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~ Unleashed pt. 3. OC OC. Thanks again go to u/eruwenn for making sure I word good. ... On chapter 3 it's no biggie to hit back twice, but on chapter 10 or 30 it'll start to feel like a chore. level 2. Original Poster 2 points · 4 months ago. That's good advice, I hadn't considered that. The idea of a chapter 30 is bit daunting. Star Wars The Force Unleashed Xbox 360 Walkthrough Pt 11 Darth Vader & The Emperor Battle (Endings) ... 30. Sidemen 3,631,663 views. New; 1:03:30. Fred 3: Camp Fred YouTube Movies. 2012 · Comedy ... Unleashed pt. 30. OC OC. It is entirely too hot and I can not sleep, fortunately u/eruwenn polished this up nice and quick. So, I get to post a new chapter. First / Prev / Next. As the Porkchop Express entered the atmosphere of Kasur, Aaron bounced up and down in the Captain’s chair as the ship shuddered and shook around him. One arm tightly ... Unleashed pt. 29. OC OC. Close • Posted ... (30 other humans, tops) to, break the clean air as well as noise regulations on the evening of the upcoming aphelion day, during a get-together, ... After a moment a physical therapy frame entered the room. It was holding a fluffy purrboi in its arms and gave off an aura of absolute misery. Unleashed pt. 15. OC OC. I've had a lot of work stuff this past week, deadlines etc... I'm still trying for one chapter a week as a minimum, this is a quick one. Thanks to u/eruwenn for editing and smoothing out the rough edges. First / Prev / Next. If you haven't played Jaws: Unleashed or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 2006 by Majesco Entertainment Company, Jaws: Unleashed (aka 大白鲨, Sole Predator, Les Dents de la Mer, Der weisse Hai: Das Spiel) is still a popular licensed title title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.5/5 rating. Unleashed is proud to offer high quality dog daycare, hydrotherapy, and massage services for your canine family members. We are conveniently located off of a main corridor to I-5 (56th Street), yet nestled away on a quiet street next door to a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital. Unleashed pt. 12. OC OC. Close. 276. Posted by 2 months ago. Unleashed pt. 12. OC OC. Credit to u/eruwenn for the editing. ... "More physical training.” ... 30 points · 2 months ago. Law-foo is the best of this sub, and this is my favourite chapter so far.

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It is entirely too hot and I can not sleep, fortunately u/eruwenn polished this up nice and quick. So, I get to post a new chapter.
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As the Porkchop Express entered the atmosphere of Kasur, Aaron bounced up and down in the Captain’s chair as the ship shuddered and shook around him. One arm tightly wrapped around Sassie, on the seat beside him, and the other reached up to brace against his workstation. The vibration stopped as suddenly as it started, then the comms screen lit up and Danyd’s face appeared. “The stabilisers held, but they weren't happy. Once we land I’ll need some time to make some adjustments.”
The Captain tapped on his central screen. “Not a problem. I want to properly check this place out before we give them Tony.” He swiped the engineering feed away and released his grip on Sassie. The monitor in front of him showed the bright blue sky of Kasur, but little else. He really wished he had a window. “Alexa, how are we doing?”
She didn’t look back - this was her first time piloting something as big as the Porkchop Express in atmosphere. “Everything is under control.”
“Great.” He stood, Sassie remained. “You have the Bridge, Number One.”
As the human left Chae’Sol turned around in his seat and leaned on the back of Embar’s station. “Why does he always put the dog in charge?”
Embar looked at the German Shepherd, now stretched out to occupy the whole seat. “It’s a joke, but she is actually one of the better commanding officers I’ve had.”
Chae’Sol considered some of the captains he had served under during his time in the Niham military. Many of them had barked orders, but few were pacified as easily as an offering of a biscuit and a belly rub. “Excellent point. Perhaps we should have made her captain?”
Alexa chuckled, having overheard the exchange, but got back to task. She guided the Porkchop Express down as gently as possible; the ship began to slow, and finally there came a small lurch as it came to rest. She raised her fist in triumph. “Yes!”
The Niham navigator nodded approvingly. “Nicely done.”
Embar stood, stretching his neck. “That was a fine landing.”
Beaming with pride, Alexa stood and grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair. She thanked them both before rushing out ,closely followed by Sassie. She found Aaron in the Overlook with Danyd, the pair discussing the airlock. “What’s going on?”
Danyd, clearly frustrated, turned to the Inorganic hoping for her assistance. “He wants to go out of the airlock to have a nosy.” He turned back to Aaron. “Do you know how high up we are?” He spoke slowly and clearly, as if teaching a child. “You have to exit at ground level.”
Her grin still firmly in place, Alexa joined Aaron by the airlock. “That sounds like a great idea.”
The Satryn threw his arms in the air and walked away, mumbling profanities under his breath. He fired one final shot at the pair. “I’m telling the Doc!”
Aaron pulled Alexa inside, making sure Sassie was sitting and waiting. “Great landing, by the way.”
She brushed her silver hair from her face and hit the airlock release. “Of course it was. I’m brilliant.”
“Yes, you…” His words trailed off as the gust of warm, humid air washed over him. The air on the ship had been fine, clean, stable in both humidity and temperature, but had always felt artificial. This air - this had life. As he leaned out of the open airlock his eyes adjusted to the bright morning sun. On the opposite side of the ship to the airlock was a towering city. Before them sat a high wall and beyond that, a great forest. “Wow.”
Alexa stood beside him. Unhappy with how far out he was leaning, she gripped the belt loop on the back of his jeans. “Gravity is eight percent lower than standard, and oxygen is higher. Your nanites should be able to compensate.”
Aaron shook his head at her dry, analytical appraisal. “Forget that, look at this place! On Arkellis all we saw was a city. Sure, it was cool and future-y... But, this! This is amazing! Look at that forest, the trees are huge. And over there!” He pointed at a flock of bird-like creatures in the distance that suddenly swirled up from a treetop. “And look at that funky ass tree! Looks like a giant blue broccoli!”
She gave a short chuckle at his enthusiasm. “It is an impressive view.”
“Tony will love this place.”
She hesitated to correct him, but she had seen the area map as she was planning the flight path. “The walled area is not the leokas enclosure.”
“What?” He stepped back from the open doorway. “Then why did we land here?”
“It’s close.” She paused, unsure of how the human would react. Aaron had novel views on the care of animals and was quite defensive of those under his care. “Arkellis has a very high population, and land is a premium commodity. This area of forest is one of their designated green zones, necessary for maintaining the air quality alongside the atmos-scrubbers.”
Aaron wasn’t liking what he was hearing. “So, where is Tony going?”
Gripping the frame of the airlock Alexa leaned out, facing the rear of the ship. She pointed at a large grey building with no windows. “That leads to the underground enclosure, similar to the pens onboard the Azrimad, but larger.”
“Underground?” There was an edge to Aaron’s voice as he leaned out and looked down at the grim building. He pulled himself back inside the ship. “So why the high walls? If they aren’t keeping the leokas in... Who are they keeping out?”
“Everyone.” She fixed him with a firm stare. “You must be diplomatic in your approach. And don't be too optimistic - they've recently passed a law allowing these green spaces to be developed. New improved atmos-scrubbers will be taking over, and all this" - she waved an arm to the natural beauty they could see - "is going to be transformed.”
Aaron leaned back against the wall of the airlock. “Into what?”
The Inorganic took out her copy of Aaron’s phone, looking through the local feeds. “It is undecided. There are over a dozen of these large areas, known as the Lungs of Kasur. Some are in favor of their preservation, but others are clamoring for affordable housing. One such 'lung' seems to be claimed for resorts, and another for luxury accommodation. It is still being talked about, as the people have not yet come to a consensus."
Undecided.” Aaron turned to look back through the open doorway. “Diplomatic.” He was talking softly to himself as he considered this new information. Suddenly curious, he turned back to Alexa. “How do you know all this?”
She gave him another of her judgemental looks. “I read Allistan’s briefing. I knew you would not.”
He coughed and looked away. “Oh, I meant to get to that.”
“Of course.”
Aaron didn’t turn back around, his eyes fixed to the trees before him. Taking out his drone cam he tossed it into the air. “Give me ten minutes here, get everyone else to the Lounge. Make sure Skeena is there; these are her people.”
“Are you declaring war?”
“Damn right.” He felt her eyes on the back of his head. “There’s more than one kind of war. More than one kind of battlefield. Remember Arkellis?”
She nodded. “Time to call the Cupcake Coalition to action?”
With determination in his eyes he turned back to face Alexa. “First we plan. Then we act. No more rushing in; it’s time to put our thinking caps on.”
Alexa moved swiftly from inspired to confused. “You have headwear that improves cognitive function? You should never take it off!”
Aaron stood with Skeena, and the officials from Kasur, at the entrance to the large grey building. The three drone cams slowly circling after Aaron convinced them this was an educational experience he wanted to share with his viewers. The head of the leokas facility was talking excitedly about adding a new specimen to their facility as they had recently lost two of their breeding males. Once they had analysed Tony’s genetics, his sperm would be extracted and sent around to other facilities to diversify their stock.
Aaron remained polite and courteous, Skeena doing most of the talking, as they followed their guides into the building and onto a large elevator. After clearing a security checkpoint they were met by a Kasurian wearing religious robes and sporting reddish-brown fur. “Greetings Lefu’Yendra. I hope you had a safe journey. I am Elder Toofti Flew’Fitayl, the Keeper of Lefu’Mohlanka. I maintain the spiritual link between our people and the leokas. I also choose and guide the Nyehelo, serving as the Tataiso.”
Skeena bowed, touching her forehead, and Aaron mimicked her actions. As he stood he decided formal introductions should go both ways. “I am Aaron J. Cooper, Ambassador to Earth. Your people call me Lefu’Yendra; you may call me Aaron.”
The Elder bowed his head. “Thank you Aaron. You may call me Tataiso, as I will be your guide.”
Deciding to see what sort of person he was dealing with, Aaron gave a little prod. “Thank you, Tufty.” He saw the twitch by the corner of the mouth, and the flare of anger in the eyes. “My apologies, Tataiso. Shall we continue?”
They followed their guide through the main doors and into the small reception area. Elder Toofti walked solemnly ahead to stand by the ornate set of double doors ahead of them. "Few are allowed to visit this place, and none before you have asked to * broadcast * it. As you have been embraced as Lefu'Yendra by our people, and have performed this great service in returning Lefu'Mohlanka to us, you and your viewers will now see the great efforts our people have put in to save the leokas from extinction.
The crew had gathered in the lounge to watch Aaron’s broadcast, some of them holding datapads as they worked on their new assignments. Several large metal bowls sat in the middle of the table: another human snack to be tested. This one was created by heating certain cereal grains until they popped, after which a variety of flavourings and coatings could be applied. Ranjaz looked on in disgust, deciding to request the next food to be developed be meat based.
Jar’Bek was fumbling with his datapad, struggling to get it connected to the large screen. “Is this wall screen four, or seven?”
The ever-impatient Kittran took the datapad from the Ashi, tapping a single button and getting the large wall screen to light up. “It’s called Main Lounge Screen, Jarby.”
The GalacTube page for the first human appeared, with a countdown emblazoned across the centre of the feed. Danyd had thus far managed to avoid the video sharing phenomenon and was watching with a mild look of confusion on his face. “So, he puts videos on here?”
Jaym answered quickly, conditioned by the many quizzes he threw her way and because it was nice to be the teacher for a change. “Not just the Captain, millions - probably billions - of people from all over the Federation.”
Danyd was dubious. “Of what?”
His Arkellian junior took a handful of popcorn, her second so far. “Anything,” she said as she crunched down, deciding that the salted snacks were best. “Everything.” She reconsidered. Caramel was best. “Some people just talk about other people’s videos. Some people sing or paint - there’s a lot of good instructional videos here. I made one on stripping the stabiliser so I could put it back together easily.” She was quite proud of this next part. “It’s had over a hundred views already.” She popped a congratulatory handful of snacks into her mouth, accidentally combining caramel and salted varieties. She let out a long low moan before realising she was in public. She thanked Tulseria she was the only Arkellian on board, and that no-one else would recognise their mating sounds.
The Satryn scratched his chin, ignoring the Arkellian mating sounds Jaym was making. “I guess I can see how video instructions could be useful.” He was quiet as he considered this new idea. “I don’t understand what he thinks he’ll accomplish with this broadcast though. How will one hundred views change anything?”
Ranjaz laughed and threw a handful of popcorn at Danyd, pleased that he had found a use for the weird snack. “Look at the bottom corner, that’s the live viewer count.”
“Five billion!” Danyd almost fell out of his chair.
Allistan took the next handful of popped snacks from Ranjaz before he could throw them. “That number will increase significantly once he’s actually live. I’ve looked over his statistics and, even now, some of his first videos get millions of views per cycle.”
Alexa received a message to her phone and took up her datapad,and with a quick swipe she began the pre-recorded introduction. On the large screen Aaron appeared standing in the airlock. His usual friendly greeting and not-so-subtle plugs were quickly sidelined, and his excitement over their location took over. He released the drone cam from his hand and it slowly moved away from him, keeping him in the centre of the shot. As it backed away the outside of the ship came into view, further still and the large Porkchop Express logo was visible, as well as the city behind the ship. Aaron’s voice carried to the drone. “And now, check this out!” The drone turned, revealing the lush forest. It panned across the trees before lifting into the air to reveal the great canopy and the flocks of brightly coloured creatures rising and swirling in the morning sun.
Danyd leaned forward in his seat, drawn in by the dramatic reveal. “That was pretty great, but it’s still the stupidest looking ship I’ve ever seen.”
Jar’Bek was busy reading, but stopped to look some numbers up. “Stupid?” He found what he was looking for and grinned in triumph. “The human has sold over six hundred and eighty million small metal replicas of this ship. He has sold over one billion items of clothing with the logo on; another billion keyrings, pin badges and whatever in Tulseria’s name a fridge magnet is.” He looked around the room, seeing the surprise on everyone but Alexa’s face. “He also said that these numbers were nothing, and - I am quoting here - he said, Wait till I bring out a Lego version.
Someone had to ask, and Chae’Sol decided it was going to be him. “What the hell is a Lego version?”
The Ashi gave a pronounced shrug. “I fear it is part of Phase Two.”
“Phase Two?” Embar raised an eyebrow.
Danyd hushed them. “It’s at eight billion now.”
Alexa pushed another button and the feed switched to live footage of Aaron exiting the Porkchop Express at ground level. They watched as he introduced Skeena and offered a link to her channel, which Alexa dutifully added to the description. They all watched his meeting with the Kasurians outside of the building. On Alexa's datapad were the three feeds - Aaron, the Kasurian welcoming committee, and a pulled back shot of the group, and she was both controlling the drones and switching between the feeds with expert timing. “Nine billion,” she added.
Estrilla was sipping her tea from an ornate tea-cup, part of the set Alexa had gifted her. “He’s doing well.” She seemed to relax a little. Her saucer was now a popped snack receptacle as she picked her way through the various flavours. “I still can’t believe he convinced them to let him broadcast.”
Jar’Bek started coughing violently. “Why does this food hurt?” he asked as soon as he was able to.
The Kachna looked into the bowl. “Those are a combination of salt and a powdered mild acid, you should be fine. Don’t eat too many.”
The Ashi carefully placed the remaining snacks on the table, dusting his hands off. “I believe I have reached too many.”
Ranjaz chuckled. “He just called the guy in the fancy robe Tufty, brilliant.”
Estrilla shook her head. “Twelve billion people just saw him mock one of the most important religious figures on Kasur.”
A quiet descended upon the group in the Lounge as the doors opened and the long corridor was revealed. Uniform rows of doors stood along the corridor, with hatches in the wall beside them and a viewing screen to the side showing the occupant. Aaron walked in silence as the Tataiso proudly described the enclosures. The drone’s viewpoint lingered on the camera feeds; dull grey rooms, brightly lit, with no features or enrichment. Everyone present had seen Tony’s home on board, the lively animal often playing or lounging around. These leokas were anything but lively. Their coats were dull, some even sporting bald patches. They were separated from one another in individual enclosures, and they each huddled in corners or paced back and forth in what little space they had, all of them eerily thin with a distant look in their eyes.
Alexa looked away. She didn’t know why, but it was painful to watch. She glanced at her datapad, then turned on one of the smaller screens on a separate wall. "It's working." The comments feed raced past, thousands per tik. "They've all seen videos of Tony, and the life Aaron gave him. The state of these other leokas are bringing out feelings of outrage. Sadness. Confusion.”
Allistan and Ranjaz looked at each other. They had both been part of the X.B.P.A. and this sort of enclosure was standard. The Fae’Dan was the one to speak. “Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation does not have the same opinions on animal care as the human. They are seen as cargo. Their care is simply an equation; space, food and water intake without much further thought. The human is changing that.”
The Kittran was more succinct. “Compared to Tony's hold? This place looks like a prison.”
The cameras continued along the corridor. The Tataiso was proudly extolling the benefits of their forced breeding program, which Tony would soon be joining. Despite the leokas death rate they had maintained a steady population, with only marginal decline. The camera lingered on a screen where a leokas lay still in the corner of the room beyond. “This is unfortunate.” The robed Kasurian tapped the screen. “This female had four leokits two cycles ago, but has unfortunately passed. We are waiting for the young to pass as well before we clean the room and prepare it for our new arrival.”
Ranjaz’s voice cut through the heavy atmosphere. “Oh. Shit.”
Alexa hit a button and, finally, they saw Aaron’s face in close-up. He was in clear anguish, with tears streaming down his face. The feed had hit twenty billion viewers around the Galaxy, and in addition it was now being re-broadcast on news networks across Kasur, reaching millions more. When Aaron spoke, his voice was low and forceful. “Open the door.”
The Tataiso felt a chill striking his heart as he looked up at the human. “What?” He looked around for support, but the head of the facility was backing away. “We never open the doors, the leokas are too dangerous!”
The crew of the Porkchop Express looked at each other. The tension was unbearable, and each one of them could feel their hearts pounding. Estrilla swallowed hard; was there about to be another bloodbath? She looked at Embar. “We back him all the way on this one. For Tony.”
A murmur of agreement went around the table. “For Tony.”
Aaron’s fist lashed out, striking the wall of the corridor. Blood ran from his knuckles and stained the cracked stone. “They’re babies.” His voice carried all of his agony. The pain wanted to become anger, and he was fighting for every moment of calm. He vividly remembered Sassie when he brought her home from the shelter. She had been nothing but angry bag of bones with trust issues, but beyond that she had simply been scared. These leokits had barely tasted life and had already been completely abandoned. His voice was now filled with suppressed rage, and each word he spoke resonated through all that were present, be that physically or through a screen. “Open. The. Door.”
Lefu’Yendra had spoken, and the words struck the Kasurians present as if Modimo Wa Lefu, their God of Death himself, had reached into their chests and engraved the words on their hearts. The door was opened in silence and Aaron strode into the room, Skeena hurrying after him. The camera followed and, as he fell to his knees and began sobbing, almost thirty billion viewers felt his sorrow. There was no positive angle for the camera feed as it showed the emaciated body of the leokas and the tiny still bodies of the leokits by her side.
Skeena was still terrified of what the human would do, but she knew his anger was not directed at her. She reached up to put her hand on his shoulder, and at her touch Aaron was startled into action. He turned, kneeled, and pulled her into a fierce embrace, sobbing uncontrollably. All of the grief for his homeworld was set free, channeled into existence by the senseless loss he stood over. His head gently rested on his shoulder, and Skeena stroked his hair in the way her mother had always stroked hers. “We’ll do better. You can teach us.”
Pride welled up within Ranjaz as he snuffled. “That’s my girl.”
Alexa couldn’t cry, but the vastness of her sorrow was something she hadn’t been prepared for. It was as though witnessing the human's love and care for the animals being torn apart was somehow also tearing her apart as well. She hoped that at least some of the forty billion viewers were being similarly touched by this moment. ‘War without fighting, capture their hearts,’ he had said. “And that’s my human.”
The silence stretched around the galaxy, billions of souls sharing one human’s empathy and sorrow laid bare. A tiny noise was heard, unbelievably weak, and the galaxy gasped. Aaron turned and looked, carefully moving the tiny bodies until one twitched in his grasp. He cradled it in both hands and held it to his chest, then turned and looked directly down the camera. “Get the med bay ready.”
Estrilla knew those words were for her, and she immediately stood. “Right, you heard the Captain. Go back him up. Alexa, get us ready to leave in a hurry and Danyd, make sure those stabilisers will hold if we have to get evasive. Now!” Without question they ran to their tasks.
Aaron walked out of the room, still cradling the tiny leokit to his chest. “We’re leaving.”
The facility staff all stepped aside, heads bowed. The Tataiso, a self-important person used to being obeyed, was the only one who stood his ground. “You can not take that animal. I demand you return it to its fate.”
Aaron didn’t need to react as Skeena stepped in front of him. She drew a pistol Ranjaz had insisted on hiding in her jacket, and pointed it squarely between Toofti’s eyes. “Lefu’Yendra has spoken.” She flicked the switch on the side of the small pistol and it hummed to life. “Move, or die!”
“Stop," Aaron commanded, surprising even himself. “Nobody dies.” Skeena lowered her weapon, and the Tatoisa looked at him skeptically. He motioned with his head towards the cameras focusing on their exchange. “Let me try to save this animal.”
The red Kasurian seemed torn. “You can not defy Modimo Wa Lefu. Death is to be embraced; you can not fight his will.”
“Shoot him.” Aaron said calmly. Skeena’s pistol rose, and Toofti squeaked and ducked. Aaron calmly shifted the leokit to one hand, still resting it against his chest, and used his free hand to quickly push Skeena's pistol back down. “You’re a fraud who ducked, and everyone has seen it. We’re leaving.”
No one dared step in their way as they entered the elevator, and as the doors opened to the ground floor they spotted a screen lighting up by the exit. The head of the facility appeared there, watching them. "The doors are secure," he said, and it was apparent that he was breathing heavily. "Good luck, Lefu'Yendra." There had been no time for being nervous, and as the doors swung open they all stepped blinking into the light.
Embar, Chae’Sol, Allistan and Ranjaz were all running towards them, weapons in hand. They slowed down as the captain walked out. Allistan managed to ask the most pertinent question: “Everyone still alive?”
Skeena was riding a wave of aggressive euphoria, and she waved her still-activated pistol towards the building. “For now.” A fire blazed in her as she beheld the cowering guards peeking through the open doorway. She was saving every leokas possible, and she was doing it the human way. “I’ll be back.”
With an armed guard of honour the tiny leokit was escorted back to the ship and straight into the waiting hands of the doctor. The drone cams watched Aaron holding the tiny leokit as the doctor frantically searched her supplies. The feed slowly faded to black, and as it ended fifty seven billion viewers were left to eagerly await the next video.
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Saw your comment Ryan on the video, so thought I would take a couple hours to hook up a fellow fan! Enjoy!

Bedtime Stories – Bonus Episode: Personal Experiences of the BTS Team: Rich.

Hi guys! This is Rich from Bedtime Stories. I hope you are all well. Uh, and that you enjoyed the 100th episode special on The Gurning Man of Glasgow. Um, we’re going to follow that up now with some bonus content. Um, and this came about through our Patreons and Channel Members. Basically, what we did was put out a poll asking those guys what they would like to see for the 100th episode special, and we gave them a choice of four different options. The first of which was the remastered version of The Flannan Isle Lighthouse Mystery with completely new artwork and new details added to the script. Um, obviously that was because that episode was the one that launched the channel, and uh, has a special place for us. Um, the second option was a super famous case, something like Roswell or Jack the Ripper. Um, the third option was a super obscure case which you probably never heard of. And the fourth option was uh, personal experiences of the Bedtime Stories team. Now obviously the third option won. Um, but we were always a bit concerned about that because, how do you hype up something that nobody knows about? How do you make something special out of that? Um, so what we did instead was decide to do the two most popular options and uh, unfortunately or fortunately however you-you look at it, option four was the second most popular, so we are going to be sharing some of our experiences with you. Uh, this particular episode is just going to focus on me, the narrator, and we’ll probably do Simon for another milestone and Mikey for another milestone after that. Um, but that all depends on your feedback. If you don’t like it then we’ll take that on board and we probably won’t do this again. If you do then, we’re open to ideas.
So, the format of this is going to be slightly different. Um, I don’t have a script, I’m completely freestyling, I’m sitting her in the dark, sipping a beer, just relating the story as they come to me. Um, Mikey will still illustrate the stories in the same way that he always does. Um, but because this is completely off the bat, there probably will be a lack of subtitles unfortunately. Um, before we get going, I just like to say that I myself err on the side of skepticism when it comes to the stories that we present. I’m always looking for the more rational sort of, uh, explanation. But at the same time, because of certain experiences I have had in my life, there haven’t been many, but, um, from what I have experienced, uh, my mind remains open to alternate possibilities. So, uh yeah, without further ado, let’s get going.
So my first weird experience, and I’m going to say weird experience rather than, um, paranormal, even though to my mind it was paranormal, but you-you guys might disagree, occurred when I was about 14-15 years old. Uh, and at the time I lived in a small village out in the country. Now when I was much younger living out in the sticks was this great adventure, ya know? There was endless fields you could go off and explore or, you know, you could go off into the woods and play army with your mates and stuff. But by my mid-teens, that kind of horseplay had become a little dull, as-as you can imagine. Um, you want to do more grown up kinda things, and the only thing for kids my age to do was, really, to go around to a friend’s house and-and play video games. It was on just such an occasion that I had this particular experience. Now I should preface this by saying that this is actually my friends’ story. Um, well at the least the-the wider experience is but, um, I witnessed a very small part of it. And it occurred as I was going around to call for him, as we did in those days before mobile phones. We just used to call call. It’s not like today where you phone them up and see if it’s okay to meet up, you know, it’s just uh, what we did. And I just walked through his uh, front gate and was making my way up to his front door, when I saw a young girl of about 2 or 3 years old, running around the side of his house. Didn’t think anything of it at the time, because he’s the eldest of uh, 7 children uh, big family, so I just assumed it was his younger sister. There was nothing weird or, untoward that immediately stood out and I just uh, kind of continued on up the path. Got to his front door and he invited me in and we just sat there playing on the PlayStation or whatever it was, um, might have been a Sega Saturn, I can’t remember. Um, anyways only after about 5 minutes did I notice that the house was unusually quiet. Again, big family, so I’d have expected the house to be uh, bouncing with activity. So I asked him where everyone was and he said that they’d all gone out shopping and that um, we were the only ones there. And I said, well I’ve just seen your little sister out in the garden running down the ally at the side there. To which he replied, “You can’t have done. She’s out shopping with my mom and dad.” And then he pulled like a thoughtful kind of face and said, “Was she wearing a pink dress?” And that was one of the things that made me notice her in the first place. Um, there was like this bright flash of pink as she ran passed, and so I said, “Yeah, yeah she was in a pink dress.” To which his expression changed again to you know a sort of slight smile and he said, “ No that wasn’t my sister, you’ve just seen a ghost.” And of course I just laughed it off saying, “Yeah, whatever.” Um, but then he proceeded to tell me about what had been going on in his house over the last uh, month or so. And a couple of months beforehand his family had gone on a caravan holiday over in Wales, ya know, sun, sea, sandcastles, that sort of thing. But he had chosen to remain at home. Uh, he was 16 at the time so, a year or two older than me, and he felt that he was getting a bit too old for that kind of, ya know, family holiday, so he said that he would stay behind and look after the house instead. Almost like a rite of passage for him, um, little bit of independence, coming of age, that sort thing. So his parents agreed, and his neighbors to come and check on him every now and then. And off they went leaving there eldest son at home. Now they were supposed to have been gone for 2 weeks if I remember correctly, uh, but they ended up coming back after only four days. And I remember him being really annoyed about that, because he was uh, enjoying that time alone, so he questioned why they had come back so soon. And his parents explained it away as something like the weather wasn’t great, or they just weren’t enjoying themselves. And, you know, so he thought nothing more of it. But after about a week or so, um, weird things began to happen in the house whenever he was there alone. Um, and I think the first occurrence was one day when he was standing at the kitchen sink doing the washing up, looking out the window into the back garden, when he saw a little blonde head of hair go bobbing passed just below the window seal. He didn’t see a body or anything, just the top of the head, as if somebody small was running passed the window. And his first thought was that it was his little sister. But then he remembered that his parents had gone out and his little sister wasn’t even at home. So he ran out of the back door into the garden, and looked around. Nothing. Nobody there. Obviously he thought it was strange and just kind of uh, put it down as his imagination. But then other strange things began to happen. Uh, for instance, he’d be watching t.v. again in the house alone, and he would hear the pit-a-patter of little feet running about the upstairs hallway or the bedrooms. And he would get to the bottom of the stairwell just in time to see um, this kind of tail end of a pink dress, disappearing around the corner of the wall on the top step. As if someone had uh, ya know, run passed and he’d just missed them kind of thing. Other timers he’d be doing some kind chore or relaxing and he would suddenly get the feeling that he was being watched. And he would turn just in time to see a blonde head of hair disappearing around the door frame, as if, you know, somebody had been peeping their head around watching him, and as he had turned, they had, kind of, pulled back. Now of course this was starting to freak him out. But I think the tipping point came when, uh, one day he was lying on the sofa watching t.v. and there was this almighty crash which came from upstairs. So loud, it sounded as if someone had tipped a wardrobe or chest of drawers over. And when he went up to check, he went across the upstairs landing from room to room, and he could not see anything out of place or in disarray. Certainly, nothing which might have caused um, such a- such a commotion. As he was checking the last room, he apparently heard the sound of a little girl giggling inside the wardrobe. And when he opened it up, there was nobody inside. This frightened him so much, that he ran downstairs, out of his front door, and sat in the front garden until his parents came home. And when they did, he grabbed his mom and told her what had been going on in the house, and that he knew something happened on that holiday. Uh, which was the real reason they had come back, and he demanded to know what the hell was going on. So he kind of sussed the connection between the two things based on the timing, ya know. And after some prying, his mom eventually told him that on the first night in the caravan, she had awoken to find a little girl in a pink dress, sitting on the end of their bed, who she thought was their youngest daughter. But as she had reached out to grab her, this little girl had vanished right in front of her eyes. Just, like, faded away into nothing. And she had initially put this down to a kind of um, waking dream. Uh, you know those instances where you wake up and you’re still able to see the visual aspect of whatever you were dreaming of. But as the holiday continued, their children began to talk about a young girl in a pink dress, who was coming into their bedrooms at night, and waking them up by giggling or tapping them and running away. And they described her as having a completely blank face, with no eyes, nose or mouth, and they said that she was uh, frightening them. And so that’s why they decided to come home early. Uh, but not before my friends’ mom had made a complaint to the campsite owner, who said that some years before, a little girl had drowned in the stream, which um, which ran behind the caravan about 30 feet away. Um, and my friend believed that this little girl had followed his family home, and then somehow, attached herself to him. Now I know some of you are probably listening to this and thinking it sounds like nonsense, and (chuckles) I wouldn’t blame ya if ya did. But uh, personally, I believe my friends’ story because, first of all I’ve known him for most of my life, since I was about 9 years old. And I can tell when he’s, uh, pulling my leg. Not only that, his mom had corroborated the story, um, pretty much word for word regarding what had happened in the caravan, and she had also told us about other things that had been happening in the house which she herself had witnessed. And then finally I know that I saw that little girl with my very own eyes. Is it possible she was some random child from another household, trespassing in my friends’ garden? Absolutely. Of course it is. Which is why I labeled this as weird rather than paranormal. But for me, that seems unlikely, given that the rear of their property was well secured with high fences, and I feel it was just a little too coincidental for my friend to have described this girl before I had even told him anything about her.
My second weird experience occurred a few years later, when I was about 18, and by this time my family had moved out of the country and into the suburbs of the town where I still reside to this day. And I just want to say this experience wasn’t really creepy, uh, if anything I thought it was kinda cool. Um, now the town where I live is what’s known as a “new town” as we call them in the UK. And what that means is that it’s basically just a collection of smaller towns and villages, all banded together, under one unitary authority. This creates a weird kind of setting, where you have vast swathes of rural land, with centers of population dotted throughout, all over the place, all surrounding one main town center. Now there’s uh-uh, a foot path, which stretches about 40 miles from the north end of the town to the south, and it links many of these populated areas. Which was a godsend to me, back in the days before I got my license, because uh, I mean, I used to cycle everywhere, and I could get anywhere in town within like an hour or so. And I was using this path back in the summer of um, 2000, on my way back from the town center, after having met up with some friends. And I was just nearing the estate where I lived, when I saw a group of people standing on the path, in front of me. Now at this point, the path runs past a sprawling 16th century manor house, which is being converted into a hotel. On the opposite side, uh, there’s a football pitch. So I just assumed that the guests there were watching a football match, as they were standing at the edge of this pitch. But as I got closer, I realized that they were all looking up towards the sky. And as I passed them, I turned to look in the same direction, and immediately slammed on my brakes. About a half mile distant and around, I don’t know, 300 feet off the ground, was this black 3-D, hollow, diamond shape, slowly rotating, as it sat there in the sky. And between the top and the bottom apexes of this diamond, was a weird kind of squiggle, and you could see the sky through the gaps in the center. Um, now the group of people who were there were all kind of talking amongst themselves, discussing, um, what this thing might be. And I remember someone saying they thought it was some sort of weird shaped blimp, or uh, like a hot air balloon. And that kinda made sense to me because there was a festival on in the town park at the time, as there is every summer. And my immediate thought was that it was, uh, a child’s balloon which had got loose. And looking back obviously, you know, given the distances, you know, it’s perhaps just a little too big to be a balloon, so, that’s why I jumped on the idea of a like a blimp or a hot air balloon instead. And that was the kind of consensus amongst all of us as we stood there watching this thing for about, I don’t know, 5 minutes. Until it shot off. (snaps fingers) Just like that, it was gone. There was no sound, there was no kind of gradual acceleration, it was literally there one second and gone the next. There was a split-second elongated smudge on the sky, almost indicating its direction of travel, and then that dissipated and there was nothing. Uh, I’d never seen anything like it before, and I’ve never seen anything like it since. Um, in my mind, there’s no question that it was a UFO, as it was certainly unidentified. It didn’t look like any conventional aircraft I’ve ever seen, um, so I guess my only question is, who was piloting it?
My third and final strange experience which I’m going to relate here occurred later in life, when I was approaching my 30’s, and to be honest, this was a whole series of incidents all centered around, um, one household. Just to give some backstory, um, me and my girlfriend began dating back in 2010, and on our very first date, we talked about films we watched recently, uh, one of which was Paranormal Activity 2. Um, now this naturally lead on to a conversation about ghosts in general, and whether either of us believed in them. And whilst I was rather skeptical, besides my few weird experiences, she said straight out that she did, and the furthermore the house she was living in at the time haunted. She then went on to tell me all these uh, things that were going on there, and I kind of listened with a kind of mixture of open mindedness and, ya know, healthy skepticism. And every now and then I’d ask a question like, “You sure it’s not just the floorboards creaking back into place? Or, you know, were there any windows open?” That kind of thing. But she was adamant that something wasn’t right about that house. Uh, fast forward six months or so and I was stopping over, maybe, a couple of nights a week, and in all that time I hadn’t seen or heard a single thing at that property that would suggest it was haunted. And I was seriously starting to wonder whether she was imagining things, maybe, um, scaring herself while she was there alone. Uh, but again, she was adamant and she explained that the activity only seemed to occur whenever I wasn’t there, and that it was getting worse. For instance, um, originally it was just a case of things disappearing from one location, only to reappear somewhere else in the house, or ornaments would inexplicably fall off shelves, that kind of thing. But it had now moved on to, uh, doors opening by themselves and even like a full-bodied apparition, um, appearing in her bedroom. So she was genuinely terrified of being there on her own. I honestly didn’t know what to make of the whole thing, but that soon changed. I remember the first time I witnessed anything, I was stopping at her house on a weekend, and I was lying in bed at 2am, struggling to get to sleep, I think it was summer at the time, and the heat was just, unbearable. Anyway, my girlfriend was fast asleep next to me, and I remember thinking about the things she had said, and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if something weird happened right now? And no sooner had that thought entered my brain, uh, there was this enormous thump right outside the bedroom door. It was so loud that my, uh, girlfriend sat bolt upright out of a deep sleep, and it was so powerful, that it felt like the whole house vibrated as it happened. And I shot right out of bed and began looking around for anything which might have caused it. Like something falling over and there was just nothing. This wasn’t uh-uh, like a floorboard creaking back into place and it wasn’t a door slamming shut in a draft, it sounded and felt like someone had hit an interior wall with a huge, and I mean huge fist or hammer of some kind. Of course after that, all kinds of weird things started happening whilst I was there. But I would always only witness the aftermath, and for instance I would never see anything physically fall from a shelf or window ledge, I would only hear it, and arrive to find whatever had fallen on the floor. We would hear a door slam shut but never see it with our own eyes. Um, we would hear footsteps walking about upstairs or moving around downstairs whenever we were in bed, but we would never see what was causing them. Um, for my girlfriend though, this was a very different experience whenever she was there alone, things always seemed to happen right in front of her. And of course I was trying to be rational about the whole thing, you know, looking for drafts, checking door hinges, uh, leaving my camera running over night with bait to see if there was a mouse or rat problem, um, all that kind of thing. I checked everything that might explain what was going on, but I couldn’t find a damn thing. And about 18 months later, I had moved in with my girlfriend and ever since that point, things seemed to have died down. We decided to just kind of ignore the activity, and as we did that, it occurred less and less. But the weirdest thing, and the thing that freaked me out more than anything else, is what occurred just after Christmas 2012. My girlfriend had been cleaning upstairs, and she had gone into the study, where I used to um, sit and work or play video games or whatever. And for Christmas she had gotten me this massive box of Ferrero Roche. I’m not sure if you get them in the United States but they are like a ball of chocolate, with uh, creamy hazelnut center. And each one is wrapped in its own, kind of, individual gold wrapper. Of course, I’d ate the lot, and left these gold wrappers strewn all over my computer desk, which she, begrudgingly, cleared up for me. And she threw them all in the waste bin in the corner of the study, and um, she’d also chucked in this pair of old socks, which had seen better days, and then off she went downstairs to get the Hoover. Now as she came back upstairs, she almost had a heart attack. All I heard from downstairs was, “Rich! Rich! Come and look at this!” And I cam running up the stairs behind her, and was confronted with a sight that just, didn’t make any sense to me at all. Sitting on the top step, in a very precise pyramid formation, were all of these Ferrero Roche wrappers, and balanced on top of them, standing upright, was this old pair of socks. The socks were barely touching the tip of this pyramid shape, and were balanced in such a way that it was, uh, well, um physically impossible. They should have been tipping over, one way or the other, but instead, it looked they were just being held there by uh, like an invisible hand. Um, of course me being me, I reached out to touch it, and before my finger tips even reached the socks, I got this kind of static shock and the whole thing just crumbled. Um, the socks fell, all the foil wrappers lost their rigidity, and uh, it just kinda collapsed into this-this messy pile. And that was one of the last weird things that occurred, uh, in that house, we lived there for another 6 years, and the activity just kind of dissipated, died away, um, didn’t experience anything for the last 4 or 5 years. Um, now do I think the house was haunted? Actually, no. Uh, but my reasoning for this is as pseudoscientific as, any paranormal research really. Uh, and the reason I say that, is that when my girlfriend was about 19 years old, uh, she sustained quite a nasty head injury, which caused her to suffer from seizures afterwards. Um, this affliction lasted for about 3 or 4 years, and then the seizures suddenly stopped. However, when I met her in 2010, uh, she was going through quite a stressful time, which was causing lack of sleep, and these seizures began to reemerge, uh, so whenever she got over tired or felt too stressed, um, you know, she would get worse with this condition, kind of thing. And this-this all came on about the same time that the paranormal activity began at her house. And over the next 2 years, as the seizures began to alleviate, so too did the paranormal activity. Now when researching cases for this channel, I’ve often heard about a hypothesized connection between alleged poltergeist activity, and people who suffer with um, seizures, or high stress levels. And as the theory goes, seizures may manifest some unconscious or dormant kind of telekinesis. And as crazy as that sounds, I do often wonder if, um, this is what was behind the activity as opposed to, you know, spirits of deceased people simply playing tricks. I mean, which sounds more realistic? Perhaps neither of them, uh, but still, you know, who knows?
So yeah. That’s- that’s me, those were my experiences. And um, before I go, I just want to say that everything I have told you in this bonus episode is true. I fully expect that many people won’t believe what I’ve said, and that’s perfectly fine. Uh, believe me when I say, I’ve had a harder time convincing myself than other people. Even though in the grand scheme of things, I’ve probably experienced very little compared to others. Um, but it has made me sit back and reflect on the world we inhabit, um, sometimes I do feel that, uh, perhaps not all is as it seems. So, thank you for listening, and thank you for getting us to our 100th episode. Um, we really appreciate your support, as always. And uh, yeah, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more videos like this at future milestones, and uh, we’ll speak to you soon.
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2020.08.08 11:35 youto2 U 2 straight guys playing on cam

Blackheart writhes on the mat holding at his face, as Baker lays on the mat for a good moment, the pain coming back through him as the rush of adrenaline wears off, but eventually, both men begin to rise to their feet. Pushing themselves up, getting up at nearly the same time. As we see Blackheart reach out to grab the chin of Baker, and pull back to attempt another forearm shot, but Baker knees him in the gut before he can do so! Double Blackheart over, as he sets Blackheart between his legs, and lifts him up! Bringing Blackheart up before tossing him back down to the mat with a vicious powerbomb! Blackheart landing roughly on the whole back of his body!
No! Kickout from Blackheart!
Baker has a look of frustration on his face, as he pushes himself to his feet, wobbly on them for a moment, before gaining his balance, as he grabs the mostly limp body of Blackheart on the mat. Only showing basic signs of life, as Baker then goes to grab him for a scoop slam, but Blackheart’s limp body involuntarily drops to a knee, interrupting Baker’s attempt. Baker then brings Blackheart back up in order to scoop him up, but his body involuntarily dropping gave him just enough time to heal and be able to consciously fight back! Blocking Baker as he attempts to lift him! Baker tries to lift again, but Blackheart once again blocks, and now begins to fire body shots ito the gut of Baker! Pummeling into Baker into he’s forced to release! Then Blackheart himself hooks Baker’s head, scoops him up, then drops him on his neck and shoulders with a Michinoku Driver!
Baker lays limply on the mat, as Blackheart collapses following delivering the driver. Neither man moves much for a good while, before Blackheat begins to stir, heading to the ropes and pulling himself up, eventually getting to his feet, as he stumbles back into a corner, and eyes Baker down.
Paisner: Blackheart staring down Baker from the corner….and we’ve seen what comes next here….and I wish we hadn’t...
Blackheart calls for Baker to stir, as Baker is out on the mat for a while, eventually though, we begin to see some signs of life. Baker beginning to crawl, trying to push himself up, giving Blackheart exactly what he wants, as he charges out the corner, and punts Baker in the head!........except no! Baker catches the foot of Blackheart, and uses it to trip him onto his back!
Woodbridge: Wonderful from Baker! Avoiding potentially being put on the shelf, and now he can jockey his way into advantage here! But does he have enough to pull it off?
Blackheart tries to struggle out of Baker’s grasp, but Baker twists and bends the leg in his grasp! Shooting pain up it, and managing to subdue Blackheart long enough for Baker to force himself up to his feet! Blackheart recovers enough by then to continue struggling, trying to force Baker off of him, but Baker counters as he willingly releases one leg, in order to drop down with an elbow drop to the other! Blackheart grunts out in pain, as Baker then proceeds to do it again! And again! Before re-grabbing the other leg, and the hurt Blackheart unable to struggle as Baker turns him over into a boston crab!
Paisner: Baker with the Boston Crab on Blackheart! He passed Cam’Ron out with this last week!
Blackheart grits his teeth in agony, trying to not let out wails of pain, as he tries to make his way out. Beginning to crawl toward the ropes! Digging his hands into the mat as he inches his way towards them! Stretching his arms out to try and touch them, as he can feel himself getting closer and closer!.....before Baker decides to use everything he has left, and sits down as far as he can in the crab! Bending Blackheart’s body at a grotesque angle, as Blackheart can’t help but yell out in horror!
Blackheart puts his hands on his head, his face strained in indecision, as he desperately stretches his arms out to ropes just out of reach! Baker’s face is straining as well, sitting this far down clearly putting strain on him as well, as it’s a battle to see who cracks first!
Blackheart yells out, as he tries one more time to crawl even with Baker sat down as far as he can, as he painstakingly slowly inches his way forward, but forward nonetheless, as he reaches out for the ropes yet again!.....but we see Baker quickly stand up, and before Blackheart can take advantage of the loosened hold, Baker begins to stomp on the back of Blackheart’s head to subdue him!
Baker keeps repeatedly stomping and stomping on Blackheart until he’s barely moving, upon which he drags Blackheart back to the center of the ring, and once again sits down deep! We hear barely audible grunts of pain from Blackheart, as he stares out into the distance, his face looking deeply pained…..before we see him begin to tap!
Javier: And your winner via submission, in 16:31, JIM BAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEERRRRRR!
Baker releases the hold, as he collapses onto his knees in tiredness for a good moment, before he delivers a HARD slap on the mat and a loud roar of pure intensity!
Paisner: AND JIM BAKER HAS DONE IT! Finally in his second month here, Jim Baker picks up his first ever win in WiR! Battling through a hellacious effort by Blackheart, and showing he can throw it all back then some more!
Woodbridge: And over a DEADLY competitor in Seth Blackheart, coming off of punting both Jericho Style’s and a former champion in Ikbal Rizwan’s damn heads off! He’s both directly talked on his anxiety about his job, as well as let it slip unwillingly. That retirement may have fake, but the frustration over the lack of success he had seen was deeply, deeply real, the burdens and expectations that come with being a former wrestler in larger promotions piling into that…..but now it’s all just dust blowing away in the wind. Jim Baker, finally proving to a WiR audience just how damned good he is, and Blackheart looking vulnerable for the first time in the process!
Baker lifts his head up with intensity, his hair flying around as he does, as he heads over to the corner, and pounds his head on the turnbuckles in excitement, before standing on top of the them as he yells out how good he is to the audience, while meanwhile, we see ringside crew take Blackheart out of the ring, but as they take him to ringside, he pushes them away and goes to head out on his own power. Stumbling and falling his way to the back, but all on his own power.
Baker then steps down and begins to head out himself, as he talks and boasts the whole way back to the entrance, bragging to every single fan in the audience, as he makes his way to the top of the entranceway, and strike one final pose before heading through the curtain.
We open our scene, as we come back to the ring for more action! Quickly followed by…
I Am The Fire by Halestorm coming through the speakers, as Oona Slash comes out on the entranceway. Chomping on some Big League Chew, and practicing swings with her bat as she makes her way down to the ring. Beginning to blow a bubble with her gum as she does so.
Javier: And introducing first, From Rahway, New Jersey, weighing in at 143 pounds, Oona Slash!
Oona heads down to the ring, as she notices a young girl in the crowd who seems very excited for her, Oona heads over to her to give the girl her baseball cap, and signs it, before heading to the ring, awaiting her opponent.
Rock’N’Roll Train by ACDC sounds throughout the venue, as a massive lad in Hugo Ironblood steps out from behind the curtain, an intense look on his face as he stomps down, and slaps hands with fans.
Javier: And introducing next, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 381 pounds, Hugo Ironblood!
Ironblood’s stomps can be felt by those near him, as he gets to the ring, and steps over the ropes into it. Itchicock signals to both competitors to see if they’re ready, and getting two nods, calls for the bell!
As soon as the bell rings, Oona launches herself out of the corner at Ironblood! Going for a shotgun dropkick to Hugo! But Hugo seems to have been prepared for this, as he sidesteps and catches Oona out of the air! Beginning to spin her around in deep six like move! But Oona manages to pull out a counter herself, overextending her momentum so she slips out of Hugo’s grasp, and grabs his arm to pull him down with an arm drag! Oona being lightweight, isn’t able to pull with much force, so Hugo lands softly and is able to push himself up relatively quickly for a big guy. But still, this is just enough time for Oona to jump up and clock him in the head with an enziguri! Stunning Hugo on his feet, before she swings herself around for a spinning backfist to his face! Hugo taking a step back as just a brief moment he’s off balance. Before Oona lays in a stiff kick to Hugo’s leg! Then another! And another! And another! Before he finally drops to a knee, where upon Oona goes to run the ropes, and comes back at Ironblood…..but Ironblood comes up and catches Oona in a snap powerslam! Absolutely planting her into the mat, as he keeps it for a cover! Getting a 2 count!
Ironblood then continues going in on Oona, picking her up in tossing her into a corner, where he rushes her with a stiff lariat! Dropping her halfway down in the corner, before whipping her into the opposite corner, where he repeats the process! Then back into the original! Then back into the opposite! Then back into the original! This final lariat fully dropping Oona to the ground! Leaving her seated in the corner! Ironblood then backs himself off to the opposite corner, as he charges Oona with a running knee in the corner! Connecting with her, and leaving her limp on the ground from the impact of the knee, as Hugo covers for another 2 count!
Hugo then grabs Oona once more, where he hooks her head, and goes to lift her up and drop her with a brainbuster!....but Oona extends her momentum to slip out of Hugo’s grasp behind him! Her hurt state causing her to nearly fall right back over, but gets her bearings. However this buys enough time for Hugo to turn around, and goozle Oona by the neck! Looking for a chokeslam! But Oona manages to drop down to escape his grasp, and land a dropkick to Hugo’s knees! Causing Hugo to bend down clutching at them! Giving Oona a moment to lay on the mat, catch her breath, and collect herself before kipping-up to her feet, and laying in the roughest uppercut she can to Hugo’s jaw! Absolutely CLOCKING him, as he stumbles back a good distance, nearly falling off balance, before Oona follows up by charging with a flying forearm shot! Sending Hugo stumbling back even more, all the way into the ropes!
Oona then lets out a roar of determination, as she goes to run the ropes, and comes back to jump high with a dropkick to the face of Hugo, looking to send him tumbling, but doesn’t quite get that, instead sending him bouncing off the ropes loopily, and stumbling towards the center of the ring! Oona then adjusts, as she runs the ropes again, and on the left side, steps in to deliver the “Lefthander” superkick to the face of Hugo! But still he does not go down! Very wobbly on his feet, but just managing to stay up, so Oona runs again, and comes back to land a second Lefthander on Hugo! This time, knocking him onto a knee! Oona’s face flushes with intensity, as she runs the ropes one last time, and this time, slides in for her “World Series ‘08” absolute HAYMAKER of a punch! Finally taking Hugo down! As she then goes into a cover for a 2.5!
The force of Hugo’s kickout sends Oona bouncing off of him, as sensing he may recover quickly, she barrels herself towards the turnbuckles! Running up them, and going for her “Valkyrie Splash II” low-angle moonsault! But at the last moment, we notice Hugo rolling out the way! Oona senses this and adjusts, changing her angle just enough to land in a three-point landing rather than on her face! She sees Hugo beginning to make his way up, and so goes to run the ropes to come at him right as he makes it to his feet, but as she makes her way back to him as he does so, Hugo instead catches her by the neck, and quickly lifts her up to chokeslam her hard back into the ground! The light weight of Oona causing her to bounce up off of the mat! Hugo then quickly follows up, grabbing Oona, lifting her for a spinebuster, then dropping her onto his knee with it! Bending her in half with the Stratofortress! Which he covers off of for a three count!
And Hugo Ironblood takes the win via pinfall in 7:12! Wiping his sweat off and celebrating with the fans, as ringside crew help Oona to the back.
We cut to backstage where, in front of some black curtains and a small shirt rack. In front are both Mark Dutch and Louis Blackwater, both shirtless as they look towards the camera.
Dutch: Hey there WiR Fans! I’m Mark Dutch!
Blackwater: And I am Louis Blackwater!
Dutch: And we are here to prove that we are not only a great tag team..
Blackwater: But also great salesmen!
Dutch turns towards Blackwater and raises his eyebrow.
Dutch: Really? Well, show them what you got!
Blackwater immediately turns around and grabs a brand new Buster Braggadocio “BB”shirt, holding it in front of the camera.
Blackwater: Like take a look at this… BB shirt. If you buy a WiR shirt on WiRShop.com, you can show support your local small titty having neighbor that you support two B cups!
Dutch: I think that’s Buster Braggadocio’s shirt. But that doesn’t make it less of a cool shirt to wear! And yes, it can have a double meaning for it!
Blackwater: Won’t Buster hate that a mainland European guy is promoting his work? Considering his ehh.. opinions?
Dutch: We are putting money in his pockets! What does he have to complain about?
Blackwater: Probably a lot but ehh.. fair enough!
Dutch: Speaking of fair.. do you want to support your local ebegger and show to the entire world that you are a simp?
Blackwater: I don’t, but i’m sure that you do!
While Blackwater points at the camera when he says that, Dutch turned and grabs a bright pink GiGi Gaming shirt and shows it in front of a camera.
Dutch: We got this shirt going in 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and even 6XL! Blackwater, try it on!
Blackwater: No, thank you.
Dutch: Your loss is the people’s gain! That means 1 more on the market that you can possibly have!
Blackwater throws the Buster Braggadocio shirt out of frame and grabs a Stephen Romero “shirt” shirt, proudly holding it in front of in.
Blackwater: Sometimes you want to keep it old school. Some shirts never go out of fashion, and the fashionable Stephen Romero knows what’s up because if you think you’re wearing one shirt BAM! You’re wearing two!
Dutch: I am perplexed!
Blackwater: As you should!
While Blackwater stares at the shirt in delight, Dutch turns around and reaches around for a shirt, but stumbles across something familiar.
Dutch: The fuck is this?
Blackwater: Don’t worry. It’s my sweat rag! I swear, it’s perfect to wipe my taint and asscrack!
Dutch: Nice. Hope we don’t piss anyone off with that.
Blackwater grabs the shirt from Dutch and wipes it across his forehead. Dutch winks at the camera before Blackwater makes a giant ball of the rag and throws it into the distance.
Dutch: Last but not least.. we got a special shirt we want to debut tonight!
Blackwater: We do?
Dutch: Yeah! And you can order it on WiRShop.com! Why did you think I wanted you shirtless here as well? To try it on!
Blackwater: I thought you just liked looking at my nipples.
Dutch: I almost do, but I don’t. So cover them up with this!
Mark Dutch hands the D&B “Western” shirt to Blackwater who giggles in joy and immediately puts it on as Dutch does the same, both men wearing the shirts.
Blackwater: Wow.. it’s so comfortable! The fabric is amazing!
Dutch: I know right?! Should others wear this?
Blackwater: Hell yeah!
Dutch: Well, they are in luck! Go to WiRShop.com and buy two shirts, and get the second shirt for half the price!
Blackwater: That’s a bargain!
Dutch: Indeed! You can buy two D&B shirts and give one to that special tag partner in your life. Like I did with Blackwater.
Blackwater: Aww.. thank you! Now go buy that shirt, ya scallywags!
Both Louis and Mark, while wearing the shirt, wave to the camera as we fade back to the ring. With Javier ready to go.
Javier: The following is a singles match set for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit, and it is tonights MAIN EVENT!
A change of pace arrives in the form of calming jazz music and the crowd cheers as Dexter Flux’s music hits. Flux emerges from somewhere in the crowd, rocking a jacket of The Horde that he picked up off the ground in the previous week as bewildered audience members turn around to see the bizarre looking man walking past them asking where the ring is.
Paisner: These kind fans are currently pointing Dexter Flux towards the direction of the ring, which was seemingly impossible to miss but I guess I was wrong.
Woodbridge: Dexter doesn’t know the meaning of impossible!!!
Paisner: Or the meaning of social cues.
Javier: Slowly making his way to the ring, from Orange County, California, weighing in at 180 pounds, DEXTERR FLUUUXXX!!!!
Crowd: WOOO!!!
We now see Flux staring at a fan who is eating a tray of nachos, and the two make disturbingly long eye contact before the fan asks Dexter if he wants any of the nachos.
Flux: No, just looking, thank you.
Flux finally turns to the ring after what seems like an eternity of trying to find it and the crowd cheers amusedly as he does a celebratory air guitar to the very guitar-absent song on the outside of the ring.
Woodbridge: I’d say he has a few screws loose but I don’t think he ever had any screws to begin with.
Flux gets on the apron and attempts to push the top rope down to step over the top rope, but can’t quite get over it so he does the same thing but for the bottom rope and successfully enters the ring.
Now, a song that could only belong to someone who can’t afford music rights begins to play, and from behind the curtain steps Tony the Milkman. But instead of his usual suspenders, tie, and milkman’s attire, he is wearing a leather Horde jacket, aviators, and a strip of eye-black underneath his right eye.
Javier: Making his way to the ring, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 181 pounds- TONY “THE MILKMAN” STEEVENSSS!!!
The Milkman slowly walks to the ring alone, not a milk maid in sight, keeping his eyes on Flux, before stopping in front of a small child in a Horde T-Shirt, taking off his sunglasses, and placing them on the forehead of the child.
Paniser: And an uncharacteristic entrance for Tony the Milkman, usually full of life, but right now it seems that he is entirely focussed on Dexter Flux.
Woodbridge: And Tony said that Flux needs to earn his respect, and he’s looking for a big win here before his Independent title match.
Tony the Milkman makes his way into the ring and keeps his distance from Flux, and the referee Tai Ni Wong checks Stevens for foreign objects, then checks Dexter Flux and his Horde jacket, before calling for the bell.
Flux starts off the match offering a handshake, but the crowd begins cheering as we see Flux is offering a handshake to Tai Ni Wong!
Wong shrugs his shoulders and accepts the handshake!
Crowd: YEAAAA!!!!!
Milkman now steps forward, yelling at Wong.
Tony: Don’t be impartial now, Tai Ni! You gotta shake my hand too!
Tony Stevens reaches out to Wong for a handshake, and he hesitates to accept, the pressure of an accusation of impartiality weighing heavy on his shoulders but before he can accept, Flux reaches out and accepts Steven’s handshake instead!
Crowd: WOOO!!!
Paisner: The crowd here in Tennessee very receptive to handshakes tonight!
Woodbridge: Southern hospitality, Pais! We love ourselves some respectful gestures.
Wong looks relieved he didn’t have to shake Tony’s milky hand but Tony seems pissed Flux stole his handshake as he pulls in the arm of Flux and swings a clothesline, but Flux ducks, holds onto the arm and hits Stevens with an arm drag, and as Stevens gets to his feet Flux hits a 360 discus chop to his chest!
Crowd: WOO!!!
Stevens now retreats to the ropes and the crowd cheers Flux’s outdoing of the brash milkman! Milkman quickly returns back to the middle of the ring however, and now both competitors meet and collide in a collar and elbow tie up that Flux gets the better of as he pulls Milkman into a headlock and squeezes tight. Milkman seems to struggle for a short bit before just stomping on the foot of Flux, then launching an elbow into the gut!
Crowd: BOOO!!!
Flux lets go of the hold and Milkman launches a kick into the leg of Flux! Tony Stevens launches another kick and this one lands with a whack as Flux now clutches at his leg and leans over to the ropes, but Stevens continues to launch kicks onto the thigh of Flux!
Paisner: Stevens softening that leg up for the one legged Boston Crab he calls the Full Churn! Flux also needs those legs to be able to perform the athletic, high flying moves that he possesses in his arsenal.
Tai Ni Wong now begins scolding Stevens for not holding back the strikes while Flux remains on the ropes, but Stevens ignores him as the count begins to be applied, and Tony continues to launch hard kicks into the thigh of Flux!
Paisner: Tony doesn’t seem to be messing around tonight, he’s coming out the gate with whatever it takes for a quick advantage.
Woodbridge: Despite the lack of respect, I think Milkman is revealing how much of a threat he thinks Flux is with what he’s resorting to!
Wong starts to admonish Tony for not letting up, and Milkman now pulls Flux off the ropes and slings him towards the opposite ropes, and Flux bounces back and is suddenly hit with a hip toss takedown in the middle of the ring and Milkman holds onto the head and wrenches in a headlock as Flux lay on the ground in pain. Flux struggles in the hold, flailing his arms trying to get out before suddenly going completely limp, and Stevens looks surprised as he lets go of the hold to look at Flux, whose tongue flops out of his mouth dramatically.
Woodbridge: Oh, look Pais. He’s dead. Tony killed him.
Stevens gets to his feet and yells at Wong in an irritated tone.
Stevens: Would you please tell him to quit playing dead and fight Tony Milk-Man, Damnit?
Wong looks at Flux and bends down to grab the arm and lift it, and Dexter’s arm drops!
Woodbridge: Uh oh!
Wong lifts the arm again, and it falls again!
Paisner: Is.. is this really happening right now during our main event?
Woodbridge: Have some faith, Allen, the man could be knocked out cold from that brutal headlock!
Wong lifts Flux’s arm once more as the crowd starts quietly and builds in volume and suspense as Wong lets go of the arm… And Flux instantly kips up and launches himself at Tony, clinging to him and flinging him with a monkey flip!
Crowd: OOHH!!
But Stevens lands on his feet!
Woodbridge: LOOK OUT FLUX!
Flux looks proud of himself for the fake out, arms outstretched in pride towards the crowd as Milkman runs and launches a bicycle kick right into the back of the head of Flux!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!!
Paisner: That kick snapped Flux’s head forward so sickly there! Now Flux may actually be unconscious!
Stevens falls for the cover but Flux rolls out the way, and Stevens tries to follow him but Flux rolls all the way out the ring! Flux takes a breather on the outside, pulling a carrot from a jacket pocket and munching on it, but Milkman suddenly runs the ropes and jumps over the top rope, suicide diving onto Flux and knocking them both down to the floor!
Flux is down and so is Milkman, and the count begins as Wong reaches 4 before Milkman starts to stir and get to his hands and knees. Flux is still down by the time the count reaches 8, and Tony Stevens has now pulled himself up with the ring post. Stevens climbs up onto the apron, but now Flux has got to his feet and dragged himself to the apron, and begins pulling himself up, but Tony launches a soccer kick in the chest that causes Flux to fall onto the hardwood floor with a THUD as the count reaches 10!
Crowd: OHHH!!
Tony doesnt look finished, as he now grabs the top rope, and comes off it with a moonsault!
The thud of Milkman’s body colliding with the floor sounds heinous as Flux barely manages to roll out of the way! Milkman is writhing on the hardwood floor of the venue, holding at his head as we see blood trickle down his forehead from where his head bounced against the floor!
Paisner: Milkman busted open from that wicked fall!
Woodbridge: He may be fond of milk but I hope he likes juice, cause God Damn that is a gash!
Milkman looks disoriented on the outside as Flux has now started to attempt to return to the ring, grabbing at the apron and then the bottom rope as Tai Ni Wong has reached a 12 count. Flux, however, looks back at Milkman and instead decides to try and bring him into the ring, walking over to Stevens and trying to pick him up to his feet. Flux has begun to start bringing him towards the ring when Tony suddenly grabs Flux and barrels him back into the ring post, resounding with a thud!
Paisner: The impacts these men are taking against the environment in this match have been nothing short of brutal to watch! They are going to be remembering this match for weeks to come whenever they feel the bruises and contusions on their bodies!
Flux has fallen to the floor and Milkman manages to barely stay on his feet by holding onto the ring post as Wong’s count has reached 15, and Milkman looks groggy as he hobbles over to the apron and lays against it, rolling into the ring as the count reaches 16 and the crowd begins to get loud for Flux to make it back to the ring! They are chanting for Dexter Flux as the count reaches 17 and 18, and Flux has made it to one foot but still is stumbling as he doesn’t seem to have a firm grip on where he is! Milkman is looking on from the middle of the ring, seeming to be content with the countout win as the count reaches 19, but Stevens touches at the blood on his head, and seeing Flux disoriented on the outside, he makes a the last second decision to roll back to the outside and restart the count!
Crowd: WOOO!!!!
Woodbridge: Thank god Tony reconsidered here, and we get to see these two men’s fight continue!
Paisner: Tony almost seemed willing to win however, but Milkman’s taken a beating and he wants to dish one out to win this fight in the ring!
Milkman rolls Flux into the ring, and now Milkman brings Flux up to his feet, but Flux hits a strike under the chin of Milkman that sends him stumbling back! But he stays on his feet and strikes back with a kick to the leg of Flux that nearly brings Dexter to his knees, but Dexter stays upright and hits a chop to the chest of Stevens! This only seems to fire up Tony, who hits a hard right to the face of Dexter! Dexter Flux fires back! By bending down! And… tying his boots? After he’s done he pops right back up and smacks Stevens across the face!
Crowd: OHHH!!
And Stevens responds with a standing 360 forearm to the face of Flux that sends him falling back into the ropes! But he bounces off them and comes back with a running crossbody that sends Milkman to the floor! And falls on top for the pin!
2- Kickout!
Stevens tries moving to the corner, pulling himself up to his feet by the turnbuckles, but Flux has now come to life with a fire as he comes charging from the other corner with a running dropkick that grinds Stevens into the turnbuckle! Flux then runs back to the other corner again, bounces off, and then hits a flying cannonball senton onto the seated Stevens! Flux now pulls Stevens closer towards the middle of the ring, and Flux lets out a screech to the sky as the crowd gets loud when he begins climbing to the top rope!
Paisner: Flux going up high! Milkman is in trouble of being Spilled Milk here!
Dexter Flux points both arms to the sky and then comes off the top rope, but Milkman narrowly rolls out the way, gets to his feet, and attempts to wrangle Flux into a boston crab position, but Flux quickly quicks Stevens away, trying to retreat to the nearest rope but Milkman is quick to get right back on him and wraps his arms around Dexter’s torso from behind and hits a picture perfect German suplex, and bridges it!
2- No! Kickout!
But Tony kept his arms around Flux, and now wrenches the gut of a seated Flux, lifting him straight up and looks to set him up for a Belly to Belly! ut Flux thinks quickly, stomping on the foot of Tony and forearming him in the forehead, opening up the bloodied wound on Tony’s forehead and causing him to release the hold, and Flux takes off towards the ropes, and as he comes off them, he flings himself at Milkman with a running crossbody, but this time Milkman catches him! And he throws the equally sized Flux onto his shoulders, before planting him with a Milky Way Samoan Driver!
Crowd: OHH!!!
Paisner: How he managed to catch Flux with that blood dripping in his eyes is beyond me! But he’s managed to turn this match in his favor yet again, perhaps through pure heart and instinct!
Tony is on the mat next to Flux, the Milky Way taking everything Tony had to hit as The Milkman now drapes on arm over Flux!
Fainter cheers are heard for The Milkman, but the crowds praise for Flux is loudest and evidenced by the venue of fans who stomp on the ground to rally Flux back to his feet! But Milkman is yet again the first to his feet, and Milkman stomps on the leg of Flux, who yells out in pain! Milkman stomps again and again, and then lefts the leg up and slams it into the mat! Flux writhes on the mat in pain, grasping at his leg, and Milkman now moves backwards to get a running start and swing a kick at the leg of Flux but Flux rolls out of the way behind Stevens and rolls him up in a schoolboy! Wong drops down for the pin!
3- NO!
Milkman kicks out and now steps back again, and as Flux gets back to his feet Milkman charges with a clothesline that Flux ducks! Milkman comes off the opposite ropes, gaining speed but Flux then jumps up with tremendous height and dropkicks Tony, bouncing off his chest and landing on his feet as Tony is blasted backwards into the ropes and he falls through them but hangs onto the apron!
Paisner: El Backlfip by Flux, sending Stevens flying nearly out of the ring with such force he’s able to flip back onto his feet!
Flux runs at the corner, then bounces off the adjacent ropes before attempting a disaster kick to the head of Stevens, but he ducks, and as Flux lands in the ring next to the ropes, Stevens attempts to jump on the springboard to launch his own top rope strike, but Flux sweeps Steven’s legs before he gets a balance on the ropes and Tony lands on Flux’s shoulders!
Woodbridge: UH OH!!!!
Crowd: YEEAAAA!!!!!
Flux brings Milkman into the center of the ring atop his shoulders, and he starts spinning!
Paisner: The Super Incredible Oh My God No WAY Unbelievable Undefeatable Critical Mass AIRPLANE SPIN!!!
Milkman looks unbelievably uncomfortable in the spinning firemans carry as Flux spins and spins around and around! Blood from Tony’s head is flung onto Tai Ni Wong’s eyes! Wong looks disgusted as he leans over the ropes to ringside staff, who hand him a handkerchief but while Wong is turned around Milkman manages to wriggle out of the hold and grabs Flux and pulls him into a small package pin! The crowd counts!
Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4!
Flux kicks out at about 4 and Milkman lets go and looks up, disoriented but he makes out Wong wiping blood off his face and missing the count!
Paisner: Ohh no, nobody make a Asians being blind joke-
Woodbridge: I sure hope El Hijo Del Milkman isn’t El Hijo De somebody with HIV, cause that blood got right in his eye!
Paisner: Shame on me for setting such a high bar.
Tony Stevens almost blindly stumbles towards Wong, stealing the handkerchief and wiping his own eyes off of blood before throwing it into the stands, and he turns around to Flux but is met with a hurricanrana that sends him down to the floor! Flux, still seeming dizzy, stumbles over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles as he takes off his Horde jacket, throwing it on the apron, as he now takes a second to locate Milkman on the ground, but when he looks down Milkman is off the ground and dropkicks with crazy elevation, taking out the knee of Flux as he now falls all the way from the top rope to the mat!
Crowd: OOOHHH!!!
Flux clutches at his leg, yelling in pain but Milkman is on him quickly and grabs the legs of Flux, flipping him over and locking him in a One Legged Boston Crab! And he wrenches painstakingly at the leg of Flux!
Flux grabs at his blue hair and yells, trying to search for the nearest ropes but they are nowhere in sight as he sees no choice but to tap the mat in submission!
Crowd: NOOOO!!!!!!!
Javier: Your winner of this match via submission, at a time of 13:50: TONNYY “THE MILKMAN” STEEEEVENSSSS!!!!
The venue is filled with a loud reaction that is filled with cheers and mixed with sparse boos but mostly respectful cheers for the match that was put on as Milkman has his hand raised by Wong, and Milkman smiles as he wipes the excess blood on his brow and hair as he soaks in the reaction.
Woodbridge: These two had a crazy match, with both men being hit in ways I didn’t expect them to get up from, but each time they both got back up and kept at it giving each other a fiery fight!
Stevens goes to the apron to pick up the Horde jacket that Flux had found last week and had been wearing. He gets back in the ring as Flux is getting to his feet, and there is a moment of eye contact before Tony Stevens hands the jacket back to Flux! And Dexter with a smile on his face accepts!
Crowd: YEAA!!!!
Paisner: Dexter Flux gained the respect of Tony Milkman here tonight!
Woodbridge: And how could he not, after the beating they both gave each other!
Flux now outstretches a hand for the handshake! And Milkman obliges.
Crowd WOOO!!!
But when Milkman turns around, Flux maintains a grip on Milkmans hand!
Crowd OOO!!!
And Flux now lets go and outstretches his other hand for a second handshake!
Crowd: YYEAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Woodbridge: Double The Respect!!!
Milkman shakes the other hand with his opposite hand as the two exchange a respectful nod, and Milkman motions for his Milkmaids to throw in milk as Tony Stevens masterfully catches an entire jug of milk, hands it to Flux, then catches another one as the two share a chugging of milk in the center of the ring, Milkman using some of it to wash milk off his forehead as a mixture of blood, sweat, and milk fall down his face and Milkman chugs the whole entire jug and tosses it to the outside! Flux offers the rest of his milk jug to Tai Ni, who takes it and respectfully sips from the jug with one pinky out as Flux and Stevens watch him take one small sip after another before he hands it back to Stevens, who chugs the rest of it in celebration before tossing the second jug out to the crowd as the WiR logo fades onto screen.
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2020.08.07 10:00 PanavTheGamerYT U 2 straight guys playing on cam

So, I have a creepy airport story to tell you guys, I will make it short tho as I am not an English expert and English is not my language
So, I live in a small town surrounded by hills all for sides and a bridge for the entrance, so u may have guessed already I live in a remote area and I am not a social dude. So, one day my boss called me for a presentation that I had to do in a different country, I had been to airports to travel within the country, ya those domestic airlines and out of the country was a big thing for me but I agreed to it anyways.
So, I packed my bags and headed towards the airport in a taxi which I had to take out of my town, so I got in and reached the airport but I felt like something or someone is watching me and I just jerked it off like it's just my mind playing tricks so I entered the airport and I look a cup of coffee and sat in a chair and as I was drinking my coffee till I noticed something strange that is the airport was empty, not the airport but the lobby I sat in and I checked my ticket and it still said economy class and my watch said 3: 00 am and I was confused and was about to sip some coffee till this voice, a strange inhumanly voice called out to me and only me and I am sure because it called me with my name, and I scanned the whole lobby and found nothing till I heard my name being called out by the same inhumanly voice, and I was scared shitless and as mentioned earlier I am not a social dude so none of the staff members or my social media fans would know, till it struck to my head,"MY Bag"so i rushed as quickly as possible and noticed that my coffee had become cold and none of my thing were touched and the same inhumanly voiv=ce called my name again but with a sound , a sound of "THUD" like something fell and i noticed it immediately because there was only one place like that that is the "Employes Only' section , so took my stuff and checked the time to see that my flight was in an hour till they announced that it was delayed and would take another couple of hours , so i thought " Yep! I think should check thee room " ya the employes only area to find it was stuck with glue and I think it was a cover-up so I entered it anyways to find the door unlocked. I know I should have gone back but u just can't control yourself to check and that curiosity took the more out of me.
I entered the room to find it dark and empty with an easy feeling of that same old "someone is watching me" kind of feeling. So I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight and what I saw that day would still horrify me till the day, it was a large area with seats placed like a waiting room and further apart there were three doors with a number engraved upon them and each had the same number and it is was something like 6,6,6 and that was the moment u would get the hell out but I didn't and I am not a foolish teenage kid to go, so I switched off the flashlight and opened the camera app in my phone and started recording and the things I recorded and the things I experienced were so horrifying that anyone would else scream and never ever step into the airport but I never believed paranormal and thought logically so I think that's the reason why I was safe, so let me continue now.
So the doors were 6,6, and 6 so I will refer them as door 1,2, and 3 just to clear out the confusion, so when I opened the door one it was dark and had a foul smell like that of a rotten animal or something, and I know u guys still don't believe me but it is real and that's why I have the recording to prove it as well, so let's continue it had a foul smell like that of a rotten animal or something and when I opened it completely I saw a bunch of candles lit with an ouija board and a dead mutated animal lying dead and the planchet of the ouija board moving in a similar pattern that is Z O Z O Z O again and again and it went straight through the mutated animal band flew across the room towards me and I closed the door in time before it would fly towards me, I still don't know what Z O Z O Z o means if u know pls let me know.
So even now I should have left the room but my curiosity took the better of me when I heard my name being called out from room 2, and I slowly walked towards it with my cam recorder still on, I slowly twisted the knob of the door and what I saw there, I would have never believed if it wasn't my cam recorder showing the same thing, I cursed " Fuck ". The room was filled with people that looked like they belonged some sort of cult worshipping something in Latin, as I was about to go I saw a creature, an inhuman creature with a human body with long nails and that his face resembling that of a Goat and he was covered in blood and I mean from horns to toe and I screamed for a few seconds as I was interrupted by the strong Latin chant of the people and as I turned towards then I noticed that they were all looking at me with their face covered in a white mask with splashes of blood on their mask and they were heading in my direction and I was when I fucked up, I slammed the door shut and they were pounding on the door so hard that it would break any second but it stopped immediately when a voice called out my name from door 3 and ya it was the same old inhumanly voice and it was not that what creeped me out the most but what in saw in my cam recorder. I saw the same creature head peeking through the door 3. But I am not a fool to give away a vibe of creep so I just turned around slowly and opened the door to find a black candle on a stair in the place where the lobby was. I climbed up the stairs with the black candle right before the door, I blew it up and slightly opened the main door and it opened to the main lobby but it was still empty and I glanced at my watch to see the time. it said 3:59 am still confused and an announcement was made right as the time struck 4 and it was about my flight that it has arrived and still confused I went to my Gate 6 and checked in to my flight still wondering if all that was real and did it actually happen till I noticed a message on my phone"low battery" and my phone was still recording and I switched it off and kept it in my bag safe and secure.
I reached my destination and the first thing I did was to check in a hotel and that's what I did and kept my phone to charge
after the charge was complete I checked to see that my recorded file was saved and what I saw was real and the proof is still with me as I am writing this.
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2020.08.07 09:39 PanavTheGamerYT U 2 straight guys playing on cam

So, I have a creepy airport story to tell you guys, I will make it short tho as I am not an English expert and English is not my language
So, I live in a small town surrounded by hills all for sides and a bridge for the entrance, so u may have guessed already I live in a remote area and I am not a social dude. So, one day my boss called me for a presentation that I had to do in a different country, I had been to airports to travel within the country, ya those domestic airlines and out of the country was a big thing for me but I agreed to it anyways.
So, I packed my bags and headed towards the airport in a taxi which I had to take out of my town, so I got in and reached the airport but I felt like something or someone is watching me and I just jerked it off like it's just my mind playing tricks so I entered the airport and I look a cup of coffee and sat in a chair and as I was drinking my coffee till I noticed something strange that is the airport was empty, not the airport but the lobby I sat in and I checked my ticket and it still said economy class and my watch said 3: 00 am and I was confused and was about to sip some coffee till this voice, a strange inhumanly voice called out to me and only me and I am sure because it called me with my name, and I scanned the whole lobby and found nothing till I heard my name being called out by the same inhumanly voice, and I was scared shitless and as mentioned earlier I am not a social dude so none of the staff members or my social media fans would know, till it struck to my head,"MY Bag"so i rushed as quickly as possible and noticed that my coffee had become cold and none of my thing were touched and the same inhumanly voiv=ce called my name again but with a sound , a sound of "THUD" like something fell and i noticed it immediately because there was only one place like that that is the "Employes Only' section , so took my stuff and checked the time to see that my flight was in an hour till they announced that it was delayed and would take another couple of hours , so i thought " Yep! I think should check thee room " ya the employes only area to find it was stuck with glue and I think it was a cover-up so I entered it anyways to find the door unlocked. I know I should have gone back but u just can't control yourself to check and that curiosity took the more out of me.
I entered the room to find it dark and empty with an easy feeling of that same old "someone is watching me" kind of feeling. So I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight and what I saw that day would still horrify me till the day, it was a large area with seats placed like a waiting room and further apart there were three doors with a number engraved upon them and each had the same number and it is was something like 6,6,6 and that was the moment u would get the hell out but I didn't and I am not a foolish teenage kid to go, so I switched off the flashlight and opened the camera app in my phone and started recording and the things I recorded and the things I experienced were so horrifying that anyone would else scream and never ever step into the airport but I never believed paranormal and thought logically so I think that's the reason why I was safe, so let me continue now.
So the doors were 6,6, and 6 so I will refer them as door 1,2, and 3 just to clear out the confusion, so when I opened the door one it was dark and had a foul smell like that of a rotten animal or something, and I know u guys still don't believe me but it is real and that's why I have the recording to prove it as well, so let's continue it had a foul smell like that of a rotten animal or something and when I opened it completely I saw a bunch of candles lit with an ouija board and a dead mutated animal lying dead and the planchet of the ouija board moving in a similar pattern that is Z O Z O Z O again and again and it went straight through the mutated animal band flew across the room towards me and I closed the door in time before it would fly towards me, I still don't know what Z O Z O Z o means if u know pls let me know.
So even now I should have left the room but my curiosity took the better of me when I heard my name being called out from room 2, and I slowly walked towards it with my cam recorder still on, I slowly twisted the knob of the door and what I saw there, I would have never believed if it wasn't my cam recorder showing the same thing, I cursed " Fuck ". The room was filled with people that looked like they belonged some sort of cult worshipping something in Latin, as I was about to go I saw a creature, an inhuman creature with a human body with long nails and that his face resembling that of a Goat and he was covered in blood and I mean from horns to toe and I screamed for a few seconds as I was interrupted by the strong Latin chant of the people and as I turned towards then I noticed that they were all looking at me with their face covered in a white mask with splashes of blood on their mask and they were heading in my direction and I was when I fucked up, I slammed the door shut and they were pounding on the door so hard that it would break any second but it stopped immediately when a voice called out my name from door 3 and ya it was the same old inhumanly voice and it was not that what creeped me out the most but what in saw in my cam recorder. I saw the same creature head peeking through the door 3. But I am not a fool to give away a vibe of creep so I just turned around slowly and opened the door to find a black candle on a stair in the place where the lobby was. I climbed up the stairs with the black candle right before the door, I blew it up and slightly opened the main door and it opened to the main lobby but it was still empty and I glanced at my watch to see the time. it said 3:59 am still confused and an announcement was made right as the time struck 4 and it was about my flight that it has arrived and still confused I went to my Gate 6 and checked in to my flight still wondering if all that was real and did it actually happen till I noticed a message on my phone"low battery" and my phone was still recording and I switched it off and kept it in my bag safe and secure.
I reached my destination and the first thing I did was to check in a hotel and that's what I did and kept my phone to charge
after the charge was complete I checked to see that my recorded file was saved and what I saw was real and the proof is still with me as I am writing this.
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2020.08.06 06:12 Squodgephelph U 2 straight guys playing on cam

I will start by saying I love Kelly. Just like every Suns fan, I love his energy, hustle, and his scoring. He brings both tangibles and intangibles to our team that are highly valued and I think we got him at a really good price.
Considering his status tomorrow night just changed to “doubtful”, I think we may start to assume he is trying to make a return at some point in the bubble.
Our chemistry during this bubble win streak has been remarkable. Without Oubre, we’ve knocked off 3 straight wins including 2 playoff teams, and with one being against a serious contender. With the way Mikal and Cam Johnson have been playing, I would not want Oubre to just be abruptly inserted back into the starting lineup. I personally feel as if Mikal has earned his spot as the starting 3 now, and I feel that Oubre has got to earn it back.
On top of that, when Kelly went down during the regular season the first time I believe, didn’t we go on another short win streak? Or we at least had a winning record. Someone feel free to fact check me on that. But I remember thinking this exact thing during that part of the season.
What does everyone else think? Do you guys feel that having Kelly come back during these seeding games would be detrimental to the team as a whole? Not that he would make us worse, but the group of guys Monty has been putting out there has been playing with so much grit and heart and in 2K terms, the chemistry is nearly 99%.
And as much as I do love Kelly, he sometimes makes some very boneheaded decisions that could have easily cost us one of those 2 close games, or even both. Mikal does not do that. Mikal doesn’t put his head down and drive to the basket recklessly. He’s a fantastic defender. He passes the ball very well (something Kelly has got to work on). And plus, do you think Oubre would have been in position to get that steal off Zubac? We could play the what-if game all day, I suppose.
I again want to reiterate that I want our boy back playing as soon as possible. When he’s on, he’s on. But the stakes are WAY too high right now for Monty to experiment with this. Mikal has been playing unbelievably lately, and he, behind D Book, is a huge part of why we have won these games.
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2020.07.30 22:15 UnderwhelmingOrgasm U 2 straight guys playing on cam

Defensive Line I feel like the defensive line has received a lot of scrutiny over the past couple years, as our run defense has been less than flattering. The Davis twins in particular seemed to rub some people the wrong way with the single-game suspension, unnecessary penalties, and general friction that seemed to exist between them and the coaching staff at times. In my opinion, I think the Davis twins performed well despite playing outside of their ideal scheme, and Darrion Daniels was very valuable both as a leader and as a run stuffer in the middle of the defense. It became more apparent last year that the d-line wasn't necessarily the main problem when it came to defending the run. I think losing these starters is tough, especially considering Khalil Davis was our only consistent pass rusher on the team last year. But despite losing some talent, I think this room is well equipped to start this season without a drop-off in production.
Ben Stille, Damion Daniels, and Deontre Thomas have the most snaps to their name out of all the returning guys. Stille has been a consistent but unspectacular rotational player for us. Similar to the Davis twins, he isn't the perfect fit in a odd front defense, especially as a defensive lineman. I'd be shocked if he isn't at the very least an "or" starter on the depth chart to begin the year, but I think there are some functionally stronger guys that might pass him by, especially if they can also show some promise as pass rushers. Damion Daniels has flashed when he's played, as he's a very strong dude that can blow up runs in the backfield. Coach Tuioti has mentioned that stamina is something he has needed to work on, as he struggles playing several downs in a row without getting gassed. Assuming he has improved in this department, I have no worries about the nose guard spot; I think he can play up to the level of his brother. Deontre Thomas is definitely a good depth piece on this line, but he might fall into that "master of none" category.
Jordon Riley and Nash Hutmacher are notable newcomers to watch out for. Riley immediately flashed in the brief spring the Cornhuskers had, as players and coaches brought up his name immediately during press conferences. He's a massive dude, and the ideal size that we need at the position. I think he will likely play all three spots on the line, and it sounds like his disruption as a run defender could potential earn him a starting role. Nash Hutmacher seems to be a fan and coach favorite already. He's another massive human being on the line, and he's a workout demon as well. His physical development is already far ahead of most true freshman, so he's likely to get some significant snaps this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even redshirt. Guys like Hutmacher and Riley could really help against the Wisconsins and Iowas of the world.
Ty Robinson and Keem Green are the guys that I think will really determine how good this line can be. Both are big guys that are hard to move, with great athleticism for their size. Both have upside as pass rushers, and that is important considering the loss of the Davis twins, as well the fact that we haven't been able to find an edge rusher that can actually win one-on-one against offensive tackles.
As a whole, the defensive line appears to have outstanding depth, as I haven't even mentioned guys like Pheldarius Payne, Casey Rogers, Tate Wildeman, Mosai Newsome, and others. I think when we see the 2nd group rotate in for drives during these games, I don't think there will be as much of a drop-off compared to last year. Losing our starting three is tough, but I think this group might be the deepest on the team and is fully prepared to be a rock solid unit for this defense.
Projected Starters: Ty Robinson or Ben Stille (DE), Damion Daniels (NG), Jordon Riley or Keem Green (DE)
Position Grade: B+
Outside Linebacker There's no doubt about it, the second level of the defense was the weak link last year, and OLB has been nothing short of atrocious for us. Since the days of Randy Gregory, we haven't had a legit edge rusher that can help bolster our pass rush. I know Erik Chinander is an aggressive coordinator that likes to blitz frequently, but it seems clear to me that the last couple of years, he blitzes out of necessity more than anything else. Right now, we are a defense that is virtually incapable of getting even occasional pressure while rushing four, and that, along with our special debacles, is why Jovan Dewitt was (probably) let go.
One player that has perplexed me has been Caleb Tannor. I feel like he has all the athleticism, natural ability, and length to be a really good edge rusher, but he just hasn't put it together yet. I don't know if it's an effort issue or what, but I feel like he has massive upside as a player, and it's a shame he's barely even flashed for us. Maybe a change in coaching turns the light on for him, but his first two years haven't been promising.
Garrett Nelson is obviously someone that excited fans with his mentality and high effort, but he wasn't very good when he played last year. Much like everyone in this room, he needs to be assignment sound, especially as a contain player and as a read key on option plays. It feels like our OLBs are exploited with option plays, because they love to crash down to try to blow up the running back, leaving the QB with tons of space to run with it. It feels like these guys in general just get impatient being on the backside, and feel the need to go for TFLs instead of carrying out their assignment.
JoJo Domann might be this biggest offender in this category. He's Uber-aggressive in his play style, which does yield some of his highlight TFLs and splash plays. But his desire to freelance has also resulted in some huge plays being given up. The Purdue game-winning touchdown is probably the most obvious instance of Domann's play style resulting in a crucial play against us. As long as our d-line is better than our OLBs and we don't have two guys on the edge that can rush the passer, Domann is going to be deployed as our Nickel/OLB against spread teams, and it's important that he becomes more disciplined as a player. His physical profile isn't one of a normal OLB in this scheme, and he will never be utilized as a traditional pass rusher. But his athleticism can be useful covering slot receivers, while also being bigger than your typical nickel corner. Javin Wright also seems to be slotting into this Nickel/OLB role, and I'm curious if he might take some snaps from Domann.
Niko Cooper is sort of a dark horse in this room, and although his sack numbers are unimpressive when you look at his numbers from last year, he had some good pass-rushing reps on tape. He seems like a disciplined run defender, and if that continues for the Huskers, he'll probably take the starting job. Jamin Graham is also an intriguing guy; he's ridiculously long and pretty fluid as an athlete. The upside as a pass rusher is there, so I am curious to see how far he's come as far as learning the defense and adding some weight. Jimari Butler and Blaise Gunnerson come in as true freshman, and considering the nature of the room, both could see some playing time this year.
Despite returning some guys who have gotten significant playing time so far, I'm not confident enough to say that this position group is going take a big step forward. The depth isn't the greatest, and no one has proved that they can rush the passer or play consistent, assignment-sound football. There's some upside with a couple of these guys, but I think it might be another rough year for this group.
Projected Starters: Caleb Tannor or Garrett Nelson (OLB), Niko Cooper (OLB), JoJo Domann (Nickel/OLB)
Position Grade: D
Inside Linebacker The ILBs struggled last year defending the run, and the Minnesota game might've been the clearest example of this. It felt like Collin Miller in particular did not know how to fit outside zone, and it killed us time and time again. Last year, depth felt like an issue, as we really only rotated Barry, Honas, and Miller. Now, even with the departure of Mo Barry, it feels like this room has some really solid depth, and I think there's potential for the room to be better than it was last year.
Will Honas has the ideal build for an ILB, and he had a solid campaign last year. He was the most assignment sound of the three last year, and takes on offensive lineman with physicality when he has to. When he can get downhill, he has some decent speed, although he's more of a straight line runner that isn't as great when having to change direction quickly, much like Mo Barry. He's fine in coverage, but had the occasional really bad rep (last completion vs. Iowa). Overall, he's a solid guy that usually knows what he's doing, and I honestly think we need more of that in our defense.
Collin Miller seems a little more athletic than Honas, and has a nice length and frame for the position, but it was pretty clear that he's still trying to figure out the position. His eyes can be all over the place at times, and there are plenty of bigger runs last year that happened because of a bad run fit by him. He's probably our best coverage linebacker right now, Ruud praises his ability to communicate, but I think there's some talented guys behind him that might be gunning for his spot.
Luke Reimer flashed every time he got on the field last year. He was very impressive in how fast he played, and Ruud seems to have large expectations for him, almost flat-out calling him a future all-conference guy. I might agree with that sentiment; his combination of speed and instincts is something that was missing last year, and if he's bulked up and shows he can be physical taking on blockers, I think he ends up being a starter outright. Nick Heinrich was a highly sought after linebacker, and stylistically has some similarities to Nick Honas. But his athletic ceiling seems to be higher, and Ruud seems very confident in Heinrich as well.
Keyshawn Greene is a freakish athlete at linebacker that we haven't had since Lavonte David, and it sounds like it was miracle that we were even able to get him to commit. I think he'll immediately come in and be the best athlete at the position, and he might even be able to get some notable game snaps. Garrett Snodgrass sounds like the Kade Warner of the ILBs, as he's been described as knowing the defense better than anyone, while being less athletic than others at the position. Joseph Johnson was listed on the depth chart last year, and got some snaps against Maryland, but I'm not sure that he doesn't get buried by some of these other guys. And Eteva Mauga-Clements is another athletic guy that I think I'm less high on than others. I expect there to be an adjustment period for him, as he hasn't played ILB before, and he's a bit smaller for the position right now. If anything, his tape reminded me more of a JoJo Domann than anything. I think he could potentially have a good 2021 and beyond, but in my eyes, I think he probably won't take many snaps during games this year, as I think there are other guys in front of him more mentally and physically ready.
The depth is undeniable in this room, and although it was a middling 2019 for them, I think there's serious potential for some of these underclassmen. I think I'm going to be a little passive when it comes to grading them, but I believe this might be the unit that takes the biggest step forward on the defense. I think you'll see four or more guys rotating in for drives this year.
Projected Starters: Will Honas or Nick Heinrich (ILB), Luke Reimer or Collin Miller (ILB)
Position Grade: B-
Secondary I think this is the best unit on the team by far. It's a great combination of talent, experience, and leadership, and although some worry about the depth, I think the fact that these guys cross-train at corner and safety will prevent that from being an issue.
Dicaprio Bootle has been a solid player for a while now. He's got great speed and can be sticky in man coverage. Where he struggles is in press coverage and on 50/50 balls downfield. When he's lined up in front of receivers, he doesn't use his hands much at all, and he can get beat off the jump against talented receivers that can haul ass downfield. And he often times struggles to get his head turned around on these 50/50 balls, resulting in DPIs or just a missed opportunity at an interception. Despite his problems with size, that doesn't show up when he's tackling or defending the run. He is very physical when engaging with blockers, and can make some big hits on ball carriers that are bigger than him, as he forced 3 fumbles last year. When he took snaps at safety during the last few games of the season, he looked really, really good, and I wonder if that is his position if he makes it to the NFL. He was aggressive in defending the run when his assignment dictated that, and he showed tremendous range as a single high safety. I'm curious where Bootle starts this season, because he really impressed me at safety, and his main weaknesses aren't a problem when he lines up there.
Cam Taylor-Britt was put into a tough situation having to replace Deontai Williams at safety, and though he did well, I think corner is his natural position. He was also clearly playing injured most of last year, which led to some of his struggles tackling in open space. I'd like to see him play outside corner full time next year, as I feel like he's got the size and athleticism to cover receivers of all types. Not to mention, he might be the biggest leader on the defense. That was clear even when he was a freshman; he just has a natural ability to grab guys attention.
To me, Braxton Clark looked really good every time he saw the field. He moves well for being 6'3", and the few times I saw him targeted downfield, he would look back for the ball and position himself well to defend the pass. I think he comes in and fills Lamar Jackson's role without any drop-off, and I think if there's anyone on this defense who is really being slept on, it's him.
Deontai Williams is a tremendous talent that was deeply missed last year. I think he was in for a breakout year last year before the injury, and I think he's going to get some serious NFL attention this year. He's a super rangy safety that can be an elite single-high player. He's got the coverage ability to stick with slot receivers, and the ball skills to rack up INT's. He's a super aggressive tackler with a head hunter mentality, even if that aggression can lead to some missed tackles. I think the one area he needs to work on is his tackling technique. But to me, his debut season in 2018 showed enough flashes that I think he's going to be a star for us. And the coaches seem to agree with that sentiment.
Marquel Dismuke is a solid player that finally worked his way up to being a starter after years of riding the bench. He's assignment sound, and coaches have mentioned how he's a great teacher for the other DBs in the room. I think he clearly lacks great athleticism, which holds him back a bit, and puts a target on his back in coverage. I mentioned that I thought that Bootle might be playing more safety this year, and I feel like if he does, Dismuke might see his snap totals drop. I think in base packages and nickel packages where JoJo is your nickel, you want your best four defensive backs on the field, and I feel like Clark, Taylor-Britt, Bootle, and Williams are those guys. I'm curious how that plays out, though.
Myles Farmer seems to always receive praise for Coach Fisher, and I think he's a big dude that could see some playing time in specific packages. At worst, he's good depth in case we lose someone to injury. Quinton Newsome is in a similar boat, but I heard he got injured, so I guess his status is in the air. Eli Sullivan played some significant time early last year and is another depth piece. Nola Pola-Gates was a big recruiting get, and sounds like he's recovering well from his surgery last year, so he provides some depth at corner. Tamon Lynum and Ronald Delancey are true freshman corners that ideally get to sit and develop, but considering all the transfer portal announcements in this secondary recently, they are a couple injuries at corner away from having to see the field.
Overall, I think this secondary will have a ton of talented starters all across the board. I think the depth concerns at corner are legitimate, but even with that, I still think this is the most talented position group on the team. I see NFL futures for a good amount of these guys, and I'm not sure I can really say that about many other spots. Look for Deontai Williams to be the team leader in INTs and produce a First-Team All-B1G season.
Projected Starters: Braxton Clark or Dicaprio Bootle (CB), Cam-Taylor Britt (CB), Deontai Williams (S), Dicaprio Bootle or Marquel Dismuke (S)
Position Grade: A
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2020.07.27 12:25 autobuzzfeedbot 23 Anti-LGBTQ Moments From TV Shows That I Genuinely Can't Believe Got Aired

  1. That time Kurt politely informed his boyfriend Blaine that apparently bisexuality isn't a valid identity in Glee.
  2. And that moment when the supposedly sex-positive protagonist of Sex and the City, Carrie, unfortunately seemed to hold the same view on bisexuals.
  3. When Max begins transitioning on The L Word, and his hormone therapy turns him into a hyperaggressive, possessive jerk.
  4. And when Max's lesbian friends – who should've been supporting him – treated his choice to transition as a threat to the butch lesbian identity.
  5. In Friends, when Ross assumed a male nanny had to be gay, simply because he was openly emotional and had a job in a female-dominated industry.
  6. Also in Friends, when Ross and Will admit to spreading a rumour in high school that Rachel was intersex in an attempt to humiliate her.
  7. When Chandler's dad is constantly mocked for her gender identity.
  8. When How I Met Your Mother fetishized lesbianism to the point that Robin and Lily making out was the ONLY thing that could wake up Barney from a drunken stupor.
  9. And when Ted invites Barney to play a gross game where they attempt to depicher cis female models from trans female models.
  10. That early episode of Bob's Burgers, which features a group of trans sex workers who are referred to as transvestites and are all voiced by male comedians.
  11. When Zach thought it was somehow gay to express his emotions and his friendship with other men in Gilmore Girls.
  12. And equally, when Luke thought it was awfully gay for Kirk to be carrying his girlfriend's bag around Stars Hollow.
  13. When Douglas allowed a relationship with a trans woman called April to develop in The IT Crowd because he didn't know she was trans, and then promptly broke it off after realising.
  14. In Will and Grace, when Jack must work with a lesbian couple on a dramatisation for Will's gay sensivity seminar, and he can't help but mock them at every opportunity.
  15. When Brian sleeps with Ida Quagmire in Family Guy without realising she is trans, and then pukes and takes a "recovery shower" when he finds out who she is.
  16. Scrubs wasn't exactly at its best when Carla wanted to spread a rumour that a young, attractive nurse was trans.
  17. Raj and Howard's friendship on The Big Bang Theory is frequently mocked for being "gay".
  18. Remember that asexual patient on House who turned out to only be asexual because of a brain tumour?
  19. In The West Wing, Abigail Bartlet was totally fine with gay people, but was relieved when her daughter turned out to be straight.
  20. Did you know that Jughead's character in the Archie comics, the inspiration for Riverdale, is canonically asexual? And yet in the show, he's very... not.
  21. Speaking of straight-washing, Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass were supposed to be bi in Gossip Girl. However, in the show, neither get queer at all, really.
  22. The way Mitch and Cam have zero intimate scenes in Modern Family and don't even really seem to like each other.
  23. And lastly, when Kenny hoped his boyfriend wasn't bisexual in The Real O'Neals.
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