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Chicago is a city unlike any other. We’ve got the architectural marvels, world-class museums, dynamic entertainment, and award-winning dining scene you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest cities. A Chicago police officer was shot in the leg while responding to a domestic violence call on the city’s West Side early Wednesday, becoming the city’s fourth officer hit by gunfire in the past ... Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Chicago, Illinois on Tripadvisor: See 329,802 traveler reviews and photos of Chicago tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in August. We have reviews of the best places to see in Chicago. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The City of Chicago is currently in Phase Four: "Gradually Resume." Many City services have adjusted hours or locations and may require health screens prior to entering their physical spaces. Please call ahead or visit any department's website to get additional details, or visit chicago.gov/covid-19. Chicago is the county seat of Cook County, the second-most-populous county in the US, with a small portion of the northwest side of the city extending into DuPage County near O'Hare Airport. Chicago is the principal city of the Chicago metropolitan area, often referred to as Chicagoland. Chicago's Very Own source for breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment. The City of Chicago entered phase four of the “Protecting Chicago” framework: Gradually Resume on Friday, June 26. We continue to mobilize every resource at our disposal and collaborate with national, state and local partners to develop a comprehensive and coordinated response to the virus. About Chicago The windy city is a cornucopia of modern art, fine dining, cutting edge comedy, and die-hard sports fans. Snap a photo of your reflection in the silver Cloud Gate sculpture at Millennium Park before heading to Grant Park to get hit with the refreshing spray of Buckingham Fountain.

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2020.08.08 21:53 mattrva Перепланировка 606 серии

Looking to replace my Sony DH740 with an integrated amp since it’s the weak link in my set up. Currently have a Mmf2.2 with Ortofon 2m Blue, a 551p MM, Sony DH740, and some Def Tech MS55s. Any suggestions? Looking at the Emotiva TA-100 m, IOTAVX SA3, and the NAD C328. Want something to pair well with the SM55s and also be a little future proof for when I upgrade those in SM55s down the line (maybe some b&w 606/607).
Features I would like: -DAC -Bluetooth -1/4” in would be awesome, but not a definite requirement.
Thanks for any advice in advance.
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2020.08.08 17:55 JakubekPLL Серии 606 перепланировка

ToO 606, mayby not minimal but Unimax MvP submitted by JakubekPLL to IdleHeroes [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 16:40 Konokoco Серии перепланировка 606

Finally found my dream speakers to kick off the budgetaudiophile journey - B&W 606 for 380€ submitted by Konokoco to BudgetAudiophile [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 12:01 hockeydiscussionbot [Daily Discussion Thread] Game Thread Links Inside + Return-to-Play Q&As - 08 Aug 2020

Use this DAILY thread below to comment and talk about anything related to hockey, ask quick questions, or any other daily chatter.
This thread is also a hub for links to Game Day Threads, daily stats and standings, and a way to compile recent news and announcements for easy viewing.
Today's Games
Away Score Home Score Time GDT PGT
VGK 4 COL 3 Final (OT) Link Link
PHI 0 TBL 0 08:00PM ET Link
Yesterday's Games
Away Score Home Score Time Next-Day PGT
NYI 5 FLA 1 Final Link
NSH 3 ARI 4 Final (OT) Link
PIT 0 MTL 2 Final Link
EDM 2 CHI 3 Final Link
TOR 4 CBJ 3 Final (OT) Link
VAN 5 MIN 4 Final (OT) Link
Playoffs (Stanley Cup Qualifier)
Team Wins Team Wins
Round-Robin Eastern
Rank Team GP W L OT P RP%
1 TBL 2 2 0 0 4 0.657
2 PHI 2 2 0 0 4 0.645
3 WSH 2 0 1 1 1 0.652
4 BOS 2 0 2 0 0 0.714
Rank Team GP W L OT P RP%
1 VGK 3 3 0 0 6 0.606
2 COL 3 2 0 1 5 0.657
3 STL 2 0 2 0 0 0.662
4 DAL 2 0 2 0 0 0.594
Regular Threads

Mod News/Threads /hockey stands with BLM and the fight against racism Though it shouldn't be a surprise with the multitude of threads from players and organizations alike filling /hockey and compiled just down below, we did want to make it explicit that /hockey has and will continue to fight against racism in all its forms.
We think the murder of George Floyd by the hands of police is abhorrent. We will continue to lift the voices of the hockey community that speak up against racism by ensuring their posts make it to /hockey for those to read.
And we will continue to enforce and remove any comments or racist remarks as well as all bigotry, sexism and xenophobia.
For a list of ways to donate, get involved or see how you can be a part of #BLM please follow this fantastic link: https://www.timeout.com/things-to-do/how-to-support-black-lives-matter
Linked is a running catalog of all players, GMs, coaches, and organizations who have spoken up regarding the current news regarding George Floyd and the protests across the US.
Return-to-Play/Playoffs FAQs and COVID-19 News The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the hockey world. Feel free to discuss it here. If you want medical information about the disease, consult with your physician and/or relevant authorities.
FAQs NHL's FAQ (16-page PDF) - home, if link doesn't work
Compiled by sandman730 and fireislander. Want to help? Message the mods and we'll give you access.
Higher Seed Lower Seed Thread
Winner of TBL & PHI MTL
Loser of TBL & PHI Winner of TOR & CBJ
Winner of WSH & BOS NYI
Loser of WSH & BOS CAR
Winner of STL & DAL CGY
Loser of STL & DAL VAN
Join the /Hockey NHL Bracket Challenge See this thread for full details and to join the bracket challenge.
Some useful resources If you have specific feedback about these threads please message the mods. Bot is maintained by sandman730. Message him with any bugs.
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Cloud9 vs Envy / Ignition Series / FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational / Playoffs / Post-Match Discussion Envy take down Cloud9 2-1 in a nail-biting three-map series! They move onto the Upper Semifinals, where they'll take on Sentinels
TheSpike.GG Match Page
Team 1 Result Team 2
Cloud9 1-2 Envy

Team 1 Rounds Map Rounds Team 2
Cloud 9 12 Split 14 Envy
Cloud 9 13 Ascent 8 Envy
Cloud9 6 Bind 13 Envy
Statistics ACS: Average Combat Score K/D/A: Kills/Deaths/Assist ECON: ECON Rating FB: First Bloods P: Plants D: Defuses

shinobi 168 38 48 18 49 2 12 3
vice 202 45 46 17 63 4 5 0
mitch 192 45 46 9 49 12 2 1
Relyks 152 40 53 16 36 2 1 0
TenZ 258 53 49 18 67 13 0 2

c4Lypso 231 53 42 9 58 4 6 2
kaboose 212 46 50 15 50 6 1 1
mummAy 210 51 38 10 47 11 1 4
aKis 203 49 45 15 52 4 6 1
FNS 165 39 46 10 33 7 7 1

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2020.08.07 23:13 Whole-Mars-Blog Перепланировка 606 серии

@WholeMarsBlog: RT @seanmmitchell: Also, don't forget, I'm no stranger to unnecessarily long range tests. For those that are too new to the community to remember: Google Model 3 travels 606 miles on a single charge. It involves weird shit like fishing nets and rabbits... https://t.co/sP3sUmSqCB submitted by Whole-Mars-Blog to omarqazi [link] [comments]

2020.08.07 16:01 sfrealestatediscuss Перепланировка 606 серии

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2020.08.07 14:52 structura Перепланировка 606 серии

Fresh refernes №7
Old references : 1 2 3 4 5 6
Table with all my NA SSR accounts / Table with all my JP SSR accounts
NO TRADES. PAYPAL / Steam Gift Cards / CS:Go-Dota2 skins / for CIS - Qiwi or bank payment All prices can be negotiable
My discord - Structura#2000
Please use the send to family / friends option if its available. Otherwise, you would have to pay extra to cover additional fees
NA cheap starters (currently volume SQ/tickets)
Progress FC Contents Price Quartz Tikets Images
starter 771,444,463 Achilles+Karna+Sheherezade 13$ 84 0 Link
starter 973,332,087 Altera 2$ 87 0 Link
starter 695,420,800 Altera+Jeanne ruler 5$ 135 5 Link
starter 486,466,613 Francis Drake 5$ 124 35 Link
starter 946.300.885 Francis Drake+kaleido 4$ 70 0 Link
starter 797,150,884 Jack The Ripper 7$ 26 0 Link
starter 597,177,895 Karna 3$ 58 13 Link
starter 169,352,752 Kintoki+Orion+kaleido 7$ 25 0 Link
starter 986,149,913 Kintoki 8$ 124 21 Link
starter 220,374,279 Ozymandias 4$ 87 0 Link
starter 959,565,332 Tamamo(Caster) 4$ 31 0 Link
starter 400,133,615 Vlad+kaleido 2$ 40 0 Link
starter 403,249,529 Waver+Tesla 10$ 0 0 Link
starter 567.303.637 Waver+Xuanzang+kaleido 12$ 0 0 Link
starter 966,541,611 Skadi 10$ 29 18 Link
starter 161,865,541 Skadi 10$ 7 22 Link
starter 636,417,217 Skadi 10$ 67 20 Link
starter 883,045,000 Skadi+Xuanzang 10$ 20 10 Link
NA accounts (currently volume SQ/tickets)
Progress FC Contents Price Quartz Tikets Images
starter 551,109,600 Abigail Williams 8$ 149 5 Link
starter 561.648.124 Altria alter summer+Nero Caster 16$ 27 0 Link
starter 642,875,653 Altria alter summer+Nero Caster 16$ 0 0 Link
starter 742,043,512 Amakusa Shirou+Anastasia 10$ 73 10 Link
starter 384,231,031 Amakusa Shirou+Semiramis+Altera 18$ 149 10 Link
starter 136,725,122 Arthur Prototype 8$ 140 26 Link
starter 086,960,677 Arthur Prototype 8$ 95 13 Link
reserved 354,862,425 Hokusai+Karna 12$ 126 8 Link
starter 172,668,782 Jalter+Jeanne og+kaleido 10$ 0 0 Link
starter 825,069,675 Jalter 7$ 36 0 Link
starter 083,461,604 Jalter 7$ 36 0 Link
starter 113,897,059 Jalter 7$ 20 0 Link
starter 906,056,412 Jalter 7$ 20 0 Link
starter 804,273,029 Meltryllis+Arjuna+Jack the ripper 10$ 0 0 Link
starter 555,381,290 MXHA+Vlad III 7$ 0 0 Link
starter 454,902,161 Minamoto no Raikou+Vlad III 10$ 0 0 Link
starter 776,010,655 Moriarty(np2)+Sanzou+Drake 15$ 0 0 Link
starter 549,936,000 Okita Souji+Okita alter 20$ 180 0 Link
starter 163,920,354 Okita Souji alter+Waver 20$ 7 11 Link
starter 711,529,939 Okita Souji (saber) 7$ 0 0 Link
starter 840,270,773 Ryogi Shiki (saber) +Jeanne ruler 8$ 35 11 Link
starter 169,726,377 Ryogi Shiki (saber) 7$ 122 10 Link
starter 306,911,415 Ryogi Shiki (saber)+Osacabe-hime 7$ 128 17 Link
starter 385,869,863 Ryogi Shiki (saber) 7$ 99 14 Link
starter 365,717,039 Ryogi Shiki (saber) 7$ 137 10 Link
starter 390,471,812 Semiramis 8$ 68 9 Link
starter 026,804,192 Sigurd+Brynhild 20$ 252 0 Link
starter 109,912,706 Sigurd+Waver+Xuanzang 15$ 0 0 Link
starter 018,475,946 Skadi+MHXA 20$ 28 20 Link
starter 902,105,997 Skadi+Xuanzang+kaleido 15$ 80 19 Link
starter 019,131,097 Skadi+MHX 20$ 38 0 Link
starter 721,201,403 Skadi+Dantes+Saber og+Karna 35$ 109 0 Link
starter 200,868,606 Skadi+Dantes 20$ 78 0 Link
starter 961,608,987 Skadi+Dantes 20$ 0 0 Link
starter 254,885,775 Skadi+Summer Altria rider alter 20$ 0 0 Link
starter 783,291,964 Skadi+Dantes 20$ 104 0 Link
starter 105,125,934 Skadi+Dantes 20$ 45 0 Link
JP starter accounts
Progress FC Contents Price Quartz Tickets Image
starter 136,217,147 Scathach+Jalter+Voyager+Merlin 25$ 0 0 Link
Orlean 967,706,293 Gilgamesh+Scathach+Voyager+Merlin+Waver 30$ 0 0 Link
London 408,509,579 Gilgamesh+Dantes+Dioscuri+Ozymandias+Sheherezade+ Waver 35$ 21 0 Link
starter 382,061,394 Maou Nobunaga+Lancer Arturia+Medb+Odysseus 15$ 0 0 Link
starter 131,516,805 Musashi(Saber)+Ishtar 12$ 27 0 Link
starter 475,181,363 Holmes+Arjuna 5$ 0 0 Link
starter 977,938,170 Jack the ripper 3$ 23 0 Link
starter 411,195,812 Ozy+Da vinci np2 5$ 81 0 Link
starter 112,873,476 Miyamoto Musashi(saber) 7$ 0 0 Link
starter 020,137,211 Miyamoto Musashi(saber) 7$ 0 0 Link
starer 627,115,112 Miyamoto Musashi(saber)+Gilgamesh+Altera 14$ 0 0 Link
starter 854.792.061 Moriarty+Jalter 11$ 25 0 Link
starter 961.072.438 Moriarty(np2) 5$ 0 0 Link
starter 990,525,261 Moriarty+Karna 8$ 0 0 Link
starter 596,442,496 Scathach+Mordred+Ganesha 12$ 0 0 Link
starter 522,208,852 Waver 5$ 0 0 Link
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2020.08.07 14:31 Willster328 Перепланировка серии 606

Hey there Warriors of Light! Did you pull Garland and looking for some sort of consolation prize? Well, you're in for a treat, let me see if I can do my part to make you feel better about it!
General Observations Garland (IX) is a weird unit to release, seeing as he had such a minute role in the overall story of 9. He was a deus ex final boss that came in at the final moment, but as far as I can tell has never really been featured in any other miscellaneous Final Fantasy related media (Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, etc) so it's super odd they released him here. From an overall DPS standpoint, boy does he fit the prototypical "trap pull" character on a banner like this, putting out DPS numbers that are relatively meager to his recent counter parts, with elements that have already been featured recently, and virtually no additional utility.
That being said, let me just sort of dive in here. He's a Dual Wielding Mage that Quad-Casts CWA Chains Fire and Darkness. He is essentially Single-Target only, with his LB being the only AOE DPS capability. And although he does have some things in his kit to boost LB Damage, even if you gear him for LB Dmg it doesn't have an element, so it's not particularly strong.
He does have this weird affinity toward casting Stop a bunch throughout his kit, not really sure how relevant that actually is. He is given a Chain Modifier from 4 to 6 when Dual Wielding.
He also has an Innate "Ribbon" where he's immune to all status effects, 50% Stop Resist, and has a Passive ability that boosts all Elemental Resistances 20%. I'll touch upon this later.
He does offer a 130% Fire/Dark Imperil, which is tops of what we have, but similar to our other recent "trap" character in Penelo, she does the same Imperils for the same elements. So that's why I kind of poo-poo him a bit where he's coming at us with elements that have already been done recently.
He does also have 70% AOE DEF and SPR Breaks though, so let me actually change up this review a bit and talk about the "consolation" points he gets, before I really get into his DPS numbers and S/TMRs.
What is "interesting"(?) about Garland Full status ailment resistance So the innate ability to resist all statuses is nice, and it might be a bit of a headscratcher as to why he only has 50% Stop resist, right? Well his TMR (Which you'll equip to unlock T1 Quad-Cast, MAG Boost, and LB Fill Rate) also has 50% Stop resist. So when you have that on him, he only becomes weak to Charm and Insta-Kill.
Elemental Resistance built-in He has this innate 20% resistance to all-elements, and his big T1 Cooldown that does the 130% Imperils also adds increased resistance to all elements by 30% for 3 turns (the cooldown is 5 turns, so not 100% uptime) but he can basically start the fight off with 50% Resistance to all elements. And then his STMR is 30% Resist to all elements as well. So if you're equipping him with that, he'll start the fight with basically 4 turns of 80% All Elemental Resistance. This is kind of the first I've really seen someone like this I guess.
Breaker Role Compression Garland also has active abilities for 70% DEF break and then 70% SPR break. For bringing a Breaker to a fight, these don't really do anything, as 70% is genuinely quite common amongst them....... But... among DPS? This is actually pretty good.
Just to highlight, here are the DPS (in the top 30) characters that have AOE DEF or SPR breaks:
Stat Character Ability Type
DEF or SPR Lezard Valeth Cooldown
DEF or SPR Lilisette Locked behind using other Active abilities first
DEF or SPR Palom and Porom Locked behind using other Active abilities first
SPR DS Sol Active and Cooldown
SPR BM Fina Cooldown
SPR 4W Physalis Cooldown
SPR Xuan Wu Cooldown
As you can see there, only DS Sol actually has a readily available active ability that can AOE 70% Break DEF or SPR. the rest of the cast is either all Cooldowns or Abilities that need to be cast in conjunction with it.
TL;DR, Garland is the only DPS that offers 70% AOE DEF and 70% SPR break on-demand.
There's a bunch of DPS that can do Single Target, but very few of them are Active, almost all of them are also Cooldowns or locked behind other abilities: (Kadaj, Zenaida [Locked], AOK [Cooldown], Flame Rebirth Jake [Cooldown], etc).
Penelo is one of the few that can 70% 4-Stat break on demand, but it's Single Target not AOE.
So like, is it super useful, probably not, you're going to be using some form of breaker in 99% of instances. But it is noteworthy I guess.
Status Ailment infliction I don't know if this is actually useful at all, but he does have an ability that: "Inflict all status ailments (80%) to all enemies". I don't see it on many reviews that I do, so thought I'd throw it in there as semi-unique.
DPS and Rotation So let's actually get into the meat of the character. Per usual, big thanks to our Wiki Ratings Team for maintaining this. Garland comes in right around where Ace/Rem/Penelo are. So like, it's not useless, it's just not amazing. Because even though it's the same DPS as Ace/Rem they obviously have a ton of different upsides for usage.
And he's worse than Penelo IMO, because at least she has some play with the self-imbue of her elements that is useful for Xon, as well as AOE healing, ST Mirage, and an AR skill that can chain.
The overall rotation looks like this:
Ability Damage
Overseers Duty + Dark Flame Wave + 2xBurst 19,938,821,652
Ultimate X + 3x Burst 60,386,145,576
4x Burst 43,497,306,313
Ultimate X + 3x Burst 60,386,145,576
Overseers Duty + 3x Burst 30,339,017,722
Dark Flame Wave + Ultimate X + 2x Burst 48,606,903,246
4x Burst 43,497,306,313
Ultimate X + 3x Burst 60,386,145,576
So not a lot of down-time or time to necessarily ramp-up, which is nice to see in a mage, but it's all fairly mundane as well.
TMR: Desire for Cycle of Rebirth Materia: Increase MAG (40%), Increase resistance to Stop (50%)
This Materia is whatever. If only because 50% Stop Resist is not good enough for most, you want 100%. So although the Stop Resist is relatively rare anyways, it's the percentage that makes this iffy. Sure on Garland it's great, but 40% MAG boost on a Materia is pretty lame in comparison to what's out there. There's dozens of other Materia that boost MAG for way higher.
STMR: Garland's Cloak Accessory: MAG +60, Resistance All Elements (+30%)
Okay now this?... This is special. the +60 MAG on an accessory is amongst the tops, being beaten by Cursed Doll+ (72), Heliolite (70), but it's tied for 3rd highest MAG boost with Sophia's Hairpin and Vermilion Flag.
But the +30% Resistance to all Elements? There's just very little like this. Of accessories that resist minimum 2+ Elements, here are the tops sorted by MAG:
Accessory How Acquired Stats
Garland's Cloak STMR - Garland (IX) MAG +60, +30% Resistance All Elements
Magic Control Ring STMR - Kunshira ATK/MAG +50, 15% Resistance Fire/Lightning/WateWind/Light
Dragon's Crest (FFBE) Trial ATK/MAG +40, +30% Resistance Ice/Lightning/Water
Crimson Empress Recipe-Event MAG +30, 20% Resist to Fire/Earth/Dark
Knight's Medal STMR - Awakened Rain ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR +30, +30% Resistance all Elements
So yeah, pretty steep drop off in not only the MAG stat but the amount of overall resistance.
Conclusion Garland is still overall.... not very good. At least when Penelo came out (who I think is his closest comparison), I was able to pinpoint some DV usage due to her ST 4-Stat Break, Self-Imbue, AR Chain potential, 130% Imperils, etc.
Garland does some of this, while not offering enough in other places. Does he have some gearing flexibility due to his Resistance potential? Sure but even then it's not 100% uptime.
Does he have some use with AOE 70% Breaks? Sure but the Breakers are so damn good recently there's no reason why you wouldn't ever have one due to the additional utility they bring (Imbues, Imperils, Mirage, Buffs, Heals, etc).
Does he have a great STMR? Yes, but no way in hell you're actively trying to pull 4 Units of him.
Is the 130% Fire/Dark Imperil nice? Sure, but Vaan already does it for Fire, and Penelo also does it for Fire/Dark. And given how popular that banner was, Garland is a huge stinker if you got him pulling for Kuja as well.
You know me I try and find the glass half full look at some of these units, so hopefully I gave it to you, but if you pulled Garland instead of Kuja, just know that you'll have some great karma coming your way xD
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Uber customer gobsmacked after being charged £606 for 28-minute journey submitted by SWNSCharlotte to u/SWNSCharlotte [link] [comments]

2020.08.07 12:01 hockeydiscussionbot Перепланировка 606 серии

Use this DAILY thread below to comment and talk about anything related to hockey, ask quick questions, or any other daily chatter.
This thread is also a hub for links to Game Day Threads, daily stats and standings, and a way to compile recent news and announcements for easy viewing.
Today's Games
Away Score Home Score Time GDT PGT
NYI 5 FLA 1 Final Link Link
NSH 3 ARI 4 Final (OT) Link Link
PIT 0 MTL 2 Final Link Link
EDM 2 CHI 3 Final Link Link
TOR 4 CBJ 3 Final (OT) Link Link
VAN 5 MIN 4 Final (OT) Link Link
Yesterday's Games
Away Score Home Score Time Next-Day PGT
VAN 3 MIN 0 Final Link
WSH 1 PHI 3 Final Link
VGK 6 STL 4 Final Link
TOR 3 CBJ 4 Final (OT) Link
CGY 4 WPG 0 Final Link
Playoffs (Stanley Cup Qualifier)
Team Wins Team Wins
Round-Robin Eastern
Rank Team GP W L OT P RP%
1 TBL 2 2 0 0 4 0.657
2 PHI 2 2 0 0 4 0.645
3 WSH 2 0 1 1 1 0.652
4 BOS 2 0 2 0 0 0.714
Rank Team GP W L OT P RP%
1 COL 2 2 0 0 4 0.657
2 VGK 2 2 0 0 4 0.606
3 STL 2 0 2 0 0 0.662
4 DAL 2 0 2 0 0 0.594
Regular Threads

Mod News/Threads /hockey stands with BLM and the fight against racism Though it shouldn't be a surprise with the multitude of threads from players and organizations alike filling /hockey and compiled just down below, we did want to make it explicit that /hockey has and will continue to fight against racism in all its forms.
We think the murder of George Floyd by the hands of police is abhorrent. We will continue to lift the voices of the hockey community that speak up against racism by ensuring their posts make it to /hockey for those to read.
And we will continue to enforce and remove any comments or racist remarks as well as all bigotry, sexism and xenophobia.
For a list of ways to donate, get involved or see how you can be a part of #BLM please follow this fantastic link: https://www.timeout.com/things-to-do/how-to-support-black-lives-matter
Linked is a running catalog of all players, GMs, coaches, and organizations who have spoken up regarding the current news regarding George Floyd and the protests across the US.
Return-to-Play/Playoffs FAQs and COVID-19 News The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the hockey world. Feel free to discuss it here. If you want medical information about the disease, consult with your physician and/or relevant authorities.
FAQs NHL's FAQ (16-page PDF) - home, if link doesn't work
Compiled by sandman730 and fireislander. Want to help? Message the mods and we'll give you access.
  • What's the timeline to return? The Qualifying Round is ongoing, with the NHL in "Phase 4" (teams can have up to 31 players at hub cities).
  • What's the playoff schedule? What is the broadcast/streaming schedule? Here. Most exhibition games and the qualifying round games will be broadcast by the local broadcast networks. Livestreaming options include: NHL.TV in the US (local blackouts apply) and SN Now or NHL Live in Canada. SportsNet's schedule. NHL Press Release.
  • What about blackouts for streaming services? See your streaming provider.
  • What does the NHL critical dates calendar look like? When is each round expected to start? Here.
  • Where are the hub cities? Edmonton is hosting the Western Conference, and Toronto the Eastern. The Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final will take place in Edmonton.
  • What does "unfit to participate" mean? This does not necessarily mean the player has tested positive for COVID-19, which will not be disclosed due to privacy. It could mean injury, illness (COVID-19 or otherwise), etc. Typical injury designations (upper body, lower body, illness) will not be used.
  • Who has been deemed "unfit to participate"? Here is a link to a list of players. Note: Due to the nature of return-to-play, this list will be constantly changing.
  • Who are on the rosters? Rosters for Phase 4.
  • Will there be an NHL Bracket challenge? When does it start? Yes! You are welcome to join us here. It appears to start with Round 1.
  • How do the games look and sound? Here is a rendering. The NHL uses teams' goal horns and songs, in-arena music compilations, fan-submitted motivational videos and chants, and EA Sports' library of in-game sounds.
  • Are they changing the ads on the boards between games? It appears so.
  • How will the first overall pick be determined? There will be a subsequent drawing on August 10 at 6pm ET, when the 8 eliminated teams will each have an equal chance (12.5%). If the postseason is cancelled, the 8 lowest seeded qualifying teams will participate in the drawing. NHL press release.
  • Will teams be allowed to sign new players to play in this postseason? Yes. They can practice, but cannot play.
  • Will statistics for the Qualifying Round and Round-Robin count as playoff stats? Yes.
  • How will seeding work? The top 4 seeds will be determined by the Round-Robin, with regular-season points percentage (RP%) as the sole tie-breaker. Matchups for the First and Second Rounds will be determined by seed: the highest remaining seed in each conference will face the lowest remaining seed, the second-highest will face the second-lowest, etc.
  • How will overtime work? The round-robin will follow the regular season OT rules, while the qualifying series will follow playoff OT rules. An estimated 66 minutes will be needed between games, so games that go over may result in delays for later games.
  • What will the health policies be for Phase 4? Some details can be found here. Phase 4 Protocols (28-page PDF).
Join the /Hockey NHL Bracket Challenge See this thread for full details and to join the bracket challenge.
Some useful resources If you have specific feedback about these threads please message the mods. Bot is maintained by sandman730. Message him with any bugs.
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2020.08.07 08:23 EndersGame_Reviewer The Case of the Missing 40,000 Jerry Nugget Decks

The Case of the Missing 40,000 Jerry Nugget Decks: A Detective Story
NB: I first published this article (with pictures) at PlayingCardDecks here.
Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards. The story of the original Jerry's Nugget decks is a fascinating one, and there are many interesting side-stories to explore about along the way. You can read the main story about the Jerry's Nugget decks in my previous article here: The Legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards.
But the full truth still remains somewhat hidden, and there are aspects about the Jerry's Nugget story that even today we can't totally be sure about. And with the passage of time, several juicy tidbits of lore have become attached to this famous deck.
In this article I invite you to join me in a quest to explore another juicy story that has become part of the Jerry's Nugget legend. Is it true that the final stock of 40,000 Jerry's Nugget decks was bought up from the casino by a mysterious overseas buyer? Because this is an oft-repeated part of the story, that you'll hear whispered rumours about across the landscape of the internet. But this a statement of fact or fiction, and is it truth or myth? It could mean that right now someone is potentially sitting on a small fortune of Jerry's Nugget decks worth around $500 a piece. If it's true.
So please put on your Sherlock Holmes trench-coat and deerstalker hat, arm yourself with a good amount of deductive logic and persistence, and join me as we see if we can really get to the bottom of this mystery, and dredge up the truth behind this famed haul of 40,000 decks!
A Secret Stash of 40,000 Decks? If you are curious - like I am - and do some digging about the story and history of the Jerry's Nugget decks, it won't take you long to stumble across mention of the claim that a stash of the final 40,000 decks of Jerry's Nuggets was bought up in a single swoop, cleaning out the casino's remaining inventory of these prized decks.
The story about some lucky buyer nabbing a final stash of 40,000 decks is circulated quite widely around the internet. Do a Google search for "40,000 Jerry's Nugget" and look at how many hits this gets! Some places that sell the decks even include this in their ad copy. For example, here's the ad copy over at one online retailer, which was selling authentic decks for $525 before they sold out:
Another online retailer says the same. Many reviewers have parroted this information as well, such as this example. So do various sites dedicated to information about playing cards, such as this example.
As far as many people are concerned, this information is more along the lines of "fact" than fiction, and it's become part of the story that everyone accepts. Little wonder that it is often repeated by collectors in discussion forums about playing cards, and that it has given more than just one person a tinge of envy.
Who is the mysterious buyer? So who is the lucky guy with 40,000 decks of precious Jerry's Nugget decks hidden in his basement or garage? And is the story even true?
Some of the sources for this story seem quite credible. And they also reveal the buyer's name: French magician Dominique Duvivier. One person quotes Jordan Lapping, apparently among the first cardists to get Jerry's Nugget decks and use them for flourishing.
Dominique Duvivier is a French magician who performs and works with his daughter Alexandra, and together they have a high profile in the world of French magic. They are even well known in the circles of international magic, and were featured on the cover of the June 2013 issue of Genii Magazine.
Norwegian magician Allan Hagen has a long-time interest in the Jerry's Nugget decks, and he also mentions Duvivier's purchase of 40,000 Jerry's Nugget decks as apparent fact in something he posted on Reddit in 2015, where he describes his perspective on their rarity and value.
You'll read similar reports in an article published by Ukrainian cardists Alexander and Nikolay about Jerry's Nugget decks in June 2017. Two things are common to all these accounts: the number 40,000 for the haul of decks purchased by the mysterious overseas buyer. And now his name: Dominique Duvivier.
I contacted a number of different sources, including people who had personal connections with some of the key players who were closely involved when Jerry's Nuggets decks first became a fad among magicians and cardists in the late 1990s. One source told me: "Interesting, the name of the European magician - it was a big secret back then. Someone actually told me his name back then, but it was on the proviso that I never publish it. Well, I see it's out of the bag now."
Was Dominique Duvivier the buyer? But is there any evidence that Dominique Duvivier was really the mystery buyer whose name had been a carefully kept secret for some time at least? It was time for some more detective work. Google brought me to Duvivier's personal website.
It didn't take long to discover that Duvivier does indeed have a real fondness for Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards. They are everywhere - in his photos, his videos, and his instagram.
Judging by the many French-language comments on his site, it also becomes apparent that Duvivier is highly respected and appreciated in his home country for his magic. It's also evident from reading some of the comments that his Jerry's Nuggets decks are a signature of his performance. Some even consider them to be the equivalent of a Stradivarius that Duvivier uses to perform with as a master magician.
But it was when I checked Duvivier's youtube channel that I found some real gold: Dominique himself performing with Jerry's Nugget cards in this clip. In fact, if you check out his other videos there, you'll find quite a few where he performs magic with Jerry's Nugget playing cards, like this performance from 2014, this more recent ace cutting routine, and this false shuffle. Duvivier has even contributed a Jerry's Nugget themed trick to the magic industry, entitled Jerry's Nuggets Cards in Bag.
You can watch the promo video for this trick in French or English. His daughter Alexandra Duvivier successfully used it to fool Penn and Teller on their show Fool Us. Here's the episode, and some unseen footage.
But just because Dominique Duvivier happens to really, really like Jerry's Nugget playing cards doesn't prove that he bought out a massive stash of the last 40,000 decks from the casino. So this still begs this question: Did any of this even happen? And is there really someone on this planet with a hoard of 40,000 decks, whether it is Dominique Duvivier or anybody else?
One of my favourite photos on Duvivier's site is this one here, with his haul. If that's any indication, surely the legendary haul was starting to seem somewhat plausible. It was time to ask around, and check in with some of the people who were around when the Jerry's Nugget decks first became the rage.
Of the sources I consulted, few could be considered more reliable than Lee Asher. For many people Lee is synonymous with the Jerry's Nugget phenomenon. He also had close connections with the events of the time, and was instrumental in bringing the Jerry's Nuggets into the limelight in the first place, by singing their paises. He was kind enough to respond when I contacted him for comment about Duvivier's alleged haul of 40,000 Jerry's Nugget decks, and Lee bluntly told me the following:
"This is misinformation. There weren't 40k decks left in 1999. We don't even know if Jerry's even printed 40k decks."
Really? Apparently Lee Asher knew Duvivier personally, and he was the very person who first told Duvivier that the casino even had the cards for sale. He also visited his home and shop in Paris many times throughout this period of time. In Lee's words:
"Without a doubt, I NEVER saw 40k of ANY deck there. That's basically nine pallets worth. The house, their magic shop and night club weren't big enough to house these decks. It also seems Duvivier isn't the last one to buy the remaining decks. Jerry's Nugget Casino believes they sold the last case of cards to someone in Japan in 1999."
Well, it seems that the story had to be put to rest. Was this entire story perhaps just a magnificent urban legend after all? And if it was, where does the number of 40,000 decks come from, and how did this story get so much traction that it spread all around the internet, and is accepted unquestionably by so many people? My task had just become a bit harder, but I wasn't going to give up yet. It was time to try to track down where the many websites that quoted this story got the figure of 40,000 from in the first place.
Where does the figure of 40,000 come from? With some more digging, the oldest article I could find on the subject was by a card collector who has a collection of fine articles on his site, White Knuckle Cards. This particular article dates back to 2009, and is one of the earliest references to the legendary stash of 40,000 decks that I could find.
This particular article seems to be the first time the figure of 40,000 pops up, pre-dating all the more recent mentions of it. And it's not hard to figure out how it spread from there. On 6 August 2015, someone called "Doctor Papa Jones" added these details to Wikipedia's article on Jerry's Nuggets, evidently relying on the White Knuckle Cards article. As a result the Wikipedia article now read as follows: "In 2000, a private collector purchased the remaining stock of 40,000 decks".
So now this "fact" is on Wikipedia and has some real "credibility". In fact, the number 40,000 stays up on Wikipedia for the next five years unchallenged! And that allows it to spread around the internet and go wild. Because where does everyone go when they're looking for reliable, authoritative, and trustworthy information about something? Wikipedia!
Despite the mention of the magical stash of 40,000 decks, Duvivier's name remained out of the spotlight for a further four years. It was simply a mysterious "private collector" who had purchased the big haul. But in 2019, someone connected the dots to Duvivier, and so the Wikipedia article was changed to include his name.
So how did that happen? Well the supporting reference that Doctor Papa Jones included in his 2015 edit was a link to an article by Dan and Dave Buck, dating back to 7 Dec 2011. This article is also no longer available, but can be tracked down with the help of the Internet Archive here. It doesn't give the figure of 40,000 but does drop Duvivier's name.
So the evidence seems to suggest this development: Apparently relying on the White Knuckle Cards article from 2009 as a source, the number 40,000 first embedded itself in the WIkipedia article on Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards in 2015. Slowly the story grew, until somebody finally connected the dots that were hidden in plain sight elsewhere on the internet, and as a result Duvivier's name gets added four years later. Now things are set up for a great story: Mr Duvivier is sitting on a massive stash of 40,000 Jerry's Nuggets in France.
The story gained even more traction as a result of the revived interest in Jerry's Nuggets that inevitably happened when a tribute deck was printed in 2019. It was inevitable that many would rely on Wikipedia as a source, and so the details even ended up being quoted in ad copy for the reprinted decks. What had previously just been a matter of quiet rumour or speculation, was now considered as fact. Oh, the joy of Wikipedia - it has certainly helped promote quite the legend here!
And it doesn't take a genius to see that if this is true, Duvivier could be sitting on a small fortune. At $500 each, 14,000 decks would be worth around $700,000. Naturally a market flooded with them would drop their value. But even if the going price dropped to $100 a piece, that would still value his holdings at over $100,000. Even if he just sold the occasional decks at $500 a pop, this windfall could generate a nice little secondary income. That is, if the legend is true, a fact yet to be proven....
Revising the figure Because this year, the Wikipedia article was changed. By now of course the (mis)information about Duvivier's haul had gone far and wide, and a lot of potential damage has already been done. But on 25 March 2020 someone called "TheCongressGuy" changed it to read that Duvivier "purchased the remaining stock of 1,500-2000 decks".
Suddenly the number of Duvivier's legendary purchase had been reduced from 40,000 to something around 5% of the size. A figure of 1,500-2000 seems much more likely. So who made the change and what was their source?
I did some more digging and managed to track down TheCongressGuy. He is Kevan Seaney, who describes himself as an "antique playing cards collector, specializing in the Congress 606 brand" and posts here. In February 2020 he wrote here that he'd learned that Duvivier had not purchased 40,000 decks. I was curious, and eventually found the following video that he posted about this:
And who was his source that Kevan credits for correcting the previous (mis)information about the number 40,000? If you watch that video, you'll find out that it is none other than the great Lee Asher. Lee Asher isn't just "anyone". He's a playing card expert, and the current president of 52 Plus Joker The American Playing Card Collectors Club. He's the guy who first generated public interest in Jerry's Nugget decks, brought them to the attention of cardists like the Buck twins and Chris Kenner, and was later a purveyor of these icon decks via his website. He's also had personal connections with Duvivier, was the person who informed Duvivier that they were available from the casino, and has personally spent a lot of time with him in Paris.
And Lee Asher is a key person that has helped get real Jerry's Nugget decks into the hands of a new generation today. He's the guy who was instrumental in making a collaboration happen between Jerry's Nugget Casino and Expert Playing Card Company, by suggesting that EPCC get the exclusive licence needed to reprint these iconic decks in 2019, as announced in an official press release here.
It's plain that along with EPCC's Bill Kalush, Lee Asher (pictured below) was singularly responsible for getting an officially licensed Jerry's Nugget deck back into the hands of a new generation and into the collections of those who couldn't afford the massive sticker price of the originals. So if anyone has a passion for the original Jerry's Nuggets, it is Lee Asher. Of anyone in this picture, Lee is the person with the most credibility, and his opinion and perspective should carry a lot of weight.
With Asher as his source, Kevan Seaney points out that 40,000 decks of Jerry's Nugget playing cards is the equivalent of around 8 pallets. That's a massive amount, and would weigh around four tons. And it would take up a tremendous amount of space! Kevan cites Lee Asher as saying (via voice messages in Instagram) that in 1999 Asher told Duvivier that he could get the decks from the casino, and that Duvivier bought around 1,500-2000 decks at the time. Lee subsequently visited his home and store - France's oldest magic shop - in France many times. And according to Asher, there was no way Duvivier had room for 40,000 decks. Kevin also says that Lee Asher pointed out to him that these were technically not the final lot of decks sold by the casino anyway, and that the last decks (a "case" of unknown size) probably went to Japan.
Wow. That really changes things! So based on this apparent "new information" from Lee Asher - who to his credit has apparently been saying this all along - Wikipedia gets a new edit by TheCongressGuy aka Kevin Seaney. The impressive figure of 40,000 is reduced to a much more modest 1500-2000, which is paltry by comparison to the much larger figures circulating the internet, and not nearly as impressive a story. But this is only after Wikipedia has been singing a different tune for five years, so the `damage' has been done, and the story of Duvivier's windfall of 40,000 Jerry's Nuggets is already accepted by most people as a true story.
Duvivier's own story Suddenly it occurred to me to investigate Duvivier himself. Was this perhaps a line of inquiry that might produce some solid leads and definitive facts? Has the man himself ever commented on all these stories about his legendary haul? Could I find anything directly from the man himself that would shed some light on these legends? In fact, why hadn't I thought of this earlier? Just because nobody else seems to have dug up or reported anything from the man's own mouth, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I slapped myself for my own foolishness, and headed back to Google.
As it turns out, Duvivier has written about this! But because it's an article in French, it's escaped notice from most people. Since he's popular as a professional magician in France, he not only has his own website, but he also writes his own blog. And sure enough, he's addressed this very topic in a blog article that he wrote in April 2011 under the title "Magiphageuh No 14: Les Jerry's Nugget".
With the help of an online translation tool, we learn this:

"As most of you already know, I only use real "Jerry's Nugget" cards to work with and have been doing so for many years. As these cards happen to be extremely rare to find on the market (I am obviously talking about the original Jerry's Nugget cards and not the recently reprinted ones) and they excite the magical world a lot, I am therefore constantly asked how many I own, how long have I owned them, what deal I made to get them and with whom, why do I have so many cards, why did I choose these specifically, why don't I want to sell them, why, why, eh?! And I hear such amazing stories about myself on these famous "Jerry's Nugget" cards that I decided to speak on the subject myself today."
This sounds very promising! Duvivier then goes on to tell the story about how the Jerry's Nuggets gained their legendary reputation, and the unique qualities they have. In France in the 1970s, American playing cards were quite rarely seen, and Duvivier knew a French pilot commandant called Reyno who loved magic, who would occasionally bring back cards from the US to a small circle of French magicians. At this time even standard Bicycle and Tally Ho decks were prized by these French conjurers, so besides them a Jerry's Nugget deck was considered a real crown jewel.
Over the years Duvivier occasionally got more of the Jerry's Nugget decks, sometimes even an entire case of them at once, especially via his friend Michael Weber, who was his main supplier. We fast forward to 1999, when he finds himself heading to Las Vegas to perform at The Magic Castle. Here's the story in his words, courtesy of an online translation tool:
"In 1999 (if I'm not mistaken) my daughter Alexandra and I were hired to perform for a whole week at Magic Castle and then for a few contracts in Las Vegas. You may think that I had only one idea in mind at the time: a trip to the original casino where my favourite cards were from, Jerry's Nugget! Michael Weber had told me that there were still a few decks for sale there, so as soon as we arrived I immediately asked Philip Varricchio, who had come to pick us up in a limousine, to take us there. He was rather surprised, as we hadn't even put our bags down at the hotel (yes, I'm a fool) and the old Jerry's casino wasn't really known for being a must-see place! So I told him that I wanted to go there to buy Jerry's Nugget cards. According to him it was impossible to get them for the simple reason that they hadn't been around for a long time, but I was so insistent that he finally complied (hey, hey, hey!). When we arrived there, we went to the gift shop of the casino and I asked the salesman if he was selling their decks.
- Yes," he told me, "I have a few.
He shows me a small piece of wall in the back of the store where a hundred decks were on display. I ask about the price. Not even expensive!
- Well, I'll take them," I say (laughs).
And of course I ask if he has more in reserve! Yes, there were about a hundred boxes left (each box containing a large number of cards, 144 decks!). After a little negotiation, the unit price was even lowered to less than $1.
That's it, that's how it happened and that's it. In fact, in all this story, the most difficult, the longest and the most expensive was to get the stock back to France.
Since then, I've been seeing, little by little, the bids going up on these cards in a rather hallucinating way, whereas, of course, that wasn't my initial motivation at all. From the moment I bought the remaining stock, it's as if everyone wanted to own even more! But I just wanted to have enough stock of Jerry's Nugget decks because I'm a card fanatic and these in particular. I use these cards because they're the best cards I know and I've fought like a big man to own enough of them for me (I should mention that I never had a middleman or a partner to buy these cards). Anyone could have done as I did and I don't understand why no one did: you just had to take the trouble to go to this casino, because the cards were available! In any case, now they are all warm and cosy in different safes, which I won't tell you about. They say I'm the person with the most cards in the world, but I have to say I don't care. I know Chris Kenner is the one who planned it, he has a lot of them too. I've been offered golden bridges to sell a few packages, or even my entire stock. I've had some incredible offers over the years. I never intended to create a buzz with these cards: I just use them for my own personal consumption, that's all...because they're my favorite cards."
Probably the key sentence in that account is this, and the best translation seems to be something like this:
"Yes, there were about a hundred boxes left (each box containing a large number of cards, that's 144 decks!)."
The formula is simple: around 100 boxes with 144 decks each. If true, that would mean 100 x 144 = 14,400 decks. Given that this is directly from the horse's mouth, suddenly the story becomes slightly more plausible. So too is his additional statement:
"In all this story, the most difficult, the longest and the most expensive was to get the stock back to France."
That suggests he didn't bring the whole stash to France in one go, which might explain why visitors like Lee Asher and others who saw his home and magic shop never saw any evidence of them. I'm not a French speaker, so I'm happy to be corrected if I'm misunderstanding anything Duvivier has written - by all means check the article for yourself in the original French, to see if I've got it right. But the long and short of it seems to be that Duvivier is saying that what he bought from Las Vegas around 1999 was not a stash of 40,000 Jerry's Nuggets decks, but 14,000 decks.
14,000 is not nearly as impressive a figure. But even though it's only a third of the size of what the legend floating around the internet says, 14,000 decks is still an incredibly impressive haul. Certainly the amount of pictures and videos that show Duvivier performing with Jerry's Nugget cards, seems to suggest that they are very much part of his regular repertoire. It could just be possible, and maybe I've finally found the truth!
Perhaps the most defining photo of all is this one (credited to Zakary Belamy), which shows Duvivier enjoying a bath with his Jerry's Nugget playing cards! Given the value of these playing cards on the market today, some might consider this sacrilege, but it sure suggests he has a large enough supply of Jerry's Nugget cards. At any rate, his collection of them seems large enough that he can even afford to take them to the bath for a photo op along with his favourite yellow rubber ducky.
But is it true? Was the mystery solved at last? It was time to get back in contact with Lee Asher, and share my findings. But despite the claims of Duvivier in his 2011 article, Lee is not convinced that Duvivier is a credible source. To be fair, this is what Lee Asher has been saying all along, and for years he's been saying that the story about the legendary haul of 40,000 decks wasn't supported by the facts.
Ultimately what this comes down to is: are we going to believe what Duvivier says? For the most part, Duvivier has appeared to have had little interest in setting the record straight, despite the fact that the rumour of him nabbing 40,000 decks persisted as long as it did. And if he does have a large stash, why has he shown little interest in selling any of the decks that he does have, instead being happy to hoard them or use them only for himself? Would he really have spent all the time, energy, and money necessary to ship even 14,000 decks of playing cards across the ocean from the United States to Europe, just for his personal usage, at a time when the street value of these was only a dollar or two a piece? And if he did, where did he put them, and why has nobody ever seen his stash, including those who visited his home?
There are other details about Duvivier's record of events that call aspects of his narrative into question, such as his complete omission of any mention of Lee Asher, who was the one who made him aware of where he could get them. And in those days, the casino gift shop was very small, so is it really reasonable for them to display 100 decks on their back wall, as Duvivier claims in his 2011 article, when they had such little space to work with?
I had some private correspondence with another magician/cardist who has also stayed at Duvivier's house, and that individual expressed similar sentiments. He agreed that there was no evidence of Duvivier ever owning that many decks. Just do the math: 40,000 decks would mean Duvivier could use a brand new deck every single day for more than 100 years before he chewed through a collection of decks that size. Again: very unlikely. If he really did have that many, it would be way more than he could ever use, and surely he would have sold some by now - which he hasn't. This person remains somewhat skeptical, but acknowledges that the figure of 14,000 is a more realistic number that is not beyond the realms of possibility, especially if Duvivier has them locked up in a storage facility in Paris somewhere.
As an educated guess, it seems that there is good reason to cast some suspicion on this story, and there are some aspects about it that seem rather unlikely. Shipping that many decks, at the time only worth a buck or two each at most, all the way from Las Vegas to Paris would be crazy. But a man willing to jump into a bath with a yellow rubber duck and destroy $1000 worth of playing cards in the process strikes me as crazy enough to do it. Perhaps Duvivier's story is true after all.
A final twist I was now several weeks into my adventures as an investigative journalist, and I was getting ready to wrap up my story and publish it. But there was one final lead that I had not yet explored. If I was really going to try every possible avenue of information, I had to try contacting Dominique Duvivier himself. Why not? Admittedly, the odds of getting a response from someone about his apparent stash of precious Jerry's Nuggets wasn't likely. If there was any truth to the story about his legendary haul, even to some degree, then he's undoubtedly had hundreds of inquiries over the years. Just imagine the long lines of people asking him about his stash, trying to convince him to part with some of it. If yet another email comes in on this subject, he'd probably roll his eyes and press `delete'. He is working full time as a professional magician after all, and has a career to worry about. I couldn't blame him if he was tired of responding to what undoubtedly would be countless messages from prospective buyers.
But I had no intention to buy anything, so as a good amateur journalist, I had to try. It was a long shot, but to my surprise, I got a response from Duvivier the very same day! It wasn't much, but it included one unexpected bombshell - especially after the journey I'd been on so far: "You'll be glad to know that a special article is going to appear in next Genii Magazine. It's called Dominique Duvivier and Jerry's Nugget cards."
I was stunned. Was someone else working on exactly the same story as me, and had they beat me to the punch? Maybe even Duvivier himself? Could it really be true that in little more than two weeks time, the next issue of Genii was scheduled to come out, and would potentially reveal all? Suddenly I knew that I had to wait with publishing my story. In further emails, Dominique was tight-lipped about any more details. At the very least, surely I would have to wait until that issue of Genii was available, and fork out my cash and purchase a subscription in order to read it. I owed it to my readers to explore every last clue, and give them a story that included all the evidence.
So that is what I did. I waited for the July issue to appear online. Digital editions of Genii are released online each month on the 20th of the month. Finally 20th of June rolled around, and I eagerly perused the contents of the latest issue. Nothing. Nothing remotely Duvivier related. Nothing Jerry's Nugget related. Was Duvivier for real? An inquiry with the editor of Genii produced this response: "Not this issue. Coming up." Would it be August or September maybe? Further inquiries produced only silence.
In follow up correspondence with the Frenchman himself, Duvivier told me "I wrote the article myself. It?s quite long." That sounded promising, but it could just be about his love affair with Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, rather than a "tell all" story about his haul. There still was no guarantee that it would even be published. And I couldn't be sure that it would offer any more information than his blog article from 2011 which already gave his side of the story, or that it would be any more reliable than the version of events he'd provided there. Was it really worth waiting any longer? It was time to share my findings with the world anyway, and I could always provide an addendum to my story if any credible new information appeared.
Final Thoughts Is this the final word on this subject? No. I've tried to do the best I could based on information available to me, and shared as much as I could with my readers, so that you can form your own conclusions based on the evidence so far. Undoubtedly there are still some missing puzzle pieces, and in future years some new information could come to light that shows that some of my conclusions were misplaced or that puts aspects of this story a slightly different perspective.
Today we are two full decades removed from the time when the original decks first sold out at the Jerry's Nugget casino. And the further removed in time that we come, the harder it becomes to uncover the truth. Memories become murky. As it is nobody at the casino seems to remember the specific details of what happened. At the time they were probably only too glad to get the remaining stock out of their hands, and nobody could have anticipated how these decks would become the famous icons that they are today. Even their chief evangelist Lee Asher has to be somewhat surprised at the turn of events he's produced since first singing their praises some twenty years ago!
So what can we conclude from all of this? Here's some final thoughts that I'll leave you with:
1. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
Unfortunately, it's a fact of modern life that not everything on the internet is true. And as we've seen, this also applies to sites like Wikipedia. For topics that have a large number of experts or people interested in a particular subject, changing the facts on a Wikipedia article will quickly see the changes being reverted. But with a more niche subject, like Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, and especially when it concerns circumstantial material that nobody is quite sure about, it's easy for misinformation to enter Wikipedia. And once it's embedded there, eventually the lore spreads and becomes considered as "fact". So it's important to check your sources, and don't take everything you see online as gospel truth - even if it's on Wikipedia.
2. The legend about the stash of 40,000 decks should be put to rest once and for all.
It's a myth, and there simply is no evidence for this claim anywhere. At most, there is the claim from Duvivier himself that he bought up about 14,000 decks. That might be true, but again, we only have his word for this. As a counter-point, there are those like Lee Asher who know Duvivier and have visited him many times, and insist that they never saw any evidence of this. The enormous cost of shipping a large stash like this to Europe already makes it somewhat hard to believe.
There's no doubt that Duvivier is a huge fan of Jerry's Nugget decks, and he appears to own and use them more than most. But in the end, how credible is he? How seriously are you going to take someone who is happy to post a picture of himself in a bath with a rubber duck and playing cards from a Jerry's Nugget deck? Either that means he has far more decks than he knows what to do with, or he is a little loopy. Or perhaps it's a bit of both. You've had an opportunity to read all the evidence for yourself, so you decide.
Either way, we can safely say that there has never been a stash of 40,000 decks, and the jury is out on whether there was even ever a stash one third of this size. But even if the size of the legendary stash turns out to be smaller than first thought, the reputation and magnetism of the Jerry's Nugget decks has only increased in size, and these now iconic decks will remain firmly embedded in playing card lore.
Update from the writer: After the original publication of this article, Dominique Duvivier personally phoned me on 24 July 2020 to discuss it, and to share his side of this story. He remembers events slightly differently than Lee Asher does. As Duvivier recalls it, his own interest in the Jerry's Nugget decks dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. At that time he was sourcing them from his friend Michael Weber, who along with magicians like Chris Kenner was also interested in these decks. According to Dominique, he only met Lee Asher during his USA tour in 1999, after he had already bought out the remaining stock from the Jerry's Nugget casino. Duvivier confirmed that the figure of 14,000 accurately reflects the approximate number of decks he purchased from the casino at this time. He shipped the majority of these to France by boat, and stored them in a warehouse, intending them to serve as a life-time supply for himself and his family. Look for his story in an upcoming issue of Genii magazine.
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