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This is a forum for real sugar daddies and sugar babies, legit sugar daddies and sugar babies, enjoying or looking for genuine sugar dating relationships.

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We slowly fade from black into the live stream, where we see the jam packed venue for tonight’s show, with 1090 WiR fans in attendance cheering, holding up their signs and chanting as we go on air.
Crowd: W-i-R! W-i-R! W-i-R!
The camera cuts and we see Paisner and Woodbridge at the commentary desk, as the crowd continues to be loud.
Paisner: Welcome everyone to the jam packed GSU Sports Arena in Atlanta Georgia, where WiR presents…..IT JUST MEANS MORE! I’m Allen Paisner, joined here by Mark Woodbridge-
Woodbridge: -who’s joined here by Johnnie Walker Black!...
Woodbridge displays his bottle to the camera, as Paisner picks the introduction back up.
Paisner: And these WiR fans are JACKED for what promises to be a great night of action!
Woodbridge: You ain’t kidding! KCJ defends her Independent Title against Tony Stevens, The Stargazers defend the World Tag Belts against The Horde, and we crown the Interim WiR World Champion in a 6 Man Scramble!
Paisner: Not to mention Team BS vs. The Young Cardinals in Tag Team Action, and Austin Balandran vs. Klutch, which has MAJOR implications for the legal future of this company!
Woodbridge: Right! But up first, it’s gonna be a DANDY! Jim Baker vs. Cam’ron West, with a very unique stipulation!
Paisner: It’s gonna be the SOUL ON A POLE match, and it‘ll be a hell of a way to start this thing off! Let's take it down to our ring announcer Javier Babaganoush for the introductions.
We cut to the hard cam, and see Javier Babaganoush in the center of the ring with mic in hand, ready to speak.
Babaganoush: Ladies and Gentlemen, your opening contest is a SOUL ON A POLE MATCH!!!
Babaganoush: In this contest, there are no Pinfalls, No Submissions, No Count-outs and No Disqualifications! The ONLY way to win, is to retrieve the Lunchbox containing the “Soul” of each competitor from the top of the pole!
The camera pans to the large Pole which has been attached to the corner of the ring. At the very top there is a Lunchbox dangling from a small steel chain, the same lunchbox Cam’ron West used to “extract the souls” of each competitor on the recent episode of House Party.
Babaganoush: Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung!
Mia So Hung steps through the ropes into the ring, and waves out to the audience to a small pop from the crowd.
Paisner: Here we go, It’s Soul on a Pole, and this match is brought to you by, somewhat befittingly, Disney & Pixar’s SOUL, coming to the Disney Plus streaming service on December 25th this year!
Woodbridge: Can’t wait for that one!
Jim Baker’s theme hits the sound system, and the camera erupts in a mix of cheers and boos, but the reception is definitely mostly positive. Baker himself steps through the curtains, wearing a Horde Jacket, and his usual black trunks and boots. Baker shadowboxes and the top of the entrance stage, before walking down the aisle, stretching his arms out as he does so, warming himself up as he walks.
Babaganoush: Introducing first, representing The Horde, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 245 pounds…………..JIM…..BAAAKKKEEER!!!!
Jim Baker rolls himself into the ring, and continues to stretch, knowing that he’s gotta stay in decent shape, considering this is his first of 2 matches tonight.
Paisner: And here comes Jim Baker of The Horde, and this won’t be his only rodeo tonight. First he has this match with West, and later on tonight he’ll be challenging for the Tag Titles!
Woodbridge: And you gotta wonder how that’s gonna play into this one. Is Baker looking to the Horizon and not in front of his face? We know he wants to bring the World Tag Titles to The Horde, but he’s gotta stay 100 percent focused on Cam’ron here, and worry about the Tag Match later.
Paisner” But one thing is for sure; win or lose, the faster Baker can get through Cam’ron here, the better it is for his chances at winning the World Tag Titles tonight.
Baker looks ready to go, and his music fades away. We soon hear none other than the Anime intro-like theme of Cam’ron West, as West steps through the curtains to a pop from the crowd!
Cam’ron stands at the top of the stage, with very minimalist pyro going off, before walking down the aisle and towards the ring.
Babaganoush: And his opponent, from Another World, weighing in at 180 Pounds……..CAM’RON…….WEEEESSSTTTT!!!
Paisner: Cam’ron West is a bit of an oddball, but he’s no doubt got heart, and the fans respect him for it.
Woodbridge: He’s not only got heart, but he’s got a set on him too! He burned Jim Baker’s park bench to ashes, for god's sakes! I heard around the grapevine that he basically lived on that thing for a year!
Paisner: The rivalry between these two has escalated at a lightning fast rate these last few weeks, but now, at It Just Means More, someone’s ‘Soul’ will be claimed in this match!!!
Cam’ron hops up to the apron, and steps through the ropes into the ring. He doesn’t take his eyes off Baker, and Baker’s eyes are firmly locked on West as well. Cam’ron’s music fades away, and the two are left in their opposite corners, as the referee, Mia So Hung, checks to see if each competitor is ready.
Woodbridge: In a match like this, no DQ, no Count Outs, no submission or pinfall to record, Mia’s basically just out here to check on the general well being of the competitors, and that MAY very well be a good idea with these two heated rivals.
Mia sees that both competitors are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
Cam’ron and Baker immediately meet in the middle of the ring, and start throwing wild right hands at each other, trading blows back and forth!
Paisner: And here we go, this one’s starting off HOT!
Baker and Cam’ron continue to trade shots, back and forth, but after a bit it appears as if Cam’ron gets the upper hand. Baker appears to be much groggier than Cam’ron. Cam’ron throws another shot at Baker, but this time Baker doesn’t follow up, and Cam’ron hits him with another, and another, and another! Baker stands on wobbly legs in the middle of the ring, and Cam’ron takes a couple of steps back, winding up his arm before lunging at Baker with a big punch, but Baker blocks it, and catches Cam’ron with a punch of his own! Now Baker starts hitting West with a flurry of right hands, and backs Cam’ron into the ropes! Cameron stands a bit dazed, leaning against the ropes, and Baker turns around to run towards the opposite set of ropes, rebounding off of them and charging at Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: Look at Baker!
Baker dashes towards Cam’ron, and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! With Cam’ron out of the ring, Baker quickly makes a beeline for the Pole, running towards the corner and starting to climb the turnbuckles, quickly trying to reach up at the Lunchbox containing the ‘Souls’!!
Paisner: Baker’s gonna win it right here!!!!
But Cam’ron quickly gets back up to his feet, using the ring apron to help him back up. Cam’ron slides back in the ring, and runs over to the corner, jumping up and hitting Baker in the spine with a forearm shot.
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not gonna go down without a fight!
Baker continues to try and reach the Lunchbox to pull it down, but Cam’ron grabs Baker by the leg, and pulls him off the top rope! Baker comes down and hits his face on the top turnbuckle, and stands near the corner looking a bit dazed! Cam’ron grabs Baker by the head, and takes him down to the mat with a Snapmare, immediately followed up with an elbow strike to the top of the head!
Baker lays on the mat clutching his head, and Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and walks over to the corner with the ‘Souls’ on the Pole. Cam’ron starts climbing up the turnbuckles, trying to reach the Lunchbox, but he’s out of reach as he stands on the second rope. Cam’ron looks about ready to climb up to the top rope, but before he does, he turns around to see Baker getting back up to his feet. Cam’ron decides against going for the ‘Soul’ for now, and turns his body around to face Baker as he stands on the second rope. Baker gets back up to a vertical base, and Cam’ron leaps off the second rope to catch him with a dropkick!!
Paisner: And what a dropkick from Cam’ron West!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not your typical wrestler, but that was a veteran move from him to check on Baker’s status before going all the way up to the top rope.
Baker lays on the mat in pain, as the crowd applauds the athleticism from Cam’ron. Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and leaps up into the air before coming down onto the prone Baker with a Legdrop! Baker rolls towards the ropes, and rolls out of the ring to the floor. Cam’ron walks over to the ropes, and steps through them onto the apron, dropping onto the floor as well. Cam’ron peels Baker off the floor and up to his feet, and tucks his head, before lifting him up and dropping him with a Snap Suplex to the floor!
Paisner: Snap Suplex to the floor!!!
Baker lays in a heap on the floor, clutching his back, and wincing in pain. Cam’ron doesn’t give him much of a rest though, as he bends down to pick Baker back up off the floor, and once again he grabs a hold of him, dropping him to the floor with another Suplex!
Paisner: Another suplex from Cam’ron to Baker on the floor!
Woodbridge: And Cam’ron can do it again and again and again if he wants to! There’s no risk of getting counted out in this match!
Baker yells in pain now as he lays on the floor, while Cam’ron turns his attention to the apron of the ring. West lifts up the ringskirt, and looks underneath the ring for a potential weapon! After a bit of searching, Cam’ron pulls a TABLE out from underneath the ring!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s got a table! This doesn’t bode well for Baker!
Cam’ron starts undoing the table legs, and setting the table in its upright position at ringside. Cam’ron gets the table completely set up, but as he turns around to check on Baker, he gets caught off guard with a big forearm shot to the face! Baker follows up with another forearm, and another, and another! Baker then grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head, and bashes his face into the set-up Table!
Woodbridge: Baker smacking Cam’ron’s face against that hard wooden table! Cam’ron may have taken a bit too long to get that table set up!
Paisner: Or maybe he didn’t damage Baker enough before trying to set up the table in the first place! Either way, Baker’s back in the driver's seat!
Baker sends Cam’ron back through the ropes and inside the ring and Baker slides in after him. Cam’ron starts trying to get back up to his feet, but Baker hits him with a hard kick to the gut, and follows up by grabbing him, and lifting him over his head and to the mat with a Pumphandle Suplex!
Baker starts making his way over to the corner with the pole, but he hesitates for a moment. He turns around to see Cam’ron trying to push himself up to his feet, and he realizes more work must be done. Baker walks back over to Cam’ron, and grabs him by the head, planting him on the mat with a SPIKE DDT!
Paisner: SPIKE DDT!!! Good lord!
Woodbridge: Baker just drilled him!
Baker gets back up once again, and starts making his way to the corner with the pole once more. Baker starts climbing the turnbuckles again, but as he gets up to the second rope, he hears some rustling behind him. Baker pauses his climb for a moment to turn around, and he sees Cam’ron once again starting to stir, starting to get back up to a vertical base.
Woodbridge: Cam'ron-sama is refusing to stay down!
Paisner: And this seems to be throwing a monkey wrench in Baker’s plans! He’s trying to win this ASAP so he can be fresh for the Tag Title Match later tonight, but Cam’ron is proving to be tougher than he may have expected!
Baker hops off the turnbuckle once again, and makes his way to Cam’ron. Baker pulls Cam’ron up to his feet, and grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head. Baker now has his eyes locked on the table that Cam’ron set up at ringside!
Paisner: Baker’s got eyes on that table!!!
Woodbridge: THIS will keep Cam’ron down!
Baker grabs a hold of the back of Cam’ron’s head, and starts running with him to the ropes!
Woodbridge: He’s gonna send him through!!!
Baker chucks Cam’ron over the top rope, but Cam’ron hangs onto the top rope for dear life, as he stands on the apron in dangerous proximity to the table!
Paisner: Cam’ron hung onto the top rope, and that saved him from going through that table!
Woodbridge: But look at Baker!
Baker bounces off the opposite set of ropes, and starts charging at West, looking to knock him off the table, but Cam’ron gets his feet up, catching Baker on the side of the head with an Enziguiri! Baker takes a few steps back, looking a bit rocked after that kick, and Cam’ron somersaults through the middle rope, before popping up and taking Baker down with a big dropkick!!!!
Paisner: What a move from Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: This may be his opportunity!
Baker scrambles back up to his feet, but he runs right into the arms of Cam’ron, who takes him down to the mat with a BIG BLUE THUNDER BOMB!
Paisner: Blue Thunder Bomb! Blue Thunder Bomb!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s starting to feel it!
Baker looks dazed, laying in a heap on the mat, but he slowly starts to roll onto his stomach, push himself up, and rise back up to a vertical base. Cam’ron stands against the ropes, lying in wait, looking fired up!
Paisner: This crowd’s on their feet!
Baker, with a look of pain on his face, makes his way up to his feet, and Cam’ron lunges with full force towards Baker………………. taking him down with a big RUNNING LARIAT!
Woodbridge: THE WEST-ERN LARIAT!!!
Instinctually, Cam’ron goes for the cover, hooking the leg, but Mia reminds Cam that the match cannot be won by pinfall!
Paisner: But Pinfalls don’t count!
Woodbridge: If they did, Cam’ron would’ve just won this!
Paisner: Cam’ron just let muscle-memory take over. He’s from another world, and as such he may be getting used to regular wrestling matches, but he’s not entirely used to matches like this, where there are no Pinfalls!
Cam’ron looks a bit flustered, but he doesn’t let it affect him for long. Cam’ron now starts walking over to the corner with the Pole, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, while Baker lays in a heap on the mat!
Woodbridge: Now Cam’ron has his eyes on the prize, and this may be the beginning of the end of this match!
Camron climbs all the way up to the top rope, and starts reaching up at the lunchbox, mere fingertips away!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s close! He’s real close!
Camron tries to grab a hold of the lunchbox, but as he reaches up, Baker starts getting back up to a vertical base, and starts hobbling towards the ropes.
Woodbridge: Baker’s up, fighting through the pain!
Baker hobbles towards the ropes at a great speed, and flails his body at the top rope, causing Cam’ron’s foot to slip off the rope, and Cam’ron crotches himself on the top turnbuckle!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Right in the family jewels! And look at Cam’ron, he’s in agony!
Camron sits crotched on the top turnbuckle, with a look of pure agony and pain on his face! Baker hobbles over to West on the turnbuckles, and pulls his body downwards with his feet still hooked on the turnbuckles, setting Cam’ron up in the Tree of Woe!
Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!
Paisner: Tree of Woe! This could be DISASTROUS for Cam’ron West!!!
Baker steps through the ropes, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly making his way up to the top rope, and using the pole to help balance himself. He looks down at Cam’ron, who hasn’t moved very much in the tree of woe, and Baker starts reaching up for the Lunchbox, trying to grab a hold of it, unhook it and put this match to rest!
Paisner: Baker’s got another match to worry about later tonight, he’s doing the smart thing here, trying to end this ASAP!
But as Baker tries to grab the Lunchbox, Cam’ron starts using his core strength to slowly pull himself back up!
Woodbridge: But Cam’ron’s not quite done yet!
Baker looks down to see Cam’ron trying to get back up, and he kicks him right in the face, sending Cam’ron right back down in the tree of woe position!
Paisner: Baker’s gotta create some separation between himself and Cam’ron, and I think he may realize it too!
Baker now stands on the top turnbuckle facing Cam’ron, looking down at him as he tries to pull himself up again. Cam’ron tries to use his core and pull himself back up asain, but Baker leaps off the top, and comes down onto West with a DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!
Cam’ron lays on the mat with a look of agony on his face, while Baker quickly rolls out of the ring, and lifts up the ringskirt to look for a weapon! Baker pulls a STEEL CHAIR out, and slides it into the ring before rolling in the ring himself!
Woodbridge: Now Baker has a chair! Cam’ron’s in deep shit!!!
Baker positions the Chair flat in the center of the ring, before making his way over to the vulnerable West. Baker bends down, and grabs Cam’ron by the arms, dragging him to the center of the ring. Baker pulls Cam back up to a vertical base, before tucking his head in between his legs, lifting him up……...and DROPPING HIM RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR WITH A THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB!!!
Woodbridge: HOT DAMN! CAM IS OUT!!!!
Cam’ron looks to be nearly motionless on the mat, and he seems absolutely physically spent!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron just got sent for a ride, and now Baker’s going for the ‘Souls!’ This has gotta be it!
Baker wastes no time after the Big Powerbomb. After dropping Cam’ron, Baker immediately makes his way to the corner with the pole, and he starts climbing up the turnbuckles as fast as his body can muster!
Paisner: Baker’s climbing, and Cam’ron’s still down!
Baker climbs up the turnbuckles and stands on the top rope, reaching up and grazing his fingers on the Lunchbox!
Paisner: Baker’s got his fingers on that Lunchbox, he’s just gotta get a good grip on it!
Baker, while trying to keep his balance on the top rope, desperately tries to reach for the Lunchbox, and he almost gets a good grip on it…
Woodbridge: Baker’s about to put this one away!
Baker finally grabs a hold of the Lunchbox………....but Cam’ron West, fighting through all the pain in his body, starts getting back up to his feet on the mat, and he quickly hobbles himself over to the corner!
Paisner: How is Cam’ron standing?!?!
Woodbridge: I don’t know, but he may be too late!!!
Cam’ron wastes little time, and climbs up to the second rope, throwing forearm shots into the back of Baker. Baker still keeps his balance on the top turnbuckle, hanging onto the pole for stability, as he grabs a hold of the Lunchbox with his other hand!!!
Paisner: Baker’s just gotta unhook the Lunchbox!!!
Cam’ron now climbs all the way up to the top rope, and grabs Baker by the waist, leaning back and trying to use gravity to pull him off the turnbuckle!!! Baker starts to tip backwards, and he releases his grip on the lunchbox to grab the pole with both hands, hanging on for dear life!!!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s trying to take him down!
Paisner: Baker’s desperately trying to hang on!!!
Cam’ron throws a couple more forearm strikes to the back of Baker, and tries to pull him off again, but Baker hangs on!
Paisner: How much longer can Baker hang on!?!?!
Cam’ron, still with one arm wrapped around Baker’s waist, now starts reaching out to Baker’s upper arm with his free hand, hitting him with hammer strikes to the bicep, trying to break Baker’s grip as he hangs on for dear life with both hands!!! With each strike from Cam’ron to Baker’s bicep, Baker loses more and more grip, and his fingers start slipping off the pole!
Paisner: Baker’s slipping!!!
With Baker’s grip severely weakened, Cam’ron hooks both arms around Baker’s waist once again, and leans back………………throwing Baker off the top rope with a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!
Baker lays nearly motionless on the mat, but Cam’ron starts using the nearby ropes to help pull himself back up to a vertical base! Cam’ron looks up at the Lunchbox, and starts climbing the turnbuckles!
Paisner: Baker’s down, and Cam’ron West may be a few small moments away from victory!
Cam’ron slowly climbs up the turnbuckles, reaching up to the Lunchbox, but he’s not quite there yet. He climbs up to the top rope, grabbing a hold of the pole to balance himself, and he reaches up to the lunchbox, grazing his fingers on it!
Woodbridge: Cam is close, he’s REAL close!!!
Cam’ron manages to get a good grip on the Lunchbox, and starts trying to unhook it!
Paisner: It looks like Cam’ron’s got it!!!
Cam’ron just about unhooks it, but before he can, suddenly a whole entire STEEL CHAIR is thrown by a kneeling Baker in the ring, and it thwacks Cam’ron on the back of the head!!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Baker just chucked that chair at West!
Paisner: Baker didn’t have enough time to get up and physically pull Cam’ron off that turnbuckle, but thanks to that Steel Chair that was used earlier being close to him on the mat, as well as a great throw, Baker’s momentarily still in this one!
Baker stays in his kneeling position on the mat, still in a great deal of pain, while Cam’ron pulls his hand off the Lunchbox to favor the back of his head, as he stands groggy on the top rope.
Woodbridge: Cam may be out on his feet on that top rope! This is a very precarious position!
Baker drops down from his knees to flat down on the mat, and rolls over to the side of the ring, rolling underneath the ropes, and using them to pull himself back up to his feet on the apron. Baker walks over to the corner, and starts throwing punches at Cam’ron’s thigh, causing Cam to hunch over and try to balance himself against the pole. With Cam hunched over, Baker reaches up……….shoving Cam’ron off the top, sending him CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE SET UP AT RINGSIDE!!!!
Woodbridge: JESUS!!!
Cam’ron lays in the wreckage of the broken table on the floor, and Mia So Hung immediately checks on him. The crowd starts chanting at what they’ve just seen!
Paisner: And the table that Cam’ron set up earlier in the match just came back to haunt him, and now Baker’s all but won this thing!
Baker looks down at the wreckage of the table and Cam’ron, before climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly getting closer and closer to the top while Cam’ron remains motionless on the floor. Baker stands on the top rope, hanging on to the pole for support, while reaching up at the Lunchbox, grabbing ahold of it……..and unhooking it from the pole, securing the Lunchbox with the ‘Souls’ of himself and Cam’ron and winning the match! Mia So Hung calls for the bell!
Paisner: Jim Baker has done it, he has the ‘Soul’ of Cam’ron West!
Babaganoush: At a time of 17 minutes and 20 seconds, here is your winner……….JIM…..BBAAAKKKEERRRRR!!!
As Baker’s music hits, the crowd rises to their feet and starts applauding, clapping for both men for their efforts in the match. Baker stands on the top rope against the pole, looking elated after this big win.
Paisner: Holy SMOKES what a brawl that was! Both men gave it their all, and they’re standing here in Atlanta!
Baker climbs down off the corner with the Lunchbox in hand, raising his fist in the air in victory, but taking some deep breaths as he does so.
Paisner: Congratulations to Baker, but hats off to Cam’ron as well! What a way to kick this show off!
Baker rolls out of the ring, with the Lunchbox in hand, and he looks down at Cam’ron who is still being tended to by Mia So Hung. Cam’ron barely has his eyes open, but Baker nods his head slightly down at him, a small show of respect from Baker to West.
Paisner: West gave it a hell of a go in that match, and while Baker may not like him, I think he’s earned a bit of Baker’s respect here tonight.
Baker walks back up the aisle, not limping, not showing any major signs of injury, but he definitely looks to be in a great deal of pain, and looks slightly exhausted.
Paisner: After that match, the two questions on my mind are ‘Where does Cam’ron West go from here?’ and ‘What shape will Baker be in later tonight?’
Woodbridge: After that showing, I’d say Cam’ron’s getting better and better in the ring, and he’ll continue to improve his game. As for Baker, he’s gonna have a couple hours to recuperate before his Tag Title Match tonight, but he took a LOT of punishment in this match. Even with a couple hours rest, I don’t think he’ll be at 100% later tonight.
Paisner: Time will tell, ladies and gentlemen. But now, coming up next we have tag team action as Team BS, Buster Braggadocio and Stephen Romero take on Miles Alpha and Dalidus Nova of the Young Cardinals.
Woodbridge: And there’s a lot to say for the partnership between Buster and Romero. They’re two sides of the same coin more or less, both of them proud of their ethnicity and who they are, but there’s a disparity between the attitudes of the two.
Paisner: Nova and Alpha at first glance would seem to be a more cohesive unit, but I wouldn’t dare count Buster and Romero out. If there’s any group who’s insufferable enough to get Romero and Braggadocio on the same page, it’s the Young Cards.
Woodbridge: We’ll send it down to my boy Javier for the introductions!
We cut to Babaganoush, who stands in the ring with the mic.
Javier: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall…..
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier:......with a 60 Minute Time Limit! Your referee is Ivan Itichicock!
The crowd applauds for Itchicock as he enters the ring. We pan over the crowd as some funky beats begin to play over the sound system.
Javier: Introducing First, From Atlanta, Georgia……….
Paisner: Hometown pop!
Javier:...the first half of Team BS: BUUSTTERRR BRAGGAADOOCIIIIOOOOOO!!!!
Buster saunters through the entrance of the runway without a care in the world. He stops for a moment, turning around to reveal "Straight Outta TEAM BS" sewn onto the back of his vest. It’s clearly his own handy work, with the letters hastily stitched on with the same material as his flashy red pants.
Crowd: WOOOOO!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
He continues down the runway, mostly getting cheers from his hometown…..until he starts accusing fans of being ‘crackers’ regardless of their heritage.
Paisner: Once again Buster has chosen to keep his entrance for this tag team match.
Woodbridge: We all know that Romero and Braggadocio don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything - but this is looking more and more like a sign that things may not be all sunshine and rainbows.
Paisner: Woodbridge, may I give some professional feedback? As a friend?
Woodbridge: … Yes?
Paisner: Maybe we shouldn’t run straight to the rainbow metaphors when speaking about these two.
Woodbridge: That’s not what I…
Paisner: Because his partner is-
Woodbridge, pinching the bridge of his nose: Yes. Noted, thank you.
The lights dim as another familiar song begins to play throughout the ring.
Javier: And hailing from Sacramento, California, STEEEPPHHENN ROOOMMERRROOOO!
Crowd: RO-MER-O! RO-MER-O!
Romero appears at the end of the runway, playing off of the cheering fans who jump to greet him. He stays friendly, handing out fist bumps along his walk to the ring, but those who look close enough can see that he isn’t feeling as confident as usual.
He steps into the ring and hops up onto the turnbuckles, running a hand through his hair before raising a fist to the crowd. After returning to his corner, he looks expectantly to the top of the runway just in time for the lights to dim once again.
Dalidus Nova and Miles Alpha walk out wearing matching military jackets with the canadian flag stitched onto the arms
Javier: And their opponents, representing The Vanguard. At a combined weight of 415 pounds, The YOOOOOOOOUNG CARDINALS, MILES ALPHA AND DALIDUUUUUS NOOOOVA!
Paisner: The former tag team champs have had issues with the newly formed Team BS for a few months now.
Woodbridge: Yes, but despite being a team for years, they might not be fully on the same page either, as Joey McCarty has been busy with individual championship pursuits to help his fellow Cardinals tonight.
The Cardinals walk straight to the ring, ignoring the fans and staring down Romero and Braggadocio. The two Cardinals step into the ring, Alpha subtly bopping his head to the music, as the two hand their jackets to Chondon. Their music starts to fade away, and both teams get ready in their respective corners. Itchicock confirms both teams are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
As the bell sounds, Romero and Nova stare one another down, before both charging from out the corner! Romero swinging out with a lariat, an action Nova seems to have anticipated as he quickly gets slow to slide under and in between Romero’s legs to get behind him! Nova quickly rises and jumps up to deliver a dropkick to Romero’s back! Sending Romero stumbling towards the ropes, as Alpha runs over to the center of the apron to try and catch Romero with a kick to the head from the outside! But Romero manages to duck his head under, as he turns around, and sees a charging Nova coming right for him! Romero sidesteps just as Nova goes for a superkick, Nova nearly kicking Alpha, but Alpha reacting fast enough to catch Nova’s leg, and try to turn it right back around into their favor as he spins Nova by the leg to try and get him to catch Romero in the head with it! But Romero ducks straight under it! Then rises up to clock Nova on the jaw with a stiff forearm strike! Sending Nova stumbling back and onto a knee, as Alpha tries to run over to near Romero and swing with his own strike, but Romero catches him with a back elbow! Dropping Alpha to his ass on the apron!
Paisner: The Cardinals managing to avoid taking each other out, and hell, nearly turning back around a potentially bad situation into getting one over on Romero, but Romero with incredible awareness and timing with his moves! Subduing both cardinals!
Nova has groggily gotten up and backed themselves up into a corner, which Romero turns his head to see, and charges at Nova with a clothesline in the corner! Sending Nova sinking down in the corner! Romero then grabs Nova and brings him back up, before heading to the opposite corner, and rushing back with a second clothesline! This one knocking the air out of Nova, as he falls to a seated position in the corner!
Romero has a confident look on his face, as he grabs a hurt Nova, struggling to get air into his body, then just biel tosses him across near all the way across the ring! Nova landing right near the opposite corner!
Woodbridge: The absurd strength of this man! That’s over 220 pounds tossed like it’s nothing!
Nova is loopy in the corner, grabbing the ropes, and slowly pulling himself up. Eventually making his way up to his feet, as Romero goes to rush towards him again!.....but Nova slips himself through the ropes, then flicks himself up to connect with a pendulum kick to the head of Romero! Stunning him in the center of the ring! Nova then steps back into the ring, taking a moment to catch his breath, before running towards Romero, then jumping up with an enziguri to Romero’s head! Sending Romero a bit wobbly on his feet!
Nova then grabs the wobbly Romero, and tosses him into his tag corner, where we see a now-recovered Alpha standing up. Nova tags in Alpha, as Romero in the corner tries to quickly grab Nova and strike Nova away, but Alpha strikes Romero in the head from behind to stun him, and stop him! Nova begins to lay in hard kicks to Romero’s midsection as Alpha then steps into the ring, where he joins in with the kicks to the midsection! Romero sinking down in the corner as The Cardinals send kick after kick into his chest! Before the two link arms, as Alpha whips Nova towards the center of the ring, before Nova turning himself to whip Alpha even closer to the center, before Nova then sends Alpha running back towards Romero! Alpha sent at a high speed as he jumps up with a hesitation dropkick to the face of Romero! Leaving him completely seated and loopy in the corner!
Woodbridge: Young Cardinals seeking to do what they do best, on point teamwork learned from years of experience not only as just general tag wrestlers, but with each other specifically. Buster and Romero may know the tag ring very well, but they can’t compete with how well Nova and Alpha know each other specifically.
Nova then heads over to the apron, as Alpha walks towards Romero, and goes to press his boot into Romero’s neck! Romero grabs onto Alpha’s legs, and goes to pry him off quickly, but Alpha drops down to dropkick Romero’s face to re-stun him, before getting up and extending his leg out again to successfully press it into Romero’s neck and choke him out!
All the air is pressed out of Romero, as he struggles around while Alpha applies the choke. Itchicock eventually begins to count Alpha off, who breaks only right before the 5 count!
Alpha smirks at his work, Romero holding at his neck on the ground, struggling to breath, as Alpha then just begins to lightly tap at Romero’s head with his boot!
Paisner: And now just palpable disrespect from Alpha! Taunting Romero on the ground!
Alpha keeps booting the head of Romero, yelling out taunting remark after taunting remark as Romero begins to push himself up against it. Romero gets to a knee, as eventually Alpha switches to doing something more legit harmful, as he shoots down forearm strikes into the head of Romero! Sending a hard one right down into Romero, but Romero moves through and continues to rise up! Alpha then strikes with another rough forearm to Romero, but still Romero is not deterred! Alpha beginning to panic, starts striking rapidly with the forearms, looking to subdue Romero with an absolute onslaught of forearms, but eventually, Romero forcefully pushes himself up and breaks through! Alpha is sent flying across the ring, falling on his ass, as he scrambles to his feet and rushes back at Romero to try and re-take advantage, but runs right into Romero tossing out an open palm chop! Impacting Alpha’s chest hard, and flooring him right to the ground!
Alpha writhes around on the mat! Moaning in pain, clutching at his chest, now left with a big red spot in the middle, as Romero then lets out a roar!
Romero then takes a moment to catch his breath and collect himself, before he then sizes Alpha down, and goes to run the ropes!.....but gets caught with a kick in the back from Nova as he hits them!
Romero tenses up for a moment, before he goes to turn around to strike Nova off of the apron! But Nova ducks under the elbow Romero throws at him, and grabs his head to pull Romero down into the ropes to whiplash his face off of them!
Woodbridge: Romero trying to come back, but the Cardinals sneaky tactics quickly cutting him right back off! Excellent work from Nova!
Romero is sent back from the ropes, holding at his face as he falls to a knee. While we see Alpha beginning to stir from the chop he had just taken. Romero begins to try and rise from his knee, but Alpha runs in with a dropkick to the back of Romero’s head! Forcing him back to the ground!
Alpha then grabs Romero, and does his best to try and bring Romero up, but the significant weight difference makes it a struggle. So instead, he works from the position he has. Dropping Romero and allowing him to hit the mat, before applying a rear chinlock to the larger man.
Paisner And now Alpha trying to ground the big man, wear down Romero. And this can not only take even more energy out of Romero than has also been took, but also drain the morale of Buster to try and get Romero back into it!
Alpha grinds in on the chinlock, getting low to the ground as possible to sink out as much as he can from Romero. Romero tries to power up, but Alpha is quicker, and delivers an elbow strike to the shoulder and neck that drops Romero back to the mat.
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2020.10.14 04:24 BoxedLogic86 My play count per 100 Days - Playlist - Was thinking about a UL. At 9.21 GB would upload if ppl want.

21 Savage - Mr. Right Now (feat. Drake)
21 Savage - Rich Nigga Shit (feat. Young Thug)
21 Savage - Slidin
21 Savage - Many Men
21 Savage - Snitches & Rats (feat. Young Nudy)
21 Savage - My Dawg
21 Savage - Steppin on Niggas
21 Savage - Brand New Draco
21 Savage - Rip Luv
50 Cent - The World (feat. Governor)
50 Cent - God Gave Me Style
50 Cent - After My Chedda
6ix9ine - MAMA
88GLAM - Kawasaki
9th Wonder - Loyalty (feat. Masta Killa & Halo)
9th Wonder & Buckshot - I Don't Know Why (Feat. Keisha Shontelle)
9th Wonder & Buckshot - Just Display
Ab-Soul - God's Reign (Feat. SZA)
Actual Proof & TP - God Willin’
Adele - Someone Like You
Christina Aguilera - Back in the Day
Akon - I Wanna Love You (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (Produced By Aliaune 'Akon' Thiam)
Alanis Morissette - Thank U
Evidence - A Moment in Time (feat. Planet Asia)
Evidence - All Said & Done
Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
ANoyd & Statik Selektah - Already
Apollo Brown - Break the Code
Apollo Brown & Ché Noir - '94
Ariana Grande - breathin
Armani Caesar - Drill a RaMA (feat. Benny The Butcher & 808 Mafia)
Ashanti - Gotta Get Out [Migs Mix]
August Alsina - Today
August Alsina - FML (feat. Pusha T)
August Greene - Optimistic (feat. Brandy, Common, Robert Glasper & Karriem Riggins)
AZ - The Pay Back
The Beach Boys - 409
The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby
Berner - Fade Away (feat. Trae tha Truth)
Berner - Everything (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
Billy Stewart - Sitting in the Park
Birdman - Don't Die
BJ The Chicago Kid - Feel The Vibe (feat. Anderson .Paak)
Bobby Valentino - Tell Me
Bobby Valentino - lil' Bit (feat Snoop Dogg)
Brand Nubian - Maybe One Day (Feat. Common)
Brandy - Baby Mama (feat. Chance The Rapper)
B-Real - Get that dough featuring Babydoll Refresh
Brian McKnight - Sexy
Brian McKnight - When I'm Gone
Buckwild - Asian Kingpins (feat. Planet Asia & Hus Kingpin)
Buckwild - Suede Couch (feat. Willie the Kid)
Cam'ron - Touch It Or Not (feat. Lil Wayne)
Cam'ron - Get Ya Gun
Carl Thomas - I Wish
The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain
Cassidy - Can't Fade Me (featuring Nas & Quan)
Cassie - Me & U
Cassie - Me & U
Chaundon - Understanding (feat Darien Brockington & Percy Miracles) (Prod. 9th Wonder)
Childish Gambino - This is America
Classics IV - Traces
J. Cole - Wet Dreamz
J. Cole - 03' Adolescence
J. Cole - Apparently
J. Cole - Love Yourz
J. Cole - Is She Gon Pop
Common - G.O.D.
Conway The Machine - Lemon (feat. Method Man)
Conway The Machine - Dough & Damani
Conway The Machine - Juvenile Hell (feat. Flee Lord, Havoc & Lloyd Banks)
Conway The Machine - Front Lines
Conway The Machine - Anza (feat. Armani Caesar)
Conway The Machine - Seen Everything but Jesus (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
Conway The Machine - Jesus Khrysis
Cormega - Glory Days
Cormega - Live Ya Life
Cormega - Built for this
Craig G - The Fragile Ego (feat. Masta Ace)
CunninLynguists - K.K.K.Y.
CunninLynguists - Dance For Me
Curren$y - 180 Days (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Curren$y - Quicksand (feat. Trippie Redd)
Curren$y - Work Too Hard
Curren$y - Vintage Haze (feat. Larry June)
Curren$y & Harry Fraud - Mugello Red (feat. Rick Ross)
Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty
Dionne Farris - I Know
Duran Duran - Come Undone
Ella Mai - Boo'd Up
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (From "Fifty Shades Of Grey")
Eminem - Time Of My Life
Eminem - Wasting My Time
Eminem - Going Through Changes
Eminem - Beautiful
Emotional Oranges - Sundays
Felt - Find My Way
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
The Four Seasons - Rag Doll
The Four Tops - Ask The Lonely
The Game - Rough (feat. Yelawolf)
The Game - Why You Hate The Game feat. Nas & Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry, Andrea Martin & The 1500 Choir
The Game - Bills Is Paid (feat. Nipsey Hussle & Sam Hook) [Produced By Mars]
The Game - Don't Cha (feat. Rockstar & Dior)
Ghostface Killah - I'll Die For You
Ghostface Killah - Love (Feat. Musiq & K. Fox)
Gucci Mane - Tootsies (feat. Lil Baby)
Gunna - ADDYS (feat. Nechie)
Gunna - ADDYS (feat. Nechie)
Halsey - Bad At Love
Halsey - Without Me
Hi-Tek - So Tired feat. Dion, Bun B, Devin the Dude & Pretty Ugly
The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League - All I Need feat. Chris Brown & Wale
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League - Forever And A Day feat. T.I.
Jamie Foxx - Can I Take U Home
Jay Electronica - Better In Tune (feat. Latonya Givens)
Jay Electronica - Road To Perdition (feat. JAY‐Z)
Jay Royale - Skee Rack (feat. Ransom)
Jay Royale - Pearl handled (feat. Ill Conscious)
Jay Royale - Tint Cruddy (feat. Termanology)
Jay Royale - Hate to Love It
Jay Royale - Lime (feat. Willie The Kid)
Jhené Aiko - B.S. (feat. H.E.R.)
Jhené Aiko - The Worst
Jhené Aiko - Sativa
Jim Jones - Don't Push Me Away
J-Love - Still Standin'
J-Love - Motion Picture (feat. Sun God)
Juelz Santana - Why
Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams
Juice WRLD - Righteous
Juice WRLD - Smile
Juicy J - Hustle Till I Die (ft. V Slash)
K.D. lang - Constant Craving
Keith Sweat - Just Another Day
Wiz Khalifa - What’s The Move (feat. Maxo Kream and SNSTBLVD)
Wiz Khalifa - Millions (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)
Wiz Khalifa - On Top (feat. aimeeags)
Wiz Khalifa - POV (feat. Rubi Rose)
Wiz Khalifa - This Time Around
Wiz Khalifa - Trap Nap (feat. Saxl Rose)
Wiz Khalifa - Above Average (feat. Young Deji)
Wiz Khalifa - Still Wiz
Wiz Khalifa - Contact (feat. Tyga)
Wiz Khalifa - Y U Mad (feat. Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign & Mustard)
Wiz Khalifa - High Today (feat. Logic)
Wiz Khalifa - Out in Space (feat. Quavo)
Wiz Khalifa - Clouds in the Air (feat. K CAMP)
La The Darkman - Shine
La The Darkman - Love (Featuring Maia Campbell)
La The Darkman - Element Of Surprise (Featuring U-God & Masta Killah)
La The Darkman - Swishas & Dosha (featuring Willie the Kid)
La the Darkman - Devil in a Blue Dress
Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way
Lil Baby - Pure Cocaine
Lil Durk - Wooh (feat. Key Glock)
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz - Lovers and Friends [feat. Usher & Ludacris]
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz - Nothin On (Feat. Oobie, Chyna Whyte & Bo Hagon)
Lil Wayne - Snitch
Little Anthony and the Imperials - Hurt So Bad
Little Brother - I See Now (Feat. Kanye West/Consequence (Prod. 9th Wonder)
Little Brother - Breakin' My Heart feat. Lil' Wayne
Little Brother - Extrahard
Little Brother - That Ain’t Love feat. Jozeemo
Little Brother - Dreams
Little Brother - Nobody But You
Little Brother - Lovin' It (feat. Joe Scudda)
Little Brother - We Got Now (feat. Chaundon)
Little Brother - Home ft. Joe Scudda
Logic - GP4
Logic - A2Z
Logic - Heard Em Say
The LOX - Move
The LOX - Bout Shit (feat. DMX)
The LOX - Do to Me (feat. Jeremih)
The LOX - Think of the LOX (feat. Westside Gunn & Benny The Butcher)
The LOX - My America (feat. Oswin Benjamin)
The LOX - Dirty Dirty (feat. Clay Dub)
The LOX - Commitment (feat. Dyce Payne)
Lupe Fiasco - Sunshine
Lupe Fiasco - Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos)
Mase - The Love You Need (Featuring Rashad)
Masta Ace - Da Grind feat. Apocalypse
Masta Ace - Acknowledge
Masta Ace - Enuff (Feat. Mr. Lee Gee)
Masta Ace - Don't Give Up On Us
Masta Killa - Loyalty Is Royalty (R.I.F.: Rapping Is Fundamental) (feat. A.B. & J.R.)
Masta Killa - Then And Now (feat. Karim Justice, Shamel Irief & Young Prince)
Masta Killa - Let's Get Into Something (feat. Startel)
MC Eiht - Get Money Man (feat. B-Real)
MC Eiht - That's Perfect (feat. Tha Chill)
MC Eiht - Honcho (feat. Conway the Machine & DJ Premier)
MC Eiht - Can't Nobody (feat. Kokane)
MC Eiht - Courted In (feat. Dave East & Tha Chill)
MC Eiht - Things We Go Thru (feat. Cherell Terri)
MC Eiht - Past Mistakes (feat. Talib Kweli)
MC Eiht - Whut U Really On
MED, Blu & Madlib - Finer Things (Feat. Likewise & Phonte)
Murs & Dee-1 - They Don't Want Me to Win
Murs & Dee-1 - 2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin
Nas - Full Circle (feat. The Firm, AZ, Foxy Brown & Cormega)
Nas, Dave East, Styles P, Remy Ma, Ghostface Killah & Radhamusprime - The Mecca (Inspired By The Motion Picture "The Forty-Year-Old Version")
NAV - Habits
The Neptunes - Rock N' Roll (Feat. Fam-Lay)
The Neptunes - Hot Damn (Feat. Clipse, AB-LIVA, Pharrell & Rosco P. Coldchain)
NF - Only
NF - Got You on My Mind
The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance\Stay With Me Remix
Papoose - Covid-19
Paul Wall - Pressure
Paul Wall - Ice Man
Paul Wall - Catch a Case
Paul Wall - Right There
Paul Wall - Slab Sittin Low
Paul Wall & Lil Keke - Ridin' 5
Paula Cole - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Peter, Paul and Mary - Puff, The Magic Dragon
Petey Pablo - Raise Up
Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek
Phat Kat - Pressure (feat. Truth Hurts)
Phat Kat - Lovely (feat. Mel Rutherford)
Phonte - Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (feat Carlitta Durand) (Prod. By S1 & Caleb)
The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Poo Bear - Hard 2 Face Reality (ft. Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica)
Public Enemy - State of the Union (STFU) (featuring DJ Premier)
Puff Daddy - Satisfy You (Feat. R. Kelly)
Puff Daddy & The Family - I'll Be Missing You (Feat. Faith Evans & 112)
Queen Naija - Karma
Quelle Chris - Straight Shot (Feat. Cavalier, Bilal Salaam, Eldar Djangirov & James Acaster)
Rapper Big Pooh - Rearview Mirror
Reason - Flick It Up (ft. Ab-Soul)
Reason - Gossip
Roy Wood$ - Drama (feat. Drake)
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Yo Gotti - I Know (feat. Rich Homie Quan)
Young Buck - Stomp (feat. The Game & Ludacris)
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2020.10.09 15:47 RonMexico92 St Mirren 10 Year challenge: 20-21 Season Recap Part 2, European dreams....

St Mirren 10 Year challenge: 20-21 Season Recap Part 2, European dreams.... Really appreciated the response I received from the last recap. If you missed it, you can find all the previous post in the Table of Contents. These recaps should start coming thick and fast, about 2 a week... Although I spent a lot of time on this template I have created, it should now be easy for me to update and add more content... This update will feature our last 11 games, our winter transfer business, domestic & UCL/UEL update, also some transfer news from around Europe.. Hope you guys enjoy what you're about to read.
Table of Contents if new a good place to catch up, you should def checkout the intro for a better understanding
Intro, 2020 pre-season, 2020 season recap part 1,
Coach: Wayne Rooney
Team: St Mirren (SPL)
Record: 10-8-4, 27 F 19 A +8, 4th In the League
Objective: Top 8 in the league minimum, Quarter final of the league cup.
Trophies Won:
Settings: Legendary. Full manual controls. 10 min halves. Operation Sports community sliders. Paul 2k4 Realism CM mod, Infinity Patch.

Core Squad Group
LOANEE GK Lucas Chevalier, 19age, 70ovr +5, 11 APP, 6 CS, 1 A, 6.8 avg,
LOANEE GK Loic badiashile, 22age, 69ovr +2, 11 APP, 3 CS, 6.9 avg, First Choice
LB Nemanja Antonov, 25age, 67ovr +1, 20 APP, 2 A, 8 CS, 3 YC, 7.5 avg, First Choice, VALUE 950k +2%
CAPTAIN CB Charles Dunne, 27age, 66ovr, 22 APP, 1 G, 1 A, 9 CS, 7.0 avg, First Choice, VALUE 450k -34%
LOANEE RB Joao Ferreira, 19age, 67ovr +1, 17 APP, 1 A, 7 CS, 7.2 avg, First Choice
LOANEE RB Andreu Ratiu, 22age, 65ovr +1, 21 APP, 7 CS, 2 YC, 6.9 avg
LOANEE CDM Ethan Galbraith, 19age, 67ovr +2, 22 APP, 1 A, 8 CS, 6.5 avg First Choice
LOANEE CM Pablo Martinez, 22age, 67ovr +1, 20 APP, 6 CS, 6.4 avg
CM Aster Vranckx, 18age, 65 ovr +1, 12 APP, 1 G, 9 CS, 6.6 avg, First Choice, SGP, VALUE 1.7M +7%
LOANEE Holding Midfielder, Andrea Colpani 68ovr +1, 22 APP, 1 G, 1 A, 10 CS, 1 YC, 6.9 avg,First Choice
CM Cammy MacPherson, 22age, 63ovr +2, 18 APP, 3 A, 2 CS, 1 YC, 6.5avg VALUE 1.2M +140%
CAM Jamie McGrath, 24age, 64ovr, 15 APP, 1 G, 1 A, 1 CS, 6.4 avg, TRANSFER LISTED, 1y6m contract, 875k VALUE
RM Kyke McAllister, 21age, 69ovr +2, 19 APP, 3 G, 2 A, 9 CS, 6.9 avg, first choice, SGP, VALUE 4.4M+193%
RW Karamoko Dembele 17age, 69ovr +2, 21 APP, 6 G, 3 A, 10 CS, 7.1avg, first choice, SGP, VALUE 4.4M
LOANEE ST Euan Henderson, 20age, 68ovr +3, 26 APP, 4 G, 3 A, 3 CS, 6.6avg
LOANEE ST Tiago Reis, 21age, 70ovr +1, 12 APP, 8 G, 3 CS, 7.0avg,
YA PRODUCT LM Oliver McDonald, 20age, 58ovr, 1 app, 6.2avg
CB Chris Richards, 20age, 66ovr, 2 APP, 2 CS, 7.0avg, VALUE 1.8M

Outside the Core Squad Group
GK Lyness, 61ovr, 29age, 1y6m left, TRANSFER LISTED
GK Urminsky 60ovr +2, 21age, 1y6m left, VALUE 560k +100% TRANSFER LISTED
CB McCarthy 64ovr +1, 22age, 1y6m left, VALUE 1.5M +150% TRANSFER LISTED
CB Glover 57ovr, 20age, 2y6m left, VALUE 300k +57% TRANSFER LISTED, 2 APP
LM Breadner, 62ovr +3, 20age, 3y6m left, VALUE 700k +115% TRANSFER LISTED gave new deal to retain rights, want to sell for money... 5 app, 1 G, 1 CS, 6.8avg
CM McGinn 62ovr, 31age, 6m left, WILL LEAVE
CM Foley 61ovr -1, 34age, 2y6m left, TRANSFER LISTED
ST Jamieson 63ovr +3, 21age, 2y6m left, VALUE 925k TRANSFER LISTED
ST Mullen 65ovr, 25age, 6m left, VALUE 700k, WILL LEAVE 4 APP, 1 G
ST Cooke 62ovr, 27age, 3y6m left, TRANSFER LISTED Value 375k
ST Obika 65ovr, 30age, 2y6m left, TRANSFER LISTED

St Mirren 2020 Winter Transfer Window
SOLD 23 y/o CM Djorkaeff to Wurzburg for 360k
PURCHASED 20 y/o 66ovr CB Chris Richards from FC Bayern ll for 2M on 3k a week.
SIGNED ON A FREE 26 y/o 68ovr CDM Steve Lawson from Livingston
SIGNED ON A FREE 24 y/o 68ovr RM Sean Clare from Hearts
SIGNED ON A FREE 28 y/o 70ovr LW Christian Buonaiuto from Perugia
SOLD 32 y/o CAM Andreu to Salernitana for 320k
True to our word, we went after two domestic signings and we couldn't be happier to be bringing in Steve Lawson from Livingston and Sean Clare from Hearts. Lawson is a superb athlete in the midfield with a well rounded technical ability, I think he will do a great job whenever called upon. Among the 3 signing we brought in on a free transfer, Sean Clare from Hearts has the most upside, but its not a guarantee he will click on, but we are excited to have him here next year. 21 APP, 6 G & 2 A for Hearts this season out wide. We also said we would bring in at max one foreign player, and that player is Christian Buonaiuto from Italy. The Italian has great ability in the final third.
We have been playing different formations off a 4-3-3 narrow & 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond, due to having an abundance of midfielders, abundance of central attackers and next to no wingers.... Sean & Christian are clear signs that we are trying to attack with more width next season.
We had been haggling with Bayern over the summer, trying to get Chris Richards in on the right price but we couldn't get the deal done then for around 1.4M, so I decided to wait until the Winter... Luckily our defense has been stellar and LOANEE RB Ratiu has held down the RCB position admirably and we were able to avoid any serious injury to our back 4 over the course of the first 22 matches.

Last 11 League Games
Livingston 0 - 0 St Mirren
St Mirren 2 - 1 St Johnstone
Celtic 1 - 1 St Mirren
St Mirren 1 - 0 Ross County
Kilmarnock 0 - 1 St Mirren
St Mirren 0 - 4 Aberdeen
St Mirren 1 - 2 Hearts
Rangers 3 - 3 St Mirren
St Mirren 4 - 1 Hamilton
Hibs 0 - 0 St Mirren
Motherwell 0 - 1 St Mirren

The second 11 games were much harder than the first 11. In hindsight, our "tough" schedule in the beginning of the season wasn't as bad because those teams were not "clicking" yet.
Positive is that we were undefeated against the teams at the bottom of the table. Impressed with getting the home win against Ross County and avenging the earlier away loss.
Against Aberdeen my tactics were off, I went for 3 attacking players instead of 2 and an extra midfielder, once you start with the wrong personnel its an uphill battle from there. They're also the highest scoring team in the league, no excuses though, I got the tactics wrong...
Against Rangers, in Glasgow we were up 3-1 against 10 men and we blew the lead in final 20 minutes... That was also disappointing.
After those 3 games against Aberdeen, Hearts and Rangers I was feeling unsure about our chances to stay top 4, but when it comes down to it, with new signing Chris Richards, against 2 teams directly behind us, on the road, we kept 2 clean sheets and handled business well.
League Table
Its heating up
  • 1st place enters CL Qualifying
  • 2nd place, 3rd place and Cup winners enter EL Qualifying
  • If Cup Winners have already qualified for Europe through the league, that UEL qualification spot is awarded to 4th place
The League race is heating up. It will be up to Aberdeen & Rangers to keep it close over the next 11 games as I believe the Championship head to head games will decide the league.
Also the race for 4th place between us & Hearts. Also a race to get into the Top 6 between Hibs and Motherwell. Hearts just as close to 4th as they are 7th.

Next 11 League games and Objective
@ Hamilton
@ Ross County
vs Celtic (This starts a 5 games in 15 days period that will really test the squad)
vs Motherwell
vs Motherwell (League Cup 1st Round)
vs Hibs
vs Rangers (Ends the 5 games in 15 days period. Thank the schedule gods for 5 consecutive home games)
@ Hearts**
@ St Johnstone
vs Livingston
@ Aberdeen
vs Kilmarnock
It seems every update we are changing our ambition for the season, and for the better which is great... We started aiming for 8th minimum, then after 11 games we said a fight for top 6 was in the cards, now i'd say a top 4 finish is a fight we must be ready for, as it is in front of us... If Aberdeen, Celtic or Rangers win the league cup this year, which is extremely likely given the talent of each team, then that coveted European spot from winning the cup will go to the 4th place team.
We can look ahead if we want to, but now I believe we must stay focused and take it one game at a time... We will play Hearts twice more this season, once in the league and once in the championship phase, those 2 games will be crucial but if we don't handle business in the other 14 games, those 2 games might not matter at all.
Starting off with 6 points at both Hamilton and Ross County will be crucial as it only gets harder from there.

Youth Academy Only using one 1 star scout
16 year old CM Kirk Graham. 45ovr, 65-79pot. Value 90k

SPL Teams In Europe Results of SPL teams in EUFA competitions

Celtic beat Slovan Bratislava 8-0 on agg in UCL qualifiers
Celtic beat AJAX 4-2 on agg in UCL playoff round
Celtic UCL group stage results
Celtic 1 - 5 Man City
Brugge 0 - 3 Celtic
Atletico Madrid 1 - 1 Celtic
Celtic 1 - 1 Atletico Madrid
Man City 3 - 0 Celtic
Celtic 2 - 3 Brugge
Celtic finish third in UCL groups. Eliminated to the UEL Rof32 vs Villarreal.
Celtic Goals, Assist

Aberdeen lose to Fenerbahce in UEL qualifiers
Aberdeen Stats

Hearts lost to CSKA Moscow in UEL qualifiers
Hearts Stats

Rangers beat Legia Warsaw in UEL Qualifiers
Rangers UEL Group stage results
Sporting Lisbon 0 - 2 Rangers
Rangers 2 - 1 Hobro IK
Rangers 0 - 3 Lille
Lille 3 - 1 Rangers
Rangers 0 - 3 Sporting
Hobro IK 0 - 2 Rangers
Rangers eliminated from Europe.
Rangers Goals, Assist

Atletico Madrid Cash Cows
In the other 2 updates I really didn't touch on any transfer news happening around Europe but with the first winter window under way, I think its a good time to catch up.... I'm going to list the top 10 most expensive transfers so far, and some other notable deals.
#1 Immobile from Lazio to PSG for 137M (Summer 2020)
#2 Alexander-Arnold from Liverpool to Spurs 109M (Winter 20201 LOL)
#3 Umtiti from Barcelona to Chelsea for 104M (Summer 2020 LOL)
#4 Kante from Chelsea to Juve for 103M (Summer 2020)
#5 Aubameyang from Arsenal to Atleti for 102M (Winter 2021) *More on this in a sec*
#6 Martial from Man U to Bayern for 100M (Summer 2020)
#7 Gnabry from Bayern to Atleti for 95M (Summer 2020)
#8 Kroos from Madrid to Juve for 94M (Winter 2021)
#9 Koulibaly from Napli to PSG for 88M (Summer 2020)
#10 Pjanic from Juve to Chelsea for 86M (Winter 2021)
Richarlison just got his winter move form Eveton to Man U for 80M
Onana went in the Summer from Ajax to Chelsea for 60M
Oscar is back from China, ended up at Inter for 58M
Spurs signed Hakimi form Madrid for 46M
Kepa went from Cheslea to Dortmund for 50M

Atletico Madrid have gone mad and brought in Pizzi (77M) from benfica, Dembele (75M) from Lyon along with the other 2 transfers listed above for about 350M total during the summer and winter. Which has them 4th in La Liga lol
SPL signing of the season has to be Arnor Sigurdsson from Rangers, they brought in the Icelandic international from CSKA Moscow and he has went on to bang in 14 goals in 30 games across all comps, while providing 14 assist. Tremendous stuff.

SPL, Cup, UCL, UEL & Team Leaders
SPL League Leaders Goals, Assist
CUP Leaders Goals, Assist
UCL Leaders Goal, Assist
UEL Leaders Goals, Assist
St Mirren Leaders Goals, Assist, Apps

How Former Players Are Doing At Other Clubs
LM Ilkay Durmus Age 26, Playing at Empoli, 1st in Serie B
ST Junior Morias, Age 25, Playing at Slovan Bratislava, not breaking into their UEL squad currently.
CM Kyle Magennis, Age 22, At Wigan Athletic in the Championship, relegation almost a certainty.

List Of Champions UCL, UEL, SPL, League Cup
Barcelona 1x UCL (2020)
Lazio 1x UEL (2020)
Celtic 1x SPL (2020)
Celtic 1x League Cup (2020)
submitted by RonMexico92 to seriousfifacareers [link] [comments]

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Part 1: Journey to the Center of Faze

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After that I unsubbed every youtuber on earth 1 divided by 0 times, unleashing Viacom from the depths of the underworld once again to reek havoc on youtube with copyright claims (great, I unleashed an eldritch being after all). We finally reached the center of Faze, opened the door to the Fazelord's room. What came next I couldn't be prepared for: The Fazelord was David Bowie...

Part 2: David Bowie and the Great Banana

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We retrieved a CS:GO Case Key from Bowies Box of Best B8 M8 and escaped before the Illumointaughty turned on us.

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Part 3: Return of Sonic.exe

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Part 4: The Cave of Mutahar

After the humiliating defeat of Sonic.exe we came to perhaps our most dangerous challenge yet: The Cave of Mutahar. Considering Mutahar was an elder trollpasta being in his own rights we decided we couldn't approach him directly. We voted the disembodied voice to go in there and investigate. He protested saying "Fuck da police, I aintt doing it!" Eventually we just beat the shit out of him and he was forced into the cave. He didn't come out for a while so we went in after him. What we found was unbearable, Mutahar was sitting, narrating the death of the disembodied voice as he killed him. "Jerry couldn't bear it, mounds of shit dropped onto him as he was beaten by Mutahar." He narrarated. "Wait, wait, wait. His name is Jerry? The voice has a name?" "Yeah I do asshole, you never bothered to learn it did you?" Jerry the Disembodied Voice said. I flew into the air at Mutahar, but he was too... SOGGY. HA!!! GIT IT GUYS? SOGGY!!!! Anywho Mutahar grabbed me from the air and stuck me up his nostril. We were losing quickly and Mutahar was too powerful. He had already pinned down James Woods before I could charge up my signature attack with a long name. James squealed before Mutahar gave him a wet willy and proceeded to narrarate in great detail how it happened. I managed to escape the nostril of Mutahar before opening a pack of Doritos and pouring a bottle of Mountain Dew into it. I consumed the Dewritos and gained temporary MLG status. I 360 noscoped Mutahar which managed to stun him, allowing us to escape with our lives.

Part 5: Gaben's Demise (Finale M80)

We escaped Mutahar within an inch of our lives before finally reach Gaben's House. It wasntt much, just a shack in a swamp, but this was where we knew we could destroy Benjamin Buttshrekt once and for all. Suddenly, an ambush of shreklings attacked! We fought of the first wave but were quickly overwhelmed by them. It didntt matter much anyway, we were most likely dead, because where shreklings swarm, Benjamin is certainly near. The ground shook as Benjamin Buttshrekt rose over the swamp looking down on us. He knew we were the only ones that could stop him, so he was prepared to destroy us. Knowing that we couldn't possibly take him head on, we ran for the shack, then James Woods stopped. "Go, hurry!" He yelled. "I'll hold him off!" I ran into the shack, knowing James was certainly finished. Me and Jerry went into the shack and located the basement, slamming the key on the door, I managed to break through.We descended down into the pit, preparing for Gaben, then we saw him, dancing in a money shower. We quickly, yanked him out and told him what was happening. He took us to his computer and we got onto, using my amazing editing skills I removed Benjamin Buttshrekt from the end of this story.Four great men sacrifice their lives today, the acclaimed actor James Wooden Doll, Gaben, Sonic.exe, and Benjamin Buttshrekt all fought valiantly to defeat Benjamin Buttshrekt, I go to their graves whenever I can and place a bouquet of approximately 12.42069M8 flowers on each of their graves. Illl always remember them... Always...

Epilogue: David Bowie V.S. Patrixx

Now i host underground ring fights featuring: David Bowie and Evil PATRIXX. Payed for by the loominarty.

By KingKruul m8
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2020.10.06 00:29 vent_throwRA Men free cam

Imagine typing "tall, full brown hair, muscular, perfect dick" then have 500000 videos with that exact description pop up for your viewing... all focusing on the man and not his female partner. I repeat focusing on the man and not his female partner
Ever wondered why men on average watch more porn than women? Well there's more reasons than this one but I do know that mostly men make and produce the porn, so obviously all the porn men make is geared towards other men. I'm not talking about subreddits with home made videos. I'm talking about PORNHUB and other big names.
All the free "porn for women" websites are actually just vanilla sex still zoomed in on the females face in my experience. Also they have categories that are like "massage" or "romantic" which doesn't sound too exciting when men get categories like "big tits" or "perfect body". Show me the damn category called "tall dark and handsome" and maybe these places would do better with women.
I went into a sex shop a couple months ago and they had 20 different porn starts (females) faces all lined up next to their pocket pussies. Where were the men? If they actually made dildos shaped like the male pornstars I would have zero clue who they are honestly... and most of them look like middle aged smokers or roofers who never wear sunscreen for some reason.
I often wonder if boyfriends/husbands would be more uncomfortable with porn use such as some women are if there were thousands of beautiful naked men willing to do anything for the women viewing. Imagine if women chose to watch Chad McMuscles on the big screen instead of being jealous about their husband watching insert catchy female pornstar name? Would things be easier in these relationships? Would there be healthier relationships between these couples where only one currently uses porn... or would shit hit the fan?
Imagine if men played on their female clients for money and dragged them into watching their content further. Bribed them with sexy tricks and new scandalous pics, chatted with them all night. I mean I'm sure there's some heterosexual men who cam out there but are there pages and pages of handsome men just one click away on the internets top porn websites? Ever heard the stories of men spending thousands on camgirls? Their wifes now furious? What about the lonely men who just enjoy a chat and don't mind spending thousands? This sort of thing does NOT happen to women the way it does to men. Is it because "camboys" aren't a thing like "camgirls" are? I can't help but wonder.
Why can't you find the opposite of some thousands of videos featuring 5 unnatractive men banging one beautiful women?
Why aren't there countless videos with 5 women all licking down the abs of some hot college frat boy that's way out of their league?
I needed to rant about this because it's something I have thought about for ages. Ever since I discovered porn I thought "this content is garbage and completely geared towards men either gay or heterosexual."
I am fully aware of how porn is geared towards the wants and desires of men, despite the fact that women want/desire sex just as much.
I'm not saying great porn for heterosexual women doesn't exist - I'm saying it's extremely hard to come by.
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