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• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
Female, early 30s. Software engineer, raised in the Midwest and now live on the West Coast. Majored in English in college but took random math & CS classes throughout school. Before software, I worked in publishing and had a job managing publication schedules, which I haaaaaated— too detail oriented and I just fundamentally didn’t care.
I always thought I was “uncreative” and avoided the arts, thought I wanted a science career, until I was about 16 and started discovering my own, more structured creativity type. Thus I enjoyed studying literature as I could explore a lot of related disciplines and fold them all into an argument based on a piece or pieces of text. Enjoyed constructing an argument in that way. Enjoyed psychoanalytic theories of literature.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
Have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It’s mostly under control now, though of course I still struggle. Have considered that I’m ADHD or mildly autistic. Now that Asperger’s is no longer a diagnosis and I’ve learned more about ASD, I doubt I would be diagnosed for real.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
Very free range childhood. Many younger siblings (I was oldest). Grew up in a rural area where people would hunt, fish, etc. but I was never outdoorsy. Preferred sitting on the floor of my messy room reading. I loved reading The Babysitters Club (loved that there were so many different personalities, different books were written from different characters’ POVs, and I could “learn” about people through them), Encyclopedia Brown and the Cam Jansen books (detective children’s lit). I loved funny things, especially cartoons, and when I was a young kid (pre-Internet) I would keep notebooks where I’d write down the funniest jokes and quotes in the notebooks while watching TV. (Where they are now, I have no idea... ) I had a lot of neighbors for a rural place and would play with the neighbor kids, though I never closely bonded with them. I used to do my older neighbor’s math homework for fun (oops).
I had one best friend through all of school (a guy), and we were EXTREMELY close. We would rarely talk about feelings or social life, just had very similar taste in ideas, comedy and culture. LOVED pacing around the playground together at recess coming up with absurd storylines and jokes and talking about our favorite things (James Bond movies, Nintendo games, Nickelodeon cartoons like KaBlam!). Two of our favorite hangouts were 1) weekend long sleepover where we’d rent movies like Air Force One or Leslie Nielsen comedies and watch them repeatedly, 2) watch the vintage Nickelodeon Games and Sports channel for hours cracking jokes about the hosts and contestants. People always assumed we would eventually date but we would joke that if we had kids they were turn out sterile because we were so romantically disinterested in each other. Pure brain connection, though we would very occasionally discuss our feelings of sadness or longing for things as teens (to be involved in a subculture, dating woes, etc.)
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Software engineer. It’s not a perfect fit for me as it requires a lot of business alignment, but the periods where I can get lost for 2-3 weeks designing and prototyping and then implementing things to my standards are my favorite and very rewarding, don’t feel like work. I like reading about software design and software design principles in my free time.
I’ve had a million jobs throughout high school, college and young adulthood. Always hated anything administrative or support, hated project management of any kind. (Deadlines!! Procedures! Augh!!) Tended to flit from job to job because I was not interested in doing anything long term or having seniority.
Didn’t mind jobs with social interaction if it was brief and straightforward and jokes were permitted (bank teller, cashier) but hate jobs where team bonding and chemistry is a big emphasis. I don’t mind having short, pleasant interactions with people but just do not want to have a long-term, deep relationship with people I work with day after day. Tried waitressing and bartending since I didn’t mind being a bank teller but it was too far on the social/outgoing side and I didn’t last long.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
Refreshed! I love spending the weekend by myself. I live with my boyfriend in a small apartment and treasure the times he goes out to do his own thing, so I can play my podcasts, do projects alone, etc. I take a bubble bath twice a week as “me time” even though... basically my whole life is “me time.”
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
Always hated and was bad at sports. In school I’d go to the back of the line in softball pretending I already batted so I wouldn’t have to embarrass myself. Super slow runner. Generally awkward. The only sport I was ever good at (and I was pretty good, beat a couple of male jocks and they got furious about it) was badminton.
As an older adult, I’ve convinced myself to do exercise and sport for my health. I used to run (loved it because I didn’t need anything but shoes and could go anytime). Now I do Pilates, but plan to do more running. I enjoyed spin class pre-pandemic. Anything I can do basically on autopilot and with minimal preparation or equipment I tend to like.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
Very curious. At work my biggest issue is wanting to research everything down to the last detail in lieu of actually executing. I like to know things. I have a lot ideas, much less execution. As a kid I loved Rube Goldberg machines (always wanted to make one to gather together my stuff in the morning for school) and electronics but never built them or played around with Legos or anything. Preferred to draw diagrams if I did anything at all. (In fact, draftsmanship was my favorite part of wood shop in high school.)
Tend to be a very high or very low performer based on whether something sparks my genuine interest. Bad at faking interest or being disciplined to study things I’m not interested in.
My ideas tend to be about human nature, psychology and art, especially film. Definitely conceptual. I like esoteric things and watched a lot of independent movies in my teens. Love David Lynch for the way he explores a theme or idea repeatedly from different angles. Love Cronenberg, Kubrick, and Michael Mann. In literature I have gone through phases with different authors including Nathaniel Hawthorne, Philip K Dick, Richard Yates, Willa Cather, and others. Like musing in issues of human motivation, evil, the unconscious. Went through a big Freudian phase, a Marxism phase. It wasn’t that I agreed with either of them 100% but loved their systematizing approach to human nature and society. Enjoyed studying political philosophy in school for the same reason.
I’m drawn to certain topics in science and math but they have to be a balance of not too applied, not too abstract. For instance, I’m drawn to algorithms and algorithm design and information theory. I love the elegance and power of both. I used to joke I wanted to learn more physics because as a very lazy person, I’m a big fan of the simple machines (for the same reason, elegance and power). I tend to like tools that follow the same principle... love an excuse to use a rotary ratchet. I like putting together IKEA furniture and find it soothing, but don’t generally like woodworking because I’m too paranoid and perfectionist and it becomes stressful and OCDish for me. (Maxims like “measure twice, cut once” become “measure fifteen times, procrastinate cutting...”).
I like cooking, but not elaborate things. My boyfriend and I are vegan and my favorite thing is to find a way to veganize a dish I used to eat or find a substitute for an ingredient I don’t have on hand. We get a CSA box and I love coming up with ideas for what to do with each ingredient and making a plan, even if I don’t always execute.
(Vegan for the following reasons, in descending order of importance: animal welfare, simplification of cooking/food decisions, health & weight management, environmental concerns.)
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
No! I hate it. My boyfriend and I are trivia buffs and regularly come in first place at our local bar trivia despite being a two-person team. Recently at work, we did a trivia game and no one wanted to be captain... so I volunteered... and we came in last. I just couldn’t juggle leading the team, thinking, and being thorough and precise at the same time!
If I have to lead, my style is very laissez-faire... I’ve had interns in the past and it usually goes “here’s a problem, figure it out on your own, check in with me once a week and I’ll give feedback, then go do it and ask me questions as necessary.” I liked helping to build their confidence but really hated the process of guiding them beyond just giving them honest feedback when they came to me with ideas.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
Nope. Thus the badness as sports. However, hand-eye coordination is great and that’s why I’ve enjoyed badminton and ping pong, they require little strength and overall body coordination as a beginner. Working with my hands... like I said, I like assembling or fixing things (esp. coming up with clever fixes) but not so much building something from scratch. I like the meditative simplicity of cutting veggies when I cook. I do Pilates precisely because strength and mind body coordination are lacking for me.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I wrote more above, but my favorite art forms are literature, then film, then visual art, then music, in that order. I find it insanely hard to connect with music and generally like music that’s more meta, ironic, dark, humorous or conceptual (Johnathan Richman, Steely Dan, and loved Weird Al growing up).
In literature I like dark themes, intrigue, psychological content. Off the top of my head, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Patricia Highsmith, John Fowler, John LeCarre. In more fun reading, I love detective and spy stuff, including Sherlock Holmes. Also have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King. I read a decent amount of nonfiction, mostly about war and military history.
In film I like Kubrick, Lynch, Cronenberg, and have called all my favorite director at one time or another. I like Welles for how well he can represent dreamlike reverie. I love Michael Mann, esp Manhunter and Thief, two of my all time favorite movies. In pop culture I like the Bond movies, love Al Pacino.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
Oof. The past is often a source of pain and regret for me; I have some overactive guilt. A painful thing for me growing up was being parentified and overfunctioning a lot (many younger siblings, divorced parents) even though I’m not very inherently responsible or dutiful. I do tend to get nostalgic about things I was into growing up (silly things like favorite candies that aren’t made anymore, favorite cartoons, etc.)
In the present I focus a lot on balance, keeping myself in check (tendency to not clean, to daydream and not focus on work, to get overwhelmed when I have too many expectations on me). I need to have fun a lot to stay on track, though for me “fun” is not the outgoing type of fun (so ordering takeout, reading a great book, bubble baths, video games). I tend to automate and systematize parts of my life and personal care that bore me and that I would normally avoid. (Things like what to cook, when to wash my hair, etc.) I usually have to pair stuff I hate with stuff I like to get it done. (Playing a funny podcast while I cook or clean, etc.)
The future tends to stress me out, honestly. Like I said, I’m in my early 30s and deciding whether I want kids is a big question. I’ve never felt particularly maternal, but was surprised when my nieces and nephews were born how strongly I felt toward them, so it’s made me question what will really fulfill me. I’m not great at planning or sticking to plans. Tend to make decisions in the moment... for instance, I’d find it very stressful and difficult to plan to buy a house (saving, figuring out what to look for), but if I go look at houses, I’m likely to fall in love with one right away and commit fast.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
I generally feel overburdened when people depend on me a lot. But I don’t mind helping with things like... talking through a problem with an intern at work and kind of breaking it down into a decision tree to pick a solution. Sharing advice with someone that I heard from someone else. Or talking someone through what they want from a job, or a college. I like talking to first generation college students (or prospective students) about how to get ahead, which was an experience I went through. So I don’t mind helping people abstractly but generally don’t like helping to... set up for a party, or something like that. I will do it but feel stressed and can’t wait for it to be over.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Haha. Well, somewhat. Hard to say what this really means, because I can be impulsive, but generally have a hard time defending a decision unless I can speak logically about it. I don’t always realize that though, and can go around and around questioning something and not being sure why I’m not comfortable until I realize I haven’t logicked it out. I tend to make “if this, then that” type decision algorithms for myself to model outcomes or expedite decision making. “If it’s sunny tomorrow, X is the best thing to do on our vacation, but if it’s cloudy we’ll do Y and reschedule X for the next sunny day. Should be easy because Z can be bumped regardless of weather, and X and Y are priorities over Z.” Stuff like this that drives my boyfriend and family insane looool.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
Hmmmm. I am not especially productive, but do tend to prize efficiency. My boyfriend is very considerate of other people’s feelings, including mine, and will often ask 3-4 questions to build up to his main question/request, and I’m always saying things like “it would have been much more efficient to just ask the main question!” I like to “multithread” (not multitask) what I’m doing as much as possible— when cooking, I try to optimize each operation of the recipe for time (so if chopped veggies aren’t needed until after broth has simmered, definitely will put broth on to simmer and chop while waiting). This sometimes backfires when I pack too much in for efficiency’s sake and end up having to go into hyperdrive to make sure I don’t delay a step. An annoying habit I have is to ask boyfriend “if you knew we’d have to wait for X, why did you do Y first? Should have started X then did Y in the meantime.” Or saying, “You always ask me this, and the answer is always yes, you can stop asking for efficiency’s sake and I won’t be mad if someday you don’t ask and the answer is no.” He just gives me a knowing look at this point!
I am also obsessed with packing groceries efficiently in our cart and arranging our overpacked fridge like Tetris...
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
As in the last question, I can be a bit picky and bossy about doing things efficiently and will be a bit controlling about that. I watched a sitcom recently where a girl was playing with her friend, and the mom came in to say she needed the girl for a sec, after which the girl said to her friend “you said you needed a bathroom break for number two... here’s your window.” Yeah, that is unfortunately me...
I tend to be fine with other people doing whatever they want to do, but I’m very independent, so if the decision affects me then I can get squirrelly. And I also pains me to watch others make decisions that appear to me guided by their low self worth, I always want to intervene and convince them to act in a way that places more value on themselves. I will definitely pull the “it’s illogical to act that way, it’s a lose-lose scenario!” type argument, which can make me seem bossy and out of touch.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
I have always struggled to articulate this but as I get older I see more clearly. Obviously, reading and watching films. Television, but I’m picky about what I watch. I tend to like highbrow or campy.
Food and food culture/history— I’m always surprised when someone doesn’t know as much about food as I do, because I don’t consider it a strong hobby (as a very casual home chef), but I obviously read about food more than I cook. I like reading about, for instance, how a typical middle class French family prepares and eats a meal, or the origin of the word “supper,” or learning about dishes from Eastern cultures that surprise me with unfamiliar ingredients or techniques. I like to make food that feels a bit experimental, rustic, or “magical,” like using chia or rice flour to create spongy texture, eating rice and green tea together as a soup (Japanese snack), creating Swedish breads and buns, making vinegar from leftover wine, making vegan cheese, etc. I don’t like the part of cooking that is about making big, elaborate, magazine-ready spreads and feasts. More about learning tricks and discovering new things.
I love logic puzzles and have taken LSAT practice quizzes for fun. I enjoy deduction. Going down information rabbit holes. Wine and beer tasting is fun to me, and I tend to intellectualize it and get obsessed with history and culture or wine/beewhatever. I like learning about process, like wine or beer making.
Trivia, as previously mentioned. Have been in trivia groups and leagues consistently for the last 15 years. Like Jeopardy!, playing Trivial Pursuit, etc. I tend to know a lot about a certain subjects and have huge general knowledge gaps elsewhere, whereas my boyfriend is a generalist with a great memory, so we make a good team.
I have tried crafting in the past and while knitting mindlessly can be a good destresser, I don’t enjoy the attention to detail required to make an actual thing that fits. I like decluttering my stuff, throwing things away lol. I like minimalism and streamlining unnecessary stuff and making things work for me, my way. For instance, I have a bunch of figurines from my nieces and nephews that I like to keep out to honor them, but I hate clutter and never dust. As a compromise, I bought a box of canned air so I could just blow the dust off them without needing to rearrange them each time, and then the dust gets vacuumed up later...
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I cannot take verbal instructions. Used to be a huge issue with my dad who would always want to tell me how to drive somewhere, or how to do something, and I’d nod my head and pretend to understand then go look it up myself. I prefer reading and learn a lot from doing, though I have to push myself into doing as it’s not my instinct.
I loved learning grammar in grade school and caught onto it right away. Loved foreign language classes for that reason, almost did linguistics. Enjoyed math but only some things— didn’t care to calculate compound interest, but loved solving optimization problems and writing proofs. I could be very very good at memorizing quickly under pressure, but without pressure... would simply not do it. In catechism I once memorized four prayers in 30 minutes so I could get a necklace a missionary brought from Panama, which I knew all week but forgot/procrastinated until the last minute. I would “impress” people by memorizing long strings of digits quickly. Was good at quiz bowl because I would remember a lot of random stuff, even if I had to be like “you know, the thing that caused the thing, and the guy was involved... “ until that jogged someone else’s memory.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
Another hmm. I am great at strategizing in my personal life and decision making, but at work I tend to jump in and wing it without a clear plan or direction. I would say I’m better at optimizing an existing system than coming up with one from scratch. I don’t like to change direction a lot, but I feel the need to explore a lot before coming up with a plan. Have to remind myself regularly that problem solving means breaking things into discrete pieces.. I will gladly solve small problems once they’re broken down, but writing the plan myself gives me anxiety as I feel I’m neglecting the big picture.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
Like I said above, I’ve always wanted a romantic partner but was never worried about getting married or having a family, until recently where it’s become a very real last minute thing. Never imagined my future wedding, just wanted someone (one someone!) to share things with. Used to have a vague idea I wanted to go into academia, but the politics of it kind of make me ill. If I have to put up with that stuff, would rather just work in the “real world” where I don’t take things too personally. (If it was my life’s work and not just a job, I’d be much more stressed about politics. Plus the way academia is so competitive is blechh.)
I have always loved cities and not minded apartment living (I don’t notice people around me much, can be alone in a crowd) but as I get older I might like to have a house and a yard somewhere isolated so I can nest a bit more and have space for projects like homebrewing.
I have a love/hate relationship with travel. Love experiencing new places and learning more about the world, but need a lot of R&R and a slow pace.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Huge social anxiety. I am self-conscious and aware that I come across as “weird.” Fear of looking silly or dumb. I hate dealing with macho guys who get off on making you look bad so they look cool.
I am made uncomfortable by a lot of things. Growing up, I was a tomboy and wore boys clothes. Hated uncomfortable or restrictive clothing. Was a picky eater, MUCH more adventurous now but still avoid gloppy or overprocessed things. I’m bothered by people who ask questions and don’t listen to the answer. Can’t stand being in a big group, bonding.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
This is hard for me to answer. Favorite memories are times being with all my siblings and making each other laugh super hard, same with friends and boyfriend. Achieving something, being recognized as smart or creative. (This applies to getting good feedback for solving a hard problem, or a time I won an award for poetry I wrote.) Giving a speech or presentation and getting good feedback. Feeling like I’ve done something difficult with a level of finesse. Having someone respond well to my ideas, in a “yes, and” way.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Times I’ve hurt the feelings of people who trusted me, without realizing it. Times I’ve been bossy and insensitive in the past coming back to haunt me and make me feel like trash. Failing at something publicly or procrastinating and NOT pulling it off at the last second.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream a lot. Can sit on the couch all day on a Saturday without feeling the need to do much. Very unaware of surroundings, having a tendency to look at the ground while walking around and totally zone things out.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
Usually “what am I going to do about X?” where X is something that’s nagging at me. Whether it’s a problem at work, someone who beat me in an argument and it’s driving me insane, or some interpersonal dynamic. Trying to break it apart into pieces mentally and create a picture that makes sense to me.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
Not long. I have made big life decisions without much thought— things like transferring colleges, moving across the country for a job. Almost got married right after high school, but broke things off pretty fast. Joined a religion when I was 16, then quit after 6 months and never looked back. I do change my mind a lot. I don’t tend to make decisions I feel like I can’t back out of without a really urgent reason.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
Takes awhile. Emotions are important to me as signals that something is wrong. It’s taken a long time, therapy, and a lot of reading for me to understand that my feelings are information I can use, and not to be ignored or shoved away, or mutated into guilt and self-torture. Emotions are like keys to a lock or puzzle pieces to me now. I am a problem-solver when it comes to bad juju. Often trying to help other people walk through their feelings, too.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
With strangers, I am unlikely to pretend to agree or vocally disagree. I’ll say “hmm, interesting” or “oh mmm, I see” or something and avoid getting into it. With people I’m close to, I can be very opinionated to the point of hurting feelings and have to tamp it down a lot.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
I am afraid of breaking rules when it comes to the law— kind of paranoid, probably why I like Kafka and Highsmith and spy and detective stuff. When it comes to non-legal stuff, I will break rules regularly if the consequences are vague or unserious (in college I would skip requirements and try to get away with using other classes as a substitute, which often worked). But I don’t like to break rules that could hurt others (I am following all the pandemic guidelines, for instance.) I definitely have a skepticism about authority but also a concern for the common good, so I am not a total libertarian. I generally think authorities are bogus and authority is abused and mishandled.
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2018.02.26 17:10 FenderBender4756 Japanese bathroom spy cam

(from Parts 1-2)
"STATUS: AWAKE! SITUATION: MUST PERFORM MORNING DUTIES!" Lammy suddenly woke up with a jolt and robotically stated, causing the equally naked, hot and bothered Katy (who had been literally just about to touch her lips against hers and lovingly smooch her in her sleep, mind you) to reflexively flinch backward and scream in shock.
"SIGH...lemme guess, you little rascals just found a way to hijack my girlfriend's central nervous system from the inside and take control over her entire body as was clearly intended right from the start?" Katy boredly rested her left (face) cheek on her respective palm, cupped her right hand around the respective ear of Lammy's and whispered exhaustedly into Lammy's right ear canal.
"YOU FUCKING BETCHA, PUSSY-CAT!" Lammy rather weirdly uncharacteristically told her while Parappa and Ma-San clumsily fumbled about with her obligatory voice-control microphone, ultimately concluding that the former of the two would be the one to become Lammy's new voice actor.
"So tell me, boys; are you ready to push my girlfriend's BUTTONS or what?!" Katy whispered excitedly into Lammy's ear canal with yet another profoundly shit-eating smirk plastered onto her face from ear TO ear while Parappa and Ma-San fiddled about with Lammy's self-consciousness adjustment levers.
"Of course; why, it's no FUN if we don't get to utterly HUMILIATE and debase the poor already-batshit-insane girl in the process, now IS it?" Ma-San blushingly, moaningly crooned and giggled with sadistic delight as Lammy suddenly became self-aware of her admittedly rather horrifying and degrading (perhaps even, dare I say, UN-NERVING) current predicament.
"HUH?! W-WHAT'S THIS ABOUT PUSHING MY BUTTONS? W-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! SERIOUSLY, PLEASE FREAKING TELL ME, I NEED TO FREAKING KNOW, PLEASE!" Lammy screamed in a fit of panic, forcefully shoving Katy away from her and struggling to maintain even partial control over herself as she awkwardly, dizzily stumbled and fumbled around and about the room like a complete drunken idiot...while still naked, no less.
"Yeah, POSE for the camera, baby!" Katy laughed and cheered hornily as she pulled out her iPad and eagerly began recording some more of Lammy's gorgeous naked body for all of the local porn sites to have complete nasal aneurysms over, making sure to zoom in extra-boner-inducingly close on that big, round, bubbly, juicy butt of hers while she was busy bending her entire body all the way over forward just to reach the bottom shelf (read: the jean shelf) of her clothing dresser.
"(GASP!) You absolute PERVERT!" Lammy angrily scolded Katy, slapping her across the face and then proceeding to pull out her signature shirt, bikini, blue jeans and underwear from her dresser while Katy lovingly purred and moaned with delight from the absolutely amazing sensation of being smacked in the face BY Lammy.
Being forced (by Parappa and Ma-San's control over her) to deliberately walk from her bedroom to her bathroom in the sexiest, most Quentin-Tarantino-esquely foot-exposing way possible so that her beautiful, lovely, rosy-red-nail-polished tootsies could also be filmed on iPad video camera by Katy, Lammy confusedly set her clothes down on the bathroom sink and stepped into her fancy rectangular-cube-shaped marble shower in all of her dearly beloved buck-naked glory, tits and all...and of course, Katy also followed along behind her, with a great big gold-plated classical MIRROR in hand, no less!
"Alright, just gotta get THIS set in here real quick and BAM, done! Happy fapping, kinky Internet BOYS!" Katy smarmily teased the story's target audience as she inserted her iPad into a rather conspicuously placed slot in the dead top-center of the mirror's frame, then bolted off to grab her OWN signature clothes, the ran back INTO the bathroom to set said clothes down onto the bathroom sink WITH Lammy's, then FINALLY, last but DEFINITELY not least, stepped into the shower with Lammy and readied herself to perform the inevitable.
"Alright, here we go, just turn the dial, and...GAH! For the love of fuck, WHY can I not bring myself to turn the knob up to reasonably hot temperatures all of a sudden?!" Lammy gasped in shock as she desperately tried with all of her might to crank the shower's temperature knob up into the warm/hot zone...but alas, try as she did, Parappa and Ma-San had already issued a restraining order on her hands to prevent her from doing so!
"A-a-all t-the b-better to p-prevent the s-s-sh-shower's g-g-gl-glass w-w-walls f-from m-m-m-misting up, m-my d-d-d-dear!" Katy stammered and shivered irritatedly as she and Lammy reluctantly huddled together and began seductively lathering gelatinous cleaning products all over each other's (metaphorically) smoking-hot naked bodies while Parappa and Ma-San began masturbating furiously from deep within the latter's brain while voyeuristically spying on the rather kinky affair through her eye sockets (or, to be more precise, her eye-socket CAM, followed by an alternate third-person cam that pretty much rendered the mirror completely useless anyway).
"Tee hee...just kidding, sweetheart, we can turn up the heat just a bit WARMER and HOTTER and STEAMIER if you're so desperately inclined..." Lammy sluttily teased the adorably shivering and helpless Katy, reaching over to the shower knob and gently twisting it into the "warm" temperature zone with her left hand while incredibly suggestively smearing creamy, gooey, pure-white body wash into the cleavage of Katy's still-jovially-jiggling, baby-blue cat tits with her right.
"Am...am I dead right now? Is...is this...h-HEAVEN?!" Ma-San stammered in unbearably aroused disbelief, desperately struggling to resist the urge to masturbate herself to the point of climax while she and Parappa continued unwelcomely manning Lammy's behavioral control cockpit, somehow STILL remaining unbeknownst to the absolute nutcase in the process (naturally, she just assumed it was the COCAINE that was making her act this way).
"Oh dear God, I feel like I'm being SHOWERED from brain to feet with GLORIOUS coconut cream pies right now..." Parappa moaned and panted lovingly in pure unbridled ecstasy, drooling what seemed like literal gallons from his big, meaty, dripping, dangling tongue and stroking his cock so hard that it almost literally became as hard as solid diamonds while Lammy and Katy continued nakedly fondling each other.
"OH, KATY...YOU KNOW I COULD NEVER LIVE ON MY OWN WITHOUT YOU..." Lammy absentmindedly drooled, panted and slurred as she brought Katy's lips directly onto hers and promptly, moistly began tying her tongue together with hers in their absolute wettest, sloppiest french kiss to date while the two of them also gently, teasingly fingered each other's vaginas in the process, once again smearing disgusting amounts of gooey, sticky white cream all over the insides AND outsides of said vaginas.
"Aww, don't be so HARD on yourself..." Katy lovingly patted her on the thoroughly invaded and hijacked head and playfully whispered into her left ear canal while the two of them romantically, nakedly, ever-so-wetly cuddled each other, ritualistically (and erotically) running their hands down each other's finely sculpted backs, spanking each other's wondrously tight asses and even burying their heads into the sweet, tender embraces of each other's warm, bulbous, cushiony boobies and orally worshipping them in the process.
"Yes, I suppose you COULD say that we really do, in fact, have quite the HARD-ONS ourselves right about now...owwww...OWWWWWWWWWWW!" Lammy (and Parappa, and Ma-San) shrieked in painfully orgasmic delight, creaming themselves so hard that they actually quite literally PASSED OUT ALTOGETHER as a result.
"Aww, was that shower too HOT for you guys? Man, what a DRAG, am I right?" Katy smarmily teased Lammy, Parappa and Ma-San as she irritatedly grabbed her beloved girlfriend by the inexplicably human ankles and dragged her out onto the bathroom floor, making a point to give Lammy's beautiful, mouthwateringly large transgender tomboy tootsies a good licking, massaging, toe-sucking and kissing (and also lovingly rub and press the little beauties all over her face, making sure to droolingly take in their wonderfully clean, pristine and rosy fresh-out-of-the-shower aroma all the while) before finally setting her legs back down flat onto the floor, nakedly sitting criss-crossed in front of her and patiently waiting several minutes for her and her brain-hijackers to wake back up again.
"Alright, Lammy, it's been literally fifteen fucking minutes now; are you going to wake the hell up or WHAT?" Kat, who had now already finished recording her "lesbian shower-sex and foot-worship" video for QUITE some time, growled impatiently at Lammy, teasingly tickling and scratching the poor lamb's smooth, sexy soles with her finger-claws to try to coax her INTO waking up.
"AFFIRMATIVE! TEE HEE HEE!" Lammy giggled adorably and wiggled her lustrously rglistening, Katy's-saliva-caked feet up and down frantically as she suddenly woke right back up with yet another profoundly startling jolt (surely enough, now that they were literally inside her brain and had even gone as far as to take control over it, Parappa and Ma-San were somehow able to telekinetically feel EXACTLY what Lammy felt...and yes, that obviously includes sexual sensations as well).
"Alrighty then, let's brush our TEETH, shall we?" Katy laughed playfully as she and Lammy hopped right back over to the bathroom (double) sink and got out their toothbrushes.
"Wouldn't it be more convenient if you and me cleaned the house- (slaps self) -ERR, I mean, the SAND out from each other's vaginas?" Lammy asked Katy condescendingly, prompting the two of them to sassily give each other the bedroom eyes as they slowly reached their way down into each other's baby-makers with their toothbrushes (and also with a sly wink and a sloppy kiss, let's not forget that).
"Um, Katy, I don't really want to be do- (slaps self) -ING ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT ISN'T THIS RIGHT NOW, DARLING!" Lammy began laughing dementedly as she and Katy began diligently, vigorously digging right into each other's vaginas and scrubbing the hairy yellow crust out from within them with their toothbrushes, moaning passionately all the while.
"Of course you don't, my poor confused plaything, of COURSE you don't!" Katy laughed uproariously, slapping Lammy on both the back AND the ass (AND the tits) as her big fluffy cat pussy climaxed and began drizzling its own "creamy gooey white liquid" all over Lammy's toothbrush while Lammy's big fluffy LAMB pussy also did very much the same for Katy's toothbrush.
"Okay, now we just add the toothpaste and BON APPETIT!" Katy snickered somewhat embarrassedly (after all, the apartment building DID have numerous security cameras, albeit ones that no one even remotely competent had been monitoring for quite a while) as she and Lammy brought their now thoroughly paste-covered toothbrushes straight up to their mouths and began scrubbing their teeth furiously with a mixture of toothpaste and each other's vaginal discharges.
"Oh my god, IT'S JUST LIKE ONE OF MY JAPANESE ANIMES!" Ma-San crooned with pure unbridled joy while Parappa just sat there right next to her in Lammy's behavorial control center, his jaw dropped firmly to the floor in amazement as he and Ma-San continued reducing Lammy into even MORE of a pathetically helpless sex puppet than she already was by default.
"Mmm, yum yum YUM!" Lammy giggled with excitement as she and Katy lovingly spat their own disgustingly congealing mixtures of toothpaste, vag-crust, saliva and liquid estrogen into each other's mouths and swallowed them, leaving what little was left OF said mixtures all over their teeth and tongues for the whole world of literally TWO people living inside Lammy's brain at the moment to see.
"Now THAT'S what I call fucking disgusting!" Parappa laughed uproariously, suddenly turning green in the face and trying desperately not to puke while Lammy and Katy VERY indiscreetly flashed their yellow-crust-speckled teeth and hung out their vaginal-pus-dripping tongues for each other in the bathroom, making rock'n'roll "devil horns" signs with their hands all the while.
"What do you MEAN, disgusting?! Why, I dare say THAT WAS THE ABSOLUTE MOST BEAUTIFUL FUCKING THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" Ma-San moaned orgasmically, not even remotely TRYING to hide how hard she had just been fingering herself TO said vomit-inducingly gross thing.
"Oh, Lammy, you ALWAYS know how to make a girl SQUIRT, you know that?" Katy sluttily teased Lammy, slapping her on the back and causing her to accidentally spit out the remaining...STUFF that had just gotten stuck underneath her tongue all over her side of the mirror, prompting her to then immediately begin licking it right OFF of said mirror without even the slightest second thought.
"Oh PUH-LEEZE, you KNOW that guys squirt WAY better anyway...OWW! GOD DAMN IT, I DIDN'T MEAN TO FUCKING SAY THAT! FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WHAT THE HELL'S GOTTEN INTO ME?! PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK, PLEASE TELL ME, PLEASE, I'M FUCKING BEGGING YOU FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" Lammy sarcastically jeered at Lammy, then got forcefully bitch-slapped across the face by Katy and promptly began desperately yelling and screaming in terror, grabbing onto Katy's shoulders and shaking her violently to see if she could literally SHAKE the answers right out of her (after all, we ARE talking about a universe that runs strictly on cartoon logic here, if the whole "supercomputer in Lammy's brain" thing wasn't already indication enough).
"Oh, don't worry, you poor, clueless little thing; you don't NEED to know exactly what's gotten INTO you, per se, until much, MUCH later in this episode, sweetums! You're just completely stoned out of your mind on crack, darling; try not to over-THINK it, will you?" Katy giggled suspiciously insincerely, patting Lammy on the head and playfully stroking her fingers through the poor girl's hair.
"Uh, yeah RIGHT, sure...well, anyway, I also haven't heard from those adorable little Parappa and Ma-San sweethearts (cue sarcastic snicker from Katy) in QUITE a while...well, at least by THEIR standards, anyway...seriously, where the hell did they get off to?" Lammy asked Katy distrustingly, strongly suspecting that there was something more than a little fishy going on with those two and their sudden disappearances...and quite possibly brain-related as well, while she was at it.
"Oh, let me tell you, dearie, the question isn't WHERE we're getting off to, it's WHAT we're getting off to!" Ma-San whispered just as comically overexcitedly and fetishistically as ever, fingering herself to Lammy's ignorance all the while.
"SHH!" Parappa hissed warningly at her, leaning over to where her seat was, glancing back and forth profoundly paranoidly and slapping his hand over her mouth to shut her up while she just shrugged her shoulders, threw her arms out beside her and rolled her beady little eyes in response. "IF WE LET HER FIND OUT WE'RE IN HERE, THIS WHOLE MISSION WILL BE A BUST!"
(from Parts 7-8)
MAN, it sure has been one of those days..." Lammy groaned exhaustedly as she woke up and found herself lying face-up on the sidewalk (thankfully with her signature outfit back on, if nothing else) and was immediately greeted by Katy, who reached out her hand to her in an offer to pull her back up onto her feet.
"So, what's new? Am I going to have to go inside YOUR fucking brain and get violently assaulted and raped by your fucking personal demons or some shit?" Lammy asked Katy sarcastically, exhaustedly leaning forward and dangling her arms out in front of her as Katy pulled her right back up onto her feet and gave her a loving smooch on the brightly blushing cheek.
"Personal demons? Oh, bitch PLEASE, everyone knows that THOSE are just a stupid MYTH!" Katy clutched her chest and laughed uproariously; meanwhile, deep inside Lammy's brain, Parappa and Ma-San had already been loudly begging to differ for quite some time now, needless to say.
"HMM...should we, perhaps, release all of these pornographic videos of Lammy to the Internet, a social media platform that is already horrendously oversaturated with outright shameless porn of her?" Ma-San's buck-naked, ridiculously sexualized right-shoulder devil asked her teasingly, furrowing her brows and grinning maliciously as she smugly crossed her deliciously large-footed legs atop Ma-San's shoulder and rested her left elbow against the right side of Ma-San's face.
"Or should we just leave all of them private and make it her responsibility to never, EVER tell ANYONE or any-THING about them?" Ma-San's left-shoulder angel asked her worriedly, glancing nervously around her to make sure no one was watching before finally shrinking back to normal size and flying straight back into Ma-San's brain through her left ear canal while her right-shoulder devil took the right.
"Hee hee hee hee hee...oh, I think I know EXACTLY what WE'RE gonna do..." Ma-San began cackling evilly, rubbing her hands together like a dirty, scheming, no-good little fly while Parappa began thinking to himself about far more pressing and important matters.
"HMM, I wonder...should we, perhaps, have Lammy dump this stupid cat bitch and find herself a new girlfriend that actually KNOWS how to properly spend her money?" Parappa's also-buck-naked and shockingly well-endowed left-shoulder devil asked him arrogantly as he stood atop the poor dog's shoulder and began forcefully tugging on his big floppy ear to get his attention, causing him to loudly yelp and squeal in pain while the little devil just laughed at him in response.
"Or should we, uhh...do...what the DEVIL said, hee hee?" Parappa's right-shoulder angel stammered nervously, awkwardly drumming his fingers together in dead silence as he and the devil flew right back through Parappa's ear canals into his brain without another word whatsoever.
"Damnit, I KNOW it's the right thing to do, but I just can't BRING myself to do it...I mean, what'll Milkcan be without KATY'S big, juicy milk cans?" Parappa rested his head on the computer's dashboard and sobbed gently.
"Meh, I prefer Lammy's ACTUAL FUCKING PERSONALITY myself!" Ma-San VERY hypocritically growled at Parappa, smacking him upside the head and savagely karate-kicking him in the balls.
"So, anyway...now that the whole meet-and-greet part of that greedy womanizing bastard's contract is finally, FINALLY fucking over with, can we PLEASE go home and get some rest?" Lammy asked Katy exhaustedly, collapsing sideways against Katy's shoulder and falling asleep.
"Of COURSE, cutie-pie; why, that's exactly where we're heading RIGHT NOW, in fact!" Katy chuckled merrily as she lovingly twisted her arm around and patted Lammy on her lovely red head with it while the car rapidly made its way back to the also un-necessarily tall high-rise building that housed Lammy's and Katy's apartment.
"Alright, Lammy, you ready?" Katy asked Lammy encouragingly, strapping herself into her favorite bondage outfit and dimming the lights as she got down on her hands and knees atop Lammy's queen-size bed and once again spanked her ass to signal that it was now officially mating season.
"You BET I am, sister!" Lammy chuckled excitedly as she stripped herself completely naked from head to toe and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, flatten her nails and comb her hair in preparation.
"Wait a minute, SISTER?! Does...does she mean that LITERALLY?!" Parappa gasped in shock.
"It's...it's a REALLY long and morally questionable story to say the least..." Ma-San sighed.
While Lammy was busy taking care of her cosmetic hygiene (note that I only said COSMETIC), Parappa and Ma-San were already drooling at the mouths and shaking in their seats with excitement at the mere THOUGHT of what they were about to get the chance to directly witness in person!
"Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD." Parappa began ominously explaining, converting Lammy's brain-cam to cockpit view and already trying excruciatingly hard not to bust out laughing as his shit-eating grin grew ever wider.
"At about 11:30, Eastern Standard Time, through THESE eyes' external spiritual surrounding awareness field, or in laymen's terms, their internal third-person video-recording feature, you will get to see Milkcan's ridiculously hot lead guitarist, Lammy, share a nice bit of...(snickers)...LOVE with her lesbian girlfriend Katy." Parappa whispered mischievously to his future audience, covering his mouth with his hands to stop himself from laughing.
"And she ain't DRESSED for the OCCASION, if ya KNOW what I MEAN!" Ma-San creepily snickered, trying even harder to stop herself from bursting out laughing than Parappa was.
"Heeheehee, yup...YOU heard right...she's COMPLETELY...NAAAAY-KEEEED!" the frightfully, increasingly horny Parappa suddenly put one of his hands up against the side of his mouth with the palm facing out and crooned incredibly creepily, his eyes going bloodshot as his aforementioned shit-eating grin suddenly went FAR beyond "ear-to-ear" magnitude and went straight into "earhole-to-earhole" territory.
"WITH NO CLOTHES ON!" Ma-San yelled ecstatically at the tops of her lungs, her eyes suddenly becoming the infamous "overexcited anime sparkler" variety as her nose violently sprayed blood all over the place at the mere PASSING thought of what she and Parappa were about to witness while Parappa face-palmed himself humiliatedly and reluctantly set Lammy's brain-cam back into third-person view.
"Alright, Katy, I'm READY; for your own sake, YOU'D sure as hell BETTER be too!" Lammy called out teasingly to Katy as she walked back into the bedroom, jumped right onto the bed and let the fun and games begin.
"Listen up, BITCH!" Lammy yelled lividly at Katy, getting down on her knees in front of her and brutally bitch-slapping her right across her blue pussy face. "You have absolutely NO fucking idea how goddamned HORRIFIC the fucking things that you and Joe Chin put me through actually WERE, do you? DO YOU?!"
"I'm sorry, I kind of...like, forgot and stuff...can you, like, give me a recap?" Katy asked sarcastically, struggling to continue looking into Lammy's big, bulbous, veiny eyes and not staring at her tits.
"Well, I dunno, HMM, let's SEE here...first I was forced to lick Chop Chop Hobo Onion's filthy disgusting feet that he hadn't properly washed in at least the past two WEEKS, with the fucking SHIT residue from my butthole smeared all over them, no less...then I was fucking mind-controlled into having sex with a morbidly fat and ugly moose woman named after Benito Mooselini while taking her car on a fucking Grand Theft Auto rampage through the city...then I was eaten alive by a fucking drug-dealing con-artist frog from Jamaica and ended up having to fucking DISSECT him from the inside-out with nothing more than my bare fucking HANDS and a chainsaw..." Lammy sarcastically, angrily began recounting while Katy just trembled in fear.
"THEN I was mind-controlled into eating my own fucking NEWBORN CHILD, then I was raped by some creepy-ass pedophile dude that I couldn't even tell whether the species of was flea or some kind of six-limbed spider, then I found out that you had made me unknowingly sniff up Parappa and Ma-San directly into my fucking BRAIN..." Lammy continued, slapping Katy upside the head even harder this time while Katy just helplessly, pathetically quivered in fear and squeezed several laughably fake tears from her eyes in a truly miserable attempt to gain Lammy's sympathy.
"THEN I found myself nearly being suffocated to fucking DEATH in the moldy, rancid, middle-aged vagina of a giant eldritch caterpillar-woman monstrosity who allegedly hadn't even bothered to properly CLEAN said vagina in literally all FIFTY FUCKING YEARS of her life so far...then I got violently abused by a horribly drunken, bipolar and severely mentally retarded airplane pilot who thought he was a drill sergeant...then I got reduced into a literal public sex toy by Paul Chuck and was literally fucked to DEATH by the local populace of anthropomorphic vegetables, inanimate objects and the like...and then FINALLY, once all of THAT shit was over with, I also found myself having literally no choice but to confess all of my deepest and most embarrassing secrets to an entire auditorium filled with the souls of the damned, or DIE! IN MY FUCKING AFTERLIFE, NO LESS!" Lammy shrieked enragedly at Katy, tackling her sorry, bondage-outfitted ass head-over-heels onto the mattress and forcefully jamming her bare, filthy and ever-so-delightfully-reeking feet right into her disturbingly laughing and smiling face.
"TELL me, you fucking pussy, how do YOU like this, huh? Having my dirty, smelly, slimy fucking feet that have not only been rotting away in my fucking SHOES all day without even having a decent pair of fucking SOCKS to keep them company, but have also just recently been used to crawl around on and bloodily mutilate the inner mucus membrane of a fucking fly-gobbling frog's STOMACH like a disgusting little insect while also being covered with a rather admittedly FASCINATING mixture of partially caked mud, frog sweat, Elmer's glue and swamp moss, pressed all over your STUPID FUCKING FACE?! HOW DO YOU FUCKING LIKE IT, HMM?!" Lammy began roaring infuriatedly at Katy, pressing her feet against her girlfriend's face even harder...and causing said girlfriend's already-raging ERECTION to inexplicably GROW even harder as a result! (Yes, she was using Lammy's magically enchanted dildo; please don't question it.)
"Oh, for the love of God, don't fucking tell me-" Lammy began, only to immediately be cut off by Katy.
"Are you freaking kidding me, sister? Why, of COURSE I like it! I fucking LOVE it, in fact! Haven't I already TOLD you about this weird kink of mine many times before? Or am I just dreaming it? Either way, your fucking feet have just GOT to be some of THE absolute sexiest fucking things I honestly think I've ever laid eyes upon in my entire goddamned LIFE...and believe me, I am most definitely NOT afraid to admit that to you!" Katy began laughing excitedly as she fervently licked all the way up and down Lammy's luxuriously smooth and wrinkly soles from the heels to the arches to her adorable little human toes and then back again in a process that she would then go on to repeat many, MANY times over, completely soaking Lammy's soles with her gooey, dripping feline saliva in the process.
"Hmm...well, this is certainly making MY dick a lot harder than it should be, I'll give you THAT much..." Lammy blushed and sighed awkwardly while Katy lovingly sucked her lovely rosy-red-nail-polished toes and gave her a few teasing licks in between them before finally wetly and sloppily kissing them (leaving great big lipstick kiss marks right on the ball of each one, naturally) and diligently sniffing in their wonderful swampy stomach aroma with her passionately bleeding nose.
"I SEE...so THIS is why you keep acting so unbearably DISGUSTED towards me lately..." Katy absentmindedly moaned with delight as she began massaging Lammy's tired, aching, brightly blushing soles with her thumbs while the poor girl murred and sighed with relieved pleasure.
"Do you FINALLY understand now?" Lammy condescendingly looked down at Katy and asked her sarcastically as she pressed her thumbs deeply into Lammy's arches and gave her the pressure-point stimulation of a lifetime, causing her to loudly moan with dominatrix arousal.
"YEAH...it APPEARS it's just as my beautiful Miss Lammy SAID...I'm just a PEST...no, I'm not just a pest, I'm a total fucking filthy, foot-licking PIG..." Katy sighed depressedly as she got back down onto her hands and knees and eagerly awaited Lammy's violently, gratuitously objectifying sexual abuse of her.
"ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MISS LAMMY?! IF I'M A FUCKING FILTHY, FOOT-LICKING PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO!" Katy suddenly began obnoxiously shrieking at the tops of her ever-loving sadomasochistic lungs while Lammy plugged her ears with her fingers to keep her brain from bursting.
"No...I believe you gave your ALL!" Lammy sarcastically complimented her, getting right back down on her knees behind Katy and readying herself for the Grand Penetration Of Her Anus (And Vagina).
"HEY! WHY AREN'T YOU TEASING ME ANYMORE?!" Katy began whining unbearably loudly, forcing Lammy to viciously punch her in the back of the head in order to FINALLY get her to shut up.
"I STILL AM, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" Lammy roared ferociously at Katy, unbuckling her butt/vagina straps and driving her big, fluffy lamb fist deeply into her ass while the crazy cat lady began moaning and purring intensely with sadomasochistic sexual excitement as a result.
"Again, TELL me, Katy; how do you like my fucking FIST up your FUCKING ASS?!" Lammy yelled dominantly at Katy as she forcefully rammed her fist into Katy's suffocation-inducingly tight ass, causing Katy to moan and purr intensely with arousal.
"OH MY GOD, I FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH! I LITERALLY COULDN'T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE IT!" Katy began rabidly fangirling and squealing in ecstasy, pressing her hands gaily against her blushing (face) cheeks as Lammy finally pulled her fist out from the shit-smothered depths of Katy's internal rectum and then proceeded to move on to her feet as the next means of anal assault.
"How about literally getting your fucking ASS kicked, hmm? How's THAT feel?" Lammy asked Katy smarmily as she stood up on the mattress, bent her knee backward and once again violently rammed her left foot directly into Katy's eagerly awaiting asshole.
"OOOOOOOH!" Katy crooned in both agony and immense pleasure as Lammy took out her left foot from the poor cat bastard's anal cavity before finally moving on to the right foot.
"OHHHHHHH!" Katy squealed in pain as Lammy took out her right foot from her ass-orifice before finally moving on to the thing that she had REALLY been waiting for...
"Hey, GIMME that!" Lammy angrily scolded Katy, forcefully unstrapping her jock strap and re-strapping it where it rightfully belonged...needless to say, ON THE FUCKING LAMB!
"Und now for zee grand deliverance of zee delicious coup-de-grace to begin, ma sœur!" Lammy teasingly cooed into Katy's ear, well aware that the poor little kitten actually WAS, in fact, quite literally her sister. "Let us begin vith zee RUMP ROAST!"
"OHH...AHH...YEAHHHH...THIS IS JUST LIKE GOOD OLD TIMES AT THE ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL PLAYGROUND...EXCEPT WITH BOTH PARTICIPANTS BEING LEGALLY AGED AND FEMALE..." Katy moaned, trembled and shook with arousal as Lammy's massive rubber wiener deeply penetrated her butthole; all the while, Katy could feel her butt tearing as her eyes began to water. She desperately continued to push against Lammy's force, wanting to please her as her dick finally reached climax.
"OHHHH, MOMMMMYYYYYY!" Lammy and Katy both wailed a mighty orgasmic wail in unison as the former lovingly filled the latter's butt with her hot, sticky, gooey, dripping love.
"C'mere, Katy, we've still got more WORK to do! You fuck with the lamb, you get to see the extra-super-duper HORNY side of her!" Lammy laughed excitedly as she scooped Katy up into her lap and began thrusting her already intensely cum-dripping dildo into the eagerly anticipating cat woman's vagina without even bothering to use a condom.
"OHH, LAMMY...YOU ARE JUST TOO GOOD TO ME, YOU KNOW THAT? SERIOUSLY, WHENEVER I'M WITH YOU, I FEEL LIKE I CAN LITERALLY DO ANYTHING...AND THAT MOST ESPECIALLY INCLUDES CREAMING MYSELF, JUST FOR THE RECORD..." Katy happily, softly purred and meowed with delight as she looked behind herself and began lovingly french-kissing Lammy while the sheep slut passionately rammed her rock-hard, throbbing rubber dildo into the cute little kitty girl's incredibly veiny and elastic pussy.
"SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD..." Lammy orgasmically moaned and drooled, lovingly caressing Katy's big fluffy feline body and stroking her fingers straight down it from the armpits to the hips, causing Katy to laugh and giggle adorably from how ticklish she was while Lammy's dildo violently quaked and began gushing out yet another deliciously massive load of cum into Katy's fittingly named pussy.
"Don't worry, my dear; I'LL SAVE YOU!" Lammy reassured Katy teasingly as got down on her side with her boobs directly facing Katy, crossed her own legs seductively and grabbed onto the thick, juicy thighs of Katy's with her hands so that she could spread them out and use them as handles while she began diligently digging into the adorable cat lady's now widely stretched-out and therefore opened-up baby-maker with her tongue.
"OOH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD...YOU ARE TRULY THE GREATEST SISTER I'VE EVER HAD, YOU KNOW THAT?" Katy moaned and panted just as lovingly as ever while Lammy's tongue deftly slithered its way deeper and deeper through her delectably moist, soft, warm and squishy vaginal walls until it finally hit the back of her uterus, causing her to loudly yelp with pleasure and surprise as Lammy erotically teased over said vigorously pulsating, throbbing and pounding uterus with her soggy, dripping tongue.
"Wait a minute...aren't YOU also kind of supposed to be Lammy's BROTHER or some shit?!" Ma-San took a roughly four-second break from fingering herself to ask Parappa disgustedly; Parappa, however, was already masturbating FAR too furiously to even care in the slightest. Saying that he was panting and drooling like a dog would be considerably understating it; hell, even his HAT was beginning to stiffen with excitement.
"OH, MY DEARLY BELOVED BIG SIS, HOW I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LICK MY CREAMY CENTER...OHHHHHH, YESSSSSS..." Katy moaned and drooled orgasmically, nearly passing out from sheer relaxation overload as her vagina audibly quaked and began blasting out an entire pint's worth of creamy, gooey estrogen into Lammy's eagerly awaiting mouth.
"So tell me, Katy...what would you like to do next, SLAVE?" Lammy teasingly asked Katy while lasciviously licking her lips and letting Katy's thick, gooey strands of girl-cum dangle from her tongue like hot, melted mozzarella cheese from the spoon of a nice big bowl of tortilla soup.
"Oh, I think I KNOW what I'M gonna do next, thank you very much!" Katy began laughing maniacally as she teasingly stroked her fingers through Lammy's beautiful rosy-red hair, then finally through her own gorgeous golden-blonde hair while submissively lowering herself down onto her knees and offering her big, bulbous boobs to Lammy.
"Come on, you KNOW you want them...just admit it...don't be SHY..." Katy continued playfully teasing Lammy, who then rather unsurprisingly unhesitantly proceeded to stick her dildo right in between Katy's boobs and stroke it up and down through her ever-so-delightfully cute little cleavage.
"Now THIS is what I call servicing your MASTER..." Lammy leaned her head ever-so-slightly back and moaned lovingly with immense satisfaction as Katy began forcefully pushing and sliding her boobs up and down against Lammy's giant rubber shaft in order to therefore speed up its hardening process that much more as a result.
"My, my, you're such a NAUGHTY little pussycat, aren't you? WHO'S A BAD GIRL? WHO'S A BAD GIRL? YES YOU ARE, OH YES YOU ARE!" Lammy began teasing Katy as if she was literally her brainless, domesticated pet, pamperingly stroking the overly attached cat-girlfriend's head as she audibly swallowed her pride, grabbed Lammy's dick, wrapped her lips around the big, chubby tip of it and began sucking like there was no tomorrow.
"Sorry, pal; I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be TAKING this now!" Katy playfully jeered at Lammy as she sneakily stole the jock strap right off of Lammy's waist (while she was busy throwing her head back and moaning in ecstasy, of course) and fastened it right back around hers so that Lammy could deliver the TRUE coup-de-grace finale of the night.
"YOUR BIG SEXY FEET. MY BIG SEXY DICK." Katy concisely commanded Lammy, pointing to each thing in order with her index fingers while Lammy humiliatedly accepted her request and wrapped her lovely, lovely soles and toes around Katy's already rock-hard shaft and began juicing her dick like a berry, tightly squeezing her left foot face-down around the foreskin while stroking her shaft rigorously with her right sole, causing Katy to moan ecstatically as she felt all of its deliciously soft, fleshy and smooth wrinkles and ripples teasing over her progressively more astonishing length.
"COME ON...COME ONNN...OHHH, DEAR GOD, YESSS!" Katy shrieked in orgasmic ecstasy as her dick finally gave in and began uncontrollably gushing out strand after strand of delicious womanly cum all over the frontal portion Lammy's beautiful naked body, prompting the kinky little slut to teasingly rub it all over the rest of her body while giving Katy an additional, good-old-fashioned traditional footjob in the process.
"OH MAN, IT'S GETTING HARDER...HARDER...COME ON, STROKE IT HARDER...JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I'VE NEVER FELT THIS EXCITED BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE SODDING LIFE!" Katy shrieked exhaustedly with orgasmic satisfaction, removing her penis from in-between Lammy's big sexy tootsies and jamming it straight into her big fluffy vagina right at the VERY last second before climax as said penis COMPLETELY exploded yet again, gushing and squirting out what seemed like at least an entire QUART'S worth of pure liquid estrogen into her dearly beloved girlfriend's (and sister's) baby factory.
"OHHHH...SWEET HEAVENS, THIS TASTES SO FUCKING DELICIOUS..." Katy continued exhaustedly moaning with seemingly uncontrollable delight as she wormed her way even DEEPER into Lammy's uterus with her seductive feline tongue, actually managing to bring it all the way into her ovaries while Lammy left a complimentary load of additional estrogen ejaculate all over it to show her orgasmic appreciation.
"ALRIGHT, LAMMY, LET'S GO TO SLEEP NOW, SHALL WE?" Katy asked Lammy exhaustedly, panting and moaning and dripping with hot, sticky sweat to very much the same extent that Lammy was as she reached into Lammy's vagina, scooped out the portion of cum that she HADN'T already licked and swallowed from it with her hands, and lovingly drizzled it all over her tantalizing naked body.
"WE SHALL INDEED, SISTER; WE SHALL INDEED!" Lammy laughed delightedly as she and Katy curled up lovingly in bed together and excitedly began licking every last drop of recently-smeared-on cum right off of each other's gorgeously naked bodies, not even bothering to hide themselves underneath the covers in the process.
"SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, THAT WAS SO HOT..." Parappa and Ma-San moaned orgasmically in disbelief and passed out head-over-heels onto the wrinkly, spongy, vigorously throbbing and pulsating floor of Lammy's brain, their massive loads of cum STILL slowly but surely trickling down Lammy's thankfully self-cleaning computer screen as the recording went on for about fifteen more minutes before FINALLY fading to black.
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