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CBS Sports has the latest NBA Basketball news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections. 301 Moved Permanently. nginx Get the latest NBA basketball news, scores, stats, standings, fantasy games, and more from ESPN. LeBron, Lakers finish pesky Nuggets to advance to first NBA Finals in 10 years Tatum, Brown combine for 59 points as Celtics use strong 2nd half to win Game 5 Klay Thompson returns for first ... NBA legend reportedly gave the green light for rapper Travis Scott to use his Illinois mansion to shoot the music video for the new song, "FRANCHISE. NBA MJ Let Travis Scott Film Video at Mansion ... Stay up to date on the latest NBA basketball news, scores, stats, standings & more. Plus, watch live games, clips and highlights for your favorite teams! NBA DFS: Best Heat vs. Celtics FanDuel, DraftKings daily Fantasy basketball picks for Sept. 27, 2020 CBS Sports Video Report: Sixers head coaching vacancy is Mike D’Antoni’s to lose SMG Live basketball scores and postgame recaps. CBSSports.com's basketball scoreboard features in-game commentary and player stats.

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A subreddit dedicated for NBA news and discussion.

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Everything and anything manga! (manhwa/manhua is okay too!) Discuss weekly chapters, find/recommend a new series to read, post a picture of your collection, lurk, etc!

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A place for Japanese light novels, and web novels that are translated from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean to English. Original English web series and other languages are welcome as well. This subreddit was founded because of our love for awesome light novel and web novel content, regardless of language origin. So feel free to browse the many series that get updated here, and give one a try!

2020.10.01 04:08 RealityShowAddict Перепланировка квартиры 121 серии

I am a casual player, and I would really like to learn how to build sealed decks better.
Is there a forum, subreddit or discord where people can post their card pools and people will discuss how best to build the deck?
My play skill isn't great, but I'm working on that as I play more events. I'd love to get more insight to how good players build decks so I can learn there too.
Thanks for any tips
PS. If anyone just wants to share their thoughts on my current deck that I'm building I'd love to hear it. I have a Felidar Retreat and Nahiri, but I have no idea what to do. I feel like this collection of cards should be great, but I don't know how to use it.
2 Scavenged Blade (ZNR) 157
1 Fissure Wizard (ZNR) 140
1 Expedition Champion (ZNR) 138
1 Spitfire Lagac (ZNR) 167
1 Skyclave Geopede (ZNR) 163
1 Ardent Electromancer (ZNR) 135
1 Teeterpeak Ambusher (ZNR) 169
1 Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients (ZNR) 230
2 Thundering Sparkmage (ZNR) 171
1 Stonework Packbeast (ZNR) 255
1 Spikefield Hazard (ZNR) 166
1 Felidar Retreat (ZNR) 16
1 Sizzling Barrage (ZNR) 162
2 Joraga Visionary (ZNR) 188
1 Swarm Shambler (ZNR) 207
6 Forest (ANB) 112
1 Canopy Baloth (ZNR) 182
2 Reclaim the Wastes (ZNR) 200
1 Territorial Scythecat (ZNR) 213
1 Dauntless Survivor (ZNR) 184
1 Khalni Ambush (ZNR) 192
1 Roiling Regrowth (ZNR) 201
2 Sizzling Barrage (ZNR) 162
2 Nimana Skitter-Sneak (ZNR) 116
1 Field Research (ZNR) 58
1 Resolute Strike (ZNR) 35
1 Nahiri's Binding (ZNR) 29
1 Cascade Seer (ZNR) 48
2 Dreadwurm (ZNR) 100
1 Might of Murasa (ZNR) 194
1 Zof Consumption (ZNR) 132
1 Ruin Crab (ZNR) 75
1 Hagra Constrictor (ZNR) 105
2 Nissa's Zendikon (ZNR) 197
2 Chilling Trap (ZNR) 50
1 Practiced Tactics (ZNR) 32
1 Cleric of Chill Depths (ZNR) 51
1 Deadly Alliance (ZNR) 96
2 Soaring Thought-Thief (ZNR) 236
1 Clearwater Pathway (ZNR) 260
1 Disenchant (ZNR) 10
1 Broken Wings (ZNR) 181
1 Inordinate Rage (ZNR) 144
1 Highborn Vampire (ZNR) 107
1 Blood Beckoning (ZNR) 92
2 Glacial Grasp (ZNR) 59
1 Smite the Monstrous (ZNR) 42
1 Journey to Oblivion (ZNR) 17
1 Thwart the Grave (ZNR) 130
1 Expedition Healer (ZNR) 13
1 Anticognition (ZNR) 45
1 Akoum Hellhound (ZNR) 133
1 Drana's Silencer (ZNR) 99
1 Utility Knife (ZNR) 256
1 Pyroclastic Hellion (ZNR) 152
1 Turntimber Ascetic (ZNR) 214
1 Concerted Defense (ZNR) 52
1 Roost of Drakes (ZNR) 74
1 Zulaport Duelist (ZNR) 88
1 Mesa Lynx (ZNR) 28
1 Marauding Blight-Priest (ZNR) 112
2 Seafloor Stalker (ZNR) 78
1 Merfolk Windrobber (ZNR) 70
1 Merfolk Falconer (ZNR) 69
1 Scion of the Swarm (ZNR) 121
1 Riverglide Pathway (ZNR) 264
1 Expedition Diviner (ZNR) 57
1 Oblivion's Hunger (ZNR) 119
1 Skyclave Squid (ZNR) 82
1 Makindi Ox (ZNR) 25
1 Ghastly Gloomhunter (ZNR) 103
1 Beyeen Veil (ZNR) 46
1 Coralhelm Chronicler (ZNR) 54
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2020.10.01 03:52 AliceOfSinnoh [US-TX] [H] SDCC Lime Sour Patch Kid, SDCC Princess Bubblegum GITD, Steven Universe complete set, Jack Box, Adventure Time commons and exclusives, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Jonny Quest, OG Patrick, Hamm, ECCC Vegeta Eating Noodles, Flocked Mewtwo, Raven and Starfire, more [W] PayPal

Shipping within the US is included in the price of each pop. (If you're outside the US, I don't mind mailing to you but it will be extra.)
All pops will ship carefully packed bubble-wrapped in soft protectors or sorter boxes unless otherwise noted. All prices are at least 10% off of the current PPG price as of listing; discounts/bundle prices are available for larger purchases. Not really looking for any Funko trades at the moment.
If you want close-up photos of any of the Pops, I'm happy to provide them, just ask.
Name Series Price
Steven (common) Steven Universe $27
Steven (Hot Topic pre-release) Steven Universe $27
Steven (Glow in the Dark) Steven Universe $25
Garnet (common) Steven Universe $20
Garnet (Hot Topic pre-release) Steven Universe $20
Garnet (Glow in the Dark) Steven Universe $25
Amethyst (common) (some creasing on left side of box) Steven Universe $20
Amethyst (Hot Topic pre-release) Steven Universe $24
Amethyst (Glow in the Dark) Steven Universe $24
Pearl (common) Steven Universe $19
Pearl (Hot Topic pre-release) Steven Universe $19
Pearl (Glow in the Dark) Steven Universe $20
Connie Steven Universe $6
Peridot Steven Universe $45
Rose Quartz Steven Universe $34
Lapis Steven Universe $54
Lion (common) Steven Universe $22
Lion (flocked) (minor paint rubs on window) Steven Universe $20
Pink Diamond Steven Universe $39
Stevonnie Steven Universe $29
Starfire Teen Titans Go $36
Raven Teen Titans Go $17
Hamm (small crease on back of box) Toy Story $30
Vegeta Eating Noodles (ECCC con sticker) Dragon Ball Z $45
Princess Bubblegum GITD (SDCC con sticker) Adventure Time $121
BMO (Hot Topic Metallic) Adventure Time $34
BMO Noire (Hot Topic) Adventure Time $15
Blushing BMO Adventure Time $17
Gunter (minor tear on corner, price sticker on lid) Adventure Time $25
Finn Adventure Time $30
Flame Princess Adventure Time $13
Lumpy Space Princess Adventure Time $28
Cake Adventure Time $19
Lime Sour Patch Kid (ECCC con sticker) Sour Patch Kids $300
Jack Box (shared sticker) Jack-in-the-Box $72
Jonny Quest with Bandit/Hadji (Funko Shop exclusive) (set only) Jonny Quest $24
Dexter (Funko Shop exclusive) Dexter's Laboratory $67
Johnny Bravo (Funko Shop exclusive) Johnny Bravo $81
Wayne and Garth (commons) Wayne's World $22
Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, and Officer Mac (commons) McDonald's $48
Abraham Lincoln (Target exclusive) American History $16
Patrick (very minor corner tear) SpongeBob Squarepants $60
Mewtwo (Flocked) (shared sticker) Pokemon $32
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2020.10.01 03:45 BurntBeast Minecraft with Forge crashes immediately

So a few days ago Minecraft started crashing every time I used it with forge, whether it be 1.7.10, 1.12.2 or 1.16.3. Whenever I press the 'PLAY' button on the launcher, it opens Minecraft and within milliseconds of the window opening it closes again and the launcher appears with an error message reading 'An unexpected issue occurred and the game has crashed. We're sorry for the inconvenience.'
This is what I think the logs are (I'm rather new to these kinds of things so I'm not sure)
20:28:41.384[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at net.minecraftforge.fml.loading.FMLCommonLaunchHandler.validatePaths(FMLCommonLaunchHandler.java:121)
20:28:41.385[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at net.minecraftforge.fml.loading.FMLLoader.setupLaunchHandler(FMLLoader.java:199)
20:28:41.385[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at net.minecraftforge.fml.loading.FMLServiceProvider.initialize(FMLServiceProvider.java:94)
20:28:41.385[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.TransformationServiceDecorator.onInitialize(TransformationServiceDecorator.java:68)
20:28:41.386[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.TransformationServicesHandler.lambda$initialiseTransformationServices$7(TransformationServicesHandler.java:107)
20:28:41.386[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at java.util.HashMap$Values.forEach(HashMap.java:981)
20:28:41.386[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.TransformationServicesHandler.initialiseTransformationServices(TransformationServicesHandler.java:107)
20:28:41.387[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.TransformationServicesHandler.initializeTransformationServices(TransformationServicesHandler.java:59)
20:28:41.387[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher.run(Launcher.java:75)
20:28:41.388[m[32m[20:28:41] [main/INFO] [STDER]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:1052]: at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:65)
20:28:41.450Process crashed with exit code 1
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2020.10.01 01:36 fazzaaaaa Nice 121 finish, had better but not on video. Improving slowly but surely.

Nice 121 finish, had better but not on video. Improving slowly but surely. submitted by fazzaaaaa to Darts [link] [comments]

2020.10.01 01:31 APKMirrorBOT Перепланировка квартиры 121 серии

Facebook (Android TV) by Facebook submitted by APKMirrorBOT to APKMirror [link] [comments]

2020.10.01 01:01 Timwis123 Advken Potento Pod System Kit - Review

Advken Potento Pod System Kit - Review Hi Reddit readers, In this review i take a look at the Potento Pod System Kit from Advken. The Advken Potento Pod System Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by the Healthcabin.
Advken isn't a manufacturer i have used more than a couple of products from so not that familiar with them but just by what i have read and heard they have produced a couple of very good products but also some which received a mixed reception.
The Potento Pod system brings us new meets old in the way of variable voltage via a potentiometer dial (who doesn't like a potentiometer dial from time to time). The dial gives variable voltage from 3.2 to 4.2v to get the power and warmth you prefer in conjunction with the 1.2ohm Pod. The lightweight Pod device utilises either 2.5ml or TPD compliant 2.0ml pods both of which house a 1.2ohm coil for a MTL vape. The device is draw activated but does have a on/off button which can also be used to check battery status. Coming in 4 colour options let's give the Potento Pod System a look!
In The Box
1pc Potento Device 1pc Type-C Cable 2pc Potento Pods Paperwork
Aesthetics and Ergonomics
The Potento comes in cardboard packaging with a picture of the device in the colour of choice on the front. I received the Silver Blue version which starts Dark Blue at it's base and gradually fuses into a Silver that dominates the top of the device. The colour options are Obsidian Black, Silver Blue, Ruby Red or Slate Grey, on both the front and back of the device on the upper area we have an indented dimpled effect which is the main aesthetic feature.
Towards the top on both sides we have a small hole for airflow and towards the bottom one side we have printed safety stamps and a Type C USB port, on the opposite side we have a on/off button and LED. Moving to the base and central we have a potentiometer dial with a protruding leg either side to allow the device to stand up. Most of the dark tinted pod protrudes from the device allowing visibility of your e-liquid level in good light but too dark to be fully practical.
The form factor isn't a million miles different to the Caliburn just larger but the Potento actually feels lighter and is nice and comfortable in the hand!
Potento Specs and Features:
Size: 121.2* 22.8* 12mm Battery: 560mah built-in battery Coil Material: Mesh Coil Charging port: Type-C Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm Output voltage: 3.2V-4.2V Cartridge Material: PCTG Device Material: ALUMINIUM ALLOY/PCTG Capacity: 2.5ml/2ml (TPD) Voltage adjustment by rotating the bottom potentiometer control knob Side filling design Colours: Obsidian Black, Silver Blue, Ruby Red, Slate Grey

The Pod
The Pod is both one complete moulding and a sealed unit so the whole pod needs replacing rather than just the coil. The Pod has a capacity of 2.5ml with the standard pods but also TPD compliant 2ml pods i have had no trouble finding online. You receive two pods both of which houses a 1.2ohm coil and as far as i can find no other options are available.
The Pod is very darkly tinted so not as practical as it should be but in decent light i could see the juice level without much difficulty. It smoothly tapers both front and back to form a very comfortable mouthpiece which has a bore suited much more to a MTL vape rather than any form of DL.
On the rear of the pod we have a silicone flap with bung which will need pulling outwards to fill. Moving to the base of the pod we have the two Gold plated contacts and central opening which will lead to the membrane switch when fitted to the device.
Filling The Pod
As mentioned on the rear of the pod we have a silicone flap which is easy to get hold of to pull the bung out of the fill port. The bung sits quite deep for a good seal and the silicone piece is soft and pliable allowing for easy access. The fill port is a good size allowing air to escape while filling and despite the pod being darkly tinted i had no issues seeing the level as i filled, i had no issues at all!

Fitting The Pod
Looking inside the pod bay we can see the sturdy Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and opening to the membrane switch. The pod just gets press fitted into place but a click can clearly be heard as it secures. When checking for it their is slight movement but it takes a bit of effort so during vaping no movement whatsoever is detected!
Operating The Potento
The Potento is a draw activated Pod System but does have an On/Off button that can also be used to check the limited battery status indication. To turn the device On/Off is five quick presses of the button, off is confirmed by 3 white flashes of the LED while switching the device on is confirmed by one flash.
On the base we have a potentiometer dial which is numbered 1 to 4 in Roman Numerals but also you can have it set between Numerals. It adjust from 3.2v up to 4.2v although you go by feel as there is no way of knowing exactly what voltage you have set unless at it's lowest or highest points!

So just keep turning the dial and take a draw until you get the warmth and power you are after then happy vaping! When taking a vape the LED lights up to show the battery status, this can also be checked by pressing the On/Off button although it is very limited lighting White from 30% to 100% and Red below 30%, when the battery needs charging the draw activation stops working and the LED flashes Red 5 times. The LED is also used for protection alerts flashing various amounts of times when a safety protection kicks in!

Short Circuit Protection Over-charge Protection Over-heat Protection Over-Time (10s) Protection Low Voltage Protection
Really happy the Potento has Type C USB and supports a 1A charge rate which meant the 580mAh battery was charged in just under 45 minutes while supporting pass-through. While charging the LED slow pulses White and then stays lit once fully charged.
How It Vapes? And Thoughts!
First off the Potento is marketed as being both MTL and DL and i think what they are getting at is the airflow is in that loose MTL grey area which also allows for a RDL vape if you prefer but my experience was this gives just a slightly tighter draw than the Caliburn and is more a medium loose MTL as it didn't give me a satisfactory RDL draw. I actually like the draw it gives and the flavour from the 1.2ohm pods while not being quite on par with the Caliburn for example is still very decent and i got six fills before noticing a slight drop off in flavour which again is about par for these type of pods.
The draw activation is as good as on any device that i have tried and it didn't once fail to activate giving a reliable vape every time. Also the potentiometer dial works great, as you turn it and take vapes you can detect the increase in power and vaper as well as the warmth of the vape increase. At the lowest point (3.2v) it still gives a decent vape but is on the cool side so just turn the dial until you hit your sweet spot.
For me having to change the whole pod when the coil is spent rather than just the coil is a con but at least this type of sealed pod is much more leak resistant and i experienced no leaking whatsoever. I could see the juice inside the pod but not always just at a glance and although i don't mind lightly tinted pods the Potento pods are just too dark! I also don't like the need to remove the pod from the device to fill although i had no issues while filling.
The two tier battery status is better than nothing but really i would expect 3 tiers minimum although i do like how easy it is to check the status and the fact despite being draw activated only it has an On/Off button so the device can be switched off.
For it's size and having a potentiometer a 580mAh battery is as big as is possible which isn't great but in conjunction with the 1.2ohm pod doesn't give bad life but it does vary depending on how high you set the dial. Having Type C USB is great and 45 minutes to charge while supporting pass-through i am also very happy with as i am that the device can be stood up even while charging.
To sum up the Potento with it's potentiometer dial and very responsive draw activation has a bit more about it than most simple pod systems but could be improved on in way of better battery status indication and a clearer Pod!
Nice looking well made device 4 Colour options Lightweight On/Off button Potentiometer variable voltage dial Type C USB Responsive Switch Performed flawlessly Nice medium loose MTL draw Good flavour Longevity about par Battery status indication (limited see cons) No leaking experienced Can stand up even when charging (side port) Charges within 45 minutes Supports pass-through
Only 2 tier battery status indication Dark Pod Need to remove pod to fill Whole pod needs replacing rather than just coil 1.2ohm pod only option No fire via button option (draw activation only)

I would once again like to thank the Healthcabin for supplying the Advken Potento Pod System Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!
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2020.10.01 00:47 Kilztride [NM] 40433 LE 1989 Batmobile- 141 spots/$1

Escrow for u/Detroit-Funk
Date/Time: now
Item Name: 40433 LE 1989 Batmobile
Lego Price: $106
Shipping: $35 shipping
Raffle total: $141, 141 spots/$1
Price justification? Bricklink 3 month
Call spots? Yes
Spot limit per person? No
Duration of spot limit? N/A
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international? Only to the US and Canada, winner pays any difference
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/jm6lRTl
Description: It's Batman, you want it, nuff said
Payment required w/in 30 minutes of raffle filling.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 cravejosh PAID
2 turkeyjerky2 PAID
3 Dalic12345 PAID
4 jakubf3tt PAID
5 Dalic12345 PAID
6 HorizonXP PAID
7 The_30_kid PAID
8 nik0nguy601 PAID
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35 Nathan_Lego_Raffles PAID
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140 turkeyjerky2 PAID
141 M1Lance PAID

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2020.10.01 00:45 Aprilnity Перепланировка квартиры 121 серии

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2020.10.01 00:35 KLEPTOROTH Перепланировка квартиры 121 серии

In case anyone else unfortunate enough to be running FortiClient on MacOS runs across this issue that I'm seeing - FortiClient 6.4 on mac throws error -121 after a SSL VPN connection attempt repeatedly and does not let the client connect, something that fixes that problem 100% of the time for me is creating an IPSec tunnel, connecting to it, then disconnecting the IPSec, then trying to connect to the SSL VPN again.
We found this "fix" by accident after a user absolutely NEEDED to be on the VPN, regardless if we could get SSL VPN to work or not. Note that this only fixes the issue if you are getting error -121.
As to why this fixes it I'm not sure. Reboots, unloading and reloading the client don't seem to fix this issue, but for some reason creating this alternate VPN tunnel wakes something up in the software and smacks it back into submission. haha.
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