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Bernie Sanders 2020!

2020.10.25 05:56 Toilllypeae 33 [M4F] - Odd request, looking to sign over everything to a woman in need

Odd request, but here goes. I am a 33 year old male who has erectile dysfunction. Yes, it is physical and can not be fixed. Nonetheless, I have developed a desire to be cuckolded in the most humiliating ways possible. Basically, I want to find someone who will basically just take over (make me sign over everything to you), and has no issues with using me in the worst ways possible. I know this is odd, but it could work for both sides.
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2020.10.25 05:56 SalemWishes Nick согласование перепланировки swim can квартиры образец

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a month now and have had sex usually every couple days when we’re together, however it’s slowly been decreasing to once or twice a week. Romantically and emotionally he fulfills me and I’m so incredibly happy with him. I’m just starting to worry that this will effect my interest or ability to have sex with him, I’m the one who always initiates sex, I always ask, and make the first move, a lot of the time we will start and he will loose interest or change his mind. Obviously that is fine because consent is so important but it’s disheartening for me and this morning we were starting to do stuff and I lost interest and just didn’t wanna even try because I felt so hopeless and not sexy or attractive.
We’ve talked about this issue quite a bit and he wants to improve on it I just don’t know what to do because nothing I try works, I dress up for him, do all the work try everything I can and nothing seems to turn him on. When we talked he said that I don’t seem to turn him on or get him hot in that way, and he can only climax with porn. He’s now having a lot of trouble with erectile dysfunction and it’s just really making me feel terrible. I know it’s not his fault but that’s why I blame myself. I don’t wanna have to keep talking and talking to him about it but what do I do? I’m starting to worry this will effect our relationship after this morning. I’m scared emotionally I’ll start to friendzone him to protect myself if I’m feeling sexually unwanted.
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2020.10.25 05:56 AuntieLili Согласование перепланировки квартиры образец can nick swim

So I moved in with two girls and let’s call them, S [23F] and N [23F]. I thought we were getting along quite alright when we moved in. We don’t fight much except we throw around back-handed compliments at each other at times when we are having a banter. One of those times, I got rlly offended when N started going a bit above the normal banter and started talking smack about how she wouldn’t date me etc etc. I was pissed for a couple of days but didn’t say anything.
We all are studying as well and due to COVID we haven’t been able to meet a lot of people. So we introduce each other’s classmate so that we can become friends. Today N invited some of her classmates over and I could hear them laughing and talking in the living room. I think she invited S as well but I never got any invite. I went out to use the kitchen and then N was like “Oh yea, this is our other roommate”. I stayed for bit and talked cus I was being polite but then I left cus I didn’t want to impose since I wasn’t invited.
I’m still in my room and I’m feeling quite sad and upset about being excluded. I was excluded and bullied in school so I’m it’s bringing back a lot memories.
Recently they asked me if I wanted to move with them to another location. Originally I was rlly happy but now I feel like it’s better if I should go my separate ways. Any thoughts and opinions?
Also I just want to add that I tried being the best roommate I could. I have treated them with good dinners, cleaned around the house, often made them feel better. So I’m not sure what I have done that I got excluded.
So yeah, there goes my self-confidence.
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2020.10.25 05:55 Alazypanda123 Nick квартиры swim can образец согласование перепланировки

I mean seriously more actors can sing than cant. 2 of their 3 main shows lead role are taken straight from glee. I know this isn't really a rant but still.
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2020.10.25 05:55 robbie8812 Согласование перепланировки квартиры образец can nick swim

Essentially I'm after a Google drive (windows client) like 2 way sync in Linux. I know rclone is not quite there yet, but my preference is using it over other non FOSS software like insync. Other solutions I found are too unreliable, they delete files or refuse to sync etc.
So I was thinking to mount with rclone then use Unison running in the background to make a local copy and keep it synchronised in the same manner the Google drive client would. That way I can work offline if needed. And when I switch between computers, I am getting the latest (synched) files without having to manually manage the synchronisation.
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2020.10.25 05:55 MichaelSamuelZupidi Whatever Happened to the Crosman R75?

The way it is designed is pretty interesting. It has a hopper encased inside the drum. It is an airsoft replica of the American 180. I looked everywhere, but cannot find it available for purchase.
So what happened to the Crosman R75, and why is it discontinued? Was there a flaw in the design, and has been removed from the airsoft market because of it? Where can I find the R75 if there is one available?
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2020.10.25 05:55 dmn2014 Перепланировки согласование swim can квартиры nick образец

I’m a 17 yr old dude. I live a really bland lifestyle. I spend my day in front of a computer. I wake up to do online classes then after that just watch twitch streams, watch YouTube videos, listen to some music, read manga/manhwas, and play league of legends. I’m a very private person but I don’t know. If I feel like it, I’ll share my whole life story or all my problems with a random person and would just feel normal. I like spending time with my friends. I become really extroverted. I become wild and really noisy. I don’t think what I say before saying it. I have no filter and don’t care about the feelings of others. But all of that really depends on my mood and the mood of others because most of the time I’m just in the corner listening to music and being sad. Being sad just comes naturally to me. I think that me being sad is normal on a day to day basis. I really like thinking about scenarios in my head. Things like what would happen if I went on a date with a person I saw online, what would I change in my past, what things would I do in the past and what would that have changed, what I would do if I went to a random party. I’m really stuck in the past.

Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?

I live in a broken household. Not broken broken but just right. I grew up without a father. My mom raised me on her own. Sometimes a new boyfriend comes around and acts like my father then goes away. She’s a strong and independent woman. She’s a very caring person. She shows me that she loves me, hugs me, and always comforts me. I think because of that, I became a very physical and sentimental. I long for past experiences where we were having fun or eating food where we were just there being us.

So a new boyfriend with my mom. Got a brother now and her baby on the way. I think I have father issues. I subconsciously long for that father figure, even with my friends.

What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Nothing really. I just want a job that pays good so I can travel or do what I want to do. I don’t really care if I like it or not. A job’s a job at the end of the day. Sometimes I long for a job that changes every time so that it doesn't get boring. But when I think about it, I would like a stable job even if its boring.

If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?

I would feel relieved but also sad. I want to spend time with my friends but when I do, I get tired easily and want to go home fast. If I do spend time with myself at the weekend, time just goes by so fast and I just notice that It’s Monday already.

What is your relation with movement and your surroundings? For instance, do you prefer a sport or outdoor event? If an outdoor event what is it? And why? If not what type of activities do you tend to engage in?

I don’t really like sports. I like video games. But I do go to the gym. It became a habit of mine this quarantine. Go to the gym every other day. I like the feeling of sweating and being sore but I don’t’ like the interaction with other gymgoers. It just drains the fu-- out of me. I like the chat for a minute then never chat again for the rest of the session.

How curious are you? Do you have more ideas than you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?

I’m not really curious about anything. But If I become hooked on an idea or information, I give it my utmost importance to know more and seek anything relevant about it. I don’t know. It might come in handy in an awkward conversation, or something to use in life, or use it in school. I don’t know. I usually like to know what's going on around me because it feels uncomfortable if I don’t. Just getting experience and information even on some random and bullshit things is just nice to do.

Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?

Nope. But if no one takes charge, I would do it. I’m good at being a leader. I'm confident in my skills to lead and show people my agendas and ideas. I would show them the problem firsthand. I would tell them what to do and how to do it. I delegate the workload with bias. If I know he’s productive, I give him more and If he's lazy I would give him less. In what way or means just to get my desired result. I don’t care if they’re angry at me or what but at least we did the job.

I’m really good at being a leader but I don’t want to. It just drains me. I would just like to do shit and pass. Really depends if no one takes charge.

What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?

Past is past. We can't change it, only learn from it. But fucking shit, I want to change things so BAD but I can't.
The present is nice. Just appreciate what you have. Also, don’t pass up on things that you think are useless. You never know when that experience of random things might come in handy.
Future poisons the present. People chase things that they want for their future not knowing that they’re destroying their present. Chasing that dream job but in the end, you lost another opportunity that might be better. I get it, do things that get you results. Even I do that shit even if I don’t want to. But sacrificing things that you can only get now for things you can get later is utter BULLSHIT. One must always look at the big picture.

How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?

I'll help them. Even if we are not close, Ill still help in any way I can. Nothing much. I'm just bored and sometimes helping them doesn't even take 30 minutes so no harm no foul. But I don’t want to help them if it is not in any way good.

Do you need logical consistency in your life?

Yes. No. I don’t even know. I go to church and want to believe in God but sometimes I question myself about that. I told myself that I’ll be single forever because relationships only take time and money but I have a gf. I like to do things using my head but sometimes the heart takes over and I break my own rules. But in day to day, I always use my heart. But in the face of life-altering decisions, I always use my head even if it breaks my morals.

Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?

Yes. To get the desired outcome or to remove any bad things that may come with your methods.

What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?

Playing games and listening to music. Playing games because I'm bored and it became a routine. Listening to music because I'm easily influenced by emotions in music. If I’m sad and I play happy music I become happy and vice versa.

What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?

Face to face. Learning in the room with a teacher. Learning through experiences. Learning from a friend. Learning through failures.

I struggle with noisy and ever-shifting environments. I like peace and order when it comes to learning. Sometimes the place is really messy or loud, it's ok for me if at least I'm still learning what I'm supposed to learn. If not then I would get angry at people wasting time.

How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?

I mainly strategize the things to do to get our desired outcome. I set the tone and the pace in doing things if I'm the leader. If not then I'll just follow your instructions and do my role. If anything doesn't follow the plan, brainstorming and improvising is the best thing to do. Do any method or stuff as long as we meet the deadline and the standard required from us.

What's important to you and why?

My family and friends. If you’re part of the group, then I will always stick by your side. If you have done some fucked up shit, I would still protect you and resolve the problem with me by our side. Then when we are along, I would curse at you and tell you how you were wrong and that you should learn from this stuff.

What are your aspirations?

What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?

I fear relationships. I fear it in the sense that it has a high risk with low returns. I hate it that, If I open up and show you and give you everything that I have that you’ll not reciprocate back. It's like going all-in on a 20% chance. After succeeding in that 20%, we still have a 50% chance of us breaking up. The odds are really stacked up against me.

I know what I want and I want to have it. But because we are all individuals, the outcome is hard to control. I really have to do many things to just get that but I'm lazy and it’s so much work.

What do the "highs" in your life look like?

I’m the best character in the group. You’ll always have fun if you’re around me. I'll always take care of you guys. I always have the answer to any problem.

What do the "lows" in your life look like?

To get the best me you have to roll the dice many times. You’ll only get the best me if you have the right combination of my mood and other things. If I'm not that, I'm just flying solo. I don’t care about you guys that much and I'll always look out only for myself.

The lows are my normal. Being sad and boring. It's just me existing and using my head and not caring.

How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?

I daydream often. It's often bullshit and not really realistic. I always daydream about myself doing things that I wanted to do or would have done in the past. I daydream when I'm alone or chilling at the corner of the room so I don’t really care about my surroundings.

Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about it?

I would think about my past choices and experiences. I crave nostalgia. I would also think about the future. What would I do and where would I go?. What am I doing 10 or 5 years from now? Which college to go to and what type of people would I meet there? I imagine future problems and how I’m going to solve them. I would think about my plans for the day and for the week or the month.

How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?

I would like to see all the variables. If it's not that important, ill use my heart. If it's really important, I would check myself If I can handle whatever I'm going to choose then I'll use my head.
I would have doubts and second-guesses but Ill always stick to what I chose.

How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?

I don’t really know. I haven’t experienced anything that would really hurt me emotionally yet. Not really important but I pay attention to it.

Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?

Yes. If I don’t know the person the go me say some bullshit and agree to stuff. But if I know them personally, I would tell them wrong if they are and will not be afraid of any conflict may it be physical or through words just to make sure that they choose the right things and the best for them. People always let their emotions guide them. Maybe it's just my habit of using my head at hard choices and I became angry that they don’t too.

Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why would you?

Rules are more like guidelines. Break as many rules as you want as long as we accomplish the goal. Yes and no. If they are more knowledgeable about the topic then follow them. If I know what I'm doing and how to do stuff, I'd still consider changing my methods If their method is better.

I would break the rules in a heartbeat for many reasons. To know the limits of stuff. To know if there are more ways to do things. To have a better outcome. To know if the rules are valid. I wouldn't do it right away obviously. I would wait it out a bit then test the rules If I think it is redundant

What is the ideal life, in your opinion?

Peaceful and soothing. I did what I want. I might have regrets. I might have many of them but at least I did it my way and I accomplished everything that I wanted.
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2020.10.25 05:55 cmrosen Name for a fictional illicit substance being smuggled in my homebrew 5e campaign.

Here is what I've got so far. I am using FoundryVtt's journal entry roll notation.

This drug is often referred to as -insert substance name here- and it is highly addictive. It is small orange root, tough like ginger root. It can be harvested from the roots of a(n) -insert bush name here- bush. A typical bush contains [[/r 2d4]] roots (doses).
Any characters who ingests -insert substance name here- immediately experiences [[/r 1d6]] seconds of euphoria followed by several hours of hallucinations. -insert substance name here- has no other effects on that characters mental facilities. These hallucinations are harmless, however vividly accurate. They tend to be a manifestation of the consumers deepest regret.
The character hallucinates a number of hours is equal to [[/r 1d6]] minus their constitution modifier, potentially not hallucinating at all.
Those who have taken -insert substance name here- report all of the aforementioned symptoms, but also describe several other possible effects which also, immediately take place upon ingestion.
[[/r 1d6]] Substance Effects
1- Icy breath which spreads over a 15 cone from the character. (all creatures, including the character, within the cone take [[/r 4d10]] cold damage)
2 - Spontaneous combustion for a minute. (the character takes [[/r1d4 ]] fire damage at the start of each of their turns)
3- Producing pungent odor for a minute. (enemies will specifically target the character, allies cannot enter within melee range of them)
4- A ghostly form for a minute. (the character can simply pass through 1 foot of any material)
5 - Wounds that seal up rapidly for a minute. (when the character takes damage recover [[/r 1d12]] hp)
6 - Flying above the ground for a minute. (the characters speed becomes flying)
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2020.10.25 05:55 Cryingjupiter Согласование перепланировки квартиры образец can nick swim

I know I'm having a nervous breakdown
I have been married 4 years and every year someone has died. This year it was my favorite cat, we have 2 and now a good family friend has Stage 4 cancer.
A few months after our cat died, we decided to adopt another for the benefit of our other cat. Things were going well until new kitty accidentally escaped twice and both kitties fought. We are working with a behaviorist and year of vets on the issue.
Most recently, new kitty also ate something and we had to go to the emergency vet. And crapped all over himself so I had to give him a quick bath. Now he freaking dislikes_begrudimgly tolerates me.
On top of that I am med compliant, in therapy twice a week andin couples counseling.
My work has suffered, my marriage is on the rocks, and my work is suffering. I'm digging the deepest hole and cannot stand my life right now. Not like I can go anywhere bc of covid, I feel trapped and worthless and just hate everything.
Sorry needed to vent.
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2020.10.25 05:55 Ghostly_Pirate Согласование перепланировки квартиры образец can nick swim

For those of you who use 9-box alignment, I have a solution to make things a bit easier. The law-chaos spectrum refers to your regard towards rules and regulations set by an authority figure, nothing more to it. The good-evil spectrum is simply if you care about other people or if you don't. As such I will go over each end of the nine-box spectrum.
Lawful: The character follows set rules and/or sets rules they expect others to follow. If they catch someone not following the rules they set, they will warn them or take desperate measures. These can be a code of honor or a code of dishonor. These characters feel the rules shouldn't be broken ever. If a rule is bad, change it or get rid of it, but don't break it.
Neutral: The character usually follows set rules and/or sets rules they think others should follow. They try not to break them, but won't seek to constantly enforce or follow them. These characters care about the rules and try to follow them, but don't have problems breaking them from time to time when it seems appropriate to do so.
Chaotic: This is always the one that seems to cause trouble. Hatred of all rules is NOT merely on the law-chaos scale, it's also on the smart-stupid scale, and definitely on the stupid side. Even gnolls have little rules they have to follow, albeit only out of necessity, after all they aren't killing each other for the other's food because they know they are valuable allies. Chaotic, in this overhaul, means you may understand rules have a place when needed, but don't necessarily care about them otherwise. Rules are only made when they need to be made in order to accomplish a goal, and even then don't have to be followed or enforced, other than that chaotic characters act based on what they currently believe is the smartest decision.

Good: These characters try their damnedest to do the right thing to everyone, including strangers. They will even take risks to do so, but won't be stupid about these risks. If they have personal goals, these goals come after the well-being of others. If they are doing things to make others feel better first and foremost, they can become pure good.
Neutral: Funny thing is there's good and evil in all of us. Some more good than evil, others more evil than good. In this overhaul, neutral is whatever amount that takes to be what most people are. They will take bigger risks for family and friends than for strangers. Heck, they probably won't bother pulling out their blade for a dude they never met if they don't automatically know they'll come out unscathed. But, they still will not wish to see others suffer for their own gain, and may even donate to help. Though if they have evil tendencies, they'll do things they will later on regret.
Evil: These characters care only about what they can gain. Money, power, or at worst, sadistic pleasure. The only considerations they take in their behavior is "what will this do for me in the long run." If literally everything they do is for themselves and purposely do it in ways to make others suffer, they can become pure evil. Even lawful evil can become pure evil here if a whole system of law is not only composed of entirely evil rules, but also built to give "reasons" to hurt people who break your abominable laws.

So, tell me what you think. Is this a decent overhaul? I made it as a way to make the law-chaos scale more all-encompassing and easier to understand.
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2020.10.25 05:54 Boathacks Согласование перепланировки квартиры образец can nick swim

I know these posts are a dime a dozen, but goodness does it feel good!
I've had a twitch account for a long while, but just had my first ever stream. I was playing Minecraft and honest to god not expecting anyone to drop in but they did and!!
They said "if you stream tomorrow I will be here" and not gonna lie, nearly confessed my love for them lmao.
Ideally next time I can get some friends playing with me as well as I'm better with people (tbf I will say everyone starting out has that awkwardness that comes with talking to yourself so I don't begrudge myself this But I Wanna Get Better) and be able to make them happy and just...
I'm VERY happy and overjoyed in short.
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