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In the United States, 10% to 15% of couples are infertile. Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year for most couples. Infertility may result from an issue with either you or your partner, or a combination of factors that prevent pregnancy. Some people with fertility problems never even know it until they try to have a baby. That’s because oftentimes infertility issues don’t have symptoms. Ovulation disorders, meaning you ovulate infrequently or not at all, account for infertility in about 1 in 4 infertile couples. Problems with the regulation of reproductive hormones by the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland, or problems in the ovary, can cause ovulation disorders. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. Men can be infertile too. ... Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Healthline Media does not provide ... Many couples face fertility problems when trying to conceive. Learn about the types of infertility, possible diagnoses, and risks to find ways to deal with the problems and avoid possible complications. When I was facing infertility back in 2003, Facebook didn't exist and you had to go to the library for information. I felt so alone. Thanks to growing online resources the conversation has changed. Infertility Isn't MY Problem; It's OUR Problem. First ever post. Sorry about the length and formatting. So, my husband (30 cisM) and I (30 cisF) have been trying to have a baby for over two years, now, and it's been the pretty standard rollercoaster.

2020.08.12 23:10 penelopeduck Gyno supplements

First ever post. Sorry about the length and formatting.
So, my husband (30 cisM) and I (30 cisF) have been trying to have a baby for over two years, now, and it's been the pretty standard rollercoaster.
When we first started trying, I was just recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (from disordered eating and exercise addiction), and I'd just gotten a regular period back. The flip side of this is that I'd gone down the path of underfueling/overexercising to originally try to lose weight for PCOS. Long story short, my body has been through the ringer when it comes to my fertility and cycles, and when we didn't conceive right away, I assumed the underlying health issues were centered in my body.
I've done all the things a person crazy for offspring does. Red raspberry leaf tea. Vitamins. Supplements. Exercise. Rest. Sunlight. Sleep. Yoga. I felt very alone and the same ED demons that got me before kept trying to regain control as I puzzled over how to fix my body to make it a five star baby hotel.
I worked with my AMAZING gyno, confirmed I was ovulating regularly, went through the obligatory waiting periods, and still no baby. My father had the audacity to say I needed to "get right with God" before I could get pregnant. It devastated me. (Especially since, at the time when he said this, I was raising his three other children as foster kids because they'd been removed from his home.)
Then, my husband started supplementing and making lifestyle changes and...suddenly I didn't feel alone. The crazy thing is, I didn't even realize how alone I'd been feeling until he really stepped up. And I have nothing but love and admiration for the man: he ALWAYS steps up. He stepped up to raise my three much younger siblings as his own kids for a year when they needed a home. He stepped up when I was sick with disordered eating and lifestyle. And, not surprising, he stepped up again. But I wasn't prepared for how much of a burden would feel lifted when, even though vitamins and whatever have dubious science behind them, he tried. It was no longer like I was paying reparations for my health, but like we were both trying all the silly things we could thing of, together. We like to laugh about our expensive we're taking them haha.
Still, when we moved on to investigating my husband's fertility health, I wasn't very hopeful. I'd damaged my body. My husband is a beautiful health god. I am a naughty, broken person. Surely the problem is me, right?
Wrong! His sperm count and motility were a little low. We've since gotten more answers about that, and now we actually have a medical game plan and hope of our odds of conceiving improving drastically in the near future! It's not accurate to say I'm glad for this, but to know specifically what we can do, after two years of guessing and trying and waiting and nothing... it's magic. And it's still odd to me that my reproductive parts are not the ones in need of intervention (so far as we know).
All this to say: fertility health is still overwhelming in how it leans toward putting the pressure on the people with a uterus, even though the other biological aspect of the reproductive equation is an equal factor. There's so much about male fertility that I've learned about in a short time, but I feel like it's always the uterus and ovaries that get the focus. Did you know that men can take clomid, too, to stimulate testosterone and sperm production? Cool, right??
My husband is an awesome teammate, and I am so grateful to have someone who works hard to solve problems WITH me. It really is us versus the problem. It always was. Don't know why it has taken so much for me to let go of my feelings of guilt and responsibility in this struggle, but I can say I am finally hopeful for the first time in a long time about our ability to start a family!
And regardless of where this struggle goes, I can try to keep a more circumspect perspective. There's more to making a baby than being the perfect incubator, and that's okay. It's beautiful, in fact.
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2020.08.04 16:33 tinybabydoggy Gyno supplements

Hi, me again (don’t like the way my vagina looks girl)
I broke up with my ex boyfriend in February and we haven’t slept together since then. When we first started dating I was getting (what I self diagnosed as) yeast infections fairly often, but special attention and home remedies would clear them up pretty quick. Towards the end of our relationship, I started having consistent issues. (Smell, weird discharge, never really any pain or itch though). I hadn’t changed my habits or diet, all that changed was I was getting busted in by my then boyfriend. Eventually I told him what was going on and asked that he start pulling out (and eat a damn salad or something!) to see if I felt relief, and the frequency of the funk decreased but never went away fully, returning at least once monthly.
After we broke up, I went to the gyno. Tested negative for BV, all STDs/STIs, yeast infection, negative everything basically. At my previous appointment I tested positive for Ureaplasma but both I and my boyfriend did our course of antibiotics and this time it didn’t show up on my labs.
I’m still having the same issues randomly but regularly. I have only had 3 sexual partners since then, all only once and all spaced far apart (thanks covid). The symptoms don’t seem to correlate with sex. They’re just random. I had chronic UTIs growing up, I know they aren’t that. I don’t identify with all of the BV or yeast infection symptoms, and I tested negative for those things when I felt this way before.
Did homeboy’s atomic jizz just like ... decimate my PH? To a point where the balance of my area is extremely fragile?
I’ve started taking women’s probiotics and other supplements, I quit smoking, I very rarely drink, I drink a ton of water. Not very active (lol) so not much sweat. Not getting any dick. I have boric acid suppositories coming in the mail. I am getting my hormones checked in early September. I have gone to two different OBGYN’s and explained my symptoms and they have both basically just described me a diflucan and told me to drink more water and stop douching (have never douched in my life).
What else can I do at home to try to balance my PH because at this point I do not know what else is going on? Dietary recommendations? How should I use the suppositories? And how long does it take to see improvement from probiotics typically? It’s embarrassing to randomly smell and it is noticeable. And on top of not loving the way “she” looks? Not an easy way to feel very sexy.
Basically, does anyone know wtf is going on? Does anyone else have mystery bouts of sad coochie?
Also - typically I use the VH essential tea tree and probiotic suppositories and they are AWESOME but they pretty much only provide relief until I stop using them or if I’m lucky for like a week afterwards.
TIA <3
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2020.08.04 02:31 travelingal23 Supplements gyno

It’s been about a month since I had the MRI and I’m still waiting to be contacted about the referral. But my MRI was done without contrast as I’m allergic to it. The results state: No fluid collection, hemorrhage, or diffusion abnormality. Mild frontal predominant burden of scattered deep white matter T2 FLAIR hyper-intensities bilaterally. Brain and CSF spaces are not otherwise remarkable. Major vascular flow voids are preserved. No significant extraneous finding. Mild probable chronic micro vascular ischemic and/or hypertensive white matter change. No evidence of prior hemorrhage.
Back in March, while I was on vacation I got really sick. I blacked out for about 5-10 seconds and my mom said I acted drunk for a few hours after that, though I had not been drinking. The next day I was throwing up and had diarrhea and this continued for a couple days while all I could do was sleep. I also lost sense of taste, which lasted a week or two. I did not get tested for Covid. A few weeks later I went to my primary doctor as I was having migraines and feeling dizzy, heart would race, and I’d be worn out. We found out I was severely anemic and my iron was very low. I’ve had 2 iron infusions and been taking iron supplements regularly. Since then I’ve been feeling better to a degree. I’m still having constant migraines and will get dizzy on occasion. There are times when laughing that I will get pulsating on the top of my head and I’ll feel like I’m going to pass out or my vision will change. Sometimes this will happen while doing other things, even sitting, there doesn’t appear to be a pattern.
I’m also starting to see a cardiologist to see if any of my symptoms are heart related. I’m also seeing a hematologist and gyno. I previously (when I was 14) had a DVT with PE. After that they put me on Coumadin and said I had thrombophilia with Protein C deficiency. My hematologist about 2 months or so ago, took me off my Coumadin to get an accurate reading as my initial testing wasn’t accurate. My father is also a hemophiliac. I’m also seeing the gyno as it has been figured out that my blood loss is due to constant, heavy menstruation.
I currently take lexapro 10mg, pantoprazole 20mg, famotidine 20 mg, and iron supplement 325 mg. I am obese, but my blood pressure and cholesterol are good. I know my body is haywire right now, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: Thank you everyone who has reached out with any info or encouraging words. It’s greatly appreciated!
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2020.08.03 21:57 shaddowassasinlh Gyno supplements

20M, could use some advice honestly...
I noticed that my hairline was receding aged 19 so I visited the GP and as advised I started taking 1mg fin daily and min (June 2019). I had my bloods taken and I was told that I was ‘slightly’ deficient in vitamin D and I have been taking a 1000IU daily since. After about 3 weeks I noticed a sizeable lump under my left nipple that literally felt like a disc underneath. I visited the GP again and I was told to cease the medication and see if the 'mass' disappeared and after about 4 weeks it did. Which was great as it meant I'd avoided getting gyno but I also terrifying as it meant I’d lost the main tool to combat my hair loss.
Hair (June 2019):
Looking at my hair back then I am glad that I decided to try and combat it early even if it didn’t work. Since then I’ve been using saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil to try and stop the mpb progressing naturally to no avail. My hair has been on a gradual decline since and over the past couple of months it became so aggressive that I decided to research the possibility of starting fin again. After reading the sticky on this sub and being directed to the ‘Hair loss show’ I decided to begin taking fin again and using the big 3 + 1mm dermaroller weekly (all started on July 3rd). I began taking 0.5mg M/W/F for the first 2 weeks I’ve increased it to EOD over the following weeks. From this point I plan on taking 0.5mg everyday as I’ve had no sides apart from slightly weaker erections. I’m using min 5% 2x a day and niz 1x a week as I think it’s making my hair more brittle.
Baseline pictures (July 3rd 2020):
The feeling of relief that I was actually doing something tangible towards stopping my hair loss going any further was truly amazing. But since starting the big 4 I feel that my hair feels far thinner across my entire scalp and that massive patches of hair on the side of my head are missing as well. Is it possible that I’m having a huge shed since starting fin or is something else going on like TE?
Current pictures (highlighting side hair loss):
I hate to sound defeatist and I know that everyone here is going through the same thing to varying degrees but it’s genuinely so crushing to be losing all my hair at this age. My Dad and both sets of grandparents still have their hair, I eat healthy, take a multi vit and vit D supplement daily, workout 3x a week and I have been doing cardio 5x a week since beginning lockdown. I just don’t get it.
I know hair loss therapy is a marathon but I’m just panicking as if it gets any worse, I’m not sure I can cover it up anymore. I’m just quite lost atm :(
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2020.08.03 14:11 Wasabi_McDaniels Gyno supplements

I haven't logged into this account in nearly 2 months because I feel like I'm in a dark place every time I have to talk about m. gen. I was dealing with m. gen from November 2019 until around April 2020, with some lingering side effects afterwards. It was the worst period of my life and I'm still reminded of it almost every day even though I don't want to think about it. I sometimes am still paranoid it'll somehow come back like it did in January 2020 and psychologically it's very tiring.
This should have lasted no longer than 10-14 days max, but instead, this ordeal lasted around 6 months and became a traumatic experience because the first incompetent urologist gave me drugs that aren't even recommended for treatment (roxithromycin). I still don't feel 100% recovered even now as I think I still have some minor pelvic floor issues. Had I been prescribed the right drugs, this would have just been a simple lesson learned, not a traumatic one and I doubt I'd have the same lingering symptoms or psychological trauma.
I wanna thank everyone here on this subreddit who has ever helped me and also I hope someone builds off of my previous post Mycoplasma genitalium resource thread and makes new versions of it (feel free to copy and paste it).
With that said, I'm happy to be done with this and I hope this post helps someone out before I retire this account. I hopefully never have to log back into it again after tonight. To see where I'm currently at, you can just skip the bottom. Good look to all of you dealing with this, if there's one person I'm especially rooting for it's LemonOne9 as he's helped countless people.
It can be beat, somehow someway.
What I've learned:

My recommendations My Entire Story I documented this entire ordeal. My case of m. gen is a bit strange because I haven’t been able to identify the source of the infection (Oddly, both women have not tested positive for mycoplasma genitalium).
How did I get m.gen? (background)
A few weeks later in late October 2019, I began seeing girl #2
Treatment #1 - Roxithromycin - 10 days [failed]
Post treatment #1

Treatment #2 - Azithromycin 1G + clarithromycin for 14 days + doxycycline for 7 days [failed]
Post treatment #2
Prostatitis symptoms
Treatment #3 (clarithromycin, roxithromycin) [failed]
Treatment #4 pt I: (Moxi for 1 day, levofloxacin, levofloxacin + doxycycline)
Treatment #4 part II: (sitafloxacin + minocycline + Myco supplement) [Success]
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2020.08.03 05:57 SquiffyyThrower Gyno supplements

Hello! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 14 years ago. About 2-3 years ago, I went off medicine. I just didn't have great insurance, and it felt like nothing was doing any good except for weight loss with the metformin (with the side effect of being horribly sick the entire time I take it), AND my depression had skyrocketed, so I just stopped everything for awhile. Before I stopped, I was on Norethindrone (it was the only birth control I found that didn't make me extremely sobbing-episodes-randomly-throughout-the-day emotional), metformin, multivitamins, cinnamon, spearmint, fiber supplements, and I can't even remember what else.
A year ago, my gyno started having me take Progestin every 7 weeks to force a period because apparently only having periods every 4-5 months significantly increases chances for cancer, as she described it. I went back in last week, and requested Norethindrone again, because I want to get regular and I want to try to get my symptoms (especially weight) under control. She also gave me a prescription of metformin so that I can "stare down the bottle" to try and make myself take it.
I've decided to do a combination of three supplements I read about on here (forgive my brain fog for not remembering exactly what they are without the bottles in front of me, but I know one is Ovasitol, one has three letters, and one starts with a B) in place of metformin, along with a multivitamin and the Norethindrone. When I went to pick up my prescriptions, though, I was quite surprised to find that the Norethindrone didn't come in a bubble pack like I expected. Its just in an ordinary prescription bottle. I called the pharmacy, and she explained that my Dr gave me 5mg of Norethindrone for birth control, which is much higher than the usual like .35 mg used for birth control. Because of this, the 5 mg doesn't come in a bubble pack. She recommended calling my dr to double check that I understood the use (I know I understood, because I specifically asked to go back on Norethindrone for birth control to regulate instead of taking Progestin every 7 weeks), and if that's what it's for, then to take it for 3 weeks and go off for a week. Has anybody else heard of this higher dosage being prescribed as regular birth control?
TL/DR: Has anyone elses doctor given them the higher 5mg of Norethindrone for birth control, and is that normal/safe?
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2020.08.02 10:19 pheephee1127 Supplements gyno

For a little over a year now, I have been dealing with terrible endo symptoms. My cramps have progressively become more painful and more frequent. Very few days go by where I don’t experience any sort of discomfort. Sex is absolutely unbearable, and it has really hurt my relationship with my boyfriend. I’m constantly constipated, bloated, nauseous and have the most terrible periods. Going to the bathroom always hurts. There have been numerous occasions where my pain was so severe that I actually went to the hospital.
I have been to 4 different gynos, tried taking daily supplements, change my diet, and start exercising more, but nothing has helped. I’m extremely nervous for my laparoscopy this week (not for the actual surgery, but for the results). I’m terrified that my doctor is going to tell me that she couldn’t find anything wrong with me and that I will have to go back to square one. My doctor thinks there is a high possibility that it’s endo, but my ultrasound looks completely normal. I’m feeling very hopeless and stressed right now. Would really appreciate any advice from anyone in this sub who has gone through a similar situation. Thanks guys
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2020.08.01 23:41 blue_sky99 Gyno supplements

If you are already taking a SSRI/antidepressant this is not for you as you can not take 5-htp with an SSRI.
My journey started with Post-Partum depression and being treated with Zoloft unsuccessfully. I only took Zoloft for a few months before I decided it wasn’t working. It seemed as the PPD passed but damn my PMS was raging. Anywhere from 7-10 days prior to my period I’d turn into someone that I absolutely hated. Depressed, irrational, angry, anxious, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I started talking to my gyno about options and he knew I didn’t do well on a SSRI so we researched. I heard about 5-htp and saw their studies from medical journals. I took it to my doctor and he was excited for me to try it and said he’s also heard great things but because it’s considered a supplement it’s not regulated by the FDA.
I can not tell you how much this has helped. I only take it 7-10 days out from my period to a few days past the last day of my period. I no longer feel I need to isolate myself and I can tolerate my husband and kids. I don’t feel resentful and angry. I still love myself. It has been such a blessing. I still suffer with fatigue, carb cravings, and normal physical side effects from my period but I can hardly complain when I’m not battling the mental toll PMS took on me and my family.
Please research 5-htp for yourself. Even supplements have side effects that can cause issues. is a good place to start to look at research done on 5-htp. Also, speak with your doctor. I take Natrol 100mg 5-htp at night. ( 200mg is the suggested dosage but I found 100mg worked better for me)
Good luck!
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2020.08.01 19:11 veneta99 Has anyone taken the BulkPowders Anti-Estrogen supplement to help with Gyno?

Just wanted to ask if anyone has taken this supplement and successfully reversed mildly puffy nipples and Gyno?
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2020.08.01 18:08 ariesthegirlwarrior Gyno supplements

Warning: a long vent post on the mobile app, I’m sorry for the babble and anything that’s incoherent. Just PMSing and I’m in the feels about it all. Feel free to also vent, send love/advice, or just lurk like I do, lol.
I’ll preface with I LOVE my husband and best friends - they are my chosen family. They support and love me unconditionally through all this and I feel blessed to have them. But they also don’t REALLY get it in the way others with multiple chronic illnesses get it. Which is why in the past year I’ve grown to love this app so much!
I grew up in a home/culture that’s very oppressive and misogynistic towards women, whether they realize it or not. And part of that trauma was always being told 1) I was a hypochondriac and nothing was wrong with me and 2) to suck it up buttercup. There was no kumbaya circle or trust or safe space where I felt like I could ever talk about my feelings, let alone the growing symptoms of what has turned out to be three separate chronic illnesses (Hashimoto’s, PCOS, and my newest diagnosis, fibromyalgia). So even now as an independent adult I struggle with being able to open up to the people right in front of me to say “HEY I FEEL LIKE DEATH TODAY”. I feel like so many chronic illness/pain people just stay silent on their pain because if we talked about it or like mentioned when we were having pain, it would be all we could talk about.
I’m nearing 30 and I just feel so OLD. Like I have the spirit of my 21 year old self - I was an athlete and so outgoing/body confident - but I’m trapped in the body of a 75 year old. And I feel like every time something happens and I tell the doctor, I’m getting more and more meds. It started with birth control for the PCOS at 19. Then the doctors thought I had lupus for years and gave me plaquenil for probably 3 years before my gyno realized it was NOT that and instead Hashimoto’s because my hair - my FAVORITE thing about myself - started falling out like crazy. So then I got synthroid for the Hashimoto’s at 26. Then as those have progressed (and I guess interacted with each other?), I’ve been given spironolactone and metformin. And now with the fibromyalgia the neurologist wants me to take Lyrica after years of muscle relaxers and heavy duty naproxen for the pain. All this on top of the 13+ different supplements/vitamins I take, dieting, and working out to no end.
And I’m terrified to take more medications! I haven’t started the metformin or Lyrica yet and I don’t know what it is - I guess I’m scared of having bad reactions or it making me fall 30 steps backwards in my already shit health? I tried health blogging the journey for a while as motivation and help to others but it’s so hard because I just got a lot of people telling me the medications are making me a slave to my body and to stop my birth control or use essential oils and ACV or go gluten free or whatever else I’ve received in my DMs.
I just feel like I’m in that movie where the girl keeps waking up in the time loop and she relives each day. It sucks that you can do everything right and still hurt. I see no changes in my body weight (I’ve gained like 30+ pounds over the course of 3 years because of all this with NO budge whatsoever) or health so I fall back into anxiety/depression/self hate which manifests to eating my feelings with pasta and cookie dough like once a month....I even quit my job right before covid hit to focus on my health (and since half of America seems to not want to believe in covid, it seems like I’m going to be stuck at home for the next decade).
Shit just sucks. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to be 21 again. I want to feel pretty again. I want to be boring and “normal”.
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2020.08.01 04:40 D_R_A_G_O_N- Gyno supplements

Just got the surgery done and my surgeon advised caution when it comes to supplements so it doesn’t grow back.
Does anyone have any good references for reading on which supplements cause breast tissue growth? I’ve never been a huge protein powder guy but in the months prior to my surgery I became a big fan of Pre-Kaged.
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2020.07.31 11:57 aaanettt Gyno supplements

Hi Girls,
I will get my period soon - in a 4 days based on the calendar and my body temperature rised - I feel like I’m warm during the day and night as well - I don’t sleep under duvet so I won't get warmer. I also noticed that my resting heart rate went up - I saw it go up before periods.
I go on a bike and do around 80km in a week - I'm actively biking since mid June. Maybe the higher body temperature is connected to sport and higher temperature outside - outside is around 30C and inside - where I work is around 25. I'm taking cold showers after bike.
I notices my body temperature rise after biking more - I went on a bike this week 4times in row as my Garmin watches (forerunner 245) says that I'm in Luteal phase - "Your body should be able to handle more endurance-based training right now, so go try that long run or ride". So I went on 7.5km, 7km, 30km and 10km bike rides this week - every morning. My 7day avg RHR is 63 - maybe it’s higher as I'm going to get on my period soon. My RHR was around 53 last week.
I also take supplements - protein, BCAA, omega3 and magnesium during training day. I drink a lot of plain water and I'm not drinking alcohol.
I'm not sure where should I asked this question, or if I should go visit my gyno so I'm asking there if someone experienced something similar and if there's a way how to help out with it,
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2020.07.28 14:45 maryadavies Supplements gyno

Been having trouble for a couple months now. Seems I'm getting irregular periods and having a LOT of trouble sleeping. My old blanket is now too hot and I don't know why..thought it might be peri but my blood pressure also spiked, it's regularly high now. Might of not helped that I was taking a combo birth control pill for a little while but when it really spiked, I said no to that.
Been trying a supplement for the sleep issues (hasn't helped..yet.), and I got a lighter blanket and a cooling mattress pad on the way. I also saw a gyno for the first time ever; she found fiborids.
Is there anything I can do or what I can tell the fibroid specialist when I see him so maybe I can get better? Thanks.
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