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Username: /u/bee_burr_wzz Join date: 2016-10-22 13:20:03. Link karma: 37786. Comment karma: 16846. Reputation: 22 trade(s) This information does not guarantee a successful swap. It is being provided to help potential trade partners have more immediate background information about with whom they are swapping. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the RULES and other guides on the WIKI Hello everyone! This is the final IC before groupbuy of DUCKBOARD - numpad with 18 keys, OLED and rotary encoder.. The GB date is finally approaching! Aug 11th is when the GB link will be posted both on mechmarket and discord. White duckboard. Black duckboard. Blue duckboard. close up view of all three duckboards [EU-NL][H] Noxary 268.2, GMK 9009, GMK Metaverse R1 [W] Paypal, trades. Trading. Timestamp. Product Description Source Price; Noxary 268.2: 5mm brass plate, clean desoldered PCB (with Hakko FR301) Got it from MKUK in a trade for GMK Handarbeit + Oblivion: €400 obo: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, TYPING VIDEO: [KR][H] GMK Dots, SA Bliss, SA Mitolet, SA BBJ Spacebars, Orochi(Metropolis, Infected), Fugu(Corrosive hallucination), PayPal [W] GMK Metaverse(R1), GMK Camping(R1), Shishi, Christmas Keyby, PayPal Officially licensed sports license plates are available for purchase. These plates can be personalized. Details regarding these plates and how to order them are available by selecting a category below. Yes, you can make online payments without creating an account. Make sure your policy number is handy. Timestamp. Selling the following today: Drop Alt High Profile Laser (barebones) - great condition, used lightly for a few weeks, there are a few scratches around the hot swap sockets, comes with orig box & accessories as well as this case - $250 shipped CONUS OBO. Looking for GMK Metaverse R1 base + novelties if anyone has a set to sell. [US-CA] [H] Paypal [W] GMK Metaverse R1. Buying. Been looking for this for a while. Looking for all kits (base + novelties especially). Will accept any condition but I'll pay more for 100% complete and unused/no shine. PM me if you're interested in selling, name your price. Thanks in advance! 1 comment. [AU][H]Artisans, GMK Metaverse R1, GMK 9009 R3 [W]Paypal, Trade. Trading. Artisans timestamp: Timestamp. Keysets timestamp: MetaverseR1, 9009. Heya r/mm, selling and trading some caps, keysets below. Prices are in USD and exclusive of shipping (shipping artisans/keysets to the US is $15/$25, other countries pm). Note that international shipping ... GMK Metaverse 2 X RAMA Aluminum Keycaps In a collaboration between RAMA works and Dead Encryption, these GMK Metaverse 2-themed keycaps are R1 Cherry Profile (Esc/Number row) with enamel infills. The polished raw aluminum keycaps feature a red infill while the anodized black keycaps feature a white infill. Not in Canad

2020.08.08 14:25 BHK1004 W согласование перепланировки отзывы

Price is firm and not looking to split.
GMK Metaverse R1 Base + Novs $500 shipped in US.
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2020.08.08 14:23 dxbluu [PS4]h:ts/e,f/e hm w:fixer

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2020.08.08 14:23 KiiroPudoro2426 I spy with my little eye two boy’s staring at not the berries but Serena...Ash where tf are you come here n o w >:v

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2020.08.08 14:20 OblivioAccebit [US-NY][H]Idea23 HiPro Black HHKB, KBD75v2 [W] Paypal

Looking to downsize. Please PM before commenting. Thanks.
Item Description Price
Idea23 HiPro HHKB Purchased from another user around 2 years ago. It has Idea23 HiPro caps, sliders lubed with 3204, silence-x rings, comes with original box, stock caps, and a few extras from the original seller. note: The Idea23 hiPro caps are pretty yellowed, the board was trapped in my office during COVID. Also, the left and right shift have a cracked stem. This was from the original owner. He said he wouldn't remove the caps unless you really needed to, as they might not go back on. I never needed to remove them, nor have I noticed any ill side-effects from the cracked stems. If he hadn't have told me, I probably would have never kenw. $215 shipped.
KBD75v2 Silver KBD75v2, built with retooled Cherry Blacks - spring swapped to 65g, filmed, and lubed with 3204. GMK Screw in stabs, lubed and clipped $200 no caps, $230 w/ pictured caps, shipped.
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Other weapons, armor, rare outfits, plans
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Click this ... click it
I see you reading this
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I can't purchase these yet and so would like to purchase for it through one of you, please.
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