legs wrapped around her narrow waist and her rock hard buns pressed against my calves. At one point she did this and was kissing me and I realised she must have been carrying me around like this for 10 minutes. She put me in a cradle carry and lifted my soft saggy body up to her face, devouring my pole which was anything but soft and saggy. Where yesterday she took control but it was still making love, this was the kind of wild, crazy fucking we had done as teenagers, only this time with her being the far stronger and fitter partner. She used my body for her pleasure and I worshipped her like the Goddess she was, kissing and licking her from her toes to her tits, climbing her body sitting on her strong shoulders, riding her firm back and loving it when she hoisted me over her head and held me in front of the mirror, showing how totally and completely she physically outclassed my once strong body. I had the absolute best morning of my life.
In the afternoon we descended the stairs once more. She was now wearing her baby blue silk slip and a little matching silk dressing gown. She had even put on some little heels with a fluffy toe to complete the sexy housewife look. I was wearing my own silk monogrammed PJs and dressing gown along with my slippers. Of course she was carrying me, held secure in her strong arms as her high heeled feet clicked on the wooden stairs. She walked through the house to the kitchen and put me down in the chair. She poured us both some juice and came and sat on my knee. - “So, what are you thinking lover?” - “I’m thinking I need to buy Amy the biggest bouquet of flowers she’s ever seen.” She giggled and hugged me and kissed me so forcefully I was struggling for air. We kissed for a minute and I could hear she was beginning to get turned on and suddenly she jumped up and threw me over her shoulder.... Heading back for the bedroom once more. I decided then and there I was going to start hitting the gym hard. I had no intention of bulking up but I needed to work on my cardio if I was going to keep up with this Amazonian nymphomaniac who had replaced my wife. I don’t think I’d ever be able to take a long assignment abroad again. I couldn’t possibly drag myself away from this and if she went through another one of these transformations I’d be genuinely worried for my health.
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2020.09.28 12:25 davenportauthor Mom caught naked in shower

Paul Ryerson’s house was always the brightest on our block come Christmas time and would remain so for at least the first week of the new year, every year.
On Easter Sunday the entire extended Ryerson clan, which seemed to double in size every year, would appear in his backyard and spend hours searching for the brightly colored egg and bags of candy he’d hidden for every third cousin’s kid.
On the 4th of July his back yard was the spot to be in Lyons to see both the parade during the daylight hours and the fireworks come nightfall. From what I hear and can smell every year, the man knows how to run a grill, too.
Hell, even on Earth Day, when the town council awards a blue ribbon for the best garden in town, Ryerson reaped the rewards of weeks of preparation; hauling bags of mulch, planting flat after flat of perennials, and setting up the fanciest Home Depot water features.
I, and I truly don’t think I can stress this enough, hate Paul Ryerson.
I hate the way he made it impossible to park in my own driveway come the Yuletide without some slack jawed yahoo asking if I’d mind them leaving their car in front of it, while they take in the sights of the miniature North Pole Mr. Ryerson sets up the day after Thanksgiving.
I hate the little Ryerson spawn climbing over my back fence every year and stomping all over the roses, despite the fact that their Uncle Paulie has never once hidden anything there. I hate the sounds of his guests getting drunker and drunker on Independence Day, having to stay up all night soothing my rescue dog Doozie, who was already pissing herself after the fireworks.
I hate our nearly annual exchange at my front door when he finishes his latest batch of homebrew IPA and for the umpteenth time he offers me a couple of bottles, and for the umpteenth time having to pull my AA chip out and … you know what? Above all else I hate his hiddelly-ho, pastel sweater wearing, “isn’t this just the best time of the year,” year-round bullshit.
But when the leaves started changing and I saw Paul coming out of his garage with tub after plastic tub, I actually developed a twinge of excitement in my stomach. From the bins he produced paper mâché skulls, bright plastic LED Jack-o'-Lanterns, with big, leering black voids serving as their mouths. Styrofoam tombstones quickly fashioned into a city of the dead graveyard. Then three rubber masks (Dracula, Wolfman, and the Mummy) were fitted over flannel shirts and old dungarees filled with newspaper and hoisted onto long bamboo poles and propped up to glare out at any trick or treaters that might wander up past the award-winning rhododendrons that lined his walkway. I was just heading to store, sliding my keys into the door of my beat to hell Rambler when I heard his chipperer-than-thou voice calling out to me.
“Hey, Gene, what do you think?” He swept his arm across the yard like Vanna White in her prime.
“All gonna be coming over there, aren’t they?” I said and then slid into the driver’s seat without waiting for a reply.
In the rearview I saw Ryerson raise a confident thumbs up in my direction.
“Not this year, asshole,” I said, and then let out a petty little chuckle.
The galleria had been a major hub around here but had been closing down, store by store, for at least a decade. The stock was long gone, the locals all sporting half price pantsuits and playing with beyond-their-means power tools. Then it was the fixtures, your clothing racks and lighting. Now all the old retail hulk had left to offer was the weird stuff. By the time I left the mall’s parking lot, I was 75 dollars lighter and I was making the first of many trips back to my house, the back of my SUV filled with the seeds of Paul Ryerson’s social downfall.
The plan for what I was going to do with all of this had formed in my head the minute I’d read the Craig’s List ad. I pulled out the first mannequin, smooth and naked as a jaybird, and faced her out towards Paul’s yard. It would be another two weeks until the trick or treaters were roaming the streets, but a couple of the neighborhood kids were already taking notice as they passed by on their bicycles. I gave them a hearty wave. By nightfall there were candy cane lamps lining my walkway, a dozen or so children’s mannequins, formerly of a store called Half-Pints, and the pièce de résistance, a female mannequin, dressed in the best wicked witch outfit I could find. On top of her rested a large-brimmed pointy black hat, that cast a shadow covering the smooth area where eyes would have been on a human face. The children, all roughly the size of your average toddler, were dressed in the finest clothing that could be scrounged from the Goodwill and were turned towards the witch, arrayed around her, all held fast by the gardening stakes I’d lashed them to. A dozen or so hard plastic masks completed their look. Rising above all of this were the gingerbread walls that had previously served as Santa’s workshop when the mall had charged holiday shoppers 15 bucks a pop to take their picture with an old white bearded man and a rented reindeer. I still had to arrange the spotlights for the yard and set up the smoke machines and the loudspeakers, which would be playing loops of nursery rhymes on the night, but I had to admit, my Hansel and Gretel themed house already looked pretty good.
I was tired, my office gig didn’t require all that much physical labor and the hauling of the material and swinging the hammer to put the plywood walls of the witch’s cabin up had taken their toll. The finishing touches could wait for another day. I had the urge for a beer for the first time in years, but felt satisfied with the coke I pulled out from the fridge. I took a hearty slurp of the sugary stuff and looked out my front window. From there I imagined I could see fear behind the slits of each child’s mask, something already telling them that it was bad idea to have intruded into this old lady’s yard, promise of sweets or no.
I finished the can and, buoyed by the rush of glucose and caffeine, I decided that I had enough energy to treat myself to a long, hot shower. I let Doozie in from the backyard and plopped some wet food into her dish, before heading upstairs. After the water had eased out the worst of the aches and pains and I pushed down a few ibuprofens, I came back downstairs to watch some TV and I found Doozie staring out the front window.
“You looking at our visitors, girl?”
I stroked Doozie’s back and her head whipped around. She let out a low growl before registering that it was me.
“Something actually out there?” I asked as I looked out between the blinds.
I immediately saw something was wrong, but it took a moment for my brain to catch what my eyes had already taken in. The witch was bending over, just ever so slightly. The tilt and the gave the impression of someone allowing their shoulders to slump forward. Irritated, I opened my front door, stopping only to grab a flashlight, and walked barefoot across the lawn to inspect her, the autumn chill working its way into my toes almost immediately. There was nothing wrong, nothing obvious. Both of her feet were still planted firmly on the platform underneath the hem of her dress, and the ground was level around it. I ran my fingers over her body, reasoning that there might be a crack or some structural damage I hadn’t noticed before to account for this change in posture, but there was none that I could find. With a sudden realization of how I must have looked to the neighbors, I convinced myself that I must have imagined it.
The next day, in the Sunday morning light, the stoop was still there, my witch leaning forward to leer at something in the distance. I ate my breakfast and got started on my project. As I ran the extension cords and hung lights, I was very aware of the witch’s presence. The thing had no eyes, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was watching me. I walked past it, a speaker cradled in my arms, and despite my efforts not to look at it, I noticed that her limbs were longer than I’d thought they were, her long fingers stretching down past her waist, the sun throwing their shadows across the lower half of her dress. I chuckled to myself a dozen or so times, convincing myself that it was just my own foolishness. Then a cold presence would make itself felt when I turned my back on her, and I would turn and try and figure out exactly what detail about her was unnerving me so. I was in the process for about the eighth or ninth time that day when a voice from the street managed to startle me,
“Hey Gene, lookin good!” Ryerson called out with his hearty cup of morning joe voice.
He stood there, hands on his hips, nodding slowly, like a king bestowing praise.
“Thank you,” I managed, and set down the spool of lights. “You’re always pushing the boat out; thought I’d give it a try!”
“I see that, I see that,” my neighbor said, his gaze sliding over every inch of the display. Ryerson nodded approvingly at gingerbread house, the candy canes, the children, and the collection of plywood gravestones I added that morning. A single animatronic skeleton was popping his head up from behind the largest of them, leering out with malevolence in its rolling eyes.
“Where...,” he stopped on the witch, a momentary look of dismay crossing his blue-sky features. He broke away from her and fixed me with his store-bought smile, “Where’d you get all this stuff?”
I told him about the ad and I saw a light of recognition as he glanced at the former winter wonderland set, and I mentioned the number of on-line sites from which I’d grabbed the various fog machines, spot lights, and projectors that were still to be set up. I showed him where the trick or treaters would come in and how I’d spaced out the children’s mannequins out to suggest a path to the giant bowl of candy I planned to set in front of my witch. He scrunched up his face disapprovingly.
“No good?” I asked and hated myself a bit when I realized how much I wanted his approval, if not envy, of my plan.
“No, it’s great, but you might want to lay them out a little different, right now they look like they’re giving her a wide berth.”
I looked around and saw he was right. In my end of the evening daze, I thought I’d laid my little ones out in a snaking zig zag but they were in fact pushed back in a rough semi-circle around the witch’s house, looking like they were backing away towards the property line. I thanked him for the advice and he once again expressed that everything looked great and he couldn’t wait to see it when it was all finished. I felt myself warming towards him a bit, a buried memory surfacing of the welcome to the neighborhood basket that had been delivered to our door with a polite knock when we’d moved in a few years ago. He leaned in and in a confidential whisper told me that the whole neighborhood was glad to see me getting in the holiday spirit, and in a lower yet register,
“We’ve all been kind of worried about you, you know, since Catherine moved out.”
And with that five years of bitterness and resentment surged back. He strode out of my yard back towards his own house, the one that he shared with his wife and children.
I threw all of my free time into the yard. More tombstones, fog juice, and tombstone poppers were ordered. Rush delivery charges were paid. I was going to make sure that my display drew every ounce of attention away from Ryerson’s, even if it drove me into exhaustion and credit card debt. My neighbors comment burned in my chest as I drank my morning coffee,
“… since Catherine moved out.”
As the display grew and more ghouls lurked around the candy canes, more of the neighborhood kids were tugging on their parent’s arms or gesturing to their friends as they rode by on their bikes. With a giddy anticipation I ordered several bags of full-sized candy bars to hand out on the night. I also caught Ryerson trying to not to look at my display as it took over every corner of the yard.
“Screw you and your pity, buddy.” I found myself muttering with a self-righteous slurp of joe.
At first, I relished the attention the display drew as it got closer and closer to completion. For the first time since Catherine had taken the kids and gone to her mother’s place, never to return, I felt seen. I wasn’t the fall down drunk, or the angry divorcee that had nothing or nobody to care for. Suddenly, I was the guy with the gingerbread house in his yard and the kids that came by were going to get enough sugary goodness from me to rot their teeth right out of their heads. But as the days went by, I noticed that some of the kids were tossing nervous glances over their shoulders as they passed by, their parents jumping at the wind creaking through the trees as they walked the family dog for his nightly poo. I remember thinking I needed to take Doozy for a walk. I’d tried to take her out a couple of times the night before, but she wouldn’t go out the front door, and hiding behind my chair whenever the leash was produced. She’d been doing her business exclusively in the backyard for the last couple of days. I suppose I should have taken that as a sign.
Through all of this, the witch just observed the passersby with her indifferent, eyeless stare. I could feel her waiting for her big night. It was a week to the day when the first kid disappeared. No one else seemed to notice, no cry of alarm went up around town or friendly police officers appeared at my door to ask me a series of awkward questions, but I knew. The little one in the denim overalls and the devil mask, the one I’d placed right in front of my witch, was gone.
I tried to put it down to a miscount. I’d placed 11 when I thought it was 12, that was all. Then the next one vanished. A chalk white ragamuffin with perennially stiff pigtails poking out from underneath the bright red clown wig I’d given her. The day after, three more of them were gone. I called the cops, but even in a town this size they had other things besides some Halloween decorations being stolen to worry about. I wondered if it was kids, just some middle school punk enjoying some recreational vandalism. Of course, it occurred to me it could be Ryerson. I had built the thing to spite him, maybe it had worked. But no, as much as I wanted to think I hurt him, Paul Ryerson was a happy man with a full life. He’d let me have this crazy show on Halloween Night, and hell, he’d probably be happy for me. Glad to see a moment of happiness for good ole Gene Driscoll.
Then I was working on the display one night after work, trying to make up for the losses, and I heard a laugh. It was a short, sharp exclamation, a snort. The kind of involuntary thing someone makes during a moment’s silence for the dead. The kind of laugh that just slips out before you even know it’s happening. I was scanning my yard, turning in slow circles, trying to will my eyes to take in as much as possible in the darkness, when I heard something topple behind me. I spun on my heel and splayed out on the ground was one of the remaining toddler mannequins. Grumbling, I trudged over to it, the pole that was supposed to hold it up standing and alone. There was something odd about the way it had fallen. It was on its belly, its arms pivoting in their sockets, allowing the body to press flat against the cold earth. He was facing the street, his arms outstretched, like, like he was trying to…
“Hey Gene?”
I spun back around. The voice had been right behind me and I felt a pounding rising in my chest. There was no one in the yard, at least that I could see.
“What?” I said, my surly air of impatience covering the fear that was driving my heart violently against my ribcage, “who is it?”
“Hey Gene?” The voice called again, as calm and conversational as someone needing just a minute of your time to discuss the weather.
The voice was hard to place in location, echoing around my yard, sounding in equal parts like it could be coming from the trees behind my house or across the street.
“Hey Gene?”
I dug out my phone for light as I walked towards the voice, calling out to whoever it was, just like I’d never seen a horror movie in my life.
“Paul?” I asked.
For some reason I thought it might be the holiday king himself, come by to see if his lonely old neighbor needed a last-minute pair of extra hands to get everything ready. It was going to be my neighbor and I would be happier to see him than I’d been to see anyone in years. But there was no answer. The yard around me was silent. No cars passed by out on the road, that despite being only several dozen feet away, felt like another country that I’d never be able to reach in time.
In time for what?
“Hey Gene?”
It’s coming from inside the gingerbread house, I thought, and nearly laughed out loud despite myself. There was no way I was going in there. At least that’s what I told myself until I heard a single high-pitched yelp come from within it. It was the same one she made every time she got vaccinated at the vet.
“Doozie!” I yelled. How had she gotten out? What was she doing back there?
The plywood door felt impossibly heavy against my hands, and the light from my phone simply didn’t penetrate into the corners of the façade. I should have been able to see my house now; the back of the thing was wide open. I should have been able to see the garage, long ago converted in case Cathy’s mom ever needed to come live with us, but the darkness just stretched on forever and I couldn’t help but think of an ancient tomb. Then the door slammed shut behind me, knocked into place by some errant wind or malicious hand. It was then, in that sudden lightless void, that I realized I hadn’t seen the witch when I’d come in.
“Hey Gene?” The voice came again, mere inches from my face.
I ran back towards the door, the light bouncing up and down in a blackness that went on for far too long. I had been less than a foot away and I was running like I was in the final leg of a mad dash with the finish line in sight, but all I encountered was cold air rushing past my limbs and face. Then suddenly it was there, the door appearing in front of me as if dragged into frame by some unseen hand, and in my panic, I didn’t stop in time. I bounced off of it hard and was sent sprawling onto my back. My shoulder blades screamed in agony against the sudden contact with the ground and I left out a yelp. Thinking I had to move before the pain set in, I lurched back up to a sitting position and in the weak light that came in around the gaps in the door, I could see a figure crouched down in front of me. On top of its head rested a large brimmed pointy hat.
It was dark and she had no eyes, I know she had no eyes, but her hands had no trouble finding my face. Cold, hard plastic hands rested against my cheeks, her rigid thumbs stroking just under my eyes.
She needs eyes, I remember thinking and shutting my own tightly, knowing that wouldn’t stop those stiff lifeless fingers if she thrust them into my sockets.
“Gene,” she said and then a deafening silence descended.
I held my breath and waited. And waited. And waited. When I finally dared to peek, like a toddler out from under the covers, she was gone, and the door was open.
I looked across the street and I could see Ryerson’s yard had been destroyed. The paper mâché skulls had been torn apart, shredded open to reveal newsprint and headlines from decades past. The plastic Jack-o'-Lanterns, had all been flattened, trampled under many feet. The Styrofoam tombstones had been reduced to puffs of nonbiodegradable fluff, sticking everywhere on my neighbor’s flawlessly manicured lawn. Dracula, Wolfman, and the Mummy were gone, decapitated from their flannel shirt bodies and their paper guts ripped out and strewn about with the other gleefully produced debris. I just noticed that the bamboo poles that had held up the trio had been snapped in half and driven through Ryerson’s living room windows, when the police arrived. They questioned me, of course, but my previous calls to them and own display having suddenly disappeared took all suspicion off me. I nearly laughed in the officer’s face as he took my statement when it occurred to me. My witch was gone, and she had taken the kids with her.
Doozie hasn’t… Doozie… Doozie’s gone.
It’s Halloween tonight and while the gingerbread house still stands, both Ryerson’s and my lights are off. Neither one of us seems to be in the holiday spirit. Still, I have a bowl of candy in front of me, just in case. You see, someone keeps knocking on my door. Someone willing to ignore the darkness on the path up to my front step. Someone that strides up it with stiff jerky movements. They’re knocking right now, ringing hollow with each rap against my door. I think they want something from me, and I’m hoping it’s just a full-sized Snickers.
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2020.09.24 01:46 get____sun5 I think I was touched in my sleep...

This is hard to post, but I would like some outside opinions in case I might be wrong. I think my dad touched me when I was sleeping. I think this is the first time this has happened. I don’t think he did anything to me when I was a kid or anything, at least not that I can remember. He always traveled. I feel like these are issues that he has developed as he has gotten older.
So my dad had surgery a couple of months ago. The night before, it was very hot in my room and I didn’t have any pants on- one of my legs was on top of the comforter- you know how it is in the summer. (I am an adult, by the way. I am moving out of my parents’ house soon- thank God!)
Have you ever been dreaming, and someone is saying your name or trying to wake you up, you hear them in the dream, and then you wake up and realize it was real? This is what that felt like.
In the “dream” I heard my dad say “I love you”, but not in a normal way. Then I definitely felt a hand on my - umm- pubic area (sorry, don’t know how else to put that). Not just partially touching me- the entire hand cupped around that part of my body. I feel like it was maybe a few seconds after that, I sprung up out of bed and my entire body was covered in sweat, and my heart was beating really fast. It felt like I was panicking. My bed isn’t too far away from my door. He definitely could’ve gotten out of my room fast enough if he had noticed that I was waking up.
I still intuitively feel like it was real, but that’s not my only reasoning. This isn’t the first time that he has done things that were...umh...not normal. I’ll list the reasons below:

I had a conversation with my mom about all of this- I think that she has taken it into consideration- but she has taken sooo much crap from him, I think she is just used to staying in a state of denial so that she doesn’t have to get a divorce. Also, about my niece, I have had SEVERAL talks with her about how people, ANYONE even if they are in our family SHOULD NOT TOUCH HER in certain places. I’ve also told my mom that my dad doesn’t need to watch my niece. I would tell my brother but he has been brainwashed by my dad. He hates both me and my mom. (Edit: also, there is ZERO point in confronting my dad. He is extremely hypocrytical. Without proof, nothing would be accomplished. I just need to get away from him and protect my niece.)
If you got this far, thank you so much for reading. I don’t have anyone else to talk about this with. It’s honestly hard to tell if I’m crazy or just over exaggerating. My dad has always been abnormal and a slob, so sometimes I can’t tell if he’s just being weird or a pervert. If anyone else is struggling with this, I love you and we’ll get through this together, fellow good human!
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2020.09.10 21:35 WetArmor I just locked my bedroom door for the first time ever!!

I’m so glad this sub exists. I feel like locking your bedroom door is something most people have always been able to do even as kids, so I feel a little childish for being all excited about getting to do it now, but hey, it’s called “Congrats Like I’m 5” for a reason I guess!
Anyway, I have never ever had a lock or other kind of privacy mechanism on my bedroom door. Growing up my parents were very paranoid helicopters; even though I was homeschooled, never went anywhere without my parents, had no friends and didn’t know anyone outside of my family and close neighbors, thus having no means to do anything they would disapprove of (like drugs or whatever) they for some reason still felt like they needed to have 24/7 unobstructed access to my room or else I would get into trouble somehow. I wasn’t even allowed to close my door all the way (except for very briefly when I was getting dressed) for most of my childhood until I was about 17. Whenever I would ask for a lock or even just to shut my door to have some quiet, I was scolded because they assumed I must have something to hide if I was trying to keep them out of my room. When the worst thing I ever actually had to hide as a child was that sometimes I would stay up late to sneakily watch Robot Chicken when I wasn’t allowed to.
I am a young adult now, 21 next month. My mom has gotten much better and is mellowed out, she is not paranoid and restrictive anymore and she respects my privacy, so I can close my door and she will tap on it or call out if she needs to come in/wants to talk to me. My dad, however, has not made the same strides. He sometimes calls out like my mom, but more often than not he either comes right in with no warning at all, or “knocks” by lightly brushing his fingers against the door and then immediately comes in without waiting for a response. He has walked in on me in the middle of getting dressed or having just got out of the shower several times and has almost caught me masturbating once or twice (thank god for my quick reflexes). He gets explosively angry when I react by getting upset because he thinks I’m overreacting to “just an accident” (even though this happens often and he still doesn’t care to knock properly) and something something “I pay for the house so I can go wherever I want whenever I want”. It’s not so much he thinks I personally don’t deserve privacy, but he is a narcissist who is just incapable of considering the idea that other people have feelings and autonomy like he does. Regardless, I don’t trust him to knock!
I recently started working at a Home Depot so I have access to all kinds of fun home improvement doodads, including doorknobs of all kinds. The other day I took the relevant measurements of my door, did the research, and found a bed/bath doorknob we stock that would fit, was the right color finish, and has one of those little keyless turn-locks. It was only $10 so last night I bought it during my overnight shift, and I just now finished installing it this afternoon, which was a surprisingly easy process. I can finally lock my bedroom door!! Now I can get dressed, masturbate, lounge around my bedroom naked if I feel like it, and I never have to worry about getting walked in on EVER again!! It feels so good to turn that little lock and know that NO ONE is coming in, not even my bull-in-a-china-shop dad. It can still be opened from outside with a coin in case of an emergency, but no one can just burst in if I don’t want them to and that’s all I wanted. I’m so happy! I had to share my joy!
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2020.09.01 19:12 throwawayhelplessnb Ex-fiance (m25) won't let me (nb23) leave four year relationship

I started dating my partner just before I turned 19 and before he turned 21 via Skype as I lived with my mom and he had an apartment at the trade school he went to 2 1/2 hours away. We met on a dating app and conversation flowed very easily between us and we were very interested in learning about each other. I am physically disabled with a degenerative connective tissue disorder and mental illnesses and he is legally blind with about 30% vision, so we connected with our experiences.
I was going through a rough patch with my family at the time and didn't feel like my mom wanted me to stay there much longer, so he told me his parents would let me live there if anything happened between me and my mom.
Nevertheless, my mom went a bit crazy on me and kicked me out. I packed up everything important to me and drove to his parents who lived about three hours away. I stayed with them for about eight months, working a couple different part time jobs and taking online school, saving as much money as I could. He would take a train home to his parents every other week to stay with me for the weekend, talking in between then on the phone and Skype.
However when he graduated school, got accepted at a good job in another city, and we moved into an apartment together is when it started going downhill.
He started to get very possessive of me, calling me multiple times a day blaming his anxiety for the calling, wouldn't let me see friends unless he was there too, etc. Our sex life went downhill too. He became very touchy (i am sensitive to touch due to chronic pain and he knows this and have told him to ask to touch me), barely asking for sex and just assuming instead. He started "stealthing" the condoms until I ended up pregnant and the only option he allowed was termination. Granted, I knew it was the best option for us, but a lot of me has not forgiven him for the circumstances. He continued to pressure me into sex, asking me to "help him" masturbate but asking for more and more until he was eventually f*cking me.
It forced me to feel more distant from him, seeing him as unattractive, and just being uncomfortable being around him. Despite this, he was the only person in my life as we now lived over an hour away from his family and i had no communication with my family aside from one brother who had also been ostracized by our mom.
I didnt really talk to him about what i was feeling due to learned behaviors from growing up in an emotionally abusive home. We talked about the future of our relationship mostly in good light and talked a bit about getting married. There was one day where we were walking in the mall and was stopped in a jewelers to "get ideas" for rings. Before I knew it, he was placing an order. I didn't know how to voice that i wasn't comfortable with that yet so I just stayed quiet about it. A few weeks later when he proposed, I felt pressured to say yes.
After we got engaged, he became increasingly clingy to me, and i felt like i had to schedule my life around him. I ended up dropping out of college due to the strain our relationship was putting on my mental health. I felt more like a caretaker than a partner. He was calling me nonstop when we weren't together, and by that I mean not in the same room. His calls average anywhere from 5-30 calls a day. In one month, he called me over 300 times.
I started avoiding him as much as possible just because of how ensnared I felt by him. I would sit in my car as long as I could after getting home from work until he'd call me or come out to the parking garage to find me. I hated coming home more than I did leaving for work.
And its more than calling and sex. It's feeling a total lack of control in any decision making. I came home from work one day to him saying "let's go to this car dealership to look at cars" and finding out that he's picked out a new car that I now just have to make the final signature on. It's showing him a few apartments I like and him saying "let's check out this one" only to find that he's already decided we're going to sign on for a three year lease.
And when we're doing something together, he's always saying that he needs help doing the most basic of things, like finding the TV remote that he just had in his hand. He's always using his low vision as an excuse but I can never use my pain or immobility as an excuse. He won't let me just sit on the couch for a moment. I always have to get up and go to him if he needs something, he won't ever come to me.
After four years of living with him, I'm worn out. I am fully drained of energy and feelings for him. I told him a few weeks ago that im done with the relationship and that id like to look into finding another place to live.
The problem is he won't accept it. He'll take it seriously for about an hour, try and seek comfort from me, and then act like everything is normal and fine with us. All he talks about is us getting back together. His behavior lately has just gone off the rails. He'll carry our cats around, baby-talking to them about how much he's going to miss them, tele-work for a few hours before calling off for the rest of the day and drinking, walking naked around the apartment, and he won't stop calling me pet names and telling me how much he loves me like no one else will. He talks about how sad he'd be to see me struggle on my own because I make so much less than him (my wages aren't too bad, plus I have a small online business).
What scares me though, is he recently got a prescription for Xanax that he basically had to beg his doctor for. Yes he has anxiety, but he swears he can only take Xanax. I found him a few weeks ago going through my phone in the middle of the night. The problem is I'm a very light sleeper because of my pain and ptsd and my phone is only fingerprint accessible. I asked him how he got into it and he said he used my hand, which I should have woken up immediately. I take medical Marijuana to help sleep but it usually doesn't knock me out. A few days ago I had gone to take a sip of my soda that was in a glass on the counter and I commented how it tasted a bit off. He casually told me that it was supposed to be his soda and he put his Xanax into it. So now I'm afraid he's been drugging me and I haven't slept for more than a few hours each night. He's broken the lock on the bathroom door so I now can't be in tbe bathroom alone, even if I ask, he ends up coming in because he "needs something" and just sits there watching me shower. I've caught him putting his phone camera under the door while I'm using the restroom. He won't let me sleep anywhere but in the same bed as him. I feel like I have no privacy in my life.
I've already started making arrangements to leave but I feel like I cant do anything because of the lease and the vehicle that is in both of our names and still needs to be paid off. Also the problem with us separating is that he would lose his job because of transportation issues due to his blindness and he would have to move back with his parents. I just feel so helpless and frustrated. What am I supposed to do?
Sorry if its all over the place, I'm also on mobile
Tldr: fiance won't accept that i want to leave, keeps invading privacy and i have no where to go or anyone to talk to
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2020.08.31 10:09 Meda31Augl Mom caught naked in shower

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