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In a Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), Linus Torvalds, Linux's top developer, talked about the latest progress in the next version of Linux: Linux 5.7-rc7.Along the way, he mentioned, "for the ... Torvald is a supportive Front Line Champion whose primary contribution to battle is shielding for himself and allies as well as crowd control against critical enemies. Unlike other Front Liners, Torvald's shielding is consistently present and must be destroyed in order to damage his hit points. Torvald needs a buff I feel like Maeve has way too much movement speed. By the time a kinessa or most characters realize they're getting shot by Maeve they usually are going to die. they will bring down wrecker in season 3, which will be a buff to torvalds shield and protection, i find torvald pretty ok, but hes very team reliant. Evil moji indeed thought of changing torvald back to a point tank, i hope theyll do so. Torvald needs a Buff. F'BACK. Torvald imo has become one of my least liked tanks in the game. And due to Khan being released, torv has been pushed further down the priority list. I wish he gets a buff; and recently i thought of something about his ult. His ult can be used in two ways, the first one is map dependent and its for pushing enemies off the map.

2020.09.28 22:44 Kybrator Узаконить перепланировку пошагово 50 рублей

Just asking a question, no insults needed. I always felt was torvald was a little weak but I feel like he can become OP very fast. First off people need to stop looking at him like a tank since he is a support. If he had the tankiness of a tank he would be OP. If he gets a buff he will be one of the best pocketer's on a level with or higher than jenos and corvus.
Just now with no buffs he can do extremely well with a pocket dps.
1k shielding or 10% damage increase.
~400 heals
50% movement speed
Shuts down all enemies abilities and chance of escape.
Most people hate these pockets going crazy and destroying everyone without any hinderance. Torvald if he gets buffed will likely do the same and will become such a nuisance to play against.

Still not sure why people think he is so in need of a buff since he does his job pretty well. Let me know your thoughts and why I am wrong.

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I just need to vent/ask for support..
I was 51/50'd in August for suicidal ideation. There was just so much family issues going on that brought out PTSD from childhood trauma and I convince myself my partner and child would be better off without me. The hospital itself didn't actually help, but the desire to be back home and with my family made me feel good and appreciate my family if that makes sense. In the hospital they stopped all my meds (trileptal, celexa, and buspar) and started me on Latuda and Seroquel. The first couple weeks were good post hospital and fast forward to now, Im miserable and don't know why. I work at a school district so work has been only through zoom, twice a day for an hour each. I got a second part time job thinking it would be good to get out of the house but Im regretting it now. I also take online classes.
So my days usually consist of me getting up and feeling good for the first couple hours. Then I get frustrated with something and now everything is terrible. I literally dread having to do anything. No matter how small or big it feels so hard! I feel like I cant breathe and my chest feels heavy. I have glimpse moments of feeling normal then feel overwhelmed even when Im not doing anything. A few times I have crying spells for no reason. I just cry and cry. And I have no idea why. My anxieties up and down. I dont know what to do or why I feel like this. I want to quit everything and give up Im just exhausted. Ive reached out to my psychiatrist but for now while Im waiting im just lost.
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2020.09.28 22:42 cbvv1992 Hot Items – $3.99 Disposable Face Mask – Pack of 50!!

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Heya. Once again doing some housecleaning on the topre side of the collection.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM.
Item Price Avail? Notes
Realforce 87U 10th Anniversary 55g $340 shipped & insured ✔️ Used. Minor to moderate shine on WASD alphas. Shine on case near spacebar and arrow keys. No shine on OEM ABS spacebar; it was never used. Includes extras keys and red esc pictured in album. Original packaging is also included. This is the limited edition 87U with the gray/blue keycaps and gray (not black) Realforce case.
Idea23 HHKB HiPro caps $50 shipped ✔️ These are some serious C-stock caps. They are unfortunately yellowed from sun damage, and when I removed the set for cleaning, the enter key and a black alpha snapped their stems. Left shift and enter already had a missing stem half; I will include the snapped ones in the picture for anybody who wants to attempt epoxying or gluing them to repair. Set will be given a good rinse before sale; otherwise sold as-is. Price is set low to reflect the condition, but fair offers will be entertained.
OEM HHKB Case with silver type-s and HHKB stickers $50 shipped ✔️ Parting this out in anticipation of the Evija. Good overall condition, will include the 3 case screws and original box. (Silencing rings in timestamp not included.)
2x unknown topre artisans ??? What are these? Received unknown in a trade. Need an ID before I sell these. Please PM me if you know!
CONUS only and Paypal only. Please comment before PMing. No chats, I probably won't see those.
Thanks for looking!
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Let’s play💦🍑 find my on my OF 50% off limited time kinks and fetishes welcome submitted by sweetpeach143 to OnlyFans_NonNude [link] [comments]

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In my program I have the user input a phrase, and I use the scanf function to retrieve it. My problem is when the user inputs a phrase with spaces in between, it not only counts the words after the space, it also skips over the 3rd Scanf function. What is the problem and how can I fix this?
Here's my code:

#include #include int main(){ char plaintext[50], key[15]; char encrypt[50]; int EncryptOp = 1, DecryptOp = 2, choice; printf("Enter 1 for Encryption or 2 For Decryption: "); scanf("%d", &choice); if(choice ==EncryptOp){ printf("Enter Plaintext for Encryption: "); scanf("%s", &plaintext); printf("Enter Keyword:\n"); scanf("%s", &key); printf("Plaintext:%s\n Keyword:%s\n", &plaintext, &key); }else if(choice ==DecryptOp){ printf("Enter Encrypted Message for Decryption: "); scanf("%s", &encrypt); } return 0; } 
When I run it, choose 1 and enter a phrase it outputs this:
Enter 1 for Encryption or 2 For Decryption: 1 Enter Plaintext for Encryption: Jeremiah is great Enter Keyword: Plaintext:Jeremiah Keyword:is 
When my goal output is this:
Enter 1 for Encryption or 2 For Decryption: 1 Enter Plaintext for Encryption: Jeremiah is great Enter Keyword: Fun Plaintext:Jeremiah is great Keyword:Fun 
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This is my first time doing a TFT concept. It may contain weird numbers and most of them may be also a bit unbalanced. Hope you like it, if you comment, be constructive with the critics or i'll report the coments with the page's system.
- Cowboy (2/4/6): After casting their abilities, cowboys cannot fail autoattacks for 2/3/5 seconds. Non autoattack units, cannot get Crowd Control for those seconds
- Blossom (3/6): When blossoms die, if there's an ally alive they revive after 3 seconds with 50/80% of their maximun heath. If there are not allies left, they won't get back. Can be builded with Giant's Belt + Spatulla
- Heartbreaker (2/4/6): Heartbreakers heals 25/65/100% from abilities and auto attacks to nearby allies. Can be builded with Needlessly Large Rod + Spatulla
- Arcane (2/4): Having 2 arcanes makes their auto attacks deal magic damage. Having all 4 makes abilities deal 50% aditional AP after first cast; they stack 10% extra AP until end of combat.
- Mech (2/4/6): Mechas explode dealing 20/60/100% of their maximun health to 1 hex nearby enemies when they die. If there's only one mech left they will take down all enemies that can die with the explosion.
- Star Guardian (2/4/6/9): Star guardians get 20/30/40/60 mana for each abilitie that a guardian casts. Can be builded with Tear of the Goddess + Spatula.
- Victorious (2/4/6): For each kill a victorious do, they gain 50/100/250 armour. When all of the victorious die; half of total gain armour is gained by the rest of alive allies. Can be builded with Negatron's Cloak + Spatula
- Chef (3/6): Chefs abilities set on fire for 3/5 seconds making heals less efective and shileds lowered to 50%. This ignite does not stack with other abilities or items until the burn time is over.
- Luchador (2/3/5): Luchadores gain 200/300/500 extra health. For each ally that dies, they gain 20/50/70 Magic Resistance until end of combat. Can be builded with Sparring Gloves + Spatula
- Pool Party (2/4/6): The abilities of pool party champions go throught enemies, after going througth the first one damage is reduced by 70/50/10% until reaching the end of the board.
- Zero (1): Zero is unstable, he starts with a shield wich blocks 50% of his maximun health as damage. When the shield borkes Zero gains 150% attack speed.
- Creature (2/4): Creatures have an 50/70% chance of dodging enemies auto attacks; except RFC and cowboy origin.
- Blademaster (3/6): Blademasters have 60/80% chance of doing aditional auto attacks. Can be builded with B.F Sword + Spatula.
- Mistyc (2/4): Mystic gives aditional 50/60 Magic Resistance to all allies.
- Demon (2): After casting the ability, demons are inmune to crowd control for 3 seconds. If they get interrupted while they are casting, inmunity is cancelled.
- Tank (2/4/6/9): Tanks have 200/300/400/1000 extra armour. Can be builded with Chain Vest + Spatula
- Protector (2/4) : Protectors gain a shield when they use their ability. Shield size is 20/50% of their maximun health.
- Hexer (3/6/7): Hexers give 60/100/200 AP to all alllies on board.
- Brawlers (2/4/6): Brawlers deal 5/6/10% targets maximun heath as bonus damage. This damage increases by 3% for targets with more health than them.
- Assassin (2/4/6): Innate: Assassins jump into the back line of the enemy. Assassins get 50/60/100% chance of critical hit and 40/60/150% of critical damage. Can be builded with Recurve Bow + Spatula.
- Anger(2/3/4): Anger champions gains 50/60/100% life-steal of abilities and auto attacks. It's 10% more powerfull if they're under 50% health.
- Shooter (2/4/6): Shooters can shot 2/4/6 extra proyectiles to all enemies every 4th attack.
- Rider(1): The rider moves and charges mana. Crowd Control doesn't affect him while moving and gains 1% of MR every second the battle goes on.

Champions and Abilities:
1 Cost:
- Leona (Chef/Tank): Leona focuses and reduces taken damage by 40/80/200 for 4 seconds. After the 4th second she stuns nearby enemies in 1 hex for 2/2.5/4 seconds.
- Xayah (Star Guardian/Blademaster): Xayah shoots 2 of her feathers towards the highest % health champion and shoots another 5 extra feathers. She deals 100/200/700 physical to all units she hits, feathers can reach 2 hex behind target.
- Poppy (Star Guardian/Tank): Poppy hits with her shield dealing 100/200/400 magic damage to the furthest enemy. After that she gains a 200/400/600 shield that lasts for 5 seconds.
- Heimerdinger (Pool Party/Hexer): Heimer shoots water missiles dealing 100/200/350 magic damage.
- Fiora (HeartbreakeBlademaster): Fiora blocks every attack and abilitie for 2.5 seconds, then she hits nearby enemy and deals 60/100/300 magic damage.
- Garen (Mech/Tank): Garen spins dealing nearby enemies 200/300/1000 total magic damage. After using this ability, he will be inmute to magic damage for 2 seconds.
- Zoe (Arcane/Hexer): Zoe shoots a bubble to the highest current % health champion dealing 200/350/400 magic damage and sleeping it for 1.5 seconds.
- Caitlyn (Cowboy/Shooter): Caitlyn charges a bullet to the furthest enemy and will deal 500/1000/1900 magic damage to the first hitted enemy.
- Braum (LuchadoTank): Braum hits with the chair he's carrying to the closest enemy dealing 100/150/300 magic damage and stunning for 2 seconds.
- Riven (Blossom/Anger): Riven dashes to the closest enemy back then she stuns them for 1 second and dealing 50/100/250 magic damage.
- Graves (Victorious/Shooter): Graves Blind the highest attack speed champion and ddeals 100/200/400 magic damage.
- Rennekton (Pool Party/Assassin): Rennekton slices every enemy surrounding him. He deals 120/300/500 physical damage, he heals that amount for every sliced champion.
2 Cost:
- Yasuo (Cowboy/Blademaster): Yasuo hits 2 times a target, 3rd time he shoots a tornado that deals 100/300/450 magic damage and reduces enemy attack speed 30% for 2 seconds.
- Alistar (Cowboy/Tank): Every 4th auto attack, Alistar hits the ground dealing 40/100/200 magic damage and knocking up enemies for 2 seconds.
- Syndra (Pool Party/Hexer): Syndra summons a ball then she shoots it towards her current target. The ball deals 250/300/500 magic damage.
- Pantheon (Chef/Tank): Pantheon jumps to the furthest enemy within 2 hexes, stunning and dealing 250/300/700 magic damage.
- Vi (HeartbreakeBrawler): Vi hit the current target dealing 150/250/600 magic dmage and breaks the armour for 2 seconds.
- Dr.Mundo (LuchadoAngeBrawler): Mundo creates an energy barrier around him
- Ziggs (Arcane/Mystic): Ziggs sets an explosive spell that pushes away enemies, dealing 150/200/600 magic damage.
- Kha'Zix (Mech/Assassin): Kha'Zix attacks to it's current target dealing 200/500/850 magic damage. If he kills the target, he will jump to the nearest low health enemy and use the ability immediatly.
- Rakkan (Star Guardian/Protector): Rakkan dashes towards the furthest enemy within 2 hexes, then he knockes them up dealing 200/450/700 magic damage.
- Kindred (Blossom/Shooter): Kindred jumps further from enemies the shoots to the nearest enemy dealing 250/400/650 physical damage.
- Sivir (Victorious/Blademaster): Sivir throws her blade in a direction where her target is dealing 200/550/780 physical damage, from go to return.
- Ezreal (Star Guardian/Shooter): Ezreal shoots a star beam in a direction, dealing 300/500/850 magic damage. He aims for his current target.
3 Cost:
- Jinx (HeartbreakeShooter): Jinx shoots a rocket at the furthest enemy dealing 200/300/900 magic damage +10% target's missing health
- Olaf (Chef/Anger): Olaf becomes unstopable and gains 80% lifesteal. In this state he gains 80/150/200% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat.
- Malphite (Mech/Anger): Malphite charges towards the current target, hitting withing 1 hex dealing 200/400/900 magic damage.
- Shako(Arcane/Assassin): Shako teleports invisble to the back of his target and deal 200/250/300% of his current attack damage.
- Tahm Kench (Chef/Tank): Tahm devores his target then he spit him towards the furthest enemy dealing both 350/450/950 magic damage.
- Cassiopeia (Cowboy/Mystic): Cassiopeia turns the closest 3/5/7 enemies into stone for 2 seconds. After this 2 seconds or by an ally atack they turn back to normal and get 200/400/900 magic damage.
- Jarvan IV (Pool Party/Protector): Jarvan throws his lance to the farthest enemy and dashes towards it, dealing 300/450/600 magic damage each.
- Neeko (Star Guardian/Protector): Neeko jumps and then falls stunning all enmeies hitted dealing 300/450/700 magic damage.
- Morgana (Victorious/Hexer): Morgana chains herself to 3/5/7 nearby enemies dealing 250/500/1000 magic damage per second. After 4 seconds all chained champions will get stunned for 1.5 seconds.
- Lillia (Blossom/Protector): Lillia spins her branch in a cicle dealing 200/500/900 true damage to the enemies in the outside circle, the enemies close to her will get magic damage instead.
- Gnar (LuchadoCreature): Gnar jumps and transform into Mega Gnar, gaining 1300/2000/2500 hp. Then he swipes all nearby enemies dealing 150/
4 Cost:
- Yuumi (HeartbreakeCreature): Yuumi shoots the last spell from her book 6 times towards the furthest ally. Allies will heal 50/150/250 each time and deal 150/200/400 magic damage to enemies.
- Fiddlesticks (Cowboy/Demon): Fiddlesticks locks to 3/4/7 enemies and drain 200/300/1000 health from them on 4 seconds. In the last second he gains a Shield with the 50% of the total drained health.
- Sett (Mech/Brawler): Sett chages up and hit in a cone in front of him dealing 200/400/1000 physical damage. Enemies in the center will receive that but instead of physical it's true damage.
-Akali (Chef/Assassin): Akali hits with her kunais in front of her dealing
- Soraka (Star Guardian/Mystic): Soraka heals 500/900/4000 hp to every ally in fight.
- Taliyah (Pool Party/Assassin): Taliyah throws 3 rocks to the nearest enemy. Each rock deals 100/250/500 magic damage.
- Ahri (Blossom/Hexer): Ahri throws a magic ball to the larger group of enemies dealing 400/600/4000 magic damage to all enemies.
- Mordekaiser (Victorious/Tank): Mordekaiser stamps his mace in front of him dealing 250/490/999 magic damage. He gains a shield for every champion hitted with 60% of total damage value.
- Urgot (Star Guardian/Shooter): Urgot shoots an explosive star in the highest amount of enemies, reducing their attack speed by 60% and dealing 300/500/900 magic damage.
5 cost:
- Yone (Blossom/Demon/Blademaster): After charging for 2.5 seconds, Yone dashes towards the furthest enemy, all of the targets he goes througth get knock up for 2 seconds and deal 500/600/1000 magic damage
- Sion (Mech/Zero): Sion charges up and hit the ground dealing 200/600/6000 damage and knocking up all hitted enemies for 1.5 seconds.
- Oriana (HeartbreakeHexer): Oriana places a ball in the hights amount of enemies and pulse them into the ball dealing 400/1000/5000 magic damage damage.
- Hecarim (Cowboy/Rider): Hecarim will move around the board, when mana is full he will charge towards the nearest enemy and deal 500/1000/5000 magic damage. Aside enemies in 1 hex gets only 50% of that damage.
- Volibear (LuchadoAnger): Volibear jumps to the biggest amount of enemies dealing 500/700/3000 magic damage on the center. 2 hexes aside this, enemies will get stunned for 1.5 seconds.
- Aurelion Sol (Mech/Hexer): Aurelion shoots a laser beam through the current highest health % dealing 300/750/4000 magic damage. Allies in the way of the beam gain a shiled with the 45/60/200% of the beam's damage value.
- Kog'Maw (Arcane/Creature): Kog'Maw gains 70/100/500% attack speed for 3 seconds and deals 10/30/100% target's health as bonus physical damage.
- Lulu (Pool Party/Mystic): Lulu transforms 2/3/8 enemies, making the to take 35/40/100 bonus damage from abilities and auto attacks.
- Galio (Chef/Creature/Brawler): Galio jumps towards the lowest health enemy champion, dealing 500/900/5000 magic damage to target. Enemies within 5 hexes get 60% of total damage and knock up for 2.5 seconds.

Hope you like it, i know there's too much text but it's a thing i wanted to share as soon as possible. I tried to do pictures of each Origin and class (sadly unsuccesfull). if you want to say something, be constructive and good, it took me a long time to develop this concept and i don't think i would do another one of this kind (this may change on future).
Thank you and let the fates come to you.
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No Caps or Ammo please, also don’t need any 2 star pieces of armor Will offer Multiple depending on the item
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Is there any way to replace a DS lite Hinge without an entirely new shell?
I got a new DS Lite and it said it had a broken hinge. I misunderstood it as a cosmetic issue as they didn’t specify. I would have bought it anyway considering how expensive they typically are.
Anyway, the hinge is loose. Nintendo was completely abysmal when it came to making handheld consoles that didn’t break. It was like it was impossible for them to use any plastic that didn’t break when a fly landed on it. Now, I have an entire other DS lite at my disposal for spare parts. The other DS Lite doesn’t turn on, and it has a cracked top screen, so I can use pretty much anything from it.
Except for the casing.
The casing is a putrid hybrid of Teal and Red. It’s actually a combination of 2 DS Lites that broke. I don’t care if it costs me my soul, I’m not using any visible part of that DS’s casing. Is there any possible, conceivable, no-bullshit way for me to fix the damn hinge without shelling out $15 for a new top screen?
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Hey everyone, I sold a lot of records here a couple months ago (Hip Hop and Indie) but since then my account was deactivated. Anyway, I'm back to see if anyone is interested in Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples. I'm looking for $50 with $4 shipping as long as you're in the US, it has been played only two times ever and is in very good condition. Let me know if you're interested.
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2020.09.28 22:39 regularman6969420420 What will a pc with these specs be able to do. 1440p? 4K? 120hz? Thanks.

CPU- AMD Ryzen 7 3800x - £300
GPU- Nvidia rtx 3070- £469
Case- Phanteks PH-EC400ATG_DWT01 Medium Tower ATX Eclipse P400A RGB Case with Glass Panel (White) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TTDW37F/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Y59zFbMVVFE10 -£83
Motherboard- MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI Motherboard mATX, AM4, DDR4, M.2, LAN, Wi-FI, USB 3.2 Gen1, Front Type-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, AMD RYZEN 3000 3rd Generation https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BCR4ZRS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_DZpAFbKK3YF6C -110
RAM- Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G36C16U4R 3600 MHz, DDR4, DRAM, Desktop Gaming Memory Kit, 16GB (8GB x2), CL16, Red https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083TSFB5C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fZiAFb9MN00WD -£70
Storage- Crucial MX500 500 GB CT500MX500SSD4-Up to 560 MB/s (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 Type 2280SS, Internal SSD) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077SQ8J1V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SC9yFbQ635YX8 -£50
I might get the 2080Super not sure.
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Nearly 50,000 facing evacuations as fires besiege California wine country submitted by BlankVerse to bayarea [link] [comments]

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AA/FMSWA/BDIB40%/ 50 cal.....
AA/33VHC/VCMF15F/ Grenade launcher ......
I/E/ hunting rifle .....
J/E/ Single action revolver .....
S/E/+1A/ 10 mm ......
TS/E/VCMF15F/10 mm.....
TS/+50LD/90%RW/ Cryo.....
TS/VC+50%D/FMSWA/ Cryo.....
TS/15%FVCD50%D/ Harpoon.....
V/+1S/R50%MDB/ Mole miner gauntlet.....
V/+1S/R50%MDB/ Meat hook .....
B/90%RW/50%LD/ Bow .....
AA/E/50 Cal.....
I/40%MPAD/T15%LDWB/ Grognaks axe....
J/+250DRW+10DWA/ Black powder rifle.....
TS/E/25%LVAPC/ Fixer.....
TS/E/VCMF15%F/ 10MM....
TS/E/+1A/ LMG.....
TS/E/FMSWA/ Harpoon.....
V/E/ Pump action shotgun.....
/Bos spec ops mask/.....
/Bos spec ops suit/.....
/emmet mountain disposal site hazmat suit/....
/2 meat tenderizer plans/....
/all common daily op plans/
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