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The aliens were dying. They essentially had the flu, or some kind of virus they had ingested. Think about driving a car. Now picture driving it with a temperature of 105, while coughing and vomiting or suffering other symptoms of sickness like a headache or impaired vision. From ghost cars, flying cars, wheeled alien craft, and everything in between, here is a journey down a road towards a horizon of high strangeness. There are all sorts of very bizarre accounts of phantom vehicles that seem to range widely from ghostly apparitions to something that toes the line between the supernatural and UFOs. What car could pass for an alien spacecraft? In a new book about Area 51, an unnamed source claims the aliens found at Roswell were Russian… Read more People often get confused about the difference between a car title and a car registration. A car title deals with the ownership aspect of your car and tells the state who the owner is and what liens are on the vehicle, just like a warranty deed or mortgage filing with your county for your home. A car title looks like a warranty certificate. The Invaders is an American science-fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from 1967 to 1968. Roy Thinnes stars as David Vincent, who tries to thwart an in-progress alien invasion despite the disbelief of officials and the general public. The series was a Quinn Martin production. She had compared prices on Kelley Blue Book and other websites beforehand. But dealers refused to accept her financing from an outside credit union and tried to get her to sign a contract that had a different price from the one she'd negotiated, she said. ... If a car buyer finds that the final sale price of a vehicle differs from the price ... How Would We Explain Cars to Aliens? JOHN PHILLIPS. ... 10 Cars You Didn't Know Had a Stick. Tech Companies Draw the Auto Industry to Israel. As Manuals Wane, Shift Paddles Are to Blame. This even gets specific enough to include human-derived costuming, such as the hat and Spanish-influenced ornamentation Mater wore in a Cars short where he was a matador.. There’s no reason why ... Maybe alien beings are already on Earth, and AI self-driving cars will trigger them out of hiding. Getty. Stay with me on this one. According to news reports, Britain’s former first astronaut ... On July 8th, 1953, Edward Watters, Thomas Wilson and Arnold Payne had been driving along Highway 78 west of Atlanta when Watters, who was driving, was forced to slam on the brakes. The trio described a remarkable sight - two humanoid creatures standing nearby while a third, which had been in the road prior to the car stopping, had been knocked ...

2020.10.21 13:03 Mcgvpsjfd If the aliens had a cars

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Found a box filled with wood sitting by a trash bin this morning. Brought it home, and after a quick cleaning I couldn't believe my eyes. Some stunning exotic woods here. Need some ideas of what to do with these beauties! submitted by gatsby03 to woodworking [link] [comments]

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monster high/royale high drawing! ( for a giveaway entry )
soooo yuh. i felt a bit uncreative just drawing one of the monster high characters, so i drew my own! so like - she's kinda some sort of grim reaper. i named her nebula for yknow kinda like a moon typa flow? i saw these cute little question templates so i'm gonna answer those questions :))
age: 17
killer style:
despite the "goth" look, and her fierce stares, she's actually quite nice. that is unless you get on her bad side.
favorite color:
her favorite color is a darkish red, almost a maroon color.
favorite food
skittles <3333
biggest pet peeve:
people making up false accusations that because she's a reaper, she's some mean girl who wouldn't hesitate to kill you.
current worry in life:
nebula feels as if because she's so nice, her parents are looking down on her. they're expecting her to be the reaper she was born as.
what makes nebula "fang-tastic"?
despite whatever goes on behind closed doors, whatever people say, she's always willing to give second chances, and take time to understand. she can put a smile on anyone's face! <33
so for the outfit, firstly she's wearing the royale rebel veil (i was originally gonna draw the se crown, but i couldn't get it to look right), then for the corset, i did a mixture of the darling valentina corset and royale rebel corset. i kept the original design of the valentina corset, but i took the little neckpiece from the royale rebel corset as apposed to keeping the dv neckpiece.
she is also wearing a lot of fishnets as well as the reaper she's holding which are NOT royale high items. :'(
anywayssss, then moving down to the arms she's wearing goth sleeves and heirloom sleeves, i also put a little ring on her finger bc y'know why not-
(ignore the weird ass fingers-)
and then finally, i did the heirloom skirt!--- but reworked for halloween ;)))
so i just did the original design of the skirt but i added skulls instead of the little bows. i also added some extra chains on the edges <33
and well yuh - that's basically it
good luck to everyone else who entered 🙈
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I’m going to be building a pc soon and I found this graphics card and thought it would be good for me. But everywhere I look the price of over 1k, and it’s not even the 2080 Ti. Does anyone know where I can find one, or when the restock comes available on Nvidia?
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What are my next steps? Just lost a bunch of trophies by accident (was on ~1k) and need to know the next steps to making this garage as best as possible. Also I highly recommend going 2-1-1 on your 12C if you haven’t already, helps so much in events :) submitted by RTRAlpha to TopDrives [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 13:02 Leading_Buddy_2623 Join robinhood get a free stock

Hey ohhh join robinhood through my link, buy a stock and we both get a free one. Make sure to wait a couple days before selling and collect your cash within ten days. FREE STOCK
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Here's the invite
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WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch with Synthetic Rope: 3/8 submitted by Giuelith to TradeChain [link] [comments]

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Hello! We have a community discord server and are looking to add more active, friendly individuals. We host anime/movie watch parties, gaming nights and weekly community events. We ask that you are over 18 years old to join as all of our members are over 18.
Our server is lgbtq+ friendly and a judgment free zone, anyone regardless of identity, race and gender is welcome. The server is an extremely welcoming place and has a little something for everyone. Its a great place to meet some really nice people, play video games with one another, vent and give advice.
Open up to everyone at your own pace, dont worry if you are a little shy or have social anxiety. All that matters is that you took that first step to connect with new people and thats a big first step! If you are interested DM me to get server invite, thanks for reading!
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A very punchable face. The tusks hurt though. submitted by mrsheepsteak to customhearthstone [link] [comments]

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The Antarctic Ocean Is in Climate Crisis. This Week, the World Could Take a Big Step Towards Protecting Its Future submitted by pnewell to environment [link] [comments]

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I went from playing mafia 3 (which I adore) to this. I did try to play the original mafia back when I was a kid in the early 2000's, but never really got into it. The graphics in the remake are drop dead gorgeous, and the voice acting/storytelling is great and all, but I just wish to god they had made it open world. Honestly the blandness of the map, lack of interiors and enterable buildings, utter lack of side activities and the fact that free roaming at all must be done in a different mode...these things are deal breakers for me. Free roaming isn't even fun because there's literally nothing to do besides shoot random civilians and fight with the cops. I wouldn't have bought the game if I had known it was this linear, and I wouldn't know that because I generally don't play games from 2002. So I imagine the game is incredibly cool for the people who were huge fans of the first game, but I was expecting this to be BETTER than mafia 3, so I'm a tad bummed
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This Fix-It Guide on blender repair tells how a blender works, what often goes wrong, how to identify a blender problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it.
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2020.10.21 13:02 grgbnrs05 Damn and i thought there wasnt a texture pack with worst resolution than rays

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Overnight and early this morning, the TFSA attempted to seized Sayda near Ayn Issa. They were supported by mortars and artillery. Their attack was repulsed after fighting over a span of several hours with multiple casualties. Both the Asayîş and SDF were involved in the defense. submitted by spacial77 to syriancivilwarFOS [link] [comments]

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To make things clear in as little words as possible; I’m 27 years old, living in an oil and gas state. My entire career from graduating high school to now has been involved directly in either the retrieval of natural gas or it’s infrastructure.
I have no special degrees or qualifications you’d expect because this industry in a lot of cases is based on experience so my history in “infrastructure” would likely not amount to anything elsewhere outside of this industry.
I plan to relocate to a non oil and gas dominated state for reasons unrelated to my career specifically, but my career happens to be the most challenging aspect of the move.
I can’t just take up a job at a retail store or something similar. It’s not meant to be a complete reset. I’d have to find something with a similar salary.
What advice could you give to someone relocating and their industry isn’t there?
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I have two friends in the same friend group who are both preg and due within 1.5months of each other. I am closer to one of the girls, and she has no family that live close to us, so I thought I would throw her a baby shower, but then I felt bad about not doing the same for the other friend (who does have family close by who will also be throwing her a shower), so I was thinking of doing a joint one for both. If they were separate the guest list would be basically the same, but the cost for me would def be more, two different themes, food, decorations (if we can have it in person, it won’t be until early spring, so hoping it can be in person). But I’m worried about them not feeling as special as they should at their shower if it’s a joint one. So basically, wibtah if I went with the cheapeless expensive, but less special route of a joint shower?
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