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Here's a viewing order that lists when the Marvel movies hit theatres, starting with the first Marvel film all the way up until the most recent. Iron Man (2008) The Incredible Hulk (2008) To watch the Marvel movies in release order, meanwhile, your Marvel marathon starts with 2008's Iron Man, our introduction to the MCU and Robert Downey Jr's iconic portrayal of Tony Stark. First time watching the Marvel movies. Film/Television. Legit never watched any of these movies. So I saw I picture of the chronological order to watch them. After each movie I typed up a synopsis and some thoughts about each one. Capt America- skinny dude becomes buff soldier. Punches bad guy in face. Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Pictures. When you saw the first Iron Man movie in 2008, did you have any idea that twelve years later, you’d be elbow deep in an entire fandom? There were certainly many movies based on Marvel characters before the release of Iron Man.However, the Tony Stark-centric story was what set into motion the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has over 23 movies —with even more in the works. Staying up to date with Marvel movies is a challenge, and catching up can seem like even more of a chore. All Marvel movies in chronological order. 1. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) 2. Iron Man (2008) 3. The Incredible Hulk (2008) 4. Iron Man 2 (2010) 5. Thor (2011) So, you’ve decided to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.Consisting of 23 films released from 2008 to 2019, the “Infinity Saga” tells the story of dozens of heroes and a handful of ... The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films are a series of American superhero films produced by Marvel Studios based on characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics.The MCU is the shared universe in which all of the films are set. The films have been in production since 2007, and in that time Marvel Studios has produced and released 23 films, with at least 14 more in various stages ... Here's how to watch all 23 Marvel movies in order of story. Enjoy this Marvel movie marathon order to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in chronological order. Some of them argue the correct way to binge Marvel's movies is chronologically by when the respective films' events took place. That makes 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger the first film...

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Legit never watched any of these movies. So I saw I picture of the chronological order to watch them. After each movie I typed up a synopsis and some thoughts about each one.
Capt America- skinny dude becomes buff soldier. Punches bad guy in face. Guy rips his face off and is like the devil? Never explained. Fights over a blue ice cube. Crashes a plane and wakes up 70 years later not aged and never explained how survived crash.
Capt marvel- laser tag meets butterfly effect meets time travel. Bad guys are good guys fighting over I think the same blue ice cube and she’s never actually called captain marvel.
Iron man- basically Batman. Rich dude big company and buys/makes himself a super hero. No blue ice cube but blue gem like thing in chest to help his heart. I think he and pepper Potts will become a thing.
Iron man two- turns out the blue gem wasn’t the same blue ice cube and it was killing Tony. He watched an old home movie to find a new element to make a new blue/white triangle. His friend stole his silver suit and they fight off a Russian guy with lightning ropes. He makes more army suits and they fight them. ScarJo is assistant, and secret badass and Already an avenger with eye patch Sam Jackson. Pepper and tony kiss. Confirms initial thought of romance.
Thor- army of the dead are fighting Vikings and the Night king guy hasthe blue ice cube. Vikings win and take the ice cube and go to a different world. Thor and his brother leave and run across the rainbow road to fight against the kings word. He has a hammer and clubs everyone and wins. His friends fight off the army of the undead and then Thor gets banished like monsters inc. he ends up at earth and the men in black come and take all the scientists equipment. Thor finds out his hammer is here on earth and said it’s name is Miramar. Thor’s brother finds out he’s part ice giant and yells at the king and he dies. The half ice brother becomes new king. Thor finds his hammer but he can’t pick it up. Thor fights a metal terminator guy, dies and his kinda dead dad cries a tear, and then the hammer boomerangs to him and he is alive again and fights it off. Then he goes back to the rainbow road breaks it and can’t return to earth. The original king has an eye patch...maybe it’s linked to nick fury?
Incredible Hulk- white guy works at Mountain Dew factory and goes on aim to get a flower. He does crazy parkour through Brazil and gets mad. He fights everyone and ends up shirtless in Guatemala. Shows up in Virginia and sleep at an old pizza place. When his heart rate is 200 he becomes the hulk. Maybe he can get what iron man has for his heart rate? Confused why his shirt rips every time but his pants somehow stay on. Even after he buys the new stretchy kind. He becomes bulletproof too as the hulk...and only roars...why can’t he talk? Gives off a King Kong kinda vibe. The army guy is getting shots for muscles not sure why they don’t just use what they did for capt America. The army guy turns into his own hulk and first hulk fights new bad hulk. Good hulk wins.
Avengers- blue ice cube is called tesseract. Capt America survived in ice. And Thor’s brother stole the tesseract. Each avenger goes and collects another avenger. The navy boat becomes a plane and everyone starts chirping each other “you’re nothing without your suit” “everything you are is from a bottle”. Loki is in a cell but all hell breaks loose on the plane. Hulk is pissed and breaks everything, iron man becomes a plane engine and Thor is thrown off the plane. The main men in black guy gets killed and captain America is a dick and never signed his baseball card. Hulk always ends up naked when he wakes up. ScarJo has red in her permanent record and wants to white it out for some reason. All avengers are turning on each other. Probably what starts a “civil war” in future movie. Some metal fish come out of a portal and avengers win and Thor and Loki take the blue ice cube to their world. Everyone else go their own separate way. I have a feeling that men in black guy Phil isn’t dead.
Iron man 3- Tony and pepper are for sure a thing now. His friend becomes the iron patriot (looks a lot like capt America in a iron man suit). And there’s like an al queda video of terrorists. There’s a flashback to 99 where tony meets a geeky guy and blows him off a meeting on the roof to wheel some broad instead. He now looks like a GQ model and runs this terror group. The broad tony wheeled works for him. She goes to see tony and he blows up his house. Tony flies to TN and gets a sidekick. Side note that kid is the same loser kid from Jurassic world. It would be pretty cool if he becomes iron kid...if that’s a thing. The GQ model guy takes injured veterans and grows their arms back but they become like lava people and then they blow themselves up. They’re kinda like terminators but with fire. They find the terrorist guy in the videos and he’s like a homeless bum actor. And then they put a fire guy in the capt America iron man and steal the president. Tony saves all the people without even being in the suit. Then he basically calls all his iron man army and they fight the fire terminators. Iron patriots flies the president out. Then tony has pepper dangling over fire and he doesn’t catch her. I doubt she’s dead though. Tony puts the fire guy in a suit and blows it up. Then the lava guy comes up and pepper is a fire guy and hits him with a bat. Kicks a bullet at him and blows him up with her iron man arm. Then tony blows up all his iron man army and gets his blue light in his chest fixed.
Thor dark world- honestly chalk this one up as an L. This was brutal to get through. Night elves are battling Thor’s grandpa I think over an Ethernet power source. The Viking people beat the elves and bury the Ethernet power in a tomb. Probably powers all light or something since it’s called the dark world. Anyways Loki is in prison then they get him out. Go and fight the bad guys. And Jane somehow gets the Ethernet thing in her and they start warping through worlds. They need to stop malachi from lining up the worlds. Kinda like Hercules where the planets align. Loki cuts off Thor’s arm like in Star Wars. Loki dies and then they kill the night elf king Malachi. At the end Loki is actually oden the dad. Thor returns to Jane and is completely blowing off Stan.
Capt America winter soldier- capt America is trying to find his place and fights off pirates on a ship, then he meets his old gf and goes to his own museum and no one notices him. The police commit a hate crime on nick fury for some reason. Black widow keeps trying to set him up with people and I have a feeling she likes him. Nick dies but I suspect something’s up. The usb is behind the hubba bubba!!! Widow and capt get a black dude to be a metal eagle or something and fight a metal arm long haired guy. Then they get captured by the men in black. The metal arm guy is capt America’s friend from army camp. Also nick fury is still alive. I guess no one dies in these things. Like everyone survives catastrophic events. Shield people are basically nazis too. Metal arm and capt America are technically two 90+ yr olds lol Metal arm and capt America fight and then metal arm saves him from drowning. Capt america drops his shield. Does he have extras? That one guy is burned pretty bad but could still be alive. Cause like I one seems to die maybe he comes back as a bad guy again. Fury commits arsen and burns his eye patch.
Guardians of the galaxy- Andy Dwyers mom dies and get abducted by aliens. I have a feeling she was an alien. Why else would the kid just get abducted? Maybe that box had something important in it. He meets a raccoon and tree and fights a green avatar. They are trying to find and acquire a blue Christmas ornament. There’s a blue guy with a bigger hammer like Thor, he talks to the big purple rock guy I think that’s Thanos. The tree only says “I am groot” Kinda like Wall-E and Hodor. Maybe there is a back story there. Hope he learns more words. I can’t tell who the bad guy is. Ronin? He sounds just like kylo ren. Everyone is fighting over the ornament and it has a purple stone inside. Apparently all the stones make one big power. And the blue ice cube is one of them. I guess that’s what thanos wants is all the stones. Blue avatar girl blows up green avatar girl cause she had the ornament. My guess is that she doesn’t die cause no one dies. And that ornament goes to ronin and it’ll be empty. So someone switched it out. Andy Dwyer has iron man boots and goes to save her. Yep she’s not dead. Kylo ren puts the ornament in his hammer and thanos hangs up on him. Thanks looking a lot like Zordon from power rangers. A different blue avatar guy with a magic wand that’s connected to his Mohawk stabs Andy Dwyer in the neck. The blue avatar fights the green avatar again and there’s a huge battle. Groot sacrifices himself and saves everyone. Andy Dwyer holds the purple stone and doesn’t get blown up and finds out he’s only half mortal. Maybe we find out his dads identity in gog2. He tricks the blue guy with the Mohawk and they blast off. Groot regrows himself.
Guardians of the galaxy 2- visit gold people planet and steal batteries. The gold people play a video game to fight them. Blue Mohawk guys is in the red light distrust with some robot whores. He wants to sit at some table with rocky and rocky said no. Andy dwyers dad comes back and takes him. Blue avatar girl shoots off blue Mohawks Mohawk. Baby groot gets him a new Mohawk and his magic wand breaks them out of the prison cell. Blue avatar crashes a ship trying to kill green avatar. Andy Dwyers eyes turn to a galaxy and finds out his dad has been banging something on every possible planet. There’s a lot of blue lightning. Maybe it’s connected to the blue ice cube? The gold people are back playing their video games. The laser balls kill the gold people’s video game blue avatar terminator arm powers their ship. Blue Mohawk sacrifices himself.
Avengers age of ultron- the avengers fight hydra and Hawkeye never seems to run out of arrows. The internet’s fight. Avengers get drunk and try to lift Myanmar Thor’s heavy hammer. Ultron kills Jarvis and makes himself into a terminator. The terminator wants to eliminate humans. He takes a yellow marble from Loki’s stick. If ultron runs on the internet can’t they just turn off the WiFi? The avengers start fighting each other...maybe this is what leads to their civil war later. Jarvis becomes a red man. And has a yellow marble. Ultron makes a city float up and all hell breaks loose. The really fast guy dies trying to save Hawkeye who was trying to save an idiot kid. Widow likes the hulk and the hulk goes missing in the plane after throwing ultron out of it. He’s basically awal Jarvis uses the yellow marble to blow up ultron.
Ant man- looks like this one is going to be about some red kool aid that makes you small. Some guy Pim makes a particle. Paul Rudd gets out of prison. Oh of course Pim is spelled Pym. This bald dude just turned a distinguished guest into a red mush and flushed him down the toilet. Thought this was ant man, why’s there a yellow jacket? Isn’t there already a green hornet? And a future movie with a wasp? Crazy insect movies. He breaks into a safe to get into another safe and takes the ant man suit and stuff. He can shrink and can control ants. He goes to get a harmonica from the avengers place. The wasp was pyms wife so maybe she comes back or Hope somehow becomes wasp later. Ant man sneaks in to destroy the yellow jacket. Pretty standard stuff.
Capt America civil war- big fight scene with a biker who looks like the punisher. Man he’s hideous. Oh wait it’s that hydra agent from before. Again no one dies! Winter soldiers mind is erased again. Maybe he causes the civil war amongst the avengers. Some avengers want to sign this paper some don’t, black panther pretty sure was in this. I have a feeling captain America is going to wheel that lady’s granddaughter from the cia. Crazy parkour in this one. Big fights going on the black panther guy is there and the government takes away the super suits and they still seem to kick ass. Winter soldier has some blue liquid that makes him pissed off d bag who kills everything. Maybe it’s the blue liquid from the blue ice cube? Woah Spider-Man is in this one, and ant man? It’s basically super hero team iron man vs team cap America. Iron man fights cap America in end battle cause winter soldier killed Tony’s parents. No one dies and they kinda seem to make up. They must get back together cause pretty sure there’s two more avengers movies. Also where the hell is hulk and Thor? They didn’t want to help out this one? And how did stark find out who peter Parker was?
Black panther- this one starts off with a lion king kinda vibe. African country king is dead and the prince is a super hero? Out of nowhere the wachootoo tribe from ace ventura shows up to challenge for the throne. After beating the wachootoo member..he becomes the black panther? Wasn’t he already that? Seems like wakanda has this blue power source vibranium. Linked to the blue ice cube? Creed comes in and kills the guy the black panther wants. Finds out creed is his cousin. All the black panther does is whisper, lots of whispering going on. Then creed tosses black panther off the cliff (probably isn’t dead) and becomes the new black panther. His family takes a purple plant to the wachootoo tribe. The bad black panther fights the good black panther and the wachootoo tribe fight all other tribes. A rhino licks the bald girl and good black panther wins.
Spider-Man man homecoming- Peter is already spider man and it takes place right after the civil war. Iron man makes him a new suit. So did he not get bit by the spider? Is MJ in this? Ahh okay yeah he tells his friend he got bit. Michael Keaton shows up and is the bad guy in this garage with blue lightning guns. Spider man gets a purple glowing rock. Spider man suit works like the irons mans suit but with no iron. The bad guys have hulk hands with lasers on it. Woah the girl that Spider-Man likes dad is the iron captain falcon guy. They fight spider man wins and tony offers him a spot on the avengers and he turns it down. The weird girl at the end says her name is MJ. Thought MJ was Mary Jane but I guess In this one it’s Michelle. I have a feeling that captain falcons daughter finds out about Peter and become bad.
Ant man and the wasp- rescue mission for wasps mom. Hologram mummies messing shit up. Stealing mini building and cars. The hologram mummy is a girl who somehow survived a huge tunnel explosion (again no one dies). Hank Pima coworker looks after her. And she becomes a spy for the men in black called shield. A bad guy keeps trying to take the mini building and hank goes to the subatomic level to find his wife. She’s probably not dead either. Ant man gets huge and then really tired and passes out under water. His belt needs updated cause it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe a Bluetooth pairing issue? Yeah the wife isn’t dead and somehow survived in a subatomic quantum realm for 30 years. The hologram mummy comes and steals the lab again. The missing lady touches the holograms temple and makes her not a hologram and everyone escapes and no one ever dies.
Dr. Strange- karate class runs along sideways folding building and a pompous doctor speeding down the road and crashes over a cliff and doesn’t die. Obviously. His hands are messed up and he goes to this weird country and becomes like a ninja wizard and he noticed some pages stolen from the restricted library book. The bald lady who runs the dojo is the queen from narnia. A lot of weird loud noises and magic going on. The bald lady gets her power from the dark evil world and helps the good normal world. Strange and his friend run around fighting the guy with mascara and fold buildings and stuff. Then they jump in a ring of fire and rewind the city from collapsing. And strange puts himself on a time loop with a big purple guy called Romoomoo. There’s no ice cubes in this one but there is a jewel in the compass looking thing. This one is green. Maybe linked to the blue cube and the one on Jarvis forehead? The bald people turn to dust and It ends with him putting on a broken watch. Probably significant with time...but this one kinda sucked.
Thor Ragnarok- Thor has to beat this molten lava guys crown off to prevent Asgard from burning down. His dad is Loki in a disguise then dr strange comes up and throws them in a ring of fire and they find his dad. Now the dad tells them about this sister of theirs and she appears and the dad goes away. The sister breaks Thor’s hammer Myanmar and Loki and Thor fight on the rainbow road. I remember seeing trailers for this movie and I thought it was like some tournament. Woah this is where hulk has been? Reminds me of gladiator. Hulk becomes regular again and they fly in the devils butthole. Thor fights his sister and all of the townspeople are crossing the rainbow road when Clifford the big crazy dog comes running. Then hulk drops down and fights it. Loki was good then bad then good then bad and back to good? Guy has some serious issues to work out. Still kinda confused...Thor is the god on thunder...but he seems to generate bolts of lightning. Thor sends Loki to ingnite the big devil guy to destroy Asgard. And he passes the blue ice cube. I’m guessing he took it. Oh ya and Thor loses an eye. The whimsical rock friend is the best part of this movie.
Infinity war- guessing this is a war about infinity stones. That purple guy is thanos and he has a big metal glove and is collecting stones like Pokémon badges. He has a purple one and breaks the blue ice cube Thor had and now has 2. Said 2 more are on earth. One I think is on Jarvis forehead and that’s yellow. Loki is choked out and dies. All these super heroes are teaming up. Jarvis and his gf get jumped. Tony and Spider-Man hang out and then this old looking guy lifts his fingers and creates chaos everywhere. Thanos keeps finding stones to put on his knuckles. And Andy dwyers girlfriend has a secret. The blue avatar girl is being ripped apart and each team of heroes is off doing something else. Woah Tyrian Lannister is in this and he’s a giant! He makes a new hammer for Thor and couple of the teams meet up. Thanos and green alien girl garmora go to this place and meet a phantom guy who looks like darth maul. Wait hold up. Is this the guy from capt America who rips his own face off and the red skull dude? He said he got banished like in monsters inc. Wow. Really coming full circle here. Thanos throws gamora off the cliff and wakes up in a puddle with the yellow or orange stone. Thought Jarvis had a yellow one. Hulk gets an iron man suit. Andy Dwyer pinches thanos when they almost got his glove off. And I like it that Wanda is in Wakanda. Tony gets stabbed and dr strange gives him the green stone. Then dr strange says the next movie end game. Yeah pretty cool foreshadowing there. All he needs is the one stone on Jarvis forehead. He was so close to it and Wanda shatters it and I think kills Jarvis. But he’s probably still alive somehow. Thanos goes back in time and plucks it from his forehead like a pimple. Thor comes flying down and stabs him with his new hammer. He goes to this red area with baby gamora. And everyone turns to dust. Then thanos is looking at the sunset.
End game- half the people are dust and gone. Tony is losing his mind and capt marvel comes back. They find thanos in like 30 seconds and strangle him and Thor decapitates him after finding out he used the stones to destroy the stones. Jumps 5 years later. Ant man comes back cause he was too tiny to turn to dust. And tony figures out time travel. Arrow guy is killing so many people even kenji from rush hour 3. They all get 1 shot to go back in time and redo what went wrong. Hulk convinces bald lady to hand him the green stone. Cool how those colors lined up. I have a feeling they’ll undo all the bad stuff and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. And no one will die ever. Thanos uses his robot daughters future memory to figure shit out. Yep that darth maul nazi guy is for sure the guy in the first one who rips his skin off. Hawkeye and widow fight each other to die over the cliff for the yellow stone. They make a glove for hulk and he turns back time. Oh forgot Tony meets his dad when he goes back a second time and pretty cool that the limo driver was named Jarvis. Then all hell breaks loose and somehow captain America holds Thor’s hammer. They fight and all the portals open up and legit every super hero shows up. Capt marvel comes down and does prob the most damage. Tony ends up getting the stones snapping his fingers and turns everyone to dust. Thanos drifts away just like Voldemort. Tony dies and everyone is at his funeral, even nick fury somehow? the timeline is fixed and captain America goes back in time to replace the stones. He comes back as an old man and ended up with Margaret. He gives the shield to the falcon guy.
Side notes/things I learned A lot of alliterations. No one dies. No one uses guns to kill people. No one is monitoring these freak science experiments. My favorite two characters are the only two good guys who end up dead
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2020.07.31 11:39 2020_Exe Warning: Ep.24 focuses on the now loading Youtube arc. OVERLOADED Ep.22

Previous: Ep. 21
~Lab, near the unknown chamber~

Lo: You know what, life’s complicated.
Back then, I was a carefree little fellow.
(Flashes back to the early days in his former Kirby-filled home)
I play, I eat, I love & I cared onto the world. Until that fateful day, (shows the invasion & how he escaped, then when he lands to the Mushroom Kingdom) when I met the fellow goofballs. (Shows footage of the prologue, then to constant eps from 1 to 21) Im really thankful. Because with those friends, we had so many good times together, & had so much adventures alongside those.
But who knew those 15 months (shows his own & Desti’s death, Luck’s collateral, his time as Sammy, & recovering its flashbacks)
Can change everything.

(Then shows Zel getting shot & later died. Lo then looks onto the chamber, revealing to be Desti)
Lo: So I had made 2 promises, to bring you back from the dead (shows Desti’s final words) & to win Splatfest,

Ep.22 Destinies
No matter what.

~February 28, Training Grounds~
Brenda: Are you sure he’s the one?
Kel: Yep. I felt it in here.
Lo: Hey honey, are those you’re ghost friends?
Kel: Yep. This is George (G’Morning to you),Brenda (hi), & Dave (’sup).
Lo: Ok, training is starting now so wish me luck.
Kel: Ok.

Lo: (shoots Mario) Strike 1!
SMG4: (to Mario) You’re out!
(Lo then notices Luigi’s assault & heads to the side of the container for a surprise attack. Meggy then follows Tari when she notices him on behind)
Meggy: You really think that’s gonna be easy?(shoots him at the balls)
Lo: AAA, mah pingas.
SMG4: (to Lo) YOU’RE OUT!

Kel: Yo, are you ok?
Lo: Yep. Not even a close nutshot can keep me down.
Boopkins: You guys really did well too!
Kel: Lo, do you think Meggy’s feeling well?
Lo: Dunno, but we be sure she’ll figure it out.

~6pm, 9123 O’Hare St. (Lo’s house)~
(As the afterparty raged on, Lo notices the rustling on his trash can outside)
Lo: Dammit, those raccoons are out of it again. Can you hold this for me Boopkins?
Boopkins: Sure do, Lo.
(Lo then checks out the backyard only to see a guy rummaging to the trash)
Lo: You ok? (Shines light on him when he heads back to the bushes) Come on. I won’t bite. (The figure reveals himself, being the same one at the van) Are you lost?
???: I don’t think so. My vans not that close.
Lo: What’s your name?
???: I don’t know.
Lo: Well since you looked like fire, should I call you blaze?
BL4z3: bl4z3? Hmmmm…. I kinda like it.

Kel: Hey honey, who’s that?
Lo: Oh, that’s a stray named BL4z3.
BL4Z3: Do you think you’ll fix my van?
Kel: Sure, I’ll start tomorrow morning.
Lo: Now if you’ve excuse me, i’mma go play Pin the Tail on Boopkins
BL4Z3: What’s that game?
Lo: Come, I’ll tell you on the way.

~March 1, Courtyard Entrance~
Meggy: Guys. Today is the big day & I knew we’re all nervous, but it’s ok because we’re trained. We are more than ready for this, I know we are. There is no way we can lose & since-(that’s when she saw Desti on Lo’s status update on his arm. By the time she blinked, he changed the page)
Tari: Meggy, are you ok?
Meggy: Hmm… yeah, I’m fine.
Lo: (holds him) IT’S NOT WORTH IT, BRO!
(He held him through until when Meggy lands onto the wall, for which the gang altogether did a human chain, grabbing onto Meggy & hoisting her up)

~18:00, Lab~
Kel: Ok man, I wanna know what you’re doing those last few weeks.
Lo: Good, & Just in time too. Back then, I had made 2 promises. To win Splatfest is one of them.
BL4Z3: Well what’s that? (Points onto the chamber, which starts to open)
Lo: Well that’s the other promise. Time to come out, Desti. (Desti then starts to come out, only that she looks more like Lucinia)
Desti: *ugh* Where am I? Wait, Lo, is that you?
Lo: Yes it is, & this is my lab.
Desti: I thought I was gonna die for reals.
Lo: Well, I won’t let that happen, would it?
Kel: Do you think we should show her to the gang?
Lo: Actually no. She has to rest a bit before coming out. Plus, I don’t think it’s the right time now.
Desti: How’s Meggy now? Is she still training? Did she got in to the competition?
Lo: Yep. 2 rounds left & we’ll win for sure.
Desti: Good to hear.
Lo: Hey BL4Z3, do you want a level up?

~March 2, Open Arena~
(During the second round, Team Splatsquad is on its tails against 3 other teams for the final spot on the finals.)
Lo: Hey Luigi, try to man up a bit!
(Luigi follows his orders & rips his shirt, revealing his sexy bod)
Squidwards: OH NO HE’S HOT! (Explodes)
Lo: That’s not what I meant, but it’s ok!
Desti: (watches on the convenient tv screen) What a fool he is ;)

(The team is almost to win, when…)
Mario: (has fun with Lo mowing down the squids when they both hear a noise & saw a dozen of them flying with an opposing member coming out) What’s-a going on here?
Callie: & TIME!
Marie: Ink Brigade wins!
(Shock fills the entire arena)
Callie: WHAT AN EPIC BATTLE! Ink Brigade, you’ll be moving to the finals!
Meggy: (becomes disappointed) I can’t believe-… Desti I… (begins crying) I LET YOU DOWN! <:(
Mario: No Meggy, it’s not your fault, its-
Luigi: No… (Meggy then left the area in tears)
Tari: (notices Mario & Lo thinking) What is it, boys?
Mario: We smell something fishy fishy.

BL4Z3: What a bummer, amirite Desti?
Desti: No, I’m pretty sure they cheated, right Lo?
Lo: (On phone) I know right, & we’ll figure it out.
(Overtime, they found the cannon that launches the squids)
Mario: I KNEW IT!
Tari: Ah! Fake Squidwards & an illegal trap?
Lo: & it’s all on camera!
Mario: We knew there’s something fishy-fishy.
Luigi: What… what does that mean?
Tari: It means… THEY CHEATED!

Marie & Callie: MEGGY SPLETZER!
Meggy: ?
Callie: CONGRATS, you’re back in Splatfest!
Meggy: NANI? HOW?!
(That’s when the rest of the gang broke in)
Mario: Let Mario Holmes & Lo Watson answer that.
Luigi: We investigated the Ink Brigade…
Tari: & we figured out they cheated the last game with an illegal trap.
Kel: (at the other building spying on them) *sigh* It’s so glad our team still had a chance.
Lo: (on voice) Tell me about it.

~March 3, Arena~
(It’s the championships, & Lo has never felt more ready than before, but when most of the gang gets hit, he & Meggy remained)
Lo: Ok boss, I’ll cover more land at secret. Don’t worry about me! (Proceeds to shoot & left)
Meggy: Ok.
Kel: Why aren’t the other team tackling him?
(That’s when Meggy does a bomb assault on them)
Kel: Oh ok.
Lo: Noice.
Desti: That’s my rival!

(Throughout the minute, Lo covers more ground stealthily & beats other rivals as an assassin until the timers up)
Killer Ink Leader:WHERE’S OUR LAND?!
Callie: TIMES UP!
Marie: Please wait while we tally the scores.
Lo: (does a routine scan) Those are some great odds. (66% Splatsquad, 34% Killer Ink)
Callie: & the winner is…
Squidsisters: TEAM SPLATSQUAD!!!!!

Meggy: ???
Mario & Lo: WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Tari: OH MY GOSH?!
Luigi: I can’t even believe it!
The cheer gang: *celebrates*
Killer Ink Leader: (becomes a sore loser & kicks one of her team members on the ribs)
BL4Z3: THEY HAD DONE IT! (Proceeds to strip naked & runs off)
Desti: Yes, yes they did. :)
Meggy: We won… we won Desti.

~5:30, Lo’s house~
Lo: Hey muggy, you need someth- (he then sees her hugging Desti despite that he knew what happened to her)
Desti: Goodbye Meggy. Thanks for keeping my promise.
Meggy: Good…Goodbye Desti.
(Desti then signs off only to show her using the spirit-cam, another one of Lo’s inventions)
Desti: How’s the new arm going, sir?
BL4Z3: It’s great. Does that make me a lot like a cyborg?
Desti: YES!
(Meggy then looks behind only to see Lo on the elevator & heard some screaming from under)
Meggy: Hey guys! Lemme join!
Lo: Beware Boopkins, we had a new recruit!
Boopkins: AAAA,not you two.
Meggy: C’mere Boopkins!
(The rest then cheered as the game goes on as a new chapter shines on Meggy)

~6:00, Balcony~
Kel: I got a question. Why is the trophy even bigger than usual?
(Flashback at yesterday, Ink Brigade’s hideout)
Lo: Ok. This is the place. You know what to do.
Marie: Are you sure they cheated?
Callie: Yeah, at least give them reason.
Lo: It’s fine. We need to ask a few questions just to make sure.
(As they are at the team’s door, he hears on the ongoing conversation)
Member #1: Ha. I didn’t knew fooling those sheep would be so easy!
Member #2: You mean the petty human team Splatsquad, right?
Member #3: Yeah. & that championship is good as ours. Remember the first time where we released a bucket of our ink last 2017? No one knew the wiser.
Lo: Mario, do you have a battery ram?

(End of flashback)
Kel: *chuckles* I guess we’ll never know.
Lo: Hey, it’s been 15 months since we first met.
Kel: Yeah. & those are the best for which I can’t take back.
Lo: Well… (he then looks at SMG4, for which he nods as this is a perfect opportunity) Have you looked onto the future & saw us still together?
Kel: (she then looks onto Mario whom he also agrees) Yes, & now that I think about it, you’ve always been my side. I felt more complete with you & everyday has been more ever since. By now, I CHOOSE YOU!
Lo: (gets ready with Pokeball & opens it, revealing a ring) Well, may I choose you?
(Kel is really surprised as he just proposed to her. She usually responds with breaking down in tears & hugging him.)
SMG4: Well would you look at that. Looks like we have a wedding special now!

End of Ep.22
Note: Wait, that code ain't suppose to be here. Can you encode it?
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2020.07.30 20:19 cure_4_curiosity_ Naked guy spy

Peeping Tom
This happened to my sister a couple of years ago.
She lived in a place with two rows of apartments. The backs of the apartments faced each other and there was a large courtyard in between. Some of her friends lived across the courtyard and she could see their apartment from hers. The apartments also all had the big sliding glass doors that lead onto the back patio.
She was up until 2 or so in the morning studying, and she walked to the kitchen from her bedroom to get a snack. That’s when she looks out the sliding glass door and sees a man leaning over the bushes and looking into the window of her friend’s apartment.
She freaked out and started frantically calling her friend about 5 times until she finally answers. That’s when she has to tell her “there is a man standing outside of your window and you need to get out of your room now.” The guy sees the light in her bedroom turn on and he runs off. All this happens while her roommate is on the phone with the police
Less than 10 minutes later, the police show up and start looking for this guy. I have no idea how, but they end up finding him - he’s hiding in the trunk of a car.
He’s arrested, and a day or so later they are searching the guys house. It turns out he was an Uber driver in my college town and had been spying on people for months. I guess he found his targets while giving people rides home. He had special cameras/lenses that could take photos in between blinds and in the dark. He had pictures of girls sleeping naked, couples having sex... and I’m sure all kinds of other creepy shit. He had also stolen Victoria’s Secret packages from girls front doorsteps that were found in his house (still packaged with girls names and addresses).
He was sentenced with some jail time and I believe he is still in jail now.
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This will spoil some plot points…and probably the whole novel.
Meet Abdul al-Hazred, the “Mad Arab”, the author of the Necronomicon, the anointed slave of the Dark One, ghoul among men, dweller in the dark, corpse-eater, master of the djinn and lord of necromancers!
I just finished his epic tale… and I must say, I'm really disappointed/angry/confused.
Lets start at the beginning: Alhazred (in the beginning still Abdul) awakes in his bedchamber and conspires with himself how to win the hand of his lover, the princess Narisa. He wonders if he can trust his black bodyguard (of course he is black) and doesn’t wonder about the imbecile (surprise he is the betrayer) who has to wait several minutes with the chamber pot because our main character, the author of the Necronomicon, the “Mad Arab” still has a stiff cock....
Those first few chapters are still good written: we get introduced to several characters, the world is fleshed out a bit (Islam was still very new and there are several Copts and other Christians and Jews and Pagans and the novel actually differentiates between Egyptians, Persians and Arabs). After chapter 1 we get thrown right in: the imbecile servant with the chamber pot tells the king of Yemen (at whose court Abdul resides as a poet) about the nightly meetings between the wannabe necromancer and the princess and Ali gets an impromptu invitation he can’t refuse, even though he’s still carrying a “dark book” in Hebrew with him.
Doesn’t matter the Jewish advisor of the king is probably busy right? Well, the Jewish advisor (we get a nice historical explanation that Jews were required to wear yellow turbans under the laws of the Umma) is present, but for some reason the king can also read Hebrew (?) and although Alhazred, ah sorry Abdul, thought of the man like a father, gets cut off his nose and ears and has to eat the fetus of his own child and his nose and ears and gets his cheeks slit (kinda odd right?) and they cut of his little necromancer with some shears and burn him a bit more for good measure.
These parts of the novel were still really cool to read – making the arrogant but dabbling Abdul into this monstrous lorekeeper for the Old Ones right? Right?
Well…not really. Alhazred still Abdul, gets exiled with a group of Bedouins. He’s really down on his luck and they just drop him off butt naked (“with a second anus between his legs”) in the desert. He covers himself with sand and starts to feast on bugs and snakes and what not like Mr. Burns, until he finds the corpse of a Bedouin. He strips the poor sod off everything and (why not) eats some chunks of him. Ali keeps wandering the desert by night (cause apparently then it’s not freezing cold) and finds a cave with some fungus and white spiders. The white spiders are super-tasty so he kills some hundred of them and takes them with him.
Oh, and he has spooky dreams of the Dark One (the knowledgeable among us will know that’s Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos) who talks a bit to him. Well, turns out the tasty spiders have some powers cause now Abdul (sorry around here he forgets his name and gets named Alhazred by Nyarlathotep) can see ghosts and shit and meets a djinn. The djinn falls totally for our favorite young necromancer and tells him of treasures and shit but Ali is like “no way” he rather wants to explore this caravan in front and just takes the djinn along. He sneaks into one of the wagons and finds a young corpse inside but he isn’t hungry so he just steals the jewelry and is on his way.
No way, because now the ghouls come in! The ghouls of the “Black Spring Clan” are a strange mixture of WoW-Orcs and the “noble savage” trope and Ali lives some time among them and considers himself an honorary ghoul throughout the story. Sadly the ghouls get killed by some vile humans that dared to poison the corpses of their children cause they didn’t want to leave them like free-bees around. Ali is super down but the djinn is still with him and lives inside him and is a girl (named Shati?) that is somehow also a bat-rat-creature and doesn’t fulfill any wish but can have sex with him although he has no dick and talks to him in his mind.
Well, Ali goes to the cave of the ghouls to bury them properly and then investigates the strange mystery behind the cave where he meets some monster that wants to eat him and then doesn’t cause he is the slave of Nyarlathotep (don’t expect this to be addressed again – the author himself even says some questions aren’t to be answered).
With all his new totally-not-native-american-friends dead, Ali finally listens to his djinn girlfriend goes for the treasure in the Nameless City (it’s called Irem) and get stuck in some canal-catacombs with an old lady and they eat rats and he has to bring her rats to get answers to his questions and she feeds the rats to a thing in the walls so it talks to her and one day she goes all crazy and tries to eat him but he flees through the wall deeper into the Namelss City. Oh the tasty spiders let him see in the dark but also make headaches if you eat too much.
Down in the city he meets a giant thing that was left by some elder race of Crocodile-people (including tails!) and that lets him go cause he’s a servant of the Crawling Chaos. He explores the city with the djinn and travels to different worlds but also our world (?) and gets killed by some Druids for invoking the name of Yog Sothoth (hey I understand that reference!) and then he comes out on the beach. Oh and in the Nameless City he found super perfect jewels and met some Nightgaunts and some Crocodile-People and so on.
Meanwhile he has some chitchats with Nyarlathotep who taught him how to glamour his ugly-ass-face but apparently can’t revert him back. So when our young hero who feasted on spiders, rats and corpses, dabbled in the lore of the Old Ones and has gained the Second Sight and says himself that he is no man no more, finally arrives back in civilization, shit hits the fan.
Stay with me up to here (around 1/3 of the novel) I really enjoyed the ride.
So Prince Ali decides he wants to gain more knowledge and luckily there’s a ship nearby. He waltzes over to the ship and comes along with the crew to Memphis but some Dude sees him with his real face (cause he has to glamour it every 12 hours…very random if you ask me) and he has to pull the whole I can make diamonds-from-air number and bribe his way to not getting killed. That's a magician and the servant of an Outer God btw.
Well ship doesn’t go to Memphis but Bubastis where he meets Martala some seeress (who uses her powers only in her introduction) of 14 years and her pimp (?) Harry? Farri? From whom she warns him. We spend a night in a church with a cat-cult (cause all Egyptians love cats) and only then are we of to Memphis. There’s a weird scene where Ali wants to kill Martala while she is shitting under a tree, but when she tells him she knows the secret tomb of a sorcerer he changes his mind. They arrive in Memphis but Harry’s gangsters are hot on their heels (cause Harry is not only a pimp but a mob-boss too and his profession is fortune-telling) so they hurry along to the tomb. They get there with their mules (cause they climb better than horses) and Ali eats some tasty mummy-finger, which is apparently the Lovecraftian equivalent to Babble, cause now he can speak not only Arabic and Greek, but also Ancient Egyptian! Ali also takes some bone of the mummy to grind to dust later and to put it into drinks (he never does this later).
They get ambushed by Harry’s Gangster-Squad and have some nice talk about animal cruelty and Martala eats a mule-eye. Oh, and Ali has another dream of Nyarlathotep who shows him another of his servants who knows a secret entrance in the butthole of the Sphinx. So randomly the next day he finds this guy and, to make it quick: he joins a secret cult of Necromancers that raise dead for information and they have chambers under the sphinx and there’s a spy and Ali and Martala have to find him and snoop around like Inspector Clouseau and it’s the servant of the Grandmaster and Ali gets poisoned and they go for Africa and he gets healed and then gets killed. Oh, and all the Africans wear skirts of webbed reed and have totally ridiculous hairstyle….
Later we’re in Alexandria and Martala was somehow able to revive Ali and I’m nearly jumping ship because I keep telling myself it’s not getting better and it doesn’t but I can’t stop. There a scroll of the Old Ones that is owned by a wealthy Jew who says he sells it but he only sells time to copy it (yikes) and afterwards (doubleyikes) he sends his personal assassin to kill the guy who copied the scroll. Oh, also Harry and his mysterious daughter (who is also an assassin) show up and they are also after the scroll for some reason and hell breaks lose and somehow Martala’s gardener was the traitor this time and they travel to Babylon then and meet a monster with a beak that absorbs souls and some Chinese dude tells Ali how to get to the well that can restore his face and his genitals (cause somehow this is now his goal) and they get to monastery that keeps some Star-Spawn prisoner and prepare to fight Cthulhu with glass-lenses and they get to the well and the assassins show up and Harry’s daughter dies and they get to the well but it doesn’t do anything so they go to Damascus with some caravan of fortunetellers and thieves (yikes) that worship Shub-Niggurath and Ali robs another caravan with them and the princess (yes from the beginning) is there but she doesn’t love him or doesn’t recognize him and he puts a scorpion into her suitcase and then he and Martala bomb a super-crazed sex-ritual of the totally not-gypsies and they go to Damascus where he and his Necromancer-friends fight the evil Caliph and in the end he says he might write a book about this all one day and Nyarlathotep offers to restore his face and junk but he has to kill his new best necromancer-friend and Ali doesn’t do it. The End.
Yes, that’s the novel.
Personal highlights:
Early medieval Islam is probably not known to most people and in the beginning I thought the little details like the colors of turbans for different social classes and the henna-dyed beard of the sultan etc. lovely but after 30% of the book it’s kinda out of the window.
My favorite stereotypes are the jew who is so greedy he doesn't sell the scroll but just lets it be copied and later want to kill his customers so he keeps a hold on the market, the crazed African shamans that shave just a stripe of hair in the middle of their heads and all people under their rule live in clay and mud houses and the whole town has no single inn cause nobody want to stay there; the gypsy-sex-thief-cult is second; the savage ghouls that fight against other clans and adhere to a strong personal code of honor get the third place.
Things being never mentioned again: The first few chapter before the exile have a sub-plot with the crown prince that gets never brought up, the djinn is basically there a few times to warn Alhazred but all in all makes itself just known to remind you it’s till there, the spiders that are so important for the first third of the novel are later just thrown in like the author suddenly remembered he made them up, every second character with a name that we spend several pages with but doesn't contribute anything to the story etc.
Lovecraft: Old Ones are captured by humans and highly dependent on them cause our stars are so toxic, the personal servant of Nyarlathotep, a magician and necromancer fused with a djinn, with the skull of a ghoul tied to his belt who can glamour his appearance and raise the dead (he never raises a dead person actually) has to fight against: Bedouins, thieves, gangsters, cults, assassins, robbers, monks, gypsies etc. Oh and he does it with his sword. There is not a single instance in the whole novel where it would really feel Lovecraftian.
Summary: Great start, great potential lousy execution. I just finished this novel only because I couldn’t find a plot-summary on the internet. This really feels like Tyson quit after 200 pages and gave it all over to his 13 year old nephew. Stay away from it.
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