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So, a small part of the backstory. We had this girl in our class, lets name her Susie(not her real name). She often has panic or anxiety attacks and needs to be brought to the nurses office stat. <---- important information.
I was sitting in science class, with my friend and my group. Lets bring up the fact that my group for the project had some bullies in it, popular girls who are always in the yearbooks.
Susie, who was friends with the entitled bullies, started to have a panic attack. I dont remember what started it but one of the girls stared a bit, before rushing over to the teacher. Keep in mind the rest of the bullies were just staring at this girl, hyperventilating and crying, shaking. I was finished with my part of the project at this time, now seated by some more of my friends. Unfortunately I knew I couldn't help, as I had no experience with panic or anxiety attacks and the teacher was telling the girls to move to another table.
Lets start with this. My science teacher was an amazing supportive one. He was also the schools yearbook photographer. He raised chickens and stickbugs in the classroom and was by far the best teacher I've ever had.
Another thing, we have this grading system, when someone in the class period has the highest grade, they get to sit in the special recliner positioned at usually the front of the room. The girl sitting there now was a nice girl I knew, she was in one of my other classes. Lets call her Sky.
The entitled girls were still frozen, shocked. Susie had actually transfered to school near the far middle of the year. The girls had no idea that this happened. The teacher was getting impatient and decided to pick up Susie, letting her know and getting a nod in approval, and asking Sky to move out of the recliner. Sky approves, soon after standing up and asking to help. Keep in mind the entitled girls were still sat their, now whispering to each other.
The nurse was called and Susie got taken down soon after. Now the entitled girls started whispering that she was weird for starting that for no reason, and that Susie shouldn't have made a scene like that over nothing.
I was FURIOUS, but being the why art kid I was, I sat my little ass down and ranted to my friends, lets call them Shey and Nat. Both girls BTW.
Shey was another art kid, who always raced with me to finish work, and played games on the chromebook afterward. Nat was the kid who watched and cussed and was the one who started the green dot cult in class. It was funny. Nat had mentioned the multiple times where these Entitled brats were bullying kids for 'not having proper clothes' or 'gossip false information'. Now I was mad. Even more mad then before.
See, heres the thing. I was a leadership kid. You might not have herd of it but I took the first ever leadership class in the school. We were helping clean and organise assembly's, we also worked with counclers to help stop bullying. Heres where I come into play.
I was good friends with counclers, usually having lunch with them on wednesdays with some other kids. I also knew the nurse and office staff as well. I reported the incident to the counclers, lets call her Mrs.R.
We had given her enough proof and witnesses for her to moniter the class while it was going. The entitled girls just didnt do the work assigned and gossiped as usual. The councler had decided that we had enough proof to take the girls to the principles office. I asked to remane anonymous because the girls are also in the leadership class, funny huh? They only took the class because they didnt want to 'do any work'. They also were one of the groups that didn't do anything but be on there phones for the class. Of course, our teacher was not happy with this and made them stay during LUNCH to finish the work.
This was possible because our period is 5th period, meaning we could do work for an HOUR. Then go to lunch. It was a fun class, but I don't really think I liked it that much. To many arguments. Anyway the entitled girls got in School detention and had to sit out of fun leadership activities for two weeks!
Susie was still shy, and she was super quiet. I never really approached her because I like to talk a lot. Anyways thats around the end of this story.
I actually have a bullied story of my own, if you wanna hear it, comment? I dont know how reddit works very well.
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2020.08.09 08:03 CC_2121 Adv M Needed (Romance/Drama RP)

~Long Beach California~
Sara giggled softly, holding her little baby girl high above her head. She danced in circles, bouncing the little bundle of joy around with her. The speaker in the background played one of her favourites “magic in the Hampton’s”. Her baby didn’t understand the lyrics, but being bounced around her smiled was just as big as her mothers.
As the song came to an end, the phone rang and Sara’s smile faded softly. She paused the music, resting the 18 month old baby on her hip. She picked up the home phone, and answered in a soft voice. “Hello?”
“Good evening Mrs. Marx. We’ve called to inform you that M/C will be released from prison in 12 hours. If interested in picking up Y/C and his things, please bring ID and come in through the west gait”.
Sara stopped dead in her tracks. She felt her body go limp, and her baby grab into her breast. She watched the colour drain from her mothers face, Sara’s fear translating to hers. She let out a soft whine, gripping into her mothers shirt. She slowly hung up, and set the phone back into its charger. Both arms wrapping around her baby girl and lifting her up and away from her. She had his eyes... his piercing blue eyes. The same eyes the drew Sara to him.
Sara and Y/C had met when she was 19 years old, he 21. They spent every waking moment together... in an out of bars and clubs, living their lives together to the fullest. They were always broke.. and he was always in trouble. As time progressed... so did he. He got worse and worse, he was away from her more, getting into trouble and coming home with things he could never afford. Breaking the laws.. and hurting people. Eventually, he was caught and sentenced to prison for 3 years. He left her alone, scared, married, and 3 weeks pregnant. Sara decided it was time to grow up. She was creating a baby... their baby... She got a job... an apartment.. and put her life back together. Without him.
PM me if interested
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2020.08.09 08:03 PokoIoco Would a cheapish TN pannel be noticably different in screen quality compared to a 1440p ips? I want to get this cheapo one to watch vids etc while playing games and such, I'm afraid the quality will differ too much though and ruin the desk aesthetics

current monitor https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/7e6d2031
One I want to buy as a secondary https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/1e261652
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2020.08.09 08:02 MrTurtleManAus Узаконить перепланировку форум watch ru

So when I’m on YouTube I usually use the magnifier to zoom in on things if I can’t read it or see it, just the other day I bought a brand new controller and I was just watching a video and I tried zooming in but it took like 5 seconds and 2-3 more pushes on the trigger to zoom in and then I zoom in more after another few pushes on the trigger and then I zoom out and it takes a couple goes again.
*** I just updated the controller and it’s better, but still a little choppy***
I just tested it and it only lags on YouTube, the homepage is fine and very responsive. Is this a bug they’ll, consider fixing, as I know I’m not the only person who uses magnifier?
Has anyone had this problem?
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2020.08.09 08:02 bellavolupia AITA for me using my husband's cell phone and yelling with him?

Hi! Today I was going to sleep when I saw my husband watching some YOUTUBE on TV and I asked him to give me the script for our documentary to read, because only he had written it and I wanted to evaluate, then came to me a big inspiration and I asked him "Can I write here?" on his cellphone, he said "of course". But, pass almost one hour of entertainment and he looks at me and say " I need my phone, I want to sleep with him" and I just said that I was writing, and I was tuff cause we are both artists, so WE SHOULD KNOW all about inspirations time.
AAAAND I was doing that with only One Eye, cause the other one was having an allergic reaction. Ok, he asks me for his phone several times in a short time, and I gave to him after finish it. And he keeps talking to me while I was running just like crazy to fix my eye.
I just started to really talk to him loudly and ask "what do you want?" while he talked to me, and he just told me to calm down, and ignored me like I was the asshole for yelling with him for "NOTHIN".
with that expression of "wow you're crazy"
Why sleep is more important than let me having for one night the inspiration with his cellphone?
What made me fell angry was the fact that he sometimes, like almost always even sleep with me at night, awake the role night just to stay creating art, don't do the cleaning, don't cook, and Im like an angel cause I respect his process of creation every single day, even before important events, I'm there just waiting he fishing everything.
Am I an asshole just because I was using his phone?
Should I have stopped writing when he asked for his cell phone and quit?
I belive that he was a asshole but I can't sleep thinking about the possibility that the cell phone owner being right about it 'cause he was doing me a favor leaving me writing on his cell phone so I don't miss my breeding moment.
Property above art?
Who's the asshole?
Ps: English is not my native language. 😳
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2020.08.09 08:02 shelra Watch форум ru узаконить перепланировку

I've recently watched few videos of reviews and stuff, and in one it was said that toriyama had started to dislike making dragon ball, correct me if its anything else. What I'm curious about is how did this franchise got resurrected in the first place, it had been so many years, I get it that it's popular as hell, but GT was already not that successful. Is there any specific event that led them to resurrect it?
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2020.08.09 08:02 TheGoatPuncher Узаконить перепланировку форум watch ru

Welcome to the fifth Group Day of War Chest Team League! Today, five teams will fight it out in the round robin group stage. The top two teams advancing directly to the Semifinals, and the next four to Quarterfinals.
I will be live updating the scoreboards throughout the day.
Have a great day everybody!
Countdown to LIVE -----------
Liquipedia Tournament Page. Includes a regularly updated bracket visual as well as timestamps
Tl.net match thread -----------
For newer viewers
CreightonOlsen's guide to watching a game of Starcraft ------
Liquipedia stream with extra informative and cool overlay
YouTube stream (English) CrankTV stream (Korean) TakeTV stream (German) HorussTV stream (Spanish) Cosmos stream (Portuguese) ------
Today's teams
Maynarde - The Dread Knights ZombieGrub - The Grubalubadubdubs feardragon - 4 Shades of Protoss
Cure INnoVation Neeb
PartinG ShoWTimE Trap
RagnaroK uThermal Astrea
TIME Elazer MaNa

Rifkin - Call an Ambulance but Not for Us Nathanias - The Tank Toppers
Clem Maru
Rogue sOs
Lambo HeRoMaRinE
Dear SuperNova
Scoreboard, Group Day 4 All matches best of 5 (first to win 3 games wins). 4 maps will always we played, regardless of the result of the first three maps. Proleague format.
Round robin group, every team plays every team. Top 2 teams advance to Semifinals, 3rd to 6th teams Quarterfinals.
Match # Teams Score
1 The Dread Knights vs. The Grubalubadubdubs 0-0
2 4 Shades of Protoss vs. The Grubalubadubdubs 0-0
3 The Dread Knights vs. 4 Shades of Protoss 0-0
4 Call an Ambulance but not for us vs. The Grubalubadubdubs 0-0
5 The Tank Toppers vs. 4 Shades of Protoss 0-0
6 The Tank Toppers vs. Call an Ambulance but not for us 0-0
A more detailed scoreboard can be found on Liquipedia.
VOD of the draft announcement.
VOD of the first broadcast.
Recommendations thread for the first broadcast.
VOD of the second broadcast.
Recommendations thread for the second broadcast.
VOD of the third broadcast.
Recommendations thread for the third broadcast.
VOD of the fourth broadcast.
Recommendations thread for the fourth broadcast
Enjoy the games!
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2020.08.09 08:01 Gigadweeb [4chan/retro gaming] /vr/ and a neverending war of what counts as 'retro'

Ah, 4chan. If there's one thing impressive about it, it's how people who are in such an insular, small community can spend so many time flinging insults at one another for perceived slights. /v is no exception to this. As you can already tell, it's an imageboard dedicated to the discussion of retro games - currently, everything up to the release of the Sega Dreamcast, as according to the board sticky. This rule has been in place since 2014, and has had no alterations up to this point. This has always caused some level of controversy on the board, due to fans of sixth gen consoles (PS2/GC/aforementioned Dreamcast/XB), but not nearly as much in the past year or so.
The common debates around this topic relate to the power of certain consoles, the intent for online play and DLC, and the actual definition of retro. A great example is discussion of the Game Boy Advance. Released in 2001, it's more or less a portable SNES in terms of console power and design philosophy when it comes to released games - that is to say, mostly JRPGs, platformers and the like - anything that requires 3D isn't going to be on here. A couple of anons have spent the past couple of months repetitively posting GBA '''discussion''' threads based around ports and remakes (which are allowed on /v) in a thinly veiled attempt to 1. get discussion of original GBA games going, and 2. stir up some juicy drama. Example A here.
A large amount of the counterplay to the validity of the discussion of the GBA on /v is the console release date. Arguers will point out that according to the sticky, /v is for the discussion of consoles and platforms released before 2000. However, the counter-counterpoint to this refers to the line "With the release of the 8th generation of consoles", implying that there is some sort of time factor to whether something should be considered retro.
If you're saying to yourself "this seems completely arbitrary!" you're absolutely correct. We haven't even started proper yet. Another common cause for 'debate' is the GameCube. Example A, Example B. Largely because the console is viewed as more of a relic of fifth gen game design on better hardware, with online play being a rarity and still intended for use on CRTs. However, a lot less people are keen on discussing it on /v, commonly pointing to the influx of SSBM and other first-party Nintendo threads on /v/ as an example of it not really being a forgotten, long-outdated console; still having plenty of relevance in a modern age.
The recent addition of the boards /vrpg/ and /vmg/, dedicated to RPGs and mobile games respectively, by current site owner hiroyuki has added fuel to the fire. /v2k/ as a board for sixth-gen discussion has been a fairly common suggestion as a form of 'compromise' to give people space to discuss the Gamecube, XBox and PS2 without it drowning out regular /v discussions, and even the idea of moving fifth-gen consoles there so strictly 2D platforms are the only ones left on /v. Now that these 'containment' boards have been added to declutter /v/, people have been making fun of sixth gen consoleposters for getting 'cucked' out of a board by gacha gamers and the like. These threads get posted often, and get deleted quickly. Example A, Example B
The release of the PS5 and XBSX at the end of this year will surely add yet even more fuel to the fire of this entirely trite flamewar, regardless of whether sixth gen consoles are accepted on the board or not. I'll post an update to this next year, and in the meantime I'll be sitting in my bed, getting mad at people who can actually find decent quality CRTs for their old consoles. I just want to play PS1 games without them looking like sharp hot garbage on the typical LCD screen, dammit, but there's nothing around here apart from burnt-in Panasonic CRTs from the boomers who were glued to it watching footy and televangelical programs.
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2020.08.09 08:00 ColmMacodh Узаконить перепланировку форум watch ru

I am now on Day 106 of No PMO and I now am reaping what I sow! I have many stories of real life as opposed to diary entries of shame and solitude.
A+ Grades All The Way
I am in my final semester for my degree, and have several job opportunities that I will be applying for in the next 2 weeks. Some with major companies, where they all seem to react with greater positivity and excitement than normal politeness would require when I contact them. I am confident I will land something great before I finish this year, and am rising to the challenge of juggling being a teacher assistant for four courses/classes each week whilst studying five additional courses myself, with a goal to maintain my straight A reputation.
I view my work with pride, as over the years, I can see a significant difference. I walked into the degree as a youthful and ripe 21 year old, who was carefree and jovial and I am now a mature and confident leader in groups, a loyal confidant with close friends, a guide to junior students and a recipient of female attraction from my fellow teacher assistant.
Colleague coming onto me short story
Let me tell you about this dramatic saga. The first week, after we first met she asks me for whats-app, but I said I did not use this app and recommended messenger. The second week I saw this girl, we were hosting a tutorial for diploma students. She laughs at everything I say, and began to touch me everywhere on my arm, on my back and even on my right thigh really close to my cr*tch for several long seconds. The continuous streams of smiling and physical touch did certainly capture my attention, and it was difficult to quickly forget.
This was clearly a s*xual advance, which I am confused by as she had a wedding ring on her finger. However, I remember she had no rings on during the previous week so maybe she felt no need to show she was taken the previous week, and felt a need to do so after becoming attracted to me or she is using it as a prop to be a whole forbidden fruit type thing. I suppose I will have to ask, as she doesn't seem to talk about things like this with me.
This was right after a younger girl whom I work with as student rep. waved to me after not seeing me for 3 weeks. I feel she wants to be friendly, or perhaps she is more innocent and needs a guy to take the lead. Whereas miss tutorial seems to be a bit more bold and confident and forward than the innocent and genuine good girl. To be honest, I am confused as to whether I like the bold girl, or whether I like her forward, open and touchy approach as I typically feel a greater pull towards the whole damsel in distress type girl, or the carefree young ones which are happy and always at ease. I watched too many movies in my teens, so it has deeply ingrained in my system. My Achilles Heel is soft feminine voices and personalities from petite women, who are open, friendly and fun-loving. This seems to tap into my primitive protective instinct where I want to protect and romance these women.
However, I suppose this bold and aggressive but still feminine and attractive women is something I have no experience with. I respect her confidence, but am unsure if I can return any feelings to her. But that is a story for another day.
I am focused on my degree, and am not prioritising relationships/dating, especially with taken girls. I would prefer someone single and available. But it is good to have these interactions to remind me of how much I like women and how great it would be to start dating after I graduate or sooner.
Message to the PMO Addicts
To the PMO addict this type of women will be simply limited to video content and the addict will believe such things do not occur in real life. But the truth is, men and women were made for each other which is why natural attraction is so much easier if you avoid pixelated images and just focus on living a real, true and honest life.
Good Friend whom I deeply value and have a lot of respect for
In other news, a good friend I have made this year after we began helping each other with study and then shared some jokes and funny personal stories and beliefs we developed a bond, that appears platonic, despite at first me seriously considering her as a romantic prospect before I found out she had a boyfriend. Our friendship seems to be going well and it seems she is very happy with her boyfriend as last week she told me about their most recent date together. They seem cute together, and I figure they will one day get married, buy a home and start a family.
Last class, she called out to me at the parking lot, but I could never hear her. This caused her to park over the lines, and she then jokingly showed me her parking ticket she got last week. I smiled and laughed as I had shared a video of me getting a parking ticket earlier that week as well. She told me "I was calling out to you, and told you to wait" as I stood by the concrete stairway to class. I said "Oh sorry, I couldn't hear." She then asked me to hold her pink lunchbox, and to which I obliged.
I held her lunchbox whilst she re-parked her car. Some real 'reddit red pill types' will be like "Oh bro you being a wuss holding her bag, that a shit test, don't do it." Um, no. I take holding her lunchbox as her giving me a reason to stick around so we can walk and talk together to class, as opposed to shooting off without her. Plus, I respect her as a human and take no offense to holding something, that doesn't make me gay or a beta, it is simply makes me an adult who treats people with respect.
This time our walk and talks were quite serious at first as we chatted about study and applying for jobs but she later shared her story about meeting Sam from Sticky TV (a TV Show in New Zealand) after I mention photo bombing Jono and Ben (New Zealand Comedy Show) and I now realise another age old theme with us is discussing our childhoods. Two weeks before, we chat about Harold the life education giraffe and her colouring in competition success, to which after I told her about my construction design competition she said "You got this, you're really good at handling pressure."
During class, she sits closer to this other guy. Because she needs to sit by the wall to charge her HP Laptop. As a result, the other guy helps her a lot, as she forgot her calculator and they chat about this and that. I do not own her, so she can do what she wants, but to be honest, I was happy for her except for when she shares the 'Whenever anybody sneezes, everyone just says Corona Virus.' This was something I shared with her two weeks earlier, which made me jealous that she was continuing my joke I made with her without me. However, she did walk and talk with me to the shop, so I guess she is just outgoing that way.
Three hours later, class was cut early so we never chatted together during lunch, but she shared her dating stories with me, which I interpret as her confiding in a friend. She told me after her date, she went to her boyfriends house and said "we just chilled". This could mean a number of things, but I best not pry into any of that, as judging by her story they had a great time.
Another guy in our class seemed to push for us to keep in contact just before class ended. She decided on messenger, after I felt it would be best to use what she was comfortable with. Later when we walk out the class, the other guy is walking just in front and a rather awkward situation arises when we have to decide upon a direction. My friend is about to walk one way, whilst I am caught up walking with the other guy and my friend then stops and comes to me so we can walk together. She says "Lets just pick a path and see where it leads". And then I talk to the new guy and say "Where did you park?" And he replied and points across the field "Just at the back there." I say "I think we parked in the same place." And then turn to my friend to see her give me a look to express discomfort and a wish to separate from this guy. It seemed they were quite friendly during class, but that's just the way she is, she is very sociable with everyone. So I was confused. I then think on my feet and say "Nah actually I think we parked over there instead." And then he says, "All good, I have to go to the toilet anyway" i joke "Well it will be a little weird waiting outside for you." And then we parted ways and he said "Well I think it will be good to start a messenger chat, so we can talk about class."
I turn to my friend and she looks at me with a grimace, as to say she is not happy with this and seems to feel uncomfortable with this situation. Now free, we walk down the path and she seems happy that she is free from the guy that wants to hunt everyone down on messenger chat lmao!
Our parting words included the fact there was so little to do as an adult if you were not an alcoholic and as we were about to enter our cars parked two spaces from each other. After realizing she talked a lot about herself for while she then quickly shifts the topic to "Hey, how was YOUR week?." with genuine interest. We both stop and stand around without me giving a proper answer as I tell her "I am tired but will talk more and share stories next week." Without much of a smile from either of us, we part ways and venture into the weekend, with 4 more weeks of this class left in this semester.
Best friend
The busyness of my life from full-time study, and working and performing in my TA/student rep job as chatting with my new friend and having a mountain of applications to make, has made me forget I haven't seen my best friend in 4 weeks! Once the year is over, I believe a proper celebration and road trip is in order. Plenty to catch up on and a heap to do!
Roundup of the week
In conclusion, my commitment to personal improvement in study, work and health and relationships and friendships has been made possible with Nofap. At 106 days I have stories with real people I care about as opposed to another diary entry wishing for my life to be better without actually doing anything to make it so.
You reap what you sow!
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2020.08.09 08:00 IlliterateIdiot69 Узаконить перепланировку форум ru watch

If you don't have a dark sense of humour, or get upset easily. Don't watch this. My attempt at the intro meme thingy. submitted by IlliterateIdiot69 to ForzaHorizon [link] [comments]

2020.08.09 08:00 DarthBrickus Перепланировку ru узаконить форум watch

I wanna experience the story (again) together with my preschoolers, what do you guys think is a good age to start? I dont want to get it go over their heads, or be too scary. To get a reference, we're currently enjoying stuff like "DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders".
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