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The words we’ve compiled here probably look familiar: they are the 100 most frequently written words in the English language. Many of the most frequently used words in English are important, fundamental parts of speech like articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.. If those terms sound like gobbledygook to you, or you haven’t heard them since third grade English class, we understand. Most Common English Words (F) face fact factor fail fall family far fast father fear federal feel feeling few field fight figure fill film final finally financial find fine finish finger fire firm first fish five floor fly focus follow food foot for force foreign forget form former forward four free ... This is a drill video for court reporting students to strengthen their muscle memory on briefs for the most common words. Skip navigation ... 5000 most common words part 2 for stenography ... Adjectives good (65) first (88) new (92) last long great little own other old right big high different small large next early young important few public bad same able By Tracey Wood . Part of Teaching Kids to Spell For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Your child must spell some words by automatic reflex, because she’ll use them time and time again. Here are the 50 most common words of all — the ones you need to help her get to know really well: 3000 most common words in English With 2,500 to 3,000 words, you can understand 90% of everyday English conversations, English newspaper and magazine articles, and English used in the workplace. The remaining 10% you'll be able to learn from context, or ask questions about. Hello, 1000 MOST COMMON ENGLISH WORDS -PART 2 by ImproveEnglish Learn part by part, 6 languages A different style, a different method Each part includes 10 words and quiz. Do you have a low ... 100 most common words. A list of 100 words that occur most frequently in written English is given below, based on an analysis of the Oxford English Corpus (a collection of texts in the English language, comprising over 2 billion words). A part of speech is provided for most of the words, but part of speech categories vary between analyses, and not all possibilities are listed. Learn how to pronounce 200 most common words with an American accent. Practice pronunciation of words like "school," "country," "help," or "company" that are used in regular everyday conversations. And they compiled a list of the 400 most common words in English language. But actually, this list is appropriate for any language. It consists of 3 lists of 100 most common verbs, nouns, adjectives and a list of 100 most often used words in total forming a big list of 400 most common words in any language.

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I am a fat white virgin man, I consider myself a feminist but the truth is I have so many involuntary intrusive thoughts and others still I rationalize (because I can hardly feel anymore) that I don't think I can honestly say I am anything like a good advocate for women. I barely know most women, just the one that raised me and she's more fucked up than I am (or maybe not).

I'm 28 going on 29, I don't think I've experienced any significant loss or tragedy but I don't know if that's wrong or right. In truth the things I always say in order are;

  1. Once when I was a seven year old child a friend molested me or at least tried to on threat of death.
  2. My mother who raised me, while always doing her best, filled me with remorse and guilt for things wrong with her life. I was supposed to be her support, like many young mothers she felt alone and clung to me and that dynamic never went away. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me because I could not fix her. My sister is the same as me and my mother, unable to see past herself except to cover the practical matters of raising someone or in my sisters case to care for herself.
  3. My father was beaten as a child, as a result he became a pathological liar and it's not even ill intent he just never had the drive to push to help raise me in any practical sense. He was always the loving fun dad, but that stuff starts to become toxic when you realize all that posturing is supposed to make up for the fact that he doesn't truly hear you. I mean my father hears me sometimes but he has his own prescriptions for what works, I don't think he really knows me. My father was always one swift to discipline as was my mother, lots of screaming and physical things. I wouldn't say abuse but smacking and spanking and screaming and accusations, and little resolution. I don't think I ever learned how to forget my anger, just close it up out of exhaustion.
  4. I have a darkness in my mind and I find this impossible to confide in anyone, to talk about it with anyone. I considered myself "in love" once, and that one time was with a woman who could never have been with me. I thought I could talk to her but it turns out my truth is too heavy for anyone else to really be able to handle.

These four things haunt me all the time.

I've been in therapy on and off through my life thus far. Sometimes I felt better, I've had times when I didn't feel like shit but nothing ever really changes for me, the throughline for me is always the same. I don't know if I have the ability to really understand anyone, my intelligence is inferior to the only people I care about and as a result I feel alone.

I can't execute on plans because I have ADHD (an executive functioning disorder) and I can't make things happen because I have so little faith in myself even when I feel strong I make stupid mistakes which make it impossible to feel like I'm getting anywhere. My overall performance on any given task is shotty at best, while I have skills and talents they aren't enough to make up for my lack of a wholeness so many take for granted.

I lack purpose, drive, energy, and now it's sapping my empathy. I'm noticing I'm pushing away from people and I'm becoming less and less willing to ask questions and engage with people. I am beginning to not care at all and that shit scares me because me makes me think some day when I can't care anymore I'll either end myself or go entirely insane and both of those options come at the consequence of a lot of suffering.

I find myself appalled by others now, as if I just want them to give one shit and they turn blind eyes to pain. I don't want to be that, I don't want to be a robot I don't want to be a sadistic voyeur. Watching idle as people run others lives into dirt, but so far that's all I've been is someone that could have...

Except I can't, because I'm too wrapped up in myself and I have no direction. It isn't at all clear what the way forward is and so I just float here waiting for that moment when my last fuck to give falls into the abyss with the rest of them. Then what?

I can't be stoic about this, I don't need to calculate the worst when my body seems to be forcing me to make it happen, but I can't be absurdist the sadistic voyuer because it will drive me to death or insanity. I can't be optimistic anymore, when you've heard every "it will happen" for years at a time for every path you fail to start on, when your hope is used as a weapon against you. When you're mired in guilt and the cacophony of thoughts infects every crevice of your soul down to that part that just keeps holding on.

What are the answers to these questions?

Will I ever be loved by a woman?

Will I ever actualize the good work I imagine in my mind, or is it an illusion of grandeur too naive to be?

Will I ever feel smart, or in other words not like an idiot with too many foibles and deep flaws that make up a monster body which cannot feel?

Will I ever be someone that matters, will I ever have a child to pass anything on to?

Will my experience die with me?

I know only one way to answer them all now, and that's why I'm here. I don't know if it's a last call, or just another mood swing. Who cares, it's just ones and zeros, none of this is real, doesn't matter what I do. I'm not worth the attention or time.
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I'm posting this on behalf of a lovely friend of mine, "Betty."
Betty is a teacher at a Colorado school for troubled kids. She's a fly honey, in the words of my generation, and moreso, she's a lovely friend, wife, and mother, as well as human being. Betty is originally from Estonia, now nationalized, if that has any bearing on anything
Betty, like, loves teaching. She loves her students, loves helping them out, and I've never heard her bitch about a kid, which is what makes this so awful. The students are rowdy, to be sure, but she always turns to the happy sunny side of things.
Thursday she was helping a student with a particular problem when, unknown to her, a group of girls recorded upskirt video of her with their cellphone. These girls seem to be particularly vile, as the rest of the class saw them do this and didn't say anything because they're massive bullies. She only learned of it during dismissal when one of her male students told her.
She told her school's principal, who in turn called the girls and their parents in. The cops were also called. The girls admitted they took the video and there were student witnesses. The girls claimed the video was deleted.
"After (the) district attorney (said) they can search but if there’s no video do I still continue to my case (or) can I give up on it. Yes the detective said the only way they can demand that if I approve to sue them and send the case to district attorney." So (can she) give the cops a search warrant?
My friend doesn't know what to do. She's lost the respect of her class, her class is ticked that the police came around when there are a lot of undocumented students and thus, fear of authorities, and she feels betrayed. Her husband mentioned that all it showed was what you typicality see during the summer, and it's difficult to determine it's her so that's super supportive.
Is there a case if the video is deleted? Is it actually deleted or not? What if it was uploaded to a voyuer website? Does Snapchat have a password protected 'only for me' feature that she thinks it has? Can she pursue something with the DA to search the phone? Pretty much, what are her options. Does she need to retain a lawyer for whatever reasons if the DA is able to help/unwilling to pursue charges?
She still wants to teach but this is leaving her upset, especially since the head of the school is unsupportive.
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All credit goes to Josh Bishop - All serious feedback welcome!
The sun set early that warm evening. The birds were understandably confused as it was only four in the afternoon. He knocked on my door around 5.30, just as the birds had fallen silent. I answered with overt suspicion, asking hesitantly what he would like. He replied in a soft voice, his wispy golden hair glimmering in the yellow light of my front veranda "Good evening, I'm Robert Jinks, how are you today?, would I be able to interest you in a jar of honey? two dollar fifty only". I'm not usually the type to eat honey, however his manner was so inviting that I agreed and invited him inside while I looked for my wallet. I was only in my room 30 seconds before I heard footsteps crumpling the carpet behind me. I turned with haste and as robert stood before me with his jar of honey he said "its fine. theres another way you can pay for that honey". I blurted out a childish "yeah?" He stepped closer before smashing the jar over my bed side table and turning me around with his strong hands. He bent me over the side of my wardrobe and began to unbuckle my pants. He licked his palm and then ran his palm up the crack of my bum. he continued to undress me. By this point I was so turned on I couldn't do anything. I was in ecstasy. He wet his girth and slipped inside me. I grabbed my voluptuous breasts as he thrust inside of me. I had always thought that my man boobs were just a tool by which my fellow classmates would torment me, however now I realised that they were pure love making handles. The glass jar he had been holding earlier had been erased from my memory by the sensual touch of Robert's fingers, but now came back to the forefront of my mind as a sharp piercing pain took over my rectum. He forced the glass further and further into my rear end and with every inch came another level of nirvana. He finally finished himself off inside me and left me dripping like a faulty tap. He left me lying in a pool of semen and honey, a combination I would usually rank second to strawberry jam. I buckled up my pants and went back upstairs to my kitchen. Roberts juices were so sweet, I spread it all over my toast. He raced out side and left me alone. I felt a sense of loss when he had left. Almost like I had lost a member of my own family. That was before the discovery.
My father who was the mayor of the town talked with a soft calming voice. And as I sat in the town hall listening to his speech about economics, all I could think about was how it reminded me of Robert Jinks. Suddenly My father began telling a story about how when he was a child his dad taught him how to bee keep. After he had finished his speech he came to me and I asked him about the bee keeping story to which he told me that my brother still is a bee keeper although he moved away before I was born and due to harsh family circumstances we never talked about him.I recited my story of Robert Jinks to my father as his face grew disgusted. At the conclusion of my story my father told me never to tell that story again or else he would personally rape me. he told me that Robert was indeed my brother and that he must have found my address in the yellow pages. Robert had been kicked out of home at age 15 for raping my mother in the throat after beheading her. dad couldn't keep a straight face telling me about this and kept giggling but deep down I could tell he was mildly distressed. The months passed and I couldn't find a Robert Jinks anywhere on the internet. I needed to find him. I realised now that the feeling of loss I felt when he left was indeed because he truly was family. That night I went home and as I was laying in bed i felt a cold breeze brush my face. the door of my room had slowly crept open and a dark shadowy figure had crawled into my bed. he slowly caressed his hand into pyjama pants and began to stroke my hardened penis. I oozed gooey semen everywhere and as I fell full force into an orgasm he sprawled himself on top of me and began making out with me in a way I had never experienced before. he kissed my body from belly button to my neck tenderly and then ran his fingers along my throat. then he pulled a knife out of his anus and sliced my throat open and began to thrust his penis into my gaping oesophagus. This was it. this was what my life had been leading to. I was famous. my career in Snuff porn had begun and ended in the matter of minutes. as the lady behind the camera called cut, the crew all exited my room leaving me there dying. Dying Happy. Covered in my own blood. Both literally and figuratively. Semen pouring down my throat. If there is a perfect way for a man to die. This was it.
As I lay there dying in a pool of blood and semen I was saved by an angelic figure. It was my father. He had been hiding in the cupboard masturbating to my brother and I having sex. He quickly stitched the wound in my neck using a single long strand of my mothers pubic hair which he kept in a jar above his bed head. He then wrapped my neck in a bandage. He leant in to my ear and softly whispered "Don't you worry your pretty little mouth, its gonna be ok." I was instantly reassured. He slowly licked my face from my chin to my ear hole before licking the inside of my ear cavity. Swirling around like the whirlpool he used to take me to at the local aquatic centre.We began to make love to each other, and just as we were both simultaneously about to orgasm my brother came crashing back into the room slicing both our penis off and forcing us to lick each other's severed ball sacks. We lay there slowly bleeding to death enjoying the last few moments of affection we could give each other. And then.The Release of death.
My name is Robert jinks. Growing up my father never showed me any affection and as a child the only father figure I had was the dad in 'Fraiser'. I remember my First sexual experience like it was yesterday. It was like a doorway into another world. An adult world. I was 8 at the time and she was an older girl. Mrs.Lewis was her name and she was my Yr.2 teacher. I remember being kept behind after class and her telling me that I wasn't keeping up with the other kids. I had seen a video on my dads laptop where a teacher kept a student behind because they had bad grades and so they had sex to get an A. I figured my situation was the same so I took off all my clothes ready for sex. But mrs.Lewis didn't want to have sex, however I needed that A. That afternoon I was in big trouble and my dad locked me in his study so I couldn't play. That was the beginning of my porn addiction. I knew every abbreviation from BBW to BDSM. As i got older my taste got darker. I got into Voyuer and snuff porn. It was the only way I could get off. One day on my 15th birthday my mum walked into my room and caught me masturbating to Snuff porn. She was understandably shocked. She was going to tell dad. I still stand by what I did. I grabbed a knife from my drawer and sliced her throat. Anyway. Dad kicked me out soon after and i had to turn to beekeeping to make a living as it was all i knew. I changed my name from Bobby Shortstack to Robert Jinks and began my own honey business. My life gradually fell apart and my business fell into liquidation. I turned to old habits and began watching copious amounts of adult films and even began making my own home movies. One day at the age of 36 i was assigned a job by an agency scouting new talent in the adult film industry. The job was based on a script i had written a few years earlier titled "Honey, i'm a whore". The plot was a door to door honey salesmen who rapes his brother and dad before violently killing them. I knew where my father and brother lived as i had often snuck into the house and rubbed my brother off during the night. I walked up to my brothers house dressed in my old honey salesmen suit and was invited by my brother to come inside. I had already set up hidden cameras in my brothers room and was filming as I shoved my glass jar into his behind as was scripted. However, as i finished myself off inside him I couldn't bring Myself to kill him. I came, and then I left. My brother still alive.
My agency was not happy with my inability to kill my brother for my pornographic film. They threatened to sexually molest my unborn child while it was still in it's mothers womb. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know how that was possible. I had formed a small amount of affection for both my unborn child and my younger brother and it would be hard to see either of them die. Nonetheless a few months later went back to my fathers house and had sex with my brother while he was asleep. It was beautiful and the smell that his neck made when I sliced it open was as pretty as a field of daisy flowers. I felt so complete as I put myself into his severed throat. I left feeling happier than I have felt since the day in yr 2 I lost my virginity. I felt like i had been reborn. Like a catholic who had seen God. I recall leaving the scene. The two of them with each other's scrotums dangling from their mouths. I felt in that moment like i had been wrong all these years. I felt that if i had of just stayed closer with my family, that i too could have partaken in that special moment of bonding. I couldn't bare the self pity. I sliced my wrists and quickly took of my pants. I had one last jerk, using my blood as lubrication and at the very moment i splurged. There was darkness. I knew i was dead, although, I wasn't. I was in some dark place. At first I thought it was hell. But then, just as i thought I had lost all hope of a happy ending, satan appeared draped in his cape with his pitchfork. As i gave satan a more detailed look i realised that his pitchfork was tipped with sharp metal dildos. I realised that this wasn't hell. This was my own personal heaven.
As we entered the pearly gates of St. Peter, my father and I were struck by a sense of awe. The pain from my severed scrotum was gone, and there were chained up child sex slaves as far as the eyes could see. Africans, Chinese, sudanese, burmese all types of children. I looked to my father who had tears welling in his eyes. Could this really be it? Had we really reached heaven? God appeared in the form of an Almighty hand appearing through a cloud above. He welcomed us and then with his almighty index finger tickled our penises as an initiation into heaven. I had never really been the religious type and i always thought that when the priests told me that it would help me get into heaven if i let them touch me it was just them being horny. Looking back in retrospect i am glad that i never said no to them as this was truly a sight to behold. Over the next few months i developed a sexual relationship with this God guy and we had even began to go steady. However one day i caught god having the same intimate relations with another man. I was overtaken with rage. How could god do this to me? I had praised and worshiped his every sexual need. I had sung songs to him and come over to his house every Sunday. The rage got the better of me and i ended up slashing Gods hand with my halo. All of a sudden I began to fall. I fell and fell until I crashed through the earth into another place. It was hot and sweaty and there was Nickleback playing over the speakers. A man appeared before me. It was robert. I had been united once more with my one true love. My brother. My lover. Robert was equally as happy to see me. He took me by the hand and pulled me behind a rock by a lake of fire. I realised that my initial idea of this place being hell was wrong. Rob took down my trousers and began to run his tongue around my butt hole. He asked me to do the same to him. We carried on for hours. Taking turns at seeing how far we could get our different limbs up each others anal canals. Eventually we fell asleep in each others arms by the lake under the embers which looked like stars.As Nicklebacks song photograph played and I lay snug in my brothers supple arms, his soggy penis rubbing against my leg, semen dripping down my knee pitt, I realised that this place which people use to tell me was hell, wasn't hell. It was simply my perfect idea of heaven.
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The young boy sat at the top of the stairs, listening as his grandma and aunt talked about his mom. "It's a damn, dirty shame of what she's doing to this family, what with her husband being in the ground not even a year; yet already marrying again." "There, there," his aunt Elizabeth cooed to her mother. "We all know it's only been just a year. Who knew she was gonna find a husband so soon, when she went to Casino with some of the insurance money. You know how impatient she is." "It's just not right, what she's doing to her son. He's just turning eight; now he's got to get used to another man being "Daddy". Hmph! It's just so fishy the way Ralph died, but I guess stranger things have happened..." The little boy, the epitome of patience, crept quietly closer to the edge. "Yes.", Elizabeth sighed. She thought of how, when they were all younger, she wanted to bed Ralph down first; she only had to wait a year after he and her sister to marry, to accomplish just that. She remembered the first time he looked at her with those brilliant, crystal-clear blue eyes he had; of how she wanted to just melt to the floor, every time he looked her in the eyes. The little boy, feeling he was intruding on some dark, adult topic; back away from the stairs, went quietly to his room, and went back to bed...
The young boy's eyes flew open into the darkness. He rubbed at them, trying to shake the sleep from them, then he realized in horror that he was outside; he was outside; at the graveyard, the graveyard where his father was buried.
"Joey, come to me."
His feet, of their own volition, began to stagger forward through what looked like a blue-grey lit fog; walking him ever closer, closer where he would never go; closer to his father's grave. He closed his eyes tightly, with his head down, as not to see where his feet were leading him; where he knew, inexorbiently, where they must go; to the tombstone of his father.
"Joey. Look at me, son."
"Don't want to, Daddy..."
The boy open his eyes just a peek, only to see that part of the blue-grey fog had assembled itself above him, just to reach down and lift his head. He sqiunced his eyes even more tighter, then; he felt if he look at that fog anymore, he would scream, and scream, and scream; until they found him the next morning, still screaming here in the clutches of the hands in the land of the dead.
The boy's eyes then snapped open, and saw what was gonna make him scream so bad, but it was even more worse than he could imagine. His father was sitting on top of the tombstone, but he flickered in and out; as if he was a badly transmitted T.V. picture. One minute, he was there, seemingly, to float above the tombstone about six inches; the next, it was as if only half of him was being broadcast from whatever unknown he was being sent from; his feet were in the ground, it seemed like, up to his ankles. It not only hurt his eyes to see his father like this, it hurt his mind.
"Joey, I told you I would see you again." The apparition smiled, but it seemed more like a grimace; as if he was still feeling the pain of his fall that snapped his neck like a brittle twig. "There's gonna be some brutally, awful business tomorrow, and I don't want you to be a part of it. None whatsoever." His father shifted his hips, as if to get a better seat. "So that's why I'm here, to make sure you don't."
Like a flash, his father was before him. And as he reached down to touch his son's face, it felt as if the heat of the sun's surface gained ever closer, ever closer; yet with the touch of his hand, it was cold, oh, so cold, it was positively brittle. He looked into his father's eyes, which seem to grow, and to grow; until it filled the whole of the boy's universe. And as his father's frantic, insane laughter filled his ears, the young boy began to scream, and to scream, and to scream...
They found him the next day, curled in a fetal position on top of his father's grave, and still he screams.
The minister looked out over the congregation, proud of himself for insuring that this day had went so well with this wedding. He knew most were here not to witness a wedding, but to see, and to see, and to be seen. He thought this thought with a grimace, which he quickly replaced with a false smile; a smile that seem to hide all secrets; not only of his own, but of the whole world's sins. He had hoped there would be no trouble, this day; but beside the whicker whisper of the gossips here and there, he had steered his congregation clear of all such volitile subjects. Yet the most important of all questions still remained, and he felt a small terrible fear of trepidation; as if a rat was subtly eating away at the soft underside of his stomach. But what could he, as the leader of the church, do, except perform his solemn duty? Sometimes, being a leader of wayward sheep just seem to not be fair. And with that, he girded up his loins, pronounced the question, and sealed all their doom.
"If any among you now have any objection to these two being wedded, speak now, or forever hold your peace."
Aside for the birdwing flutter of the gossips sighs, gladly, thought the preacher, none had voices for their opposition.
"Then, by the power invested in me, I now pronounce..."
And with that, the voyuer doors slammed open, and smashed into the walls adjacent with such force, the doors splintered into a thousand pieces; fell to the floor.
All heads turned to see who had spoken. All mouths screamed when they saw what shambled into view.
The creature lolled into the room, his head falling from side to side on his broken neck. "Inez." the thing spoke with the gravel of voices. "I told you I would see you again before the year was OUT!"
A drop of something wet dripped from it's mouth. When it hit the floor, it splashed and began the grave rot that speedily began to race in all directions.
The people, frantic now to just get away, get away, just to get away; found that they could not; for the rot had already spead to the floor underneath their feet, and was now climbing inexorbiently up their legs with such pain, the screams now turned into the cacaphony of damned souls in torment.
The thing now lurched down the aisle toward the waiting bride, griining through a corpse's face. The man she was going to marry had, alas!, just seemingly rotted away at her side; yet, strangely, she was untouched, she was white and light, and she was about to die.
The thing who was her husband that had died, and lo, had arisen again, shot out an arm that encircled her waist. "Honey, I told you I would always love you." And as he bent down to kiss his wife, gases and a spew of maggots shot into her mouth, and she wanted to scream, she had to scream, SHE MUST SCREAM!, but she could not; all she could get out was a strangled "OOOOOOOGH! OOOOOOOGH!"; as her mouth was filled with things that squirmed, much like his tongue that squirmed into her mouth; the kiss that now pronounced that they were, now once again, man and wife.
It was all quiet in the graveyard, except at where Ralph had been buried. Underneath the freshly turned ground, the moans of a woman in terror and little screams of intense pain seem to issue muffled by the dirt; the honeymoon of the damned. Presently, all became quiet, except the low murmer of the whispering wind through the trees; which sounded so much like dead souls muttering sobs of deep regret; yet the wind seem not to touch the blue-grey litten fog that issue forth and spill out in all directions across the ground.
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