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If you use more than 1.2 TB one time or less in a 12-month period, your courtesy month balance will reset to one at the end of these 12 months. However, if you use more than 1.2 TB two times in a 12-month period, no more courtesy months will be given. The 12-month period begins the first time you exceed 1.2 TB. Bonus Data – If you qualify for any type of Bonus Data, it's used first each month. Monthly data allowance – The monthly data allowance that’s included in your plan is used next. Carryover Data – If you have data carried over from the previous month, it's used after your entire monthly data allowance is gone. Exactly what time does your data reset on the last billing day? I'm on my last day of billing cycle for my data & I've reached 100% of my monthly allotted data. I want to know at what time exactly does it reset overnight, back to zero, to start the next billing cycle. Re: Monthly Reset of Data Allowance. My data always resets at midnight on the day of the new cycle. With that said, I have no clue as to why it showed you as still being in FAP at that point. It can take a couple of minutes for the Usage Meter to catch up, but not an hour. You will have to look at your bill or the online account to see when your billing cycle is. Data resets at the beginning of the billing cycle. It is not when your payment is due. This is a user to user forum. on ‎16-06-2010 16:20 The usage you see there is since the last reset. If it's never been reset then it will be the cellular data used since you got the phone. I seriously recommend resetting it each billing month to keep yourself straight because it doesnt reset itself automatically each month. Data usage has no reset option, and that is something that some users may want to check data usage in a given time period and not the past 30 days. Users who are limited in terms of data usage for instance, may want to reset the figure when their plan stars over to keep an eye on the usage and avoid additional fees or limitations. Your data will reset (as indicated above) at midnight on the last day of your billing cycle. Your new billing cycle (and new data allowance) begins at midnight on the first day of your next billing cycle. That's the answer. So whenever the LAST day of your billing cycle comes, it will be midnight that night. No "more authoritative" answer needed. Discover how data usage works, tips to optimize your usage, and the tools that are available to help you manage your usage. It resets within a few days of the original installation, and then on the same day each month.

2020.08.04 13:46 georgedudu1337 Согласуем перепланировку квартиры 60 кв м

Ok so this may sound stupid but when I buy an Iphone 11 for example with a 24 months contract and it says i have unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 60 GB of data, does the data reset monthly? or do i have 60gbs for the entire 24 months?
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2020.08.04 13:45 distilledspirits [OFFER]New Offer! RADIUS BANK - $60 total, $50 from them, $10 from me for opening a bank account with at least $500 and holding it there for 60 days. [US ONLY] I'm a user with many payouts!

They are offering a promo where if you fund a new account with $500 they will give you $50 after 60 days. If you use my referral link I will pay you an extra $10.
What you have to do:

  1. Comment $bid and I’ll send you my referral code 😀 (For the protection of my/your bonus, I will never post my referral link publicly)
  2. Sign up and make a deposit of at least $500.
  3. PM me once you get your bonus and I will pay you $10.
I can pay via PayPal or Cashapp
Terms and Conditions: By participating in this Refer a Friend Program, each Party will be aware the other has opened, or intends to open a Radius bank account, and hereby waives any privacy rights with regards to this awareness. Current Radius account holders and their friends can each get $50.00 for each new valid Rewards Checking account referral via the Refer a Friend program. To get the $50.00 reward, your friend must open the Rewards Checking account using a valid promo code. Your referred friend(s) must have an open, active account in good standing with at least $500.00 in deposit balance on the 60th day after opening the account, meaning: No NSF (non-sufficient funds) items, returns, locks or freezes during the preceding months of your referral’s checking account being opened. Clients that refer themselves or are a joint owner on are referred account will not be eligible to earn the $50.00 reward. The $50.00 reward will be deposited into both you and your friend’s Radius account within 30 days of completion of the requirements. If you close your account for any reason prior to 30 days of the completion of requirements, you will forfeit all rewards. The value of this reward may constitute taxable income to you. You and your referred friend may be issued an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) that reflects the value of such reward. Please consult your tax adviser, as Radius Bank does not provide tax advice. Radius Bank reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.
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2020.08.04 13:43 Flup-dEpH Calamity 1.4.5 tModLoader issue.

Calamity Rust and Dust is like the coolest thing ever.
I went over to update the mod today and since I like mayhem in my modpacks i had the most mods Terraria would run without crashing upon launch. Now with the update it doesn't want to load the world at all (crashes at "Resetting game objects" at about 60-80%).
It would be nice to play with it, but i think that won't be possible unless there's a way to somehow increase the amount of mods. Or maybe if anyone knows a way of reverting to the latest Calamity update before this one?
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2020.08.04 13:42 Antron3448 Согласуем перепланировку квартиры 60 кв м

Can anyone help me out. I remember watching some British TV show made by a journalist/ urbanist about the industrial changes British towns were going through maybe in the 60-70. I remember the guy would drive his car from city to city and speak very poetically about how industry had radish some of the towns. His show was not very successful and he sudcome to alcoholism. But they were amanzing.... I know they are on our tube but cannot find them for the life of me/ Help me out...
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2020.08.04 13:42 ThisIsSoooStupid 32 [m4f] Anywhere - Do you exist? Does anyone?

I am looking for someone who's somewhat similar to me possibly for something that lasts a decent amount of time.
​This is some random basic info about me:
• I have Bachelors and Masters in one field but I have never worked in that field, I am currently in a somewhat creative field of work.
​• My sense of humor is silly (as is this post), dark and sarcastic. I am silly too. You'd have to be ok with me saying stupid silly stuff. I am one of those people who like to roast. I can use some roasting too.
​• I drink socially but in the company of select few. My annual average is 10-20 times (40-60 drinks).
​• I seldom smoke; I have smoked less than 100 cigs in my entire life.
​• I don't care for tattoos (as in I am neutral towards them on other people), and I don't think I'll ever get one.
​• I am an Atheist
​• Nothing moves me more than music.
​• I am driven by logic. A bit too much. It’s getting exhausting.
​• I am politically a left social moderate. Which is just very slightly left to the dead center of a political map. It means that I agree with some things that are left and some things that are on right. I support a mixed economy, I am not a conservative and believe in the separation of religion and state.
​What do I love?
• My fav movie is School of Rock, and LOTR, Red, and Bourne series are my fav movie franchises.
​• I love reading but I am not into novels or books. I spend lots of time reading about history, philosophy and Science related stuff online
​• I am mostly a Sci-fi and Sitcom fan. My fav TV shows are Doctor Who and FRIENDS.
​• I have an eclectic taste in music but I am primarily into Rock music. Classic rock and progressive rock being my fav sub-genres.
​• I am a Dog person. I do love cats but if I ever get a pet then it'll be a dog. Probably a black Lab?
​• I am a casual gamer, currently wandering around in the world of GTA V (PC)
​• I am very much into photography and love carrying my DSLR with me as much as I can.
​Things I want to do
• To move to another country, UK, Nordic, or Canada.
• To travel to different countries, witnessing their culture and authentic food first hand.​
• To have a Gaming/Media room with a wall-sized projector, a badass PC to go along and a racing game controller fixed in the center.
​• To own a small cottage on some secluded hilltop with a backyard observatory for capturing Stars and far away galaxies.
​Who am I?
​• Brown eyes, Black Hair, wear glasses, Indian and have been called Handsome by women that were not my mom.​
• I like to have that 5 o'clock shadow going but I do often shave it all up. I can’t grow a full beard anymore (sometimes) because of Alopecia.
​• I am about 170 cms and weigh at around 70 KG right now (I know that’s ‘fit’ weight for men usually, but it isn’t for me, I have a thinner frame, so there’s some room for improvement).​
• I am always trying to be a bit healthier and a better human in general.
​• I think I am a nice person, or I try to be one to the best of my capabilities.
​• I don’t curse others in anger because hurting someone with words is not worth feeling shit about yourself.
​• I am a geeky curious person. I’d spend learning about things that help me in no way to forward my life. It’s more of a curse.
​• I am so easily distracted that I probably have ADD.
​• I murder animals for taste buds (not really, I haven’t killed anything but I do eat meat, mostly chicken)
​Who you are supposed to be?
​• Music means a lot to you as well, you’d be ok with attending most types of concerts as long as you have the right kind of company (me).​
• You’d rather book that trip for 15 days than buy a new car.
• You are either an atheist or agnostic. You can be spiritual if you are otherwise awesome.
​• You’d love to try tasting some new food and understand that different cultures have different tastes in food.
​• You are not a vegetarian/vegan.
​• You love cooking, and love trying new recipes even more (So we can do that together)
​• You are a good human
• You'd also like to move to another country or already have or are from someplace that much more liberal socially and politically
​• You are not easily offended. Dark, sarcastic, and rude humor doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t care for you.
​• You’ve read this boring ass post because you can’t believe that someone so similar and specific exists and is desperate enough to use R4R.
​• You agree that love for food and love for health are not mutually exclusive; that they often should exist together.
​• You find 'attitude' as annoying of a description for women as you do 'egoistic' for men.
​• You genuinely love talking about multitudes of things and can spend hours debating angrily about something and yet not hate the person that won’t agree with you.
​• You are driven by logic too and I’d be the stupid you do.
​• You are not in general addicted to anything.
​• Your idea of being drunk is to just get that buzz going, never to lose control. You’ve never been so drunk that you can’t recall what happened. (ok maybe once or twice is fine).
​Obviously, not everything on that list is important, most important aspects of that list are the ones related to music, food, and religion. Please direct your questions, pity, hate, and anger towards my inbox. I’d love to hear from you if you are even 50% of what I've rambled on about; because being logical is on the list.
TL;DR: Looking for a geeky non-religious music lover for friendship or more.
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2020.08.04 13:42 cbvv1992 AMAZON 60% Off Code & Clip Coupon – $6.39 Resistant Bands, 5 pcs

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2020.08.04 13:41 Skeleking11 Согласуем перепланировку квартиры 60 кв м

60-Villager Trading Hall! (Design by Logicalgeekboy) submitted by Skeleking11 to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2020.08.04 13:41 darla412 Согласуем м кв 60 перепланировку квартиры

Enter to WIN a Solar-Powered Generator or 60-day Food Supply - 10 Winners! {US} (8/16/2020) submitted by darla412 to giveaways [link] [comments]

2020.08.04 13:41 heyhou123 Согласуем перепланировку квартиры 60 кв м

Hi all, my first post here!
I am looking for some advice as I am currently looking for a 2.0 desk speakers for around 70 euros (around 80 USD).
Currently I have the old Cambridge SoundWorks FPS1000 (Creative) - which still works quite well (not counting the crackling potentiometer), but because it is the 4.1 system they create an wire mess under my desk, which I would like to reduce - hence I'm looking for only 2 speakers without a subwoofer nor amplifier.
What they will be used for: connected to my PC, mainly listening to music (rock, blues, metal if it is relevant) and watching movies, also playing computer games. Additionally, recently I started experimenting a little bit with an audio recording software, so another function would be listening to electric guitar and recorded guitar parts (I already have an audio interface - Behringer UMC22).
Right now I am thinking about Edifier R1000T4, Microlab B77, Fenda R25BT and Creative T20 II - would be there any other viable options in this price range? (central Europe distribution)
Also: would the new speakers in this price range be any noticible upgrade from my current rig?
Thanks for all replies!
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2020.08.04 13:38 hindikibaat Перепланировку квартиры согласуем 60 кв м

Over 50% of Covid-19 deaths in India in patients aged 60 and above: Health ministry submitted by hindikibaat to bharatnews [link] [comments]

2020.08.04 13:37 chaschand Согласуем перепланировку квартиры 60 кв м

I have had the misfortune of ending up unemployed and looking for a job.
I started getting emails from people with South Asian names offering jobs. From the outset, it seemed a little suspicious as emails exchange followed but as soon as I sent them my info, emails stopped (from the recruiter). Even asked why I am not getting replies from them any longer
This happened with about 10 recruiters !!
Anyway, did a search online and it seems this a big scamming industry
What I really want to ask is, why ??????
Indians are not the best liked of people in the world, scammers please help your country
I am 60 years old and have lived in the west (UK and USA) since the age of 3
I feel ashamed that I am of Indian descent !!
I have noticed how Westerners have changed in their approach to Indians over the years
Upcoming Indians, please work to make your country better so that you can be proud of it
I’m sure The Indian government could close these scamming establishments if they really wanted to
Apparently, they have call centers set up whose sole purpose is to run scams (I was called by one but that’s another story)
I’m Totally disgusted but I can’t change where I was born 😒
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