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2020.08.10 19:49 colombiansurfer Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha Gen 2 Pre-2017 vs 2017 Updated Version

LEAF released the Alpha and Alpha LT Jackets in 2014 with Gen 2 updates to features. In 2017 they updated the Gore-Tex fabrics in both jackets to a lower denier. The Alpha jacket went from MN70P-X 3L (body) and N40p-X (hood), to the 2017 BD450 3L 40D Nylon Ripstop (body) and L&F 3L 30D Plain weave (hood).
My assumption is that this 2017 update in fabric was to cut down on weight at the expense of less abrasion resistance. I understand the added ripstop will help prevent a puncture from enlarging but wouldn't the 2016 70D plain weave still be more durable in general? Has anyone directly compared both versions to each other?
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2020.08.10 19:49 Whey-Men Перепланировка 2017 согласования flash

Missouri family files federal lawsuit in 2017 national park police shooting death: “I have never in my career seen, a police officer’s account of a police-involved shooting so entirely refuted by objective evidence.” submitted by Whey-Men to Bad_Cop_No_Donut [link] [comments]

2020.08.10 19:44 raijenki Перепланировка 2017 согласования flash

Basicamente é o título. Entrei no mestrado em 2017 e levei um bom tempo nele principalmente por conta do trabalho e da necessidade de alterar o tema duas vezes por conta de barreiras tecnológicas (as leis da física não deixavam fazer o que se queria).
Meu mestrado é em computação, e minha área de formação é um pouco diferente. Sempre tive suporte de meu orientador e apesar de nem sempre estar trabalhando no projeto como deveria, me esforcei. Acontece que, desde ontem, tenho sentido uma ansiedade. Sei lá, como se simplesmente olhasse para meu projeto e ele fosse... medíocre? Tenho medo de não aceitarem minha ideia (que é um pouco contraintuitiva) ou pensarem que eu deveria ter feito bem mais do que fiz, e me reprovarem por isso. Ademais, pelo fato de minha apresentação ser a de número 100 no meu programa, estão fazendo uma certa divulgação nas listas de e-mail da universidade e que me deixa ainda mais ansioso e com medo de passar vergonha total.
Enfim, só queria falar e saber se é normal pensar isso (principalmente aos que passaram por doutorados/mestrados também). lol
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2020.08.10 19:42 12Lando Перепланировка 2017 согласования flash

As far as I know, their last album was in 2017 and they don’t have an instagram or Twitter. I heard them when I was listening to the 12 odd future songs playlist and I liked both of the songs on there. I just wanted to know if you guys know what happened to them and if they are still doing music. Thanks!
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2020.08.10 19:41 CabalMustFall Перепланировка согласования 2017 flash

A film that illustrates the impact of ruthless personalities on the weaker or more demure.
Depicts someone who is full of potential, yet driven to 'suicide' when she disobeyed the wishes of her boss. A pair of red ballet shoes is gifted to her from a power-hungry businessman/ballet company owner. The ballet owner is the type of person who doesn't get anything less than exactly what he wants at all times. A con-man with all the connections and money to use as resources when necessary. He steals anything from anyone and manipulates every situation to his ultimate benefit. Cunning in such a way that it goes unnoticed by the other characters and even the viewing audience.
Ultimately, the red ballet shoes cause the young woman gifted them to jump off of a balcony when she decides she no longer wants to dance for the production. Her last request was to remove the red ballet shoes that seemingly caused her to jump to her death.
***Posting because this movie reminded me of all those red ballet shoes in the creepy Biljana Djurdjevic paintings: http://biljanadjurdjevic.com/2017/11/living-in-oblivion
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2020.08.10 19:39 onesh I'm lost in my own life....

First of all, sorry my english, i'm not a very good at it.
So, before I start telling you what is going on, let me just say that i perfectly understand that there are a LOT of people in a worst place than I am, but I just can't avoid to get this thoughts....
It was the main reason everything started going downhill for me. I'm a 22 years old guy now, but in 2017 I was only in my 19/20s, since high school i've been actually not bad with girls, when I was 14 i dated for like 9 months with a girl (it was a long distance relationship), after that started dating with another girl from my class for about 2 years and right before finishing highschool I met this girl... she was an amazing person, very pretty, a decent girl in terms of everything. We started dating half through our senior year and kept dating for 4 years... until it ended, and it was ALL my fault.
The relationship was perfect, until it wasn't. One bad decision made everything go downhill. The downfall began when I went to a mountain with a few friends (just guys) and there was no cellphone service, I told my gf that it would happen, said that I would call her when I was on my way back. I left the phone in the car and went to enjoy the day at the sea with my friends, it was like 4/5 hours max without service. When we got back to the car, I grabbed my phone and it had no service whatsoever, we started our way back to the town when my phone started vibrating like hell... i had like 15 calls from her, 10 messages and i went like "wtf is going on?". Started reading it and she was saying that i was an idiot, she was worrided and called me a liar just because a friend that was with me could post pictures on instagram and I didn't answer (my friend went to the top of the mountain or wtv to post that pic), all sort of things a crazy girl would say tbf. I started apologizing eventhough it wasn't my fault, called her, tried to explain and she was treating me like shit. It went for almost a week with me saying sorry and she saying that I disrespected her and wtv. I went nutts.
Got home, started my PC, went to Steam and my ex (she was a gamer) was always inviting me to play or wtv, and I always said no, but that day I accepted, we went to discord and had a chat with a few other guys in there. And after that, we started talking more and more. I was still dating with my gf, but after that fight because of the moutain, something in me clicked and I just couldn't see her the same way, so I started "pushing her away" (mentally ofc). On the opposite, my ex was starting to get more and more close, until we actually went out and everything... After a few months, I went to her college (my ex) to study Multimedia and Videogames (that decision fucked my entire career), but i was actually blinded for my feelings, in a few months I felt for that girl what i never felt for any other girl. 3 months later found out that she was dating another guy (from my class).
That couple of months after the mountain thing were the biggest mistake of my life, to hurt such a good girl (my gf) because of a piece of shit like my ex. To answer what you must be asking yourselves, yes I did cheat on my gf. And yes, I know that I'm a piece of garbage that doesn't deserve anything.
After almost a year, I saw my ex (the one that had another guy) in a college event, looked her into the eyes and she turned her head away almost like she was ashamed of herself. I said nothing, enjoyed the event with my mates and that was it. A few days later she texted me, saying she was sorry that it was a dumb decision and wtv, I answered saying it was ok, it was in the past and that we were good. Then she started inviting me again and again to play, i was a fucking idiot and i still loved her, so i thought she changed. Guess what? She didn't. It all went well in the summer, when college started she dumped me outta nowhere and I saw her with the other guy, again. The problem? I forgave her after that. We dated (like really dated), until she broke up with me again outta nowhere :')
That was it. After what i went through (eventhough i know i deserved, i blame myself everyday for what i did to the other girl, trust me) i could never talk to a girl the same way i was doing before, I lost all my confidence.
1 year after, met a girl on Tinder, she was super cool, super chill, totally my vibe. We talked for a month or wtv, went on dates for like a month, she kissed me, almost had sex in the car, all fine. I was actually starting to trust her and liking her, until she dumped me, outta nowhere, again :') (and when I say she dumped me, she ghosted me, like, real ghosting).

Professional life:
I ended my studies last year (2019) in Multimedia Production and Videogames, and it gave me a level V degree (it's the degree before being graduated in college), after that I started working in Pull&Bear on a mall in my city, it was my first job and I was enjoying it, until they fired me without a concrete reason after a month. But they fired a lot of people at the same time so I didn't thought that I did anything wrong, just got fired cause they had too many people or whatever.
After a month or so, I started working in another store, this time it was a technology store on another mall. The difference this time is that i didn't like it at all, i was working full time and everyday that i woke up it was like a nightmare to go to work... so i quit after 3 months or so (mainly because they wanted me to go to another store that was far from my house). A few weeks later i went to work to another store, it only lasted a week. Are u starting to see the pattern here?
I have a huge problem, I can't seem to stay in a job for a while, I start to get these thoughts that eventually stop me from wanting to go to work, and some other times I get the exact opposite thoughts and get all hyped up thinking about the cool things I have, but these ones only last like a minute or so. Even knowing that I have these problem, I just can't fix it. It's inside me so hard that it just clicks.
After that experience in stores, I just thought it wasn't a job for me and decided to start searching a job in my area. Mission failed. I couldn't find anything.
I feel the pressure of having to find a job, sent way over 100 curriculums and got like 10 answers all saying no. A few of my friends even joke with me saying that "you will work for a month and get out", "shut up and find a job lazy", and i just sit there, i laugh.. but inside i'm crying. I'm so young, but I can't even go to college and get a decente degree (graduate) because I don't have the courage to tell all this to my parents.
Now, I talked with a group of friends that are unemployed and we thought about creating our own company, to do some work for free to build a portfolio and actually start working together to create our own thing... it was my idea to do this... guess what? The thoughts are back. I'm getting these anxiety that it just won't work. I need help. I dont know what to do.


I don't know what to do with my life. I'm completely lost. I feel empty. Sometimes i get these thoughts in my head on what life would be for the ones around me without me here. Not gonna lie, sometimes i thought how I would kill myself (for a brief moment). I'm so lost. I've good friends, and my parents love me so much, but that's it. I don't have a purpose in life, I can't motivate myself to find anything that makes me enjoy life much more. I feel so alone. I miss having a gf to share everything...
And the worst part of all? It's all my fault. I did it to myself, i sabbotaged my own life in a glimpse of an eye.

I'm sorry for this huge text, I guess i needed to get this out of my chest with people that don't know who I am.
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2020.08.10 19:39 negative33andathird Covid cleaning led to this ...

Covid cleaning led to this ... I've been saving my ticket stubs for nearly 35 years and I've seen Wilco live more than any other band. Physical tickets are a thing of the past and I thought this was a cool way to remember all of these good times. Only missing a ticket from one of the Chicago Winterlude shows in 2017.
Here's to seeing live music again soon.
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2020.08.10 19:39 Statue_left Flash перепланировка 2017 согласования

Introduction Every year we find value in late round receivers and draft busts early on, it's part of the reason why safer running backs get drafted higher than similarly talented receivers. In 2019 the average finish of the top 12 receivers taken was 28 spots lower than their ADP, and 11 spots lower in points per game ignoring games missed. 7 of the top 12 finished 12 spots or worse than their ADP. Even ignoring Antonio Brown, half of the receivers we picked as WR1's did not finish that highly. This means that there were another 6 players drafted outside the top 12 receivers who finished as WR1's, and drafting one of those players can make the difference between a playoff berth and being stuck with Juju or Beckham, players that did not produce but are extremely hard to bench because of their potential over players on your bench.
In this series I will try and make a case for receivers being drafted outside the top 12 who could finish there and provide value in your fantasy league. I'll compare their projected numbers with where they would have landed in 2018 and 2019. You'll likely see a LOT of "this players ceiling would have been WR2 in 2019". That's because last year was a historically down year for WR's not named Michael Thomas.
2019 Recap Fantasy owners were disappointed with after they drafted Thielen in 2019. After finishing 7th in the league in 2018, Thielen's 2019 season was marred by injuries. Scoring 7 touchdowns in the first 7 games (1 rushing), Thielen and teammate Stefon Diggs were #12 and #13 in the league in PPR points before Thielen went down with an injury midway through the year. Thielen came back in week 15 but was not himself and was not targeted much until the Saints game in the playoffs. He did not produce enough to satisfy owners because of his injury.
All that said, on a per target basis Thielen was among the best in the league. When he was healthy and playing he produced the 3rd highest fantasy points per target (2.38), the 6th highest fantasy points per route run (0.58) and had the 4th highest QB Rating when targeted (130.0). While these numbers may not have a direct correlation to future fantasy production, they should show you that Thielen was not washed last season when he was playing. He was still a dynamic receiver.
What doesn't instill confidence in Thielen is Kubiak's offensive system and how often he runs the ball. The Vikings were 30th in the league in passing last season, and Thielen participated on less than 70% of the team's passing plays. Stefanski's departure and Kubiak's promotion means we likely won't see much of a change in the offense in 2020.
Thielen also played substantially less out of the slot than he did in 2019. After finishing 2018 with 46.7% of his routes coming from the slot, Thielen dropped to just 29.3%. The Vikings didn't have a specialized slot receiver last year (Diggs is a top 2 route runner in the league and Thielen can succeed basically anywhere), so they ran a ton of 12 personnel with veteran Kyle Rudolph and rookie Irv Smith Jr. Expect that to continue in 2020, even with the addition of slot receiver Justin Jefferson. Thielen ran 28% of his routes from the left outside, 37% from the right, and 30% from the slot. No matter the formation he'll be out there running.
2020 Team Changes Stefon Diggs' departure is the biggest shift in this offense in 2020. While he didn't receive a ton of targets last year, he did lead the team in basically every receiving stat, production that will have to be replaced.
The team spent the first round pick they got from Buffalo on standout LSU receiver Justin Jefferson, though I wouldn't hold my breathe on him having immediate fantasy relevance. Zimmer has notoriously not played rookies, and especially receivers, during their first year. When Jefferson does get on the field expect him to run primarily out of the slot.
Tajae Sharpe was brought in from Tennessee but he does not hold any fantasy relevance in this offense and shouldn't take away many looks from Thielen. Sharpe plays mostly outside, and looks to split time with Bisi Johnson (who moves around the offense quite a bit with a 34% slot usage rate) across from Thielen.
Targets The Vikings aren't going to throw a ton this year, so Thielen will have to make the most of the passing volume he's given. He had a healthy 17.8% target share when he was on the field last year, and a 21% target share from weeks 1-7. In 2018, when Thielen played 100% of the offensive snaps, he saw a 26% target share and a 28% red zone target share. Cousins likes to target Thielen. Even with Sam Bradford in 2017 Thielen saw a 27% target share.
Diggs' departure opens up a significant amount of targets for Thielen. In the 3 games that Diggs missed in 2017 and 2018 Thielen saw a 30% target share, seeing 29 targets across those 3 games. While that is a very small sample size, it isn't too far off from his normal target share playing next to Diggs. We should expect Thielen to again see between 25-30% of the targets in this offense, depending on how quickly Jefferson establishes himself.
30% target share is high, that's just south of what Michael Thomas received in 2019, and about what Deandre Hopkins saw. Unlike those two players, Thielen plays in a run first, low volume offense. The Vikings ranked 30th in team pass attempts in 2019 with just 29.2 per game. Zimmer and Kubiak want a run first offense, but the losses of most of the teams CB's, Everson Griffen at DE, and Linval Joseph (as well as his replacement, Michael Pierce) at DT means the defense will be nowhere near as stout as it had been. A little over a 10% increase in passing volume would place the Vikings at around 20th in the league at passing at about 33 per game.
A 25% target share in that kind of offense would grant Thielen 132 targets. A 30% target share would give him nearly 160 targets, near the top of the league, but only 7 more than he saw in 2018 (though in a much higher volume offense).
I currently have Cousins projected to throw the ball 522 times in 2018, or about 32.6 times per game. In that offense, a 25% target share Thielen would be seeing just under 130 targets per game, but could certainly see more if the defense really implodes.
Receptions Thielen's reception % has been all over the place the last 5 years, going from 66% to 75% to 64% to 74% down to 62.5% in 2019. Moving out of the slot definitely hurt his reception % last year, and we should expect things to stay that way. He caught 67.5% of his targets before his injury last season, though the lack of Diggs may allow opposing #1 Corners to shadow him more than they did. Conservatively, we can estimate that Thielen may catch between 64-65% of the targets thrown his way, though a ceiling of 70% is definitely a possible outcome.
At our lowest range of outcomes, we see Thielen catching 64% of his 128 targets for 82 catches.
At our highest, Thielen catches 70% of 158 targets for 110 catches.
Realistically, somewhere in the middle, say 66% reception rate on 145 targets would yield Thielen with 95 catches.
Yards The last 4 seasons Thielen has seen 14.0, 14.0, 12.2, and 13.9 yards per reception. The 12.2 being the year he lived the most in the slot. Sporting a career best 70.3% success rate against man coverage (and 68.5% against press), Thielen showed he will have no trouble creating separation against defenders again in 2020. Thielen is just not a guy that gets a ton of dump offs. Last season he ran deeper routes (outs, corners, nines, posts, and digs) on 52% of his routes, with another 33% being curls and slants. He doesn't catch many short yardage passes around the line of scrimmage, and is an above average route runner at nearly every single route. We have no reason to expect him to venture far outside of the 13.5-14.0 yards per reception area.
Our lowest estimate of 82 catches at 13.5 yards per would leave him with a respectable 1100 yards receiving, lower than what he had in 2017 and 2018.
At our highest estimate of 110 catches and 14 yards per he would put up huge yardage numbers at north of 1500. This many yards would be surprising.
Our middle estimate of 95 catches at 14 yards per leaves him with 1330, right in the middle of his numbers from 2017 and 2018. This range is more or less what we should expect from a full season of Thielen.
Touchdowns Kirk Cousins will throw between 25 and 30 touchdowns this season. It's all he's done since 2015. Cousins is one of those QB's that's going to put up the same thing practically every year. He had a solid TD% of 5.9% last year, but 4 of the 5 previous years he was basically right at 5%. With the slight increase in passing volume we expect to see, it seems likely those passes will be a little less efficient. A TD on 5% of his throws is pretty much what Cousins will give you.
Thielen comes in right around the same, catching a TD on 5% of his targets over his career, and 5.5% since becoming a full time starter. He had a knack for the end zone last season, catching a touchdown on over 12% of his targets, but that is an outlier due to low volume. This stat isn't hard, he'll be at around 5%.
This puts out TD range anywhere from 6.4 to 8. Right around what he's gotten his entire career. Split the middle and expect Thielen to catch a modest 7 TD's this year.
Final Stats Thielen is a consistent receiver that plays with a consistent QB. He has a great floor as a player and, depending on how quickly Justin Jefferson develops, a fantastic ceiling without Diggs on the team.
Our bottom end projection for Thielen is 82/1100/6. This leaves us with a player who scores just 228 fantasy points. This would have been a low end WR2 in 2019 and around WR16 in 2018. Not league winning, but a plug and play starter.
Our most generous projection has him at 110/1540/8. That's 312 fantasy points, or WR2 last year and WR7 in 2018.
Our "middle of the pack" projections see him at 95/1330/7.2 for 271.1 fantasy points. That would have about tied Cooper Kupp for WR4 in 2019, and finished as WR10 in 2018.
With Thielen currently going as WR14 in mocks, you aren't getting an enormous value for him. You will get a much higher floor than you will with the players going around him though. Sandwiched between Juju, OBJ, Cooper, Kupp, and A.J. Brown, Thielen is being taken in the company of guys who either had insane metrics last year that we expect to come down (Brown), guys who played all of last season and were extremely disappointing (Juju, Odell), the perennially infuriating Amari Cooper, and Cooper Kupp in a system where he may not receive nearly as many targets. Having fallen 8 spots in ADP over the last month according to Fantasy Pros shows that more casual players may not like him as much as people drafting based on ECR.
Thielen probably isn't going to drop 35+ points in a week. He's going to give you a damn good floor though. If you end up going RB/RB or RB/TE in rounds 1 and 2, Thielen is a great candidate for a plug and play consistent WR1 on your squad. If you took Devante Adams or Michael Thomas, you may want to wait and grab a guy that can provide that BOOM factor for your team that Thielen doesn't have.
Other Writeups Robert Woods
A.J. Green
Calvin Ridley
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2020.08.10 19:38 mazer_rack_em Перепланировка 2017 согласования flash

In March 2017 the registration on my bitchin’ 1985 Supra expired. April 2017 a friend offered to buy the car for $700, since he was my boyfriends brother and my apartment complex would tow cars with expired registrations I agreed verbally and gave him the car immediately without receiving any money or transferring the title.
Also because I am stupid.
You can probably guess the rest from the title of the post, life intervened and we never exchanged money or transferred the title, now the dude is in Alaska, who knows where the car is, and I’ve got a notice from CA state vehicle registration collections franchise tax board saying I owe $800 within 30 days. My question is do I have any options at all here besides just biting the bullet on the tax and taking the loss on the car?
Edit: also follow up question is how do I get my name off this title, since it will continue to be an issue
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