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2020.10.26 22:33 Zigo Dash cams for protecting a street-parked, weekend-driven car? Is this possible?

Hey guys!
I bought a new car a week ago. First day street parking it in front of my house (residential street parking just outside the downtown core in a major city), someone ran into the back of it and thoroughly crunched the bumper cover, then drove away without leaving any contact information. Not great. I can't park it anywhere else - there are really no other options here - and a coworker has suggested a dash cam setup. After spending some time on this sub and looking around at options, I'm not sure what (if anything) will work for me.
My requirements are rather specific:

  • Front and back coverage.
  • Some kind of parking mode that will reliably catch folks smacking into my car while it's sitting outside so I can forward that information to my insurance company.
  • A battery setup that will work with my driving habits. I do not commute with the car, it's driven mostly on weekends and will regularly sit for many days at at time.
  • I'm in Canada, so it gets cold. And hot.
  • It has to be available for purchase in Canada too.
  • I don't have a budget, but it probably shouldn't exceed the cost of a new bumper all in. Heh.
This seems a little unreasonable, and I'm sort of ready to resign myself to a perpetually damaged car while I'm living here, but I just wanted to check with you fine folks first in case I missed something obvious.
And, no, I can't point a regular security camera at it unless I manage to get one of the parking spots directly in front of my house every time. I wish! That'd be an easy fix.
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2020.10.25 21:38 Sensitive_Celery3534 Live hot cams

There exists a group of anonymous individuals who participate in a game to slowly but surely bring the victims/s to their needs... the end result, in my opinion is to provoke the target into committing suicide. The abuse happens many places and Reddit runs rampant with the attacks. Attacks are covert and meant to be obviously threatening but worded in a way that could not track the commenter to you or prove they had ill intentions by posting it.
Reddit has a free speech platform which basically gives anyone permission to humiliate, bully, stalk or terrorize anyone they want to by creating a parody of real life sagas using subreddits dedicated to the practice. Loveforlandlords is one of you check it out know that they are talking about actual conversations about rental applications, financial information of applicant and tenants (extremely sensitive and illegal to distribute,) that I myself experience and the timing of the loosely parodied posts prove even further what is taking place. Their goal is to find ways to evict tenants they feel have been a nuisance by any means, even if those means are for simple requests for maintenance or complaints there may be black mold growing in the occupied rental.
I myself wrote a post asking if anyone had similar experiences. The post didn’t go far bc I posted it on my profile and have 0 followers. I’m semi new to a Reddit and brand new to posting etc. I was commented “why don’t you quit being poor. Lmao. It’s not even that hard.” This comment came from a moderator of said subreddit who knew about my post because of another uncomfortable and outlandish truth: the community I live in had hacked my personal computer and added me to a neighborhood network which allows P2P sharing, remote viewing, and access to all files and settings on my Mac. I cannot even Chechen the settings to regain control over my life as it exists online and in many instances in real life.
I’ve been targeted and offers a job with a legitimate company only to find it was a scam. This comes a couple of weeks before it’s time for me to move out of this apartment while I’m scrambling to find a job/another source of income to qualify for the income needed on a lease without a contract signor. For me this is necessary as for anyone. My other major hardier is that I have a felony conviction from almost seven years ago for attempting to obtain a controlled substance. Not to stray off topic but fit a first time offender this is a hefty charge for TRYING to get a controlled substance and failing. Apartment communities much like employers do not have time to fool with felons. I didn’t even serve time in prison. It was probation and a very good learning lesson.
Back to landlords and apartment employees: they allude to the fact there exists covert surveillance within my unit. They comment on the way “I” or someone fictional looks naked: right after I’ve showered and gotten dressed in the privacy of my own bedroom.
Three years ago I was moving into an apartment nearby which turned out to be both an eye opener and an absolute nightmare. The maintenance technician who was finishing up projects in the unit while I was unpacking made lewd comments referring to what a hot pornography storyline that situation would make up for. He casually mentioned how using drop cams in rentals was such an easy thing to do and I should be careful. He also, without my asking, installed new shower heads in both bathrooms. I bought an RF director and it went crazy with blinking lights and beeping noises anytime I places it near the shower head in the master bathroom. I am not by any means a PI or detective nor am I a tech person. I sent videos of what I just explained to an old friend (not sure at all now that he isn’t the ring leader of this all,) to which his only repose was “dude! Take those shower heads off right this minute.” I did and he wouldn’t respond further.
He was the only person at the time who I trusted and also who’d ever been in my apartment (besides my young daughter or my elderly parents,) the whole time I’d lived there... oh and besides maintenance. I saw this ok’d friend a few weeks ago. He lives in another state. As soon as I returned home and checked Reddit it was full of parody posts from our time together ranging from memes of gifs depicting what I was wearing, what my hair looked like (BIG topic since the night before I left to see him I messed up by trying to trim my long black hair and ended up with very short hair that he obviously wasn’t a fan off.)
My battery died the one night I was there. He insisted he jump it off while I lay in bed and he would drive it around to make sure it was good to go for the trio home. Plenty of time for my friend who happens to be an ex private investigator to plant anything he desired into the car... like a listening device.
Unsent Letters has so many posts that seem to use my very words for their inspiration to an alarming degree vim one to talk to myself when alone so my (should be private) thoughts are easily explored if such this occur and I believe after 5 years of enduring this hellacious abuse that I’m absolutely right. Why not get my car, apt, and devices checked for peace of mind? Honestly like it if not I can’t afford it. With my background, my constant state of extreme ups and downs and the amount of money I receive from support/divorce related RIGHT NOW I’m stuck in a rut and it’s supposed to be this way. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs I’ve not been interviewed for.
To be continued...
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2020.10.25 15:00 Blunts_Bongs Live hot cams

Jason really did want to go out. He had been invited by several of his coworkers at the office, but he knew he had more important matters to deal with. Even Gina, the cute receptionist, asked him if he was coming out with them. His hesitation grew slightly, her caramel eyes twinkling with a hint of something a little more than friendship. Or maybe he was just reading too much into it.
“Sorry Gina. I have a few things I need to take care of tonight.” She frowned and pouted for a second, but she patted his shoulder and flashed him another incredible smile “Well, if you ever do have time, let me know” She stepped into the elevator and disappeared with a pleasant ‘ding!’.
Jason’s grip tightened on the wheel, his mind wandering to the events of the past few weeks. At work, it was easy to ignore what was happening at home, but as soon as everyone began leaving, his fear and anxiety pushed his mind back to the horrors of the night. He was afraid of the dark. And people would often make fun of him for it. Even in the office; turning off the light while he was in the printer room and running out, making him drop whatever he was holding to scramble to the light switch, or burst through the door, panting and heaving.
He parked his car and walked into his place, locking the door behind him. He stepped in the doorway of his kitchen, darkness spread out in front of him. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, listening. For weeks, his fear of the dark had gotten… Well, worse.
At night, he would often wake up to light footsteps outside his window, or gentle thumping in various areas around the house. At first, he just turned on his lamp- which was by his bedside, next to a flashlight and baseball bat- sat up, and listened. The sounds would stop after about an hour, and he’d be left in silence until the sun rose. After two weeks of this, he got mad. He was a grown man, and there was someone stalking him. In his house.
He had grabbed his baseball bat and flashlight and stormed out the room. He had stomped into the living room, going for the front door, where he thought the source was coming from. In hindsight, he shouldn’t have been so noisy. When he had stopped at the door, he heard heavy footsteps quickly fade from earshot in a few seconds. That had really shaken him. He had checked out the window, even walked onto his porch to check down the street, but he was long gone. He had looked out at the forest that sat across the street, and shivered, imagining someone watching him from the shadows.
Jason switched on the light, and the warm, yellow light bathed the kitchen. He walked to his table and dropped his bag. He took out the box he had purchased; 3 small cameras that allowed him to record and watch live feed. He would set one up right outside the door, one facing the living room and kitchen, and one to the hallway that leads to his bedroom and spare bedroom. He only had one floor, and it wasn’t very big, but it was his home, and he needed to keep it safe. He smirked, taking them out of the box and setting them up. Finally, he was going to catch the bastard that stalked his home at night.
After the setup was done, he continued with his evening as usual: showered, shaved, had some food and sat down on the couch, eyeing the bong that sat on the coffee table. He looked at the blank television, his pale, blonde reflection looking right back at him. The reflection didn’t show back his grey eyes, as they appeared black against the TV’s contrast.
He watched pointless shows and half a movie before he looked over at his phone; 10:21PM. He turned off the TV and made his way to bed, opening the app to watch the cameras. He had no intention of staying up all night watching it, but to check when the noises happened again.
He wondered for a second, if he had scared them off for good. He shrugged it off, thinking even if he did scare them away, he could enjoy his first good night of sleep in weeks. He turned off his lamp, plugged in his phone, and fell asleep within minutes.
His eyes slowly opened, a confused look made its way onto Jason’s face as he sat up to grab his phone, peeking at the digital clock; 2:36AM. A notification from his new security app. He quickly rubbed his eyes and opened his phone, first checking the feed to his hallway; a sigh of relief escaped his lips when it showed no one. Then he checked the kitchen/living room cam, which showed just the dark house and a small backyard through a window. Then, he checked the porch cam, and his face went pale, his hand grabbing his stomach in nauseating fear.
There was a man at his front porch, with a ski mask, black hoodie and pants. His new cameras had alerted him before the noises had begun, but they had started up by then. The man must’ve been at least six foot eight, and was built like a retired football star, with broad shoulders and a beer belly. He had a large duffel bag thrown over his shoulder, and was kneeling at the front door, trying to pick his locks.
Jason was scared. His breathing went from a light, quiet breath, to loud, labored breathing. He wasn’t prepared for this confrontation, especially since he wouldn’t be able to turn on any lights without alerting his assailant. He quickly realized he never turned on his lamp and scrambled to do so, his eyes darting to each wall to make sure no one hid in his bedroom. The lamp cast dark, menacing shadows into the corners of the room. Someone could be crouched in one, ready to strike at any moment.
He shook this thought away, moving back to the real threat to his safety, maybe even his life. He threw off his covers and grabbed his metal bat, putting on a pair of socks to keep his footsteps as light as possible. Jason wasn’t a very big man, but he certainly wasn’t small; 6’1, 190lbs, toned and agile, but he was much smarter than he was strong. He knew he would not stand a chance against the tank of a man without the weapon he carried. He quietly opened his door and peeked out his bedroom, looking down to the living room, the front door about 15 feet away. He took his phone out his pocket and turned the brightness to the lowest setting, his attention on the front door cam. The man seemed to be struggling, but he would get in. He knew the man was working up to this for weeks, and this was the night.
He slowly made his way into his hallway, his footsteps light. One of the many reasons he loved his home was how the floorboards didn’t make a peep in any spot in the house, which was great until the noises began, and he worried he wouldn’t hear an intruder right outside his bedroom door.
He crouched behind the couch, wanting to get behind the kitchen counter and take the man by surprise. He peeked out at the door again, about eight feet from him now. The counter stretched from the wall that the front door was, so it would only take the intruder a few steps before he would eat Jason’s bat. He took a deep breath and scuttled over to the counter, barely making it when he heard the click of his lock, and the cool October breeze blew into his home.
His heart sank slightly when he heard the closing of his door, followed by his assailant locking it behind him, like he was simply one of Jason’s college friends, coming by for a visit. Slow, heavy boots thumped on the hardwood, coming closer to where Jason crouched. He braced himself, but heard the man stop right before the end of the counter. His heart hammered in his chest, his knuckles white on the bat he held. He heard the man walk a step into the living room, and he allowed himself a quiet sigh.
“Jackpot” the intruder mumbled, his voice tinged with excitement. He began unplugging Jason's television and game system he had set up, often grunting and cursing as he stumbled about in the dark. Anger flared in Jason; this man wasn’t even good at what he was doing. He decided this was his chance.
He poked his head past the counter and saw the man’s form peering behind the television, both his arms behind it. His duffel was open on Jason’s coffee table, unzipped and ready for valuables. Jason crept, one slow step at a time, towards the distracted man. He tried his hardest to focus on his anger; trying to ignore the icy terror he felt each time he focused on the darkness in the corners, the long shadows cast by the moonlight in the scattered windows in his house.
He was almost at the couch again, a few feet from the man, when determination hit Jason like a truck, and his first steady, confident step, was his biggest mistake.
His crouched position had allowed his phone to slip out more and more with every step, and with that last one, it clattered to the floor, startling both men. Jason pressed his back against the couch, clutching the bat to his side, ready to swing. First it was quiet, and Jason thought that maybe, just maybe, the man had not seen him. That’s when two enormous hands grabbed his shoulders, fingernails digging into his skin through his shirt, and hoisted him up. In a panicked frenzy, he swung the bat in a wide arc in front and behind him as he rose higher. He felt his bat connect, and an angry grunt. He was practically tossed forward, momentum carrying his face into the hardwood floor.
“You little fuck!” a deep voice growled. Jason fought the darkness that seeped into the corners of his vision. He had only been knocked out once before, the only fight he had ever lost, and he swore he’d never let it happen again. He wiped the blood from his mouth and chin; happy he didn’t lose a tooth, and gripped his bat once more. He pushed himself up and turned to see the man grabbing his jaw. He grinned with satisfaction, but it melted as the man reached out and started towards him.
Jason ran to his kitchen, knowing his dark house much better than his assailant. As the large man tripped over the couch and hit himself on the counter, Jason cocked his bat and prepared to swing. And he most likely would have, if he hadn’t noticed a shadow in the corner of the kitchen, next to the fridge.
It’s peculiar how the human eye works. So fascinating how we can see, even in the black of night, that one shadow that’s just too dark. That second of doubt seemed to stretch, Jason’s mind trying to decide which threat was more imminent, if the shadow was even real, and not just his fear and adrenaline fueled brain making him hallucinate.
Unfortunately, it was a second too long. The man’s massive hands were on him again, and the smell of alcohol burned Jason’s sinuses. One hand on his shoulder and another on the bat, he could not overpower the man, just as he expected. The man wrenched the bat away and shoved him to the ground. In a second he was back on his feet, his years of kickboxing had trained him well, and he squared up with the beast of a man.
Putting both hands on the bat, the intruder swung at Jason, which he easily ducked, the man stumbled with momentum. He kicked the man in the back, hoping to get him on the ground, but he was faster than Jason expected. The man caught his leg and twisted. Pain erupted in Jason’s ankle, forcing him to turn his body and drop to the floor. Searing heat shot up his shin as he pulled back his foot. He scrambled back, and then, there was an odd sound that made both men freeze.
There was only one door that creaked in the entire house, and it just so happened to be the least used door as well. From Jason’s spot on the floor, and the man standing above him, they could see down his one and only hallway; the guest room door was creaking open gently, as if a breeze blew it open, only that window was closed and locked. Jason had checked every day since the noises began.
“Who else is here?” The man said, lifting the bat above his head menacingly.
“No one! I live alone, man” He raised his boot and dropped it onto Jason’s injured ankle. He let out a cry of pain, sure it was broken now if it wasn’t already.
“You better be telling the truth” The intruder growled as he drunkenly stumbled and went to check. As soon as he entered the hall, Jason got to his feet. Well, rather foot. He hoisted himself up with help from the counter, hopped to his knife holder and reached for his biggest one, but it was gone. An icy dread filled his chest, his agony filled brain hazily trying to remember if he had seen the man take it. He was holding the bat though, why would he need both?
“Where the fuck are ya huh?” Said the intruder from the guest room, the sounds of crashes and thuds resonated in the house. He grabbed the second biggest knife and ducked behind the wall next to the hallway, and waited. His eyes were wide and the shadows seemed to be darker than ever. Each corner seemed to hold a dark spot in the shadows, and the noise only made for added stimuli.
The man walked into the kitchen, and Jason drove the knife straight into his assailant. He was aiming for his chest, but it was so dark he only managed to get the man’s shoulder. The huge man howled, swinging the baseball bat in the direction of the attack. Jason didn’t have time to duck this time, the bat making contact with his ribs as he was tossed sideways by the impact.
Jason groaned on the floor, his side aching from broken ribs. His breaths were shallow and light, as deep breaths felt like hot nails in his lungs. He felt warm liquid drip down from his eyebrow, probably busted open from hitting it on the floor. He coughed, wincing immediately. That blow wasn’t pretty, but he wasn’t about to go out like this. He couldn’t.
He was suddenly blinded by a bright yellow light, making him cover his eyes in defense. After a few blinks, he realized his assailant had turned on the light. Jason saw the man scream as he pulled out the knife from his arm, letting the bat clatter to the floor. He took the mask off his face and tore it, putting the bloody knife between his teeth before tying the torn ski mask around his bleeding wound.
He was a kind looking man; soft brown eyes, a downturned nose and full lips. He had crow’s feet and was clearly a man who smiled often. He looked at me in the eye for the first time, and I saw nothing but a cold, calculating man. He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He was a broken man, and as he approached, he gripped the knife tighter, his smile never faded, and his eyes still cold, almost bored.
Jason kicked himself backwards until his back was against the fridge, but he couldn’t fight anymore. He knew he would die here. The man knelt next to Jason, and leaned in. He turned his face from the large, alcohol ridden man, but the man grabbed his jaw and forced it back.
“I’m sorry” He said smiling, his teeth stained a deep yellow from years of smoking and neglect. He didn’t look any less empty, but his voice had a twinge of pity. Jason didn’t care. He was focused on fighting the darkness that kept creeping into his vision. He was hallucinating, he had to be. The thing that was crawling right behind the man just, wasn’t real. That’s when he knew, it wasn’t just shadows.
He saw me.
He watched me, his eyes wide with horror, as I uncurled my spine, each vertebrae popping like bubble wrap as I stood. In the stainless steel refrigerator door, I could see the large man, his eyes glued to me, now filled with emotion; fear. My smile grew into an uncontrollable grin, my pale, leathery face was one of pure glee, and my unblinking eyes took up the pure terror in the room.
The large man could do nothing as I slid Jason’s beautiful new knife against his Adam’s apple, listening to the gurgle of the man choking on his own blood. It splattered against Jason’s face, in his eyes, and I laughed as it did, continually sawing the man’s throat until I felt bone. I let the body collapse onto Jason, who shoved and pushed it with all his might until it fell to the bloody kitchen tile with a squish. Jason clumsily kicked with his good foot and clawed to get away, blood smeared his entire body.
I bent down once more, joints cracking to accommodate my animalistic position. I held the knife between my teeth, cocking my head to the side, imitating Jason’s now dead attacker, though I could not stop the glee in my eyes.
“Wha- What the fuck are you?” Jason screamed, his voice cracking as tears streamed down his blood coated face. I approached him as his back pressed against the counter, cornered by his second assailant. I did not answer, but merely inched closer and closer, removing the knife from my teeth.
“Please!” He begged, his voice weaker than before. He was beginning to lose consciousness, “What do you want from me?” Jason almost whispered.
I placed the tip of his knife underneath his chin, leaning in to speak in his ear. The years of silence had made my voice hoarse and… and beautifully primal.
“Go. To. Sleep.”
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2020.10.25 01:03 SadYardTrimmings Live hot cams

check this out:
Matthew 5: 27-28 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Luke 17:1 And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come!
better stop producing / uploading / watching those MVs... (or similar videos, pics, profile pictures, thumbnails, title names, headlines, usernames + harmful comments, bad words, lies, disrespect etc! on social media + everywhere else too. "Temptations to sin" / seduction etc. must stop) start deleting? censoring etc.? destroy your smartphones, cams, data storage devices etc? would be better. remove temptations / seduction + other evil things from TV, magazines, radio stations, broadcasting etc? would be better.
many young people are watching those videos etc. all over the world. and its NOT ok! parents? (or people in authority): intervene?!
wait a minute... there is more: harmful drawings / comics etc, clothing / styles / hairstyles / behaviour, facial expressions, gestures, dancemoves, acting, exercises, sports etc. harmful things in video games, news, reports, interviews, vlogs, tutorials, movies, series, trailers, entertainment shows, (+ backgrounds + surroundings), books, art, artworks, calendars, posters, business flyers, catalogues, leaflets, packagings, stickers etc. (words, speeches (+ voice types, vocal color etc), music, sounds, visuals, references! etc.) harmful things in stores and online shops, advertisements + advertising, commercials...

  • better stop online dating and other harmful things!
maybe.. support ocean or river! clean up organizations? (i think it is of high importance) (in india, pakistan, africa etc) + support animal welfare (animal shelters (money for food or new fluffy dog beds? blankets?, small fluffy carpets? (+ washing machines?), pet vitamin supplements, + pet supplies (dog toothbrushes?), pet toys, dog hairbrush? (parasites!) bath towels?, medical checks, dental care? / nail, paw care? etc. pet heating pads? heated dog houses? (for winter or in cold areas), pet cooling mats / pads (on hot days, summer etc), diesel powered portable generators? (outdoor electric power generation) (to run vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc), solar lamps? (smart lighting solutions), transport vehicles, maintenance work etc. + other improvements, additional staff + volunteers, more safety, beautifications? etc. topiary? + animal rescue ? (dog rescue projects in india?), animal hospitals? (in poor countries or districts) or homeless people in your area? support some of them? as an act of goodwill. + always be careful: corona etc.!
or become a firefighter, volunteer firefighter (+ driver? (pump operator), paramedic or ER doctor? ER nurse? ambulatory care? or shuttle service? (for people with disabilities) become an instructor? (fire and rescue?, emergency medical services?, advanced driving techniques?, advanced first aid?, psychological first aid?, wound care management!? (nursing homes / hospitals etc. + training seminars for employees) + hygienics?, high angle rescue techniques?, first aid for pets?, basic pet care?, junior firefighter programs?) start reading medical books? (anatomy? / physiology? / ECG interpretation? / EMS (paramedic books?) or nursing books? or blood banking and transfusion medicine? or dental engineering? medical or rescue engineering?)
become a dog trainer? (rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, therapy dogs) education? + watch out! dogs, cats etc. can transmit / spread corona! become an animal rescuer or animal doctor? + watch out! CORONA! (protection, safety measures etc.) Can the coronaviruses be transmitted between animals and people? they say: Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people!
maybe... plant a tree? many trees? a walnut tree?? in a park, garden or backyard? a walnut tree = food source (for birds etc) + oxygen generator.
  • provide water for birds in summer? fresh water source? or bird bath? or food? (daily? or several times a week?)
snowy days? become a snowplow driver? (volunteer?) or towing service worker? or pharmaceutical supplier? + be cautious: corona!
new technologies + other cool things: check this out: Far-UVC light (222nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses?? (+ flu virus and many other?) do research? progress? + installations? (in offices, busses, trains, restrooms, elevators, classrooms, corridors, stairwells, hospitals etc?) .. could save lives
amazing tools for rescue workers: portable hydraulic StrongArm (r) for firefighters etc. ( jawsoflife com ), hands free thermal vision (in mask imaging system), in mask heat vision (temperature display etc) or c-thru technology. + there are more amazing tools!
high rise rescue solution? SPARS parachute rescue system? ( cosmic-rs com ) fireproof clothing? + fire escape hoods?! (fire escape hoods and fire escape masks are designed to help you to escape from a burning building. each of these fire escape masks and hoods allows you 15 ? minutes to flee through the toxic gases / smoke)
smoke detectors with LCD display?, CO detectors?, fire blankets?, fire extinguisher? (+ fireproof clothing, cap, gloves, safety glasses etc?) (+ fire extinguisher selection chart?) fire suppression systems? smoke extraction? fire protective coatings? (or anti corrosion?)
support fire and rescue departments / services in poor countries or districts? (new helmet lamps, safety clothing + shoes, new equipment, fire escape hoods, thermal monitoring? (thermal vision will help you to track down a fire's source and smouldering fires in dark. glowing embers as well as fire hot-spots can be detected and fighted very fast and efficiently! + mobile infrared cameras could detect hidden hotspots or locate people in smoke-filled buildings), first responder kits etc. / new vehicles? a turntable ladder? training verhicles? new motorcycles? (+ customizable / agility / more efficiency, + difficult terrain / crowded areas etc), new firefighter / rescue helicopters? (certain areas)
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2020.10.22 19:07 Younglingfeynman Live hot cams

For the last few days I've been writing about Airbnb and lessons we can learn from it. This is part 3 in that essay series.
The Dumbest Startup That Ever Worked — What You Can Learn From Airbnb — PART 1
The Dumbest Startup That Ever Worked — What You Can Learn From Airbnb — PART 2
The Dumbest Startup That Ever Worked — What You Can Learn From Airbnb — PART 3
The Dumbest Startup That Ever Worked — What You Can Learn From Airbnb — PART 4
TLDR: Lesson 1: It’s possible for you to make things better. Lesson 2: Solve your own tiny problem. Lesson 3: Validate quickly and double down when it works. Lesson 4: It’s easy to connect the dots ex-post-facto. Lesson 5: Finding product/market fit from day one is fiction.
We’ll cover lesson 4 today.
LESSON 4: IT’S EASY TO CONNECT THE DOTS EX-POST-FACTO Did you know that Brian and Joe sat on their idea for 4 months, after that initial SXSW event? In fact, they started working on a roommate matching website because Airbnb seemed too insignificant.
A month in, they noticed that the roommate idea already existed. And as their family kept asking what they were working on, they kept on explaining the Airbnb idea. Eventually, they decided to go back to working on Airbnb.
They launched several times at SXSW, getting hardly any traction and running out of money. Because fundraising wasn’t working either and they were in debt, they figured maybe we should focus on the breakfast part of Airbnb instead.

‘‘The founders were nearly out of options. Out of sheer desperation, Chesky and Gebbia resurrected an idea that had come to them before the Democratic National Convention: shipping Airbnb hosts free boxes of cereal—Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s—that they could then serve to guests.By this point, Chesky and Gebbia had racked up $20,000 in credit card debt each. Blecharzyk thought the idea was crazy; he said he wanted nothing to do with it, and that they’d best not spend any money on it.’’ (Gallagher, 2017)
Photo of the cereal.
The idea was to give their hosts free cereal that they could then give to their guests. They called Kellog’s. Didn’t get called back. They called smaller manufacturers. Success… Except, they wanted to print a few 100K boxes if they paid $200.000 or something in advance.
So they turned to an old RISD buddy who owned a printing shop. He could print 500 boxes for free, in exchange for a cut of the sales. So they decided to change the idea to selling exclusive, collector edition, $40 cereal instead.
They got their 500 flat boxes, hot glued them together, and filled them with the cheapest store-bought cereal they could find. They shipped several to the press hoping they’d cover it.
It worked! They got massive press and completely sold out of Obama O’s. Many got resold on eBay for as much as $500.
2008 Techcrunch
They made around 20K and paid off their debt. But still… no traffic to
Blecharczyk, deeply skeptical of the ce­real plan from the start, decided enough was enough. Back in Boston, he started consulting again and got engaged.(Gallagher, 2017)
Essentially they weren’t much further along than when they’d first launched. Now, minus 1 co-founder. They went on to live on unsold Cap’n McCain’s for a while until Michael Seibel (, Social cam, CEO of YC), who they’d met at SXSW, recommended they apply to Y Combinator.
On the day of their interview, Joe wanted to grab one of the cereal boxes. Brian and Nate thought he was out of his mind and told him to leave it at home. He snuck it with him anyway.
The interview went terrible. At that time (and arguably still to this day) YC was mostly focused on technological innovation. Psychological innovation gets a bad rep in Silicon Valley’s engineering dominant culture where things like marketing, branding, and consumer psychology are typically sneered at.
More on psychological economic value creation here.
It didn’t look promising. But Joe grabbed the cereal (much to the surprise of Brian and Nate) out of his bag and handed it to the YC partners. He explained how selling cereal funded their company.
Ultimately, that was the reason why Airbnb got into YC. They figured, if you can manage to sell $! cereal for $40, maybe you can convince people to stay at strangers’ homes too.
20/20 HINDSIGHT It looks straightforward in retrospect. You notice hotels are sold out. Couchsurfing already showed there was at least some appetite. You quickly validate your idea and you’re off to the races. But at that time it was obviously far from obvious.
In fact, this is one of those areas where you can be too smart for your own good. Suppose, you knew with certainty that the free cereal would be a bad idea. Even if you were right, you still would have been wrong. Because there’s no way you could predict that the free cereal idea would lead to the selling limited edition idea (Brian and Joe).
Which would lead to taking it with you to an accelerator interview (Joe) which would turn out to be the linchpin.
Had they had the money to pay the manufacturers or had they been able to print a smaller batch, maybe they never would’ve thought of selling it. Had Nate been more persuasive, then maybe they would’ve never pursued the cereal idea. Had Joe given in, then maybe he wouldn’t have told the cereal story because it didn’t seem very Silicon Valley. [1] And maybe, we wouldn’t have had an Airbnb.
I made this same argument before with The Point. If you were so brilliant that you knew The Point was stupid, you would’ve missed the fact that the series of experiments in it are what led Andrew Mason to Groupon. [2]
IGNORANCE AS A STRENGTH I believe that in startups, a little ignorance is actually a strength which is why (empirically) many smart and cynical people never seem to make change happen.
Looking back, there’s always this inclination to fall victim to hindsight bias: the common tendency for people to perceive events that have already occurred as having been more predictable than they actually were before the events took place. I.e. It’s easy to predict the past when you’re living in the future.
Of course, the Airbnb fundraise rejections and the fact that the founders themselves almost gave up, demonstrate that these things do not occur anywhere as linearly as the media would have you believe. As a result of this misguided belief in certainty, we tend to discard seemingly bad ideas for ones that appear to us as obviously good.
More on this in Why Your Business Needs More Weird Ideas—Part 1
I’m sure this will remind some of you of Peter Thiel’s theory, from his lectures and his book Zero to One, that competition is for losers.
He proposes that you actually don’t want the good ideas because when they’re obvious, everyone will be pursuing those. You also don’t want the bad ideas for obvious reasons. What you want are good ideas that are disguised as bad ideas. [3] That way, you’ll have a headstart because it’ll take a while for the world to catch up. Especially considering how risk-averse people are.
Thiel on competing
NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE MARKET CAP EX ANTE Then there’s the issue that no one can really tell you how big or small something is gonna be. Investors will pretend they know. They don’t. If they really did, they would be like you, a founder. In my experience, investors are usually a good 6-12 months behind in ‘‘seeing the matrix’’.
That’s not because they’re not as smart. But rather, because they aren’t in the trenches. You are.
There are so many founders I know or whose stories I’ve heard of, where investors didn’t want to invest because the market seemed too small. But for them, it’s an intellectual problem. Whereas the founder has first-hand experience dealing with the problem and the solution for its users.
That doesn’t guarantee you’re always right, but it does give you a much better perspective. In good marketing (which is rare these days), qual is where you start. Qual informs quant. [4]
More on this in: Should You Worry About TAM And SAM?
STEVE JOBS ON CONNECTING THE DOTS LOOKING BACK V. FORWARD The following is from Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address:
‘’None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life. But 10 years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it’s likely that no personal computer would have them. If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backward 10 years later.Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.’’
Jobs' Commencement Address
And that’s true. Usually, founders present us with these amazing stories because it makes for good PR and it boosts their ego. Who doesn’t want to be perceived as the Matrix’s almighty Oracle?
But this stuff’s messy and literally everyone is making it up on the fly.
John Collison (Stripe Co-Founder) said the exact same thing about companies whitewashing their history at Stanford in 2015:
Bottom line: When something is validated and you enjoy it, don’t be hesitant to push it because you believe the market might not be big enough. Things are only clear looking back so ‘‘trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future’’.
NOTES [1] Brian said that he thought about Mark Zuckerberg and how he’d probably never glued serial boxes together, ‘‘so maybe that was a bad sign’’.
[2] From The Right Way To Start A Startup:
Andrew at the NY Tech Meetup in 2008:‘’The biggest mistake we made with The Point was being encumbered by this vision of what I wanted it to be. And taking 10 months to build the product and making all these assumptions of what people would want, that we then spend the next 10 months backtracking on.Instead of focussing on the one little piece of the product that people actually liked. So, uhm, If there’s any advice that I have it’s you’re way too dumb to figure out if your idea is any good. It’s up to the masses. So build that very small thing and get it out there and keep on trying different things and eventually you’ll get it right.’’
[3] I do wanna reiterate the point I made in part 2, you have to start small and take baby steps. Just like you don’t start with a 500lbs deadlift, you shouldn’t start with the most ambitious idea ever. You should give yourself wins, feel shine, and gradually ‘‘graduate’’ to more ambitious endeavors.
If you’re a successful founder then the context changes. You have money to fall back on, your family is taken care of, investors will write significant checks, almost without hearing your pitch. I mean look at Parker Conrad’s Rippling. After Zenefits he was able to raise a 17M dollar seed round. Rippling was Conrad and 40 engineers and almost no revenue for 2 years. That’s just not a situation most founders can relate to. Which is why you should start small initially.
Conrad on Rippling
[4] Qualitative research refers to non-scalable, hard to quantify research. Talking to consumers, potentially focus groups (although I’m not a fan of that), spending time with the user in their environment, watching them use your product, ethnography, and so on. Quantitative research refers to the stuff that you’re probably familiar with, analyzing numbers, using mathematics, creating models, and identifying trends based on that.
The problem with our quant heavy world is that all data comes from the same place, the past. Nothing pointed to the iPhone being a better phone than all the others. Nothing pointed to the market being willing to spend significantly more on soft drinks (Red Bull) and vacuums (Dyson).
And on top of that, significantly more people use those complex mathematical tools even though they’re woefully unqualified. Not good enough to be right, not bad enough to lack confidence, but in that middle ground where they mistakingly believe they know what they’re doing.
Rory on data analysis
Pfew, that was a big one. Hopefully, you learned a ton. I got a newsletter: The Younglings. The best methods and models to help you grow your company like hell. Want in?
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2020.10.19 16:01 youto2 Hot live cams

With this encouragement from Buster mixed with his own natural strength, Romero begins to gradually power his way up. Alpha locking in the chinlock as tightly as he can, giving Romero as little energy as possible to be able to do so, but Romero continues to power through! And so Alpha then tries to repeatedly toss elbows down on top of Romero’s dome! Striking down with elbow after elbow right into Romero’s head, and for a moment, gets a nearly standing Romero back down to a knee! An accomplishment he has a brief cocky smirk on his for…..before Romero gives one more BURST of energy! Powering up in one motion, and tossing Alpha off of him!
Alpha is sent down to the ground from Romero bursting out of the chinlock, but tries to rush himself back up quickly. Rushing at Romero with a jumping knee, but Romero dodges out of the way! Alpha turns around to face Romero again, but Romero quickly grabs Alpha, and tosses Alpha back with an overhead belly-to-belly!
Paisner: Romero TOSSING the hell out of Alpha! Can he now finally break through the wall The Young Cardinals have built up for a good while?
Alpha grits his teeth, writhing around on the mat, his body tense in pain! As Romero falls to a knee for a moment to collect himself, before pushing himself back up. He then eyes Alpha from across the ring, as he backs himself into a neutral corner and begins to call for Alpha to make his way up! Romero awaits Alpha to get up, as Alpha indeed begins to stir. Alpha crawls over to the ropes and begins to pull himself up, as Romero’s eyes grow further and further in intensity. Eventually, Alpha makes his way to his feet and turns around, as Romero rushes out of the corner! Looking to mow through Alpha with a spear! But at the last moment, Alpha dodges, and “accidentally” bumps Itchicock into the path of Romero! Romero managing to stop himself just short of mowing through Itchicock instead!
Romero communicates with Itchicock to make sure he’s okay, but as he does so, Alpha tries to come back in with a sudden roundhouse kick to the head! But Romero ducks under, and pulls Itchicock down to ensure he doesn’t get hit either! Romero then comes up with a quick uppercut to the chin of Alpha, knocking Alpha to the ground! Romero then goes to grab Alpha and quickly bring him back up, but suddenly he hears something, and drops Alpha to turn around, to see Nova springboarding into the ring with a flying dropkick! Catching Romero right on the head, and knocking him to the ground from the unexpected force!
Nova scrambles to his feet as fast as he can, and rushes over to Alpha to help him up, as they then target the downed Romero by beginning to unleash a barrage of stomps into his prone body!
Itchicock goes to try and break things up, but Nova shoves him away and down to the ground, as they continue piling on. But eventually, we see that someone has had enough, as Buster steps through the ropes and rushes into the ring himself! Coming in and instantly flooring Nova, only noticing at the last moment, with a hard running forearm shot!
Paisner: BUSTER! He’s seen more than enough, and with Alpha and Nova going for a direct double team on Romero, he’s decided it’s time for some direct action!
Alpha tries to step in to intercept Buster, but Buster quickly grabs Alpha by the head and unleashes a knee lift right into the face of Alpha! Sending Alpha stumbling back holding at his face! Then Buster follows up with a jumping enziguri to the head of Alpha! Stunning him further, as in his daze he backs into the ropes, giving Buster an idea. As Buster goes to run towards the opposite set of ropes, and comes back with a running dropkick to the face of Alpha, the momentum sending Alpha over the ropes and to the outside!
But as Buster yells, suddenly he is cut off by Nova getting to his feet, rushing, and jumping up to deliver a knee to Buster’s back! Buster keeling over for a moment and gritting his teeth in pain, as Nova quickly grabs Buster, and tosses him through the middle rope to the outside! Nova then turns his head to see Romero attempting to push himself up, getting to a kneel, as Nova then shoots forward with a superkick to the face! Stunning Romero back to the mat!
Paisner: Chekhov’s Gun goes off! Nova attempting to roll Romero onto his back!
Nova pushes on Romero’s body with all his weight and power behind him, struggling for a good while, but eventually managing to just barely do it! Before going into the cover!
No! Kickout from Romero!
Nova slaps his hand on the mat in frustration, but then tries to get back in, as he grabs Romero’s head, stares into his eyes with hatred, and seeks to unleash a barrage of knees into him! But as he begins to strike, suddenly, Romero catches Nova’s knee! Romero grasping onto Nova’s knee tightly, as Nova tries to shoot his other knee into Romero, but Romero frees one of his arms to block that as well! Romero then with his arms pushes Nova away!
Romero goes to push himself up, but as Nova re-gains himself, he goes back at Romero with an attempted running knee to the kneeling Romero, but Romero ducks his head under! Nova just barely missing! Nova turns around to charge back again at Romero, but as he does so, Romero just manages to get to his feet, and catches Nova in a scoop powerslam! Followed by Romero getting back to his feet to squash the now downed Nova with a jumping senton! Pushing all the air out of Nova’s body and absolutely CRUSHING him under all the weight!
Paisner: Romero turning things back around again! And with Alpha on the outside and Nova downed, this can be a great chance to get back into it!
Nova lays on the mat clutching at his stomach in abject pain, as Romero lays on the mat in exhaustion, as we see someone pop up onto their apron, Buster Braggadocio finding his way to his tag corner!
Buster bounces up and down impatiently on the apron, as the crowd claps and stomps to encourage Romero along! Where we eventually see Romero get enough energy to begin to stir and crawl towards his corner!
With Buster’s and the crowds encouragement, Romero continues to crawl towards the corner, inching his way closer and closer, but as he nears it, we see someone rounding the apron looking to take Buster off, Alpha coming around trying to swipe Buster’s legs! But Buster sees him and jumps up, actually managing to catch Alpha’s swiping arm with a stomp on the way down! Alpha yells out in pain, clutching at his arm, as Buster then from the apron boots him in the chest! Sending Alpha back and to the ground!
While meanwhile in the ring, Romero is close to the corner, when suddenly we see Nova stir and desperately lunge for Romero! Grabbing Romero’s leg, trying to keep him in place, but Romero with his other leg boots Nova in the face! Romero then stretches out his hand as far as he can, as Buster too reaches out, leaning over the ropes in order to reach, as they finally tag!
And as Buster is tagged in he!........keeps hold of Romero’s arm? Before Romero can even realize what it happening, Buster from his tights pockets takes a pair of handcuffs, and cuffs Romero by his arm to the ropes!
Romero stares at Buster with a mix of confusion and hurt, Buster shooting back with a glare of pure contempt, before we hear Buster exclaim-
Buster: Sorry, you Oreo motherfucker!
Buster then clocks Romero in the jaw with a knee through the ropes, as Itchicock frantically calls for the bell to rule a no contest!
Romero is now stunned as he's cuffed to the ropes, as Buster steps into the ring, squats down, and just begins to unleash a barrage of closed fist punches into the face of Romero!
Buster: Think your beliefs come from some high ground huh? Naw, they come from being a willing puppet to the hWhite man!
Paisner: Buster just destroying Romero! We know this man already quite strange in the head, but what has gotten into him???!!!
Buster then rains down in Romero with an especially hard kick to the head! Romero looking completely out of it in the corner! As Buster proceeds to stomp away more and more on Romero’s head, before we see something, Nova coming to and standing up, and Alpha sliding into the ring. As Buster turns around to face them.
Paisner: Oh hell, The Cards back up…..Buster could be about to meet the same fate he just befell Romero….
Buster and The Cardinals stare one another down, a tension ready to snap at any moment, and it does, as they all rush!.......and begin to all stomp down on Romero’s head together!
Buster, Nova, and Alpha all stomp down again and again and again on Romero’s head and body. Before they all signal to one another, as they set Romero slumping against the corner, as Alpha runs off to the opposite set, where he charges and nails Romero in the head with a bicycle knee!
After Alpha hits the knee, Buster tells him to go fetch something, which Alpha rolls out the ring, and looks under the apron for. While meanwhile, Nova takes his turn. As he grabs Romero’s head, and just begins to strike on him with repeated knee’s the head! Unleashing D-Day on Romero! Each strike hard, as Romero looks nearly completely knocked out with the knees alternating between striking the side of his head, and right on his face! Eventually, Nova pulls back to unleash one final knee as hard as he can possibly throw it! Cracking right into Romero’s face, as we see Romero split open by it!
As we see Buster smile down at the nearly lifeless, bloodied Romero, we see Alpha with something in hand, a pair of Brass Knuckles which he passes onto Buster. Buster puts them on, as he takes out his marker from one of his tight pockets. As he, Nova, and Alpha all work together to lift Romero to a stand in the corner, as Buster cups his hand around Romero’s chin, and marks the X on his head in marker. The ink mixing with the blood to discolor a good portion of the X.
Buster: You think I couldn’t see the whole time how much better you thought you were than me? How much of a high horse you ride in on? I’m taking your smiling, nice boy, minstrel show ass out! That skin don’t go any deeper than just tha-
As Buster is yelling at Romero, suddenly, Romero’s spits right on Buster’s face!
Buster is took aback for a moment, wiping it off, as Romero shoots a glare of fury right at Buster, before Buster’s rage grows itself, and he decks Romero with a brass knuckle shot right to the head! Opening up his wound even further, and falling Romero right down seated in the corner!
Buster then rushes off to the opposite corner, before running back to crush Romero’s head with the Bravado Buster running knee! Connecting right to the x, leaving Romero’s blood dripping out even more, all across his face and onto the mat, as he looks completely knocked out!
We finally see a mass of backstage hands rush out from backstage to the ring to try and check on Romero and get Buster and The Cardinals away. Buster, Nova, and Alpha all back off, Nova and Alpha leaving with cocky, shit-eating smiles on their faces, and Buster leaving with anger still painted on his. As they exit the ring while ringside crew check on the condition of the knocked out Romero and attempt to undo the cuffs. As Buster puts his arms around Nova and Alpha, and speaks directly into one of the cameras.
Buster: No matter how dark your skin is, when you’re all cream on the inside you ain’t one of us! I’ll take brothas who even with their complexion are dark on the inside. The revolution has no room in it for oreos!
Buster then pushes away the camera, as he, Nova, and Alpha reach the top of it. Buster looks out to the jeering crowd, throwing absolute mounds of trash onto them, with disgust as he heads through the curtain. While Nova and Alpha take a sweet moment to taunt the crowd, before heading through themselves. While meanwhile, we see a freed but still knocked out Romero carried out by a rather large mass of backstage hands to carry his dead weight. Rushing out to get him medical help as soon as they can.
Babaganoush: The following contest, sponsored by Ballsweat 2.0, MORE BALLS, LESS SWEAT!
Crowd: BOOO!!
Babaganoush: ...IS AN I QUIT MATCH!
Babaganoush: In which the match ends when either man says the phrase: “I quit!”
Paisner: Folks, I’m going to try and stay as biased as I can, but there is a ton on the line here, and it’s not going to be pretty.
Woodbridge: Allen, fuck that. We both know Balandran has WiR by the shorthairs, and we’re both rooting for one man here. That man being Klutch 2020.
CASH by BROCKHAMPTON plays over the PA. Two beautiful women dressed in pink skirts come walking out, throwing white rose petals down the entrance ramp. Out comes Balandran, wearing an all white robe. He extends his arms and spins around, showing off. He starts to walk down the entrance way.
Babaganoush: From The High Society, weighing in at 265 lbs, AUSTIN...BALANDRAN!
Crowd: BOO!!!!!
Paisner: Well, here he comes. While he hasn’t been able to find a solid footing, Balandran is a very scary force. In more ways than one.
Woodbridge: How much you think he paid his flower girls?
Paisner: He paid them?
Austin jumps up on the ring apron. He wipes his feet and enters the ring. He holds his arms up, looking at the crowd with a stone face of resolve. The two flower girls enter the ring, and help Balandran take off his robe. He hands it to the girls and shoos them off. He goes into his corner, squats down and waits, straight stone face of resolve. Balandran’s music starts to fade out.
Babaganoush: And his opponent…
Blue Öyster Cult’s Godzilla starts to play over the PA.
Woodbridge: Allen, we can’t afford the rights to this song!
Paisner: I splurged a bit. Why not?
Klutch comes barreling out of the curtain as the lead guitar comes screeching through. He looks around the arena, nodding his head to the beat of the music. He looks back towards the ring, and points at Balandran. He starts his march down to the ring
Babaganoush: From The Trailer Park, without an actual weight because his scale is broken, KLUTCH TWENTY TWENTY!!!
Paisner: Folks, the weight of the world is on Klutch’s shoulders, the entire fate of the company resting right on him, and him alone.
Woodbridge: While Balandran has the cold stare, he agreed to this match. This is in Klutch’s wheelhouse. He knows how these things go. And OH SHIT!
Before Klutch can get to the ring, Balandran has slid out of the ring, and rushed him. Klutch is greeted by stiff right hands by Balandran, which Klutch, in turn, returns right hands of his own! They continue to trade fists as the bell sounds.
Crowd: YES! YES! YES! YES!
Woodbridge: Klutch and Balandran are giving each other some VERY hard rights and, folks, they aren’t showing any signs of stopping.
Klutch gives a huge right to Balandran, sending him staggering back towards the ring. Balandran reaches the apron and rolls in the ring, giving him much needed space between him and Klutch. Klutch, seeing an opportunity, looks under the apron for a weapon of some kind. He finds a trash can filled with various weapons and throws it in the ring, nearling missing Balandran, who is rolling to the other side of the ring and out on the floor, trying to recuperate.
Paisner: Klutch is finding some toys, but you have to give credit where it’s due, Balandran is playing it smart, this is a match of endurance, not finesse.
Woodbridge: While Klutch with a weapon is dangerous, so is a well rested Balandran. Klutch has got to stay on the offense here. Letting Balandran even catch his breath is a fatal mistake.
Klutch then pulls out a table, and begins to set it up.
Paisner: Klutch has demented thoughts in his head!
As Klutch flips it the right side up, Balandran has begun to make his way back towards Klutch. Balandran breaks into a run around the ring, and greets Klutch with a huge forearm, sending Klutch into the corner of the barricade.
Crowd: OOOOH!
Woodbridge: Balandran is now the aggressor here!
Balandran, keeping the table set up, looks under the ring. He finds some barbed wire, and walks towards Klutch. As he’s walking, he begins to wrap it around his now clenched fist. He then grabs Klutch by his hair with his free hand. He then begins to punch Klutch very calculated, as each punch also hurts him.
Paisner: Balandran after blood here!
Balandran yells for Undersach, who comes to the duo, with a mic in hand.
Balandran: ASK HIM!
Undersach: Do you quit, Klutch?
Klutch pants into the microphone. Balandran punches him a couple more times. Undersach asks again.
Undersach: Do you quit?
Klutch, face now bloody, finally gives an answer.
Klutch: FUCK YOU.
Klutch, finally, gives a shot to Balandran’s midsection, causing him to drop the barbed wire. Klutch gets back up as Balandran tries to get away. Klutch gives a stiff shot to the back of Balandran’s neck, sending Balandran to his knees. Klutch grabs Balandran and gets him back up, throwing him into the ring. Klutch is close behind, sliding in as well. Klutch gets to his feet and grabs a kendo stick from the trash can. He pulls it out and starts to take aim for Balandran, now getting to his knees
Klutch takes a swift swing to his ribs, knocking Balandran back down. Balandran is grabbing his side, screaming in pain.
Crowd: OOH!!
Klutch takes another swing to the hunched over Balandran, this time across his forearms protecting his ribs. Balandran’s arms drop, and Klutch takes another swing directing at Balandran’s chest. Klutch connects with a vicious snap, breaking the kendo stick. Balandran rolls out of the ring again, as Klutch throws the kendo stick aside.
Paisner: Folks, we knew this would be a fight, but we had no idea it would get this violent, this quick!
Woodbridge: This is extremely gruesome, especially for a normal pay per view. But this isn’t normal circumstances as we’ve pointed out! Klutch is fighting for WiR, here! He’s using everything he's got.
Balandran, now showing welts where the kendo stick had connected, is crawling in an upright position, trying to get some sense about him. Klutch, in the ring, empties out the trash can. Klutch then walks over to the edge of the ring, and throws the trash can at Balandran, Balandran blocking with his right arm, but hurting it in the process.
Crowd: OOOH!!
Paisner: While Klutch is being the aggressor, Balandran is getting some much needed rest. Klutch has got to stay on him here.
Woodbridge: It’s being calculated. While, yes, Klutch needs to be on him, Klutch also needs to recover as well. Those shots to the head will eventually catch up with him.
Klutch, now exiting the ring, begins chase to Balandran, who is now hunched over the barricade near the table still set up. Klutch finds the barbed wire that Balandran had used earlier and picks it up with both hands. He walks over towards Balandran, and stretches the barbed wire out. Klutch then begins to drag the barbs over Balandran’s forehead, also digging in deeper in the process. Balandran beings to scream as Klutch begins to talk to him.
Klutch: SAY I QUIT.
Balandran breathes heavier, giving out gasps of sounds in between breaths.
Klutch: SAY I QUIT!
Balandran then uses a free leg and donkey kicks Klutch downstairs.
Crowd: OOHHH!!!
Paisner: In a desperate attempt, Balandran gets Klutch off of him, if only for a moment!
Woodbridge: Can Balandran capitalize on this? Remember, everything you’re seeing here is absolutely legal, there are no disqualifications, no count outs, there’s not even a pin fall, one man has to be beaten so much, that he has no other option but to quit!
Balandran takes a moment, and sees the blood dripping from his head. He wipes his face, and looks at his hand. He then looks at Klutch, who’s still on the ground hunched over, and starts to give him multiple boots to his midsection. Balandran then goes under the ring and finds a steel chair. He then takes a huge swing and hits Klutch on the side, causing Klutch to yell out in pain.
Crowd: OOHH!
Balandran winds up again, and connects again, hitting almost harder.
Crowd: BOOO!!
To his satisfaction, he poses with his arms stretched out, chair in one hand and the other empty. He winds up for another chair shot, and begins to hit Klutch in rapid succession, hitting Klutch in the side, as Klutch tries to protect his ribs with his arms. He looks over at Undersach, who comes over to Klutch, microphone in hand.
Undersach: Do you quit?
Klutch: I..uh…
Undersach: Klutch, do you quit?
Klutch takes a deep breath. Balandran is already celebrating.
Balandran stops dead in his tracks, and looks back at Klutch.
Paisner: Klutch, refusing to give up, even after those vicious chair shots!
Woodbridge: Allen, this is almost out of hand. One of these men are going to get seriously hurt. At one point, they have to consider preservation over pride, here!
Paisner: In normal circumstances, I would absolutely agree, but this is not normal circumstances, this is more than just pride here.
Balandran gives a look of desperation, trying to figure out what he’s got to do to win. The look goes from desperation to killer, as he winds up for another round of chair shots. But as he’s coming down, a swift leg from Klutch connects with Balandran’s family jewels. Balandran’s mouth goes agape as he drops the chair to the side and bends over in pain. Klutch, finally getting a chance to move, starts to crawl towards the apron to look for another weapon.
Paisner: Both of these men have given it their all thus far, and folks, I doubt that they’ll ever be the same after this.
Woodbridge: If they even survive, Allen! And imagine what happens if Balandran wins?
Paisner: I’d rather not live that reality right now, as Klutch is showing some signs of life!
Klutch, now moving a bit more regularly, pulls out a barbed wire bat.
Crowd: YAAAAY!
Klutch, now finally reaching his feet, points the bat at Balandran, who is now trying to get up using the barricade. Balandran gets up, and turns out, only to see Klutch with a crazed look in his eye, pointing at him with the bat. Balandran starts to shake his head, pleading with Klutch.
Paisner: And now, judgement day has come!
Woodbridge: Balandran has no one to hide behind, he has brought this upon himself!
Klutch winds up to swing at Balandran, but Balandran dodges, rolling under Klutch’s swing. Balandran then gives a drop kick to the back of Klutch, sending him towards the table, Klutch dropping the bat in progress. Klutch is now hunched over the table, as Balandran gets back to his feet, catching his breath.
Painser: And Balandran, like the snake he is, dodges what would have been the final blow in this saga!
Crowd: BOOO!!!!
Balandran finally makes his way towards Klutch, and rolls him on the table.
Woodbridge: Speaking of final blows, this may be it for Klutch!
Balandran gets onto the table himself and picks Klutch up to his knees, to potentially set him up for a pile driver. He gives a cocky smile, and extends only one arm this time, the other arm clenching his ribs.
Crowd: BOO!!!!
Balandran goes to pick up Klutch, but he physically can’t. He collapses down on top of Klutch, who also collapses.
Paisner: Balandran, exhausted, Klutch, beaten down. Who is going to give first, Mark?!
Woodbridge: This may be a case of “The spirit is willing, but the body has given up”, Allen. I’ve never seen either man give so much for one match. But as we’ve stated, this is not normal circumstances!
Klutch begins to stir, and pushes Balandran off of him, causing Balandran to roll off the table. Balandran desperately tries to hang onto the table. Klutch, in one last desperate move, pulls Balandran back up by the hair. Klutch, now standing up, pulls Balandran up. Klutch asks him again.
Klutch: Say...I...quit.
*Balandran, in an act of defiance, spits blood in Klutch’s face.
Crowd: BOOO!!
Klutch kicks Balandran in the midsection, puts Balandran’s head in between his legs.
Klutch picks up Balandran and pile drives him down into the table!
Crowd: YAAAAAAY!!!
Woodbridge: Y2KLUTCH! Y2KLUTCH!
Both Balandran and Klutch lay on the ground, motionless. Undersach goes and checks on both men. Undersach tries to get answers from both men, but both are down. Undersach throws up the “X” signal with his arms, and signals for the bell.
Painser: Uh..what’s uhh…
Painser tries to look to see what’s going on. He takes off his headset and walks around the carnage to see what happened. He then rushes once he sees both men lying unconscious.
Woodbridge: Uhh, folks, right now we really don’t know what has happened, but we do know that this match has come to a screeching halt. Both Klutch and Austin Balandran, to my knowledge, didn’t answer the referee’s call, which, good on Harry for recognizing that these men couldn’t go any further.
The EMTs arrive, both checking on Klutch, who has reached an upright position, but not doing much else. Balandran, still in the same prone position, is also being worked on. The EMTs. Paisner is pacing around, checking on Klutch, but also checking on Balandran.
Woodbridge: I can not, understate the message that these men are trained professionals, but in a match such as this, injuries are not only common, but they can happen at any time. And to my appearance, it seems Klutch is at least up right, but I’m not sure on Balandran…
The camera catches the EMTs putting a neck brace around Balandran’s neck. Balandran, eyes still shut, is still motionless. The camera cuts back over to Klutch, who is still sitting down but is now with Paisner, also sitting down. Paisner gets back up to go check on Balandran, who’s now being put on a stretcher. He is lifted up, and has begun to be rolled out of the arena. As he’s being rolled, his hand goes up, and lifts a thumb, signaling he’s at least regained consciousness.
Crowd: claps respectfully.
Woodbridge: Call the man vile, call him what you want, at the end of the day, he’s still human. And at least we know he’s at least, somewhat okay.
Klutch, who has now had the blood wiped from his face, is now being helped up by two other EMTs. Paisner is now making his way back to the commentary table.
Crowd: YAAAAY!
Klutch, with the aid of the EMTs begin to make his way to the back for medical attention.
Woodbridge: As Allen Paisner joins me back on commentary, Allen, can you tell us what happened down there?
Paisner: Well, Mark, I don’t know. I do know that we are rushing Austin Balandran to the closest medical center to be checked on. I do know his eyes were open, but he wasn’t responding to any questions. Klutch, I’m sure, has had a huge loss of blood, as Austin Balandran did, but as we are seeing right now, he is walking, with aid on his own.
Woodbridge: But what about this match, Allen?
Paisner: Right now, our concern is the safety and wellbeing of both of these men. I’m sure everyone in this arena is sending their thoughts and prayers to Austin Balandran and Klutch. And Austin...I hope you’re okay, man. I pray to God, you’re okay.
Paisner stops talking suddenly. Mark fumbles to continue.
Woodbridge: We’ll be right back, with more action, stay close folks.
The lights then dim down, ringside crew taking the moment to clear out all wreckage in and around the ring, while the crowd takes a moment to go get concessions and merchandise, before the lights come back up as we ready for more action. Cutting to our commentary team ready for more.
Paisner: Next up fans, our first of three great Title bouts tonight. We’ve got Tony “The Milkman” Stevens challenging for the Independent Championship, held by none other than Kaitlyn Cas-
Woodbridge: SIMP!
Paisner:........Kaitlyn Casey Jones….anyways, let's get right to it, and take it down to Javier Babaganoush in the ring…
We see Javier Babaganoush in the middle of the ring, with a mic in hand, ready to announce.
Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…..
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Babaganoush: with a 60 Minute time limit, and it is for the WiR Independent Championship!!!
Suddenly, we hear some of the finest royalty free music as none other than Tony Stevens walks through the curtains to a big pop from the crowd. Tony walks out wearing his leather Horde jacket, with a very determined and serious demeanor. Tony walks down the aisle, living in the moment, soaking in the energy of the crowd.
Babaganoush: Introducing first, the challenger, representing The Horde, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 181 pounds…..TONY…....”THE MILKMAN”......STEEVENSSS!!!
Paisner: Tony Stevens, who recently defeated Dick Dover on House Party to get this opportunity at the Indy Title, is all business tonight. He’s not as squeaky clean as he was the day he stepped into this company, but these fans are behind him. They respect his hustle, his motivation, his drive.
Woodbridge: And he’s walking out alone here, as his Horde teammates are preparing in the back for their imminent Tag Title match tonight.
Stevens rolls into the ring, and stands up on the turnbuckles, posing in the corner as the crowd cheers.
Paisner: One night could change it all for The Horde! GiGi’s Simp Squad holds both the Independent and World Tag titles, but after tonight each member of the Horde could be draped in gold!
Woodbridge: Or, god forbid, if The Stargazers and Kaitlyn retain, and GiGi somehow wins in our main event, GiGi’s Simp Squad will control EVERY title in WiR!
Paisner: Don’t remind me…
Stevens hops off the turnbuckles, and sees a small bottle of milk incoming, thrown by a fan. Cool as a cucumber, Stevens catches the plastic bottle in one hand, cracks it open and chugs the milk, before tossing the empty bottle out of the ring.
Paisner: One last pre-match drink for the Milkman, and will his next drink of milk be as the Independent Champion?
Stevens’ music fades out, and then the lights in the arena start to go dim, until the arena is completely dark.
Woodbridge: Did we forget to pay the light bill again?
Paisner: No, this is just part of her entrance tonight, I think…….I hope…...
Anticipation starts to build, as the arena awaits the arrival of the champion. After a few moments, we hear GFY by Amyl and The Sniffers blast over the speakers, as the lights come back on, and we see Kaitlyn Casey Jones, the reigning Independent Champion walk through the curtains to a mixed reaction, albeit there are a bit more boos than cheers. She holds the title over her shoulder as she walks down the aisle, with an all business look on her face.
Babaganoush: And her opponent, from Cardiff, Wales, weighing in at 200 Pounds…...the defending WiR Independent Champion……...KAITLYN…...CASEY…….JOOONNNES!!!!
Paisner: Here comes Kai-
Woodbridge: SIMP!
Paisner:.........Be that as it may, Kaitlyn is still the Independent Champion, and she’s looking to cut off Stevens’ hot streak tonight and keep her title. The real story here is that Kaitlyn too is coming out here alone. Like The Horde, Kaitlyn’s Simp Squad teammates, including GiGi herself, are likely prepping for their respective matches later on tonight.
Woodbridge: Good! Let these two determine the better wrestler one-on-one! That’s how it should be!
Kaitlyn climbs up the steps, and steps through the ropes into the ring, raising her title up in the air to another mixed reaction, before handing the belt off to the official as her music fades away.
The referee, Senior Official Tai Ni Wong holds the Independent Title up high in the air, so the hard cam and crowd can see.
Paisner: That’s what it's all about folks, Indy Title on the line here.
Wong hands the belt off to timekeeper Maurice Chondon, and he looks at both competitors in their respective corners, and makes sure each of them are ready, before calling for the opening bell.
Paisner: The Independent Championship is up for grabs, and here we go!
Tony and Kait both circle around the ring, eyes locked on each other, neither one wanting to make the first move. Tony starts inching his way closer to Kait, and Kait starts to lift her arm up in the air, possibly looking for a test of strength.
Paisner: Kait and Tony are both 5’10, but Kaitlyn has the weight and power advantage. I’d be cautious if I were Tony here.
Tony is very cautious, but he slowly raises his hand to meet Kaitlyn’s. The two hands almost lock up, and right when Tony’s hand starts to touch Kaitlyn’s, she tries to catch Stevens off guard with a kick to the gut, but Stevens’ cautiousness pays off, he sees it coming and catches the kick. Tony twirls Kait around, and grabs Kait by the waist, hoisting her up for a german suplex, but Kait over-rotates and lands on her feet!
Paisner: What agility from Kaitlyn!
Tony scrambles up to his feet, and Kait tries to take him down with a clothesline, but Tony ducks it, and Kait continues running. Kait bounces off the ropes, and runs right into an Arm Drag from the Milkman! Tony immediately transitions into a well-applied armbar, but before he can apply too much pressure, Kait is able to flail her body towards the ropes, and she shimmies her body close enough where she can wrap her feet around the bottom rope to force the rope break. Wong informs Tony that Kait is on the ropes, and Stevens hesitantly releases the hold.
Woodbridge: Stevens gets the better of Kait in the early goings, but he’s got a lot of work to do still.
Kait dusts herself off and gets back up to her feet, Stevens having created some separation between the two. This time it's Stevens who challenges Kait, bringing his arms up, looking for a collar and elbow tie-up. Kait initially looks a bit cautious, but she doesn’t spend too much time before meeting Stevens in the middle, and the two lock up. Kait gets the better of the exchange initially, transitioning into a side-headlock, but Stevens throws a couple of elbow strikes into Kait’s back, and she releases her grip. Stevens then turns Kait around to face him, and tries for a double underhook, but Kaitlyn uses her power to prevent Stevens from being able to lock his hands and fully apply the underhook. Kait grabs Stevens by the waist, and starts running towards the corner, driving The Milkman back first into the turnbuckles!
Paisner: These two have been back and forth since the opening bell, each competitor trying to keep some semblance of momentum!
Kait takes advantage of her power and starts repeatedly driving her shoulder into The Milkman’s stomach, trying to wear the challenger down. Stevens slumps down, and is now seated up against the turnbuckles. Kait now starts stomping down on Stevens in the corner, really taking it to him, drawing some ire from the crowd!
Woodbridge: Kaitlyn showing some viciousness, but that’s what she’s gonna need to do if she wants to stay Champion here. She may be a SIMP, but she’s no slouch.
With Stevens down in the corner, Kait turns around for a couple moments and raises her hands, getting a heated reaction from the crowd. But as this happens, Stevens uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Kait turns around to see Stevens up, and charges at him, looking for a big splash in the corner, but Stevens moves out of the way, and Kait gets a faceful of the top turnbuckle!
Paisner: Kaitlyn shouldn’t have spent that time gloating! She gave Stevens just enough time to regain his composure!
Woodbridge: Simply put, she underestimated him, Allen. Kaitlyn’s finding out first-hand that she’s not getting an easy payday here tonight.
With Kaitlyn a bit stunned after the failed splash in the corner, Stevens takes advantage, and grabs Kaitlyn by the back of the head, before bashing her face-first into the top turnbuckle repeatedly! The crowd counts along with Stevens’ bashes!
Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9!
Stevens pauses, and slowly pulls Kait’s head back……
Crowd: oooooooOOOOOOOOO….
…..before delivering a tenth bash!
Milkman releases Kait’s head, and she stands groggy in the corner, before dropping to a knee, hand held on her head, wincing in pain.
Paisner: And if Kaitlyn wasn’t dazed before, she sure is now!
Kait gets back up to her feet, and Stevens is right there to meet her, he grabs her by the arm, pulling her more towards the center of the ring, before grabbing her head, taking her down with a snapmare, immediately followed by a jumping knee to the face! Kait puts her hand on her forehead, but Stevens quickly plants both her shoulders to the mat, and goes for a cover, lateral press!
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2020.10.19 16:01 youto2 Live hot cams

We slowly fade from black into the live stream, where we see the jam packed venue for tonight’s show, with 1090 WiR fans in attendance cheering, holding up their signs and chanting as we go on air.
Crowd: W-i-R! W-i-R! W-i-R!
The camera cuts and we see Paisner and Woodbridge at the commentary desk, as the crowd continues to be loud.
Paisner: Welcome everyone to the jam packed GSU Sports Arena in Atlanta Georgia, where WiR presents…..IT JUST MEANS MORE! I’m Allen Paisner, joined here by Mark Woodbridge-
Woodbridge: -who’s joined here by Johnnie Walker Black!...
Woodbridge displays his bottle to the camera, as Paisner picks the introduction back up.
Paisner: And these WiR fans are JACKED for what promises to be a great night of action!
Woodbridge: You ain’t kidding! KCJ defends her Independent Title against Tony Stevens, The Stargazers defend the World Tag Belts against The Horde, and we crown the Interim WiR World Champion in a 6 Man Scramble!
Paisner: Not to mention Team BS vs. The Young Cardinals in Tag Team Action, and Austin Balandran vs. Klutch, which has MAJOR implications for the legal future of this company!
Woodbridge: Right! But up first, it’s gonna be a DANDY! Jim Baker vs. Cam’ron West, with a very unique stipulation!
Paisner: It’s gonna be the SOUL ON A POLE match, and it‘ll be a hell of a way to start this thing off! Let's take it down to our ring announcer Javier Babaganoush for the introductions.
We cut to the hard cam, and see Javier Babaganoush in the center of the ring with mic in hand, ready to speak.
Babaganoush: Ladies and Gentlemen, your opening contest is a SOUL ON A POLE MATCH!!!
Babaganoush: In this contest, there are no Pinfalls, No Submissions, No Count-outs and No Disqualifications! The ONLY way to win, is to retrieve the Lunchbox containing the “Soul” of each competitor from the top of the pole!
The camera pans to the large Pole which has been attached to the corner of the ring. At the very top there is a Lunchbox dangling from a small steel chain, the same lunchbox Cam’ron West used to “extract the souls” of each competitor on the recent episode of House Party.
Babaganoush: Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung!
Mia So Hung steps through the ropes into the ring, and waves out to the audience to a small pop from the crowd.
Paisner: Here we go, It’s Soul on a Pole, and this match is brought to you by, somewhat befittingly, Disney & Pixar’s SOUL, coming to the Disney Plus streaming service on December 25th this year!
Woodbridge: Can’t wait for that one!
Jim Baker’s theme hits the sound system, and the camera erupts in a mix of cheers and boos, but the reception is definitely mostly positive. Baker himself steps through the curtains, wearing a Horde Jacket, and his usual black trunks and boots. Baker shadowboxes and the top of the entrance stage, before walking down the aisle, stretching his arms out as he does so, warming himself up as he walks.
Babaganoush: Introducing first, representing The Horde, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 245 pounds…………..JIM…..BAAAKKKEEER!!!!
Jim Baker rolls himself into the ring, and continues to stretch, knowing that he’s gotta stay in decent shape, considering this is his first of 2 matches tonight.
Paisner: And here comes Jim Baker of The Horde, and this won’t be his only rodeo tonight. First he has this match with West, and later on tonight he’ll be challenging for the Tag Titles!
Woodbridge: And you gotta wonder how that’s gonna play into this one. Is Baker looking to the Horizon and not in front of his face? We know he wants to bring the World Tag Titles to The Horde, but he’s gotta stay 100 percent focused on Cam’ron here, and worry about the Tag Match later.
Paisner” But one thing is for sure; win or lose, the faster Baker can get through Cam’ron here, the better it is for his chances at winning the World Tag Titles tonight.
Baker looks ready to go, and his music fades away. We soon hear none other than the Anime intro-like theme of Cam’ron West, as West steps through the curtains to a pop from the crowd!
Cam’ron stands at the top of the stage, with very minimalist pyro going off, before walking down the aisle and towards the ring.
Babaganoush: And his opponent, from Another World, weighing in at 180 Pounds……..CAM’RON…….WEEEESSSTTTT!!!
Paisner: Cam’ron West is a bit of an oddball, but he’s no doubt got heart, and the fans respect him for it.
Woodbridge: He’s not only got heart, but he’s got a set on him too! He burned Jim Baker’s park bench to ashes, for god's sakes! I heard around the grapevine that he basically lived on that thing for a year!
Paisner: The rivalry between these two has escalated at a lightning fast rate these last few weeks, but now, at It Just Means More, someone’s ‘Soul’ will be claimed in this match!!!
Cam’ron hops up to the apron, and steps through the ropes into the ring. He doesn’t take his eyes off Baker, and Baker’s eyes are firmly locked on West as well. Cam’ron’s music fades away, and the two are left in their opposite corners, as the referee, Mia So Hung, checks to see if each competitor is ready.
Woodbridge: In a match like this, no DQ, no Count Outs, no submission or pinfall to record, Mia’s basically just out here to check on the general well being of the competitors, and that MAY very well be a good idea with these two heated rivals.
Mia sees that both competitors are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
Cam’ron and Baker immediately meet in the middle of the ring, and start throwing wild right hands at each other, trading blows back and forth!
Paisner: And here we go, this one’s starting off HOT!
Baker and Cam’ron continue to trade shots, back and forth, but after a bit it appears as if Cam’ron gets the upper hand. Baker appears to be much groggier than Cam’ron. Cam’ron throws another shot at Baker, but this time Baker doesn’t follow up, and Cam’ron hits him with another, and another, and another! Baker stands on wobbly legs in the middle of the ring, and Cam’ron takes a couple of steps back, winding up his arm before lunging at Baker with a big punch, but Baker blocks it, and catches Cam’ron with a punch of his own! Now Baker starts hitting West with a flurry of right hands, and backs Cam’ron into the ropes! Cameron stands a bit dazed, leaning against the ropes, and Baker turns around to run towards the opposite set of ropes, rebounding off of them and charging at Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: Look at Baker!
Baker dashes towards Cam’ron, and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! With Cam’ron out of the ring, Baker quickly makes a beeline for the Pole, running towards the corner and starting to climb the turnbuckles, quickly trying to reach up at the Lunchbox containing the ‘Souls’!!
Paisner: Baker’s gonna win it right here!!!!
But Cam’ron quickly gets back up to his feet, using the ring apron to help him back up. Cam’ron slides back in the ring, and runs over to the corner, jumping up and hitting Baker in the spine with a forearm shot.
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not gonna go down without a fight!
Baker continues to try and reach the Lunchbox to pull it down, but Cam’ron grabs Baker by the leg, and pulls him off the top rope! Baker comes down and hits his face on the top turnbuckle, and stands near the corner looking a bit dazed! Cam’ron grabs Baker by the head, and takes him down to the mat with a Snapmare, immediately followed up with an elbow strike to the top of the head!
Baker lays on the mat clutching his head, and Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and walks over to the corner with the ‘Souls’ on the Pole. Cam’ron starts climbing up the turnbuckles, trying to reach the Lunchbox, but he’s out of reach as he stands on the second rope. Cam’ron looks about ready to climb up to the top rope, but before he does, he turns around to see Baker getting back up to his feet. Cam’ron decides against going for the ‘Soul’ for now, and turns his body around to face Baker as he stands on the second rope. Baker gets back up to a vertical base, and Cam’ron leaps off the second rope to catch him with a dropkick!!
Paisner: And what a dropkick from Cam’ron West!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not your typical wrestler, but that was a veteran move from him to check on Baker’s status before going all the way up to the top rope.
Baker lays on the mat in pain, as the crowd applauds the athleticism from Cam’ron. Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and leaps up into the air before coming down onto the prone Baker with a Legdrop! Baker rolls towards the ropes, and rolls out of the ring to the floor. Cam’ron walks over to the ropes, and steps through them onto the apron, dropping onto the floor as well. Cam’ron peels Baker off the floor and up to his feet, and tucks his head, before lifting him up and dropping him with a Snap Suplex to the floor!
Paisner: Snap Suplex to the floor!!!
Baker lays in a heap on the floor, clutching his back, and wincing in pain. Cam’ron doesn’t give him much of a rest though, as he bends down to pick Baker back up off the floor, and once again he grabs a hold of him, dropping him to the floor with another Suplex!
Paisner: Another suplex from Cam’ron to Baker on the floor!
Woodbridge: And Cam’ron can do it again and again and again if he wants to! There’s no risk of getting counted out in this match!
Baker yells in pain now as he lays on the floor, while Cam’ron turns his attention to the apron of the ring. West lifts up the ringskirt, and looks underneath the ring for a potential weapon! After a bit of searching, Cam’ron pulls a TABLE out from underneath the ring!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s got a table! This doesn’t bode well for Baker!
Cam’ron starts undoing the table legs, and setting the table in its upright position at ringside. Cam’ron gets the table completely set up, but as he turns around to check on Baker, he gets caught off guard with a big forearm shot to the face! Baker follows up with another forearm, and another, and another! Baker then grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head, and bashes his face into the set-up Table!
Woodbridge: Baker smacking Cam’ron’s face against that hard wooden table! Cam’ron may have taken a bit too long to get that table set up!
Paisner: Or maybe he didn’t damage Baker enough before trying to set up the table in the first place! Either way, Baker’s back in the driver's seat!
Baker sends Cam’ron back through the ropes and inside the ring and Baker slides in after him. Cam’ron starts trying to get back up to his feet, but Baker hits him with a hard kick to the gut, and follows up by grabbing him, and lifting him over his head and to the mat with a Pumphandle Suplex!
Baker starts making his way over to the corner with the pole, but he hesitates for a moment. He turns around to see Cam’ron trying to push himself up to his feet, and he realizes more work must be done. Baker walks back over to Cam’ron, and grabs him by the head, planting him on the mat with a SPIKE DDT!
Paisner: SPIKE DDT!!! Good lord!
Woodbridge: Baker just drilled him!
Baker gets back up once again, and starts making his way to the corner with the pole once more. Baker starts climbing the turnbuckles again, but as he gets up to the second rope, he hears some rustling behind him. Baker pauses his climb for a moment to turn around, and he sees Cam’ron once again starting to stir, starting to get back up to a vertical base.
Woodbridge: Cam'ron-sama is refusing to stay down!
Paisner: And this seems to be throwing a monkey wrench in Baker’s plans! He’s trying to win this ASAP so he can be fresh for the Tag Title Match later tonight, but Cam’ron is proving to be tougher than he may have expected!
Baker hops off the turnbuckle once again, and makes his way to Cam’ron. Baker pulls Cam’ron up to his feet, and grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head. Baker now has his eyes locked on the table that Cam’ron set up at ringside!
Paisner: Baker’s got eyes on that table!!!
Woodbridge: THIS will keep Cam’ron down!
Baker grabs a hold of the back of Cam’ron’s head, and starts running with him to the ropes!
Woodbridge: He’s gonna send him through!!!
Baker chucks Cam’ron over the top rope, but Cam’ron hangs onto the top rope for dear life, as he stands on the apron in dangerous proximity to the table!
Paisner: Cam’ron hung onto the top rope, and that saved him from going through that table!
Woodbridge: But look at Baker!
Baker bounces off the opposite set of ropes, and starts charging at West, looking to knock him off the table, but Cam’ron gets his feet up, catching Baker on the side of the head with an Enziguiri! Baker takes a few steps back, looking a bit rocked after that kick, and Cam’ron somersaults through the middle rope, before popping up and taking Baker down with a big dropkick!!!!
Paisner: What a move from Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: This may be his opportunity!
Baker scrambles back up to his feet, but he runs right into the arms of Cam’ron, who takes him down to the mat with a BIG BLUE THUNDER BOMB!
Paisner: Blue Thunder Bomb! Blue Thunder Bomb!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s starting to feel it!
Baker looks dazed, laying in a heap on the mat, but he slowly starts to roll onto his stomach, push himself up, and rise back up to a vertical base. Cam’ron stands against the ropes, lying in wait, looking fired up!
Paisner: This crowd’s on their feet!
Baker, with a look of pain on his face, makes his way up to his feet, and Cam’ron lunges with full force towards Baker………………. taking him down with a big RUNNING LARIAT!
Woodbridge: THE WEST-ERN LARIAT!!!
Instinctually, Cam’ron goes for the cover, hooking the leg, but Mia reminds Cam that the match cannot be won by pinfall!
Paisner: But Pinfalls don’t count!
Woodbridge: If they did, Cam’ron would’ve just won this!
Paisner: Cam’ron just let muscle-memory take over. He’s from another world, and as such he may be getting used to regular wrestling matches, but he’s not entirely used to matches like this, where there are no Pinfalls!
Cam’ron looks a bit flustered, but he doesn’t let it affect him for long. Cam’ron now starts walking over to the corner with the Pole, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, while Baker lays in a heap on the mat!
Woodbridge: Now Cam’ron has his eyes on the prize, and this may be the beginning of the end of this match!
Camron climbs all the way up to the top rope, and starts reaching up at the lunchbox, mere fingertips away!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s close! He’s real close!
Camron tries to grab a hold of the lunchbox, but as he reaches up, Baker starts getting back up to a vertical base, and starts hobbling towards the ropes.
Woodbridge: Baker’s up, fighting through the pain!
Baker hobbles towards the ropes at a great speed, and flails his body at the top rope, causing Cam’ron’s foot to slip off the rope, and Cam’ron crotches himself on the top turnbuckle!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Right in the family jewels! And look at Cam’ron, he’s in agony!
Camron sits crotched on the top turnbuckle, with a look of pure agony and pain on his face! Baker hobbles over to West on the turnbuckles, and pulls his body downwards with his feet still hooked on the turnbuckles, setting Cam’ron up in the Tree of Woe!
Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!
Paisner: Tree of Woe! This could be DISASTROUS for Cam’ron West!!!
Baker steps through the ropes, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly making his way up to the top rope, and using the pole to help balance himself. He looks down at Cam’ron, who hasn’t moved very much in the tree of woe, and Baker starts reaching up for the Lunchbox, trying to grab a hold of it, unhook it and put this match to rest!
Paisner: Baker’s got another match to worry about later tonight, he’s doing the smart thing here, trying to end this ASAP!
But as Baker tries to grab the Lunchbox, Cam’ron starts using his core strength to slowly pull himself back up!
Woodbridge: But Cam’ron’s not quite done yet!
Baker looks down to see Cam’ron trying to get back up, and he kicks him right in the face, sending Cam’ron right back down in the tree of woe position!
Paisner: Baker’s gotta create some separation between himself and Cam’ron, and I think he may realize it too!
Baker now stands on the top turnbuckle facing Cam’ron, looking down at him as he tries to pull himself up again. Cam’ron tries to use his core and pull himself back up asain, but Baker leaps off the top, and comes down onto West with a DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!
Cam’ron lays on the mat with a look of agony on his face, while Baker quickly rolls out of the ring, and lifts up the ringskirt to look for a weapon! Baker pulls a STEEL CHAIR out, and slides it into the ring before rolling in the ring himself!
Woodbridge: Now Baker has a chair! Cam’ron’s in deep shit!!!
Baker positions the Chair flat in the center of the ring, before making his way over to the vulnerable West. Baker bends down, and grabs Cam’ron by the arms, dragging him to the center of the ring. Baker pulls Cam back up to a vertical base, before tucking his head in between his legs, lifting him up……...and DROPPING HIM RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR WITH A THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB!!!
Woodbridge: HOT DAMN! CAM IS OUT!!!!
Cam’ron looks to be nearly motionless on the mat, and he seems absolutely physically spent!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron just got sent for a ride, and now Baker’s going for the ‘Souls!’ This has gotta be it!
Baker wastes no time after the Big Powerbomb. After dropping Cam’ron, Baker immediately makes his way to the corner with the pole, and he starts climbing up the turnbuckles as fast as his body can muster!
Paisner: Baker’s climbing, and Cam’ron’s still down!
Baker climbs up the turnbuckles and stands on the top rope, reaching up and grazing his fingers on the Lunchbox!
Paisner: Baker’s got his fingers on that Lunchbox, he’s just gotta get a good grip on it!
Baker, while trying to keep his balance on the top rope, desperately tries to reach for the Lunchbox, and he almost gets a good grip on it…
Woodbridge: Baker’s about to put this one away!
Baker finally grabs a hold of the Lunchbox………....but Cam’ron West, fighting through all the pain in his body, starts getting back up to his feet on the mat, and he quickly hobbles himself over to the corner!
Paisner: How is Cam’ron standing?!?!
Woodbridge: I don’t know, but he may be too late!!!
Cam’ron wastes little time, and climbs up to the second rope, throwing forearm shots into the back of Baker. Baker still keeps his balance on the top turnbuckle, hanging onto the pole for stability, as he grabs a hold of the Lunchbox with his other hand!!!
Paisner: Baker’s just gotta unhook the Lunchbox!!!
Cam’ron now climbs all the way up to the top rope, and grabs Baker by the waist, leaning back and trying to use gravity to pull him off the turnbuckle!!! Baker starts to tip backwards, and he releases his grip on the lunchbox to grab the pole with both hands, hanging on for dear life!!!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s trying to take him down!
Paisner: Baker’s desperately trying to hang on!!!
Cam’ron throws a couple more forearm strikes to the back of Baker, and tries to pull him off again, but Baker hangs on!
Paisner: How much longer can Baker hang on!?!?!
Cam’ron, still with one arm wrapped around Baker’s waist, now starts reaching out to Baker’s upper arm with his free hand, hitting him with hammer strikes to the bicep, trying to break Baker’s grip as he hangs on for dear life with both hands!!! With each strike from Cam’ron to Baker’s bicep, Baker loses more and more grip, and his fingers start slipping off the pole!
Paisner: Baker’s slipping!!!
With Baker’s grip severely weakened, Cam’ron hooks both arms around Baker’s waist once again, and leans back………………throwing Baker off the top rope with a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!
Baker lays nearly motionless on the mat, but Cam’ron starts using the nearby ropes to help pull himself back up to a vertical base! Cam’ron looks up at the Lunchbox, and starts climbing the turnbuckles!
Paisner: Baker’s down, and Cam’ron West may be a few small moments away from victory!
Cam’ron slowly climbs up the turnbuckles, reaching up to the Lunchbox, but he’s not quite there yet. He climbs up to the top rope, grabbing a hold of the pole to balance himself, and he reaches up to the lunchbox, grazing his fingers on it!
Woodbridge: Cam is close, he’s REAL close!!!
Cam’ron manages to get a good grip on the Lunchbox, and starts trying to unhook it!
Paisner: It looks like Cam’ron’s got it!!!
Cam’ron just about unhooks it, but before he can, suddenly a whole entire STEEL CHAIR is thrown by a kneeling Baker in the ring, and it thwacks Cam’ron on the back of the head!!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Baker just chucked that chair at West!
Paisner: Baker didn’t have enough time to get up and physically pull Cam’ron off that turnbuckle, but thanks to that Steel Chair that was used earlier being close to him on the mat, as well as a great throw, Baker’s momentarily still in this one!
Baker stays in his kneeling position on the mat, still in a great deal of pain, while Cam’ron pulls his hand off the Lunchbox to favor the back of his head, as he stands groggy on the top rope.
Woodbridge: Cam may be out on his feet on that top rope! This is a very precarious position!
Baker drops down from his knees to flat down on the mat, and rolls over to the side of the ring, rolling underneath the ropes, and using them to pull himself back up to his feet on the apron. Baker walks over to the corner, and starts throwing punches at Cam’ron’s thigh, causing Cam to hunch over and try to balance himself against the pole. With Cam hunched over, Baker reaches up……….shoving Cam’ron off the top, sending him CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE SET UP AT RINGSIDE!!!!
Woodbridge: JESUS!!!
Cam’ron lays in the wreckage of the broken table on the floor, and Mia So Hung immediately checks on him. The crowd starts chanting at what they’ve just seen!
Paisner: And the table that Cam’ron set up earlier in the match just came back to haunt him, and now Baker’s all but won this thing!
Baker looks down at the wreckage of the table and Cam’ron, before climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly getting closer and closer to the top while Cam’ron remains motionless on the floor. Baker stands on the top rope, hanging on to the pole for support, while reaching up at the Lunchbox, grabbing ahold of it……..and unhooking it from the pole, securing the Lunchbox with the ‘Souls’ of himself and Cam’ron and winning the match! Mia So Hung calls for the bell!
Paisner: Jim Baker has done it, he has the ‘Soul’ of Cam’ron West!
Babaganoush: At a time of 17 minutes and 20 seconds, here is your winner……….JIM…..BBAAAKKKEERRRRR!!!
As Baker’s music hits, the crowd rises to their feet and starts applauding, clapping for both men for their efforts in the match. Baker stands on the top rope against the pole, looking elated after this big win.
Paisner: Holy SMOKES what a brawl that was! Both men gave it their all, and they’re standing here in Atlanta!
Baker climbs down off the corner with the Lunchbox in hand, raising his fist in the air in victory, but taking some deep breaths as he does so.
Paisner: Congratulations to Baker, but hats off to Cam’ron as well! What a way to kick this show off!
Baker rolls out of the ring, with the Lunchbox in hand, and he looks down at Cam’ron who is still being tended to by Mia So Hung. Cam’ron barely has his eyes open, but Baker nods his head slightly down at him, a small show of respect from Baker to West.
Paisner: West gave it a hell of a go in that match, and while Baker may not like him, I think he’s earned a bit of Baker’s respect here tonight.
Baker walks back up the aisle, not limping, not showing any major signs of injury, but he definitely looks to be in a great deal of pain, and looks slightly exhausted.
Paisner: After that match, the two questions on my mind are ‘Where does Cam’ron West go from here?’ and ‘What shape will Baker be in later tonight?’
Woodbridge: After that showing, I’d say Cam’ron’s getting better and better in the ring, and he’ll continue to improve his game. As for Baker, he’s gonna have a couple hours to recuperate before his Tag Title Match tonight, but he took a LOT of punishment in this match. Even with a couple hours rest, I don’t think he’ll be at 100% later tonight.
Paisner: Time will tell, ladies and gentlemen. But now, coming up next we have tag team action as Team BS, Buster Braggadocio and Stephen Romero take on Miles Alpha and Dalidus Nova of the Young Cardinals.
Woodbridge: And there’s a lot to say for the partnership between Buster and Romero. They’re two sides of the same coin more or less, both of them proud of their ethnicity and who they are, but there’s a disparity between the attitudes of the two.
Paisner: Nova and Alpha at first glance would seem to be a more cohesive unit, but I wouldn’t dare count Buster and Romero out. If there’s any group who’s insufferable enough to get Romero and Braggadocio on the same page, it’s the Young Cards.
Woodbridge: We’ll send it down to my boy Javier for the introductions!
We cut to Babaganoush, who stands in the ring with the mic.
Javier: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall…..
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier:......with a 60 Minute Time Limit! Your referee is Ivan Itichicock!
The crowd applauds for Itchicock as he enters the ring. We pan over the crowd as some funky beats begin to play over the sound system.
Javier: Introducing First, From Atlanta, Georgia……….
Paisner: Hometown pop!
Javier:...the first half of Team BS: BUUSTTERRR BRAGGAADOOCIIIIOOOOOO!!!!
Buster saunters through the entrance of the runway without a care in the world. He stops for a moment, turning around to reveal "Straight Outta TEAM BS" sewn onto the back of his vest. It’s clearly his own handy work, with the letters hastily stitched on with the same material as his flashy red pants.
Crowd: WOOOOO!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
He continues down the runway, mostly getting cheers from his hometown…..until he starts accusing fans of being ‘crackers’ regardless of their heritage.
Paisner: Once again Buster has chosen to keep his entrance for this tag team match.
Woodbridge: We all know that Romero and Braggadocio don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything - but this is looking more and more like a sign that things may not be all sunshine and rainbows.
Paisner: Woodbridge, may I give some professional feedback? As a friend?
Woodbridge: … Yes?
Paisner: Maybe we shouldn’t run straight to the rainbow metaphors when speaking about these two.
Woodbridge: That’s not what I…
Paisner: Because his partner is-
Woodbridge, pinching the bridge of his nose: Yes. Noted, thank you.
The lights dim as another familiar song begins to play throughout the ring.
Javier: And hailing from Sacramento, California, STEEEPPHHENN ROOOMMERRROOOO!
Crowd: RO-MER-O! RO-MER-O!
Romero appears at the end of the runway, playing off of the cheering fans who jump to greet him. He stays friendly, handing out fist bumps along his walk to the ring, but those who look close enough can see that he isn’t feeling as confident as usual.
He steps into the ring and hops up onto the turnbuckles, running a hand through his hair before raising a fist to the crowd. After returning to his corner, he looks expectantly to the top of the runway just in time for the lights to dim once again.
Dalidus Nova and Miles Alpha walk out wearing matching military jackets with the canadian flag stitched onto the arms
Javier: And their opponents, representing The Vanguard. At a combined weight of 415 pounds, The YOOOOOOOOUNG CARDINALS, MILES ALPHA AND DALIDUUUUUS NOOOOVA!
Paisner: The former tag team champs have had issues with the newly formed Team BS for a few months now.
Woodbridge: Yes, but despite being a team for years, they might not be fully on the same page either, as Joey McCarty has been busy with individual championship pursuits to help his fellow Cardinals tonight.
The Cardinals walk straight to the ring, ignoring the fans and staring down Romero and Braggadocio. The two Cardinals step into the ring, Alpha subtly bopping his head to the music, as the two hand their jackets to Chondon. Their music starts to fade away, and both teams get ready in their respective corners. Itchicock confirms both teams are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
As the bell sounds, Romero and Nova stare one another down, before both charging from out the corner! Romero swinging out with a lariat, an action Nova seems to have anticipated as he quickly gets slow to slide under and in between Romero’s legs to get behind him! Nova quickly rises and jumps up to deliver a dropkick to Romero’s back! Sending Romero stumbling towards the ropes, as Alpha runs over to the center of the apron to try and catch Romero with a kick to the head from the outside! But Romero manages to duck his head under, as he turns around, and sees a charging Nova coming right for him! Romero sidesteps just as Nova goes for a superkick, Nova nearly kicking Alpha, but Alpha reacting fast enough to catch Nova’s leg, and try to turn it right back around into their favor as he spins Nova by the leg to try and get him to catch Romero in the head with it! But Romero ducks straight under it! Then rises up to clock Nova on the jaw with a stiff forearm strike! Sending Nova stumbling back and onto a knee, as Alpha tries to run over to near Romero and swing with his own strike, but Romero catches him with a back elbow! Dropping Alpha to his ass on the apron!
Paisner: The Cardinals managing to avoid taking each other out, and hell, nearly turning back around a potentially bad situation into getting one over on Romero, but Romero with incredible awareness and timing with his moves! Subduing both cardinals!
Nova has groggily gotten up and backed themselves up into a corner, which Romero turns his head to see, and charges at Nova with a clothesline in the corner! Sending Nova sinking down in the corner! Romero then grabs Nova and brings him back up, before heading to the opposite corner, and rushing back with a second clothesline! This one knocking the air out of Nova, as he falls to a seated position in the corner!
Romero has a confident look on his face, as he grabs a hurt Nova, struggling to get air into his body, then just biel tosses him across near all the way across the ring! Nova landing right near the opposite corner!
Woodbridge: The absurd strength of this man! That’s over 220 pounds tossed like it’s nothing!
Nova is loopy in the corner, grabbing the ropes, and slowly pulling himself up. Eventually making his way up to his feet, as Romero goes to rush towards him again!.....but Nova slips himself through the ropes, then flicks himself up to connect with a pendulum kick to the head of Romero! Stunning him in the center of the ring! Nova then steps back into the ring, taking a moment to catch his breath, before running towards Romero, then jumping up with an enziguri to Romero’s head! Sending Romero a bit wobbly on his feet!
Nova then grabs the wobbly Romero, and tosses him into his tag corner, where we see a now-recovered Alpha standing up. Nova tags in Alpha, as Romero in the corner tries to quickly grab Nova and strike Nova away, but Alpha strikes Romero in the head from behind to stun him, and stop him! Nova begins to lay in hard kicks to Romero’s midsection as Alpha then steps into the ring, where he joins in with the kicks to the midsection! Romero sinking down in the corner as The Cardinals send kick after kick into his chest! Before the two link arms, as Alpha whips Nova towards the center of the ring, before Nova turning himself to whip Alpha even closer to the center, before Nova then sends Alpha running back towards Romero! Alpha sent at a high speed as he jumps up with a hesitation dropkick to the face of Romero! Leaving him completely seated and loopy in the corner!
Woodbridge: Young Cardinals seeking to do what they do best, on point teamwork learned from years of experience not only as just general tag wrestlers, but with each other specifically. Buster and Romero may know the tag ring very well, but they can’t compete with how well Nova and Alpha know each other specifically.
Nova then heads over to the apron, as Alpha walks towards Romero, and goes to press his boot into Romero’s neck! Romero grabs onto Alpha’s legs, and goes to pry him off quickly, but Alpha drops down to dropkick Romero’s face to re-stun him, before getting up and extending his leg out again to successfully press it into Romero’s neck and choke him out!
All the air is pressed out of Romero, as he struggles around while Alpha applies the choke. Itchicock eventually begins to count Alpha off, who breaks only right before the 5 count!
Alpha smirks at his work, Romero holding at his neck on the ground, struggling to breath, as Alpha then just begins to lightly tap at Romero’s head with his boot!
Paisner: And now just palpable disrespect from Alpha! Taunting Romero on the ground!
Alpha keeps booting the head of Romero, yelling out taunting remark after taunting remark as Romero begins to push himself up against it. Romero gets to a knee, as eventually Alpha switches to doing something more legit harmful, as he shoots down forearm strikes into the head of Romero! Sending a hard one right down into Romero, but Romero moves through and continues to rise up! Alpha then strikes with another rough forearm to Romero, but still Romero is not deterred! Alpha beginning to panic, starts striking rapidly with the forearms, looking to subdue Romero with an absolute onslaught of forearms, but eventually, Romero forcefully pushes himself up and breaks through! Alpha is sent flying across the ring, falling on his ass, as he scrambles to his feet and rushes back at Romero to try and re-take advantage, but runs right into Romero tossing out an open palm chop! Impacting Alpha’s chest hard, and flooring him right to the ground!
Alpha writhes around on the mat! Moaning in pain, clutching at his chest, now left with a big red spot in the middle, as Romero then lets out a roar!
Romero then takes a moment to catch his breath and collect himself, before he then sizes Alpha down, and goes to run the ropes!.....but gets caught with a kick in the back from Nova as he hits them!
Romero tenses up for a moment, before he goes to turn around to strike Nova off of the apron! But Nova ducks under the elbow Romero throws at him, and grabs his head to pull Romero down into the ropes to whiplash his face off of them!
Woodbridge: Romero trying to come back, but the Cardinals sneaky tactics quickly cutting him right back off! Excellent work from Nova!
Romero is sent back from the ropes, holding at his face as he falls to a knee. While we see Alpha beginning to stir from the chop he had just taken. Romero begins to try and rise from his knee, but Alpha runs in with a dropkick to the back of Romero’s head! Forcing him back to the ground!
Alpha then grabs Romero, and does his best to try and bring Romero up, but the significant weight difference makes it a struggle. So instead, he works from the position he has. Dropping Romero and allowing him to hit the mat, before applying a rear chinlock to the larger man.
Paisner And now Alpha trying to ground the big man, wear down Romero. And this can not only take even more energy out of Romero than has also been took, but also drain the morale of Buster to try and get Romero back into it!
Alpha grinds in on the chinlock, getting low to the ground as possible to sink out as much as he can from Romero. Romero tries to power up, but Alpha is quicker, and delivers an elbow strike to the shoulder and neck that drops Romero back to the mat.
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2020.10.18 16:18 Kuriturisu 201019 Weekly Recap (October 12 - October 18)

201019 Weekly Recap (October 12 - October 18)
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2020.10.18 16:15 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: October 12th - October 18th

Weekly Round-Up: October 12th - October 18th /bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: October 5th - October 11th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.
Date Thread
201013 Jawsh 685 AMA
Date Thread
201013 Happy Jimin day! [Birthday Compilation thread] - 2020
201014 BTS @ the 2020 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)
News & Information
Date Thread
201012 Big Hit Entertainment says that a total of 993,000 viewers from 191 countries watched "Map of the Soul ON:E" on Oct. 10 & 11
201011 MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Customer Experience Survey
201012 You can now connect your ARMY Bomb 'Ver.3' and 'MAP OF THE SOUL SPECIAL EDITION' to 'Persona' Comeback Trailer MV
201012 'Savage Love' (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix] is #1 on Billboard Hot 100
201012 'Dynamite' is #2 on Billboard Hot 100 for its 7th week
201012 BTS is the first group to simultaneously rank at #1 and #2 on the Hot 100 in over a decade
201015 KPop Herald: Live reporting of BigHit IPO listing (thread)
201015 Bloomberg Asia: K-pop group BTS's agency, Big Hit, soars up to 160% more than its IPO price
201016 MAX- Blueberry Eyes (feat. Suga) will be promoted to US Pop radio starting next week (Oct. 19)
201017 Recording Academy member Natalie Nicole confirms in a tweet BTS submitted 7 nominations for Grammys 2021, 4 for Dynamite and 3 for Map of the Soul 7
201017 "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" has added English subs to all BTS performances
201017 'Dynamite' receives 19th music show win on this week's MBC Music Core!
Merchandise news
Date Thread
201012 “Map of the Soul ON:E” livestream purchasers-only special merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop Global
201012 “Map of the Soul ON:E” concert merchandise is now available for all customers to preorder on Weverse Shop
201012 BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Online Store GLOBAL Guest Information & Purchasing Guide
201014 BTS Pop-up: MAP OF THE SOUL Online Store Press Release
201014 beWATER with BTS will be available to order on October 15 from 12PM KST on Weverse Shop Global (Korea delivery only)
201015 Limited Edition CD With Dynamite and All Remixes On Sale Now
201015 BigHit Official Merch: [BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Showcase in Seoul] Pre-reservation Guide
201016 BigHit Official Merch: Do your thang with me now #BTS_POPUP #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL #BlackSwan
201017 BigHit Official Merch: 가져와 Bring the pain oh yeah #BTS_POPUP #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL #ON
Expired news
Date Thread
201011 US Army: Reminder about Target's "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" deal that starts today and ends Oct 17! You can consider pre-ordering BE and/or SKA:LA from here.
201015 Big Hit IPO ceremony will broadcast live for 15 minutes from Big Hit YouTube Channel at 8:50am KST
Official Media
Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 201016 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ BBMAs 2020 Thread
Bomb 201018 [BANGTAN BOMB] Who's That Shadow? Thread
In the SOOP 201013 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.8 Back to Our Everyday Life: Behind-the-scenes Thread
Teaser 201013 [PREVIEW] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Skool Luv Affair Special Addition' Thread
New Releases
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201018 Docksim's Soundcloud: Save Me (ghost band interpretation) Thread
Official SNS
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201012 Weverse j-hope Thread
201012 Twitter Namjoon Thread
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201013 Twitter BigHit Entertainment Thread
201013 Twitter BTS Official Thread
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201017 Weverse Compilation
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201017 Twitter Bangtan Thread
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201012 [Hyundai Motors X BTS] BTS' QUALITY TIME!
201014 BODYFRIEND X BTS 2nd Behind The Scenes Teasers
Date Publisher Article Thread
201013 ET Online Lea Salonga Talking About the Power of BTS Thread
201013 The New York Times BTS Honored Korean War Sacrifices. Some in China Detected an Insult. Thread
201013 Forbes BTS Used to Benefit From Western Pop Stars Featuring On Their Songs. Now the Tables Have Turned Thread
201014 The New York Times BTS’s Loyal Army of Fans Is the Secret Weapon Behind a $4 Billion I.P.O. Thread
201014 BBC The BTS fans investing in their favourite K-pop band Thread
201014 TIME BTS's Parent Company Is Going Public. Here's How the Music Industry Could Replicate Its Massive Success Thread
201016 LaineyGossip BTS: Top Charts, Top Stocks Thread
201017 Slate The Strange, Globetrotting Story Behind America’s New No. 1 Song. Thread
SNS Mentions NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
201012 Kildren - 'V'Lack Thread
201013 Lionsgate: BTS x Lionsgate Universe Thread
201013 Michael Jackson Thread
201012 Bee Gees tweeted about BTS! Thread
201013 Son Sung Deok Instagram Thread
201012 BBMAs Who'd You Rather with Kelly Clarkson (She'd rather have BTS and ARMY bail her our of jail than the Jonas Brothers) Thread
201013 Chung Sye-kyun(정세균), South Korea’s prime minister, posted a message congratulating BTS for their #1 and #2 on the Hot 100 chart Thread
201013 💜 BBMAs: Now boarding with nonstop service to the #BBMAs! @BTS_twt hits the stage TOMORROW at 8/7c on NBC. #BTSxBBMAs Thread
201014 💜 BBMAs: Time to light the #BBMAs stage up like DYNAMITE! 💥 Thread
201015 💜 Charlie Puth (ft. JungKook) Thread
Other media NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Cover 201018 BTS's Dynamite was performed on MBC King of the Masked Singer Thread
Photos 💜 201012 Kpop Herald: More photos from @BTS_twt' Map of the Soul: ON:E Thread
Video 💜 201012 BTS' special video message for BBMAs Thread
Video 💜 201012 Billboard Music Awards: We asked BTS a few questions before their performance this Wednesday... Thread
Video 201012 STREET DEBATE: Korean Men Discuss Whether BTS Should Receive Military Service Exemption Thread
Video 201016 [ENG] The reason why MV director apologized to V of BTS? / Comment Defenders / AYO / Reaction Thread
Other 201017 BTS - Black Swan Concept (Motion Graphics by Undesigned Museum for BTS Pop-Up Map of the Soul) Thread
Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 201012 BTS's "Filter" has now sold over 200,000 units in the US
Charts/Sales 201012 BTS' "Dynamite" extends its reign as the longest running #1 single on the Digital Song Sales chart this year (7th week; 94K sold)
Charts/Sales 201012 BTS Dynamite Has Surpassed 1mil Pure Sales In The US
Charts/Sales 201012 Forbes: BTS Claim The Two Bestselling Songs In The U.S. With ‘Dynamite’ And ‘Savage Love’
Charts/Sales 201012 "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)" also hits No. 1 on this week's #Global200 chart for the first time
Charts/Sales 201012 "Dynamite" is #3 on the Billboard Global 200
Charts/Sales 201012 "Dynamite" is #2 and "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)" debuts at #3 on the Billboard Global 200 Excl. U.S.
Charts/Sales 201014 "Skool Luv Affair Special Addition (re-issue)" by BTS was the #1 most sold album on Hanteo today with 81,888 sales!
Charts/Sales 201015 "Dynamite" has now spent 7 weeks at #1 in South Korea Gaon Digital Chart, the first and only song by a group in history to achieve this
Charts/Sales 201016 ‘Skool Luv Affair (Special Edition)’ has re-entered US iTunes!
Followers 201017 BTS Have Surpassed 30 MILLION Followers on Twitter & remain the Most Followed Korean Act on the platform
Likes 201018 With 19.655 million likes, "Dynamite" Official MV of @BTS_twt has now surpassed "Gangnam Style" and become the most liked MV of an Asian artist on YouTube
Streams 201014 BTS Is The #1 Most Streamed Artist On Global Spotify Date On October 12th With 22.24mil Streams
Streams 201015 BTS's "Jamais Vu" Has Now Surpassed 100 MILLION Streams on Spotify (41st song to do so)
Streams 201016 Dynamite Audio has surpassed 40M streams on YouTube Music. First BTS audio to do so.
Streams 201018 BTS's "Dynamite" has now surpassed 300 MILLION streams on Spotify
Streams 201018 "Dynamite" by BTS is now the fastest song by a Korean act to surpass 300 MILLION streams on Spotify (58 days), surpassing Boy With Luv! (194 days)
Views 201016 “ON" has now surpassed 200 million views on YouTube
Other 201013 BTS is now the first and only artist in history to spend 200 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Social 50
Date Link Thread
201012 TinyTAN: We can be small or big, and also fluffy! All you have to do is pick! ⏰October 14, 2020 3PM (KST) Thread
201014 TinyTAN merchandise for the month of October is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop Thread
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201012 BT21 PLAYLIST - Song From Planet BT Thread
BT21 merchandise news
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201014 BT21 Baby Digital Clock
201016 BT21 BABY Boucle Blanket & Cushion
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201013 UPDATE: Data Visualization of BTS Twitter Engagement (December 2015 - September 2020)
201017 [Fan account] My First Ever BTS Experience!
Subreddit Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form Community posts Top Discussion Posts
  1. [+180] I miss when BTS used to do covers of other songs at year end performances
  2. [+136] Favorite Jimin moments?
  3. [+132] How long did it take for you to learn their names?
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  5. [+104] New to BTS - Asking for Army's Guidance towards my BTS Journey
Weekly threads Fanart Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan!
Submitter Thread
AUOGil82 This year’s birthday drawing for Jimin~!
ilumoone Suga monochrome sketch
CrankyPilots Here’s my drawing for Jimin’s birthday! 💜 It’s based off of Serendipity and Lie
dandydellion Dynamite Fanart, I'm in love with the MVs colorgrading so much, and of course, with them haha
ilumoone Jimin drawing - Happy Birthday 🐣✨
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